The Cincinnati Reds bullpen only allowed two runs in six innings pitched, while the Padres bullpen gave up three runs in seven innings pitched, but it was the starting pitching and defense that made the smallest of differences on Tuesday night at Great American Ball Park.

Final R H E
San Diego Padres (48-33) 5 12 0
Cincinnati Reds (39-39) 4 8 2
W: Pagan (4-0) L: Santillan (1-2) SV: Melancon (25)
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The Offense

Trailing 2-0 before they even came to the plate, the Cincinnati Reds offense went to work. Jonathan India picked up an infield single and Jesse Winker followed with a walk. Nick Castellanos grounded into a double play, but Winker moved up to third base. That made it an easy distance to score from on Tyler Stephenson’s single that cut into the Padres lead. That was all the Reds would get in the inning, though.

Joey Votto lined a single with one out in the 4th inning to get something going for Cincinnati. Kyle Farmer followed up with a single to push Votto to second. That brought Shogo Akiyama to the plate and the center field singled. Votto was tagged out of the plate. Except that he wasn’t and replay showed it, and the play was overturned and the Reds cut into the San Diego lead to make it a 5-2 game.

It turns out the Reds aren’t the only team with a bullpen that will give up some runs. Jonathan India was hit by a pitch to begin the bottom of the 5th and then Jesse Winker deposited a ball into section 145 for his 19th homer of the season to make it a 1-run game at 5-4.

In the bottom of the 7th inning Jonathan India walked to lead off the inning. Jesse Winker struck out after getting ahead 3-0 and then Wil Myers made a diving grab in right center to rob Nick Castellanos of a hit. Tyler Stephenson grounded out to end the inning.

Still down by one run and entering the 9th inning, the Reds sent Shogo Akiyama, Tucker Barnhart, and Jonathan India to the plate with the hopes to get something going. Akiyama grounded out and Barnhart struck out swinging before India shattered his bat on a ground out to end the game.

The Pitching

It was a tough 1st inning for Tony Santillan. He allowed a leadoff single to Tommy Pham. An out later Jake Cronenworth tripled to make it 1-0. Manny Machado followed up with a sacrifice fly to make it 2-0. The 2nd inning wasn’t much easier as the Padres got a leadoff walk and a 1-out single before a fielders choice by Santillan led to no out being recorded and the bases loaded. A sacrifice fly made it a 3-1 game.

The 3rd inning got out to a nice start as Santillan retired Manny Machado and Trent Grisham to begin the inning, but then allowed back-to-back singles before walking Victor Caratini to load the bases. Derek Johnson came out to talk to Santillan as his pitch count continued to climb, but whatever he said worked as he struck out Jorge Mateo on three pitches to strand the bases loaded.

After throwing 75 pitches through the first three innings, the Reds went to the bullpen and called on Ryan Hendrix to begin the 4th. The pitching change didn’t do much as the Padres offense kept on rolling. Tommy Pham led off with a homer. After a line out, Hendrix hit Jake Cronenworth and gave up a single to Manny Machado before Josh Osich came into the game to replace Hendrix. He gave up an RBI single and saw the Padres extend their lead to 5-1.

Art Warren came out to begin the 5th and he made quick work of the Padres as he picked up two strikeouts in a perfect inning. He came back out for the 6th and got himself into some trouble by giving up a single and a walk to begin the inning. A hard hit ball by Jake Cronenworth wound up in the glove of a sliding Jonathan India who fired to Joey Votto to record the out. The next pitch to Manny Machado was popped up and there were quickly two outs. That’s when the Reds went to the bullpen to bring in Amir Garrett to face lefty Trent Grisham with runners on 2nd and 3rd in a 1-run game. The move didn’t initially pay off as Grisham walked to load the bases to bring up lefty Eric Hosmer. Garrett came through, perhaps with the tiniest bit of help from the umpire, striking out Hosmer looking on a 1-2 count to hold the score at 5-4.

Sean Doolittle took over in the 7th and gave up a single to Wil Myers to start things off. Two outs followed, but then Tommy Pham hit a chopper down the third base line. Eugenio Suárez fielded it and then dropped the ball only to have the umpire rule it a fair ball that replay certainly seemed to suggest was foul. It led to Myers reaching third base. A 4-pitch walk to Fernando Tatis Jr. loaded the bases to bring up lefty Jake Cronenworth with two outs. Doolittle won the battle with a pop up in foul territory to Suárez to strand the bases loaded.

Brad Brach entered the game for the top of the 8th and needed just six pitches to record the first two outs of the inning. But Jurickson Profar doubled to bring Wil Myers to the plate. Myers and Brach had a battle, with Myers fouling off six consecutive pitches at one point before striking out on the 12 pitch of the at-bat to end the inning. Heath Hembree worked around two walks in the top of the 9th to give the Reds offense one last shot at clawing back from a 5-4 deficit. They didn’t.

Notes Worth Noting

Tony Santillan will not be in the rotation the next time around. Prior to the game the rotation moving forward was announced and Santillan was not in it. Whether he heads back to Triple-A or into the Reds bullpen was not discussed (at least publicly).

Art Warren and Brad Brach continue to find success in the Reds bullpen.

Eugenio Suárez went 0-4 with four strikeouts and he made an error. Very tough night in a very tough year for the third baseman.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

San Diego Padres vs Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday June 30th, 7:10pm ET

Joe Musgrove (4-6, 2.22 ERA) vs Vladimir Gutierrez (3-2, 3.97 ERA)

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  1. Redlegs1869

    Poor Geno. Don’t care about lack of depth and how “he has to play. They have no other choice.” Nonsense. Wrong message is being sent. Bench him for awhile. Try anyone else. Can’t be worse and don’t care what he’s being paid. They sure don’t feel like they have to play Shogo with his salary.

    • RojoB

      “ Can’t be worse and don’t care what he’s being paid. They sure don’t feel like they have to play Shogo with his salary.”

      Ironies galore as you say

    • Anthony

      Agree ?, though his glove has been pretty good as of late.

      However the guy has been In an almost 2 yr slump.. he might not be this bad but I think he is what he is a low 200 guy with occasional pop, and a low ops.. I think it’s time to sit him , and after the season the reds need to make some decisions.. or maybe at the tread deadline.

    • L Jones

      The reality is that it could be much worse. Yes, Geno is hitting for a terrible average. But when he does get hits, they are extremely productive. So someone coming in and hitting .250 might look good on paper, but unless they are hitting 16 home runs and 44 RBI, is that .250 really more productive? More singles with no one on base might potentially translate to more runs. Or it might not (especially where Suarez bats in the lineup). It’s hard to argue with the HR and RBI numbers. Production is production.

      • Broseph

        RBIs? There are so many other stats that are better than HR and RBI’s to determine “production”.

        -1.1WAR. He’s below league average. He’s getting on base at a .256 clip. 100k before the All Star break.

        He’s got a negative offensive WAR for goodness sakes. That’s not production. Definitely not for $11M.

        You think a single doesn’t matter? What if Suarez singled in the 4th. Or heck, even walked before Farmer and Akiyama’s singles. Suddenly it’s a tie game in the 9th and the heart of the Reds lineup is coming up.

        I know you’re looking for a silver lining, but the game is that simple, you have to give up less outs then the other team before reaching 27. Keep doing that and the runs and production will follow. Right now, Suarez is giving away way too many outs.

      • MuddyCleats

        Been saying that for some time now. Yes, he is struggling and needs some time off, but he has been productive and playing an error free 3B until last night. Of all MLB 3rd basemen, he 9th in Runs, tied for 4th in HRs and tied for 6th in RBIs. Could someone else produce better numbers if given the same or more ABs……maybe. Personnel, I would play him less and work on a swing changes w/ him more.

      • Scott Cleaves

        Bottom line, L and Cleats: A below .200 avg. simply doesn’t cut it, especially when you can’t even make contact. The only reason Geno’s in the line-up is because no one else is available to take his place. And another .200 hitter (without power) right behind him… Not working out, wouldn’t you say?

        And another thing: My observation is the Reds are “feast” when it comes to bad pitching and “famine” when it comes to the good. That bottom of the order crew represents a big part of the why. Have a good’un Reds fans!

      • Chris Holbert

        The valid question would be, how many of his “power” stats are during garbage time, the failure in money situations seems to be very very high.

    • Alan Horn

      How long does it have to go on before they make a change. He is hurting the team big time. Hitting all those HRs a few years back may have hurt Geno. His head appears to be coming off the ball with his hard swing. His contact rate is awful. He needs to let off on his swing and go the other way when applicable. He looks to be trying to pull everything. Easier said than done and surely doesn’t need to learn these skills at the ML level.

    • doofus

      El Tornillo de Corcho wins the Golden Sombrero, again! His all or nothing swing coupled with his indifferent defense makes him a change of scenery type player. Book it Danno!

  2. Melvin

    He can bench Votto but can’t bench Suarez. Makes no sense. I’d like to comment more on why I think that is but I’ll stop there at least for now. He’s not helping Suarez. I can say that with confidence.

    • greenmtred

      Votto is older than Suarez. Could be Votto needs rest more often. Suarez is having a terrible year, but, in spite of that, has produced some runs and recently (not last night) has started to show some signs of life. Glad it’s not my decision to make.

  3. RedsFan11

    If Alejo doesn’t get the start over Saurez tomorrow….

    • RojoB

      If he does not, then consideration for Cleting the season is in order…

      Mind you I said consideration. Probably just for a week lol

    • Alan Horn

      If Alejo is not going to be allowed to do anything but pinch hit, then he needs to be sent back down in order to play everyday. Otherwise, it could mess him up not knowing if he can adapt to a pinch hitting role only. That is not what I would like to see right now. He deserves a chance to play everyday and the Reds really need another contact hitter in the lineup. A lot can happen if you put the ball in play versus just striking out most every AB.

      • MBS

        I think Lopez is destined to be a utility player. They are not going to put a singles hitter at 3B. India has 2B locked up, he’s not going to unseat Winker at LF, and he can’t play SS. I just hope he will get several starts a week. The good news is Barrero is now just a phone call away. 1 for 3 with a BB in his 1st game!

      • Doc

        Didn’t Rose move to 3rd base in his time?

  4. Old Big Ed

    Suarez is offensively useless, and I am starting to believe that is a permanent issue. He is the latest version of Chris Davis of the Orioles.

    He appears to be a very good teammate, but the team will quickly understand how a third baseman who can actually hit is also a very good teammate.

    Suarez has made a lot of money in baseball, and has pretty much earned it, but now he must be pushed aside for somebody younger and more productive. It happens to all of them — and to all of us in any endeavor. Ownerships who understand this thrive; those who don’t, fail.

    • L Jones

      Is 16 HR and 44 RBI really “useless”? I’d argue that type of production is hard to replace, even if he hits for an absurdly low average. You will be hard pressed to find someone produce more runs than that on the market or in the farm system.

      • Alan Horn

        His production is largely due to a hit or miss HR(mostly miss). He leaves a huge number of runners on base which is not what is expected from a corner IF hitter.

      • MBS

        It is expected as a 6 or 7 hole hitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds himself as a 7 or 8 hole hitter by the end of the year. He isn’t going anywhere, so we can continue to complain or realize it’s pointless to get upset. Personally I’d prefer them to IL Suarez until after the Allstar break, maybe the time off would do him good.

      • Roger Garrett

        We will never find out cause he is going to play.I will say this though if I had 2 of the best hitters batting 2nd and 3rd and I hit behind them then 44 RBI is a joke after 80 games.Eugenio was moved down to 5th and 6th just for that reason.Wink and Casty have an OPS that have hovered around 1,000 for most of the year while Eugenio has been around 600 .If it was just league average who knows how many RBI he would have by now.Home runs are an individual stat but RBI’s are depended on opportunities.Eugenio strikes out 35% of the time and has and OBP in the 270’s last I checked.

  5. Maloney63

    Glad to see the conversation here is about Geno as his futility last night wasn’t even mentioned on the Reds’ MLB site. Going forward into next year, with Votto set at 1B, India at 2B, someone who can actually play SS set there, and having 5 outfielders already for 3 positions, who plays 3B? We will have Geno, Senzel, Lopez and Moose competing for that lone position with really no other position open for any of them since none can play SS. One or two of these will have to be moved, and I can’t see Suarez beating ANYONE out in a fair battle at this point. He is as automatic an out as there is in baseball right now!

    • LGR

      You definitely try and move Moose by this deadline no matter what. Lopez should get some starts here soon. Should start tonight. If he plays well I’d assume he’d get the chance at 3B next year. You’d have to think Berrero would be the opening day SS next year.

      • Old Big Ed

        Moving Moose by the end of July will be impossible. He is unlikely to be back by then, and nobody will take a chance on him until they’ve seen a couple of weeks of ABs from him. Couple that with his ridiculous contract, and you have exactly zero teams wanting him without the Reds paying 80% of his contract.

        Maybe Moose can produce enough in August and September to allow them to offload some of his heinous contract in the off-season, but that would come at the expense of denying Alejo Lopez his ABs.

    • RojoB

      Senzel would be my third baseman next season, if not sooner

      • Alan Horn

        He is just as unproductive as Suarez for a different reason. He can’t stay off the injured list and thus can’t be counted on. Otherwise, I would agree.

      • MBS

        If I’m the GM Senzel is not in my planes. If you plan on a player you can’t count on then you have a plan you can count on. Senzel and Lopez should be utility players. India and Barrero, should lock down the middle infield. Votto, Moustakes, and Suarez will cover DH, 1B, and 3B. The OF is set even if Castellanos doesn’t return, With Winker, Naquin, Shogo, and Aquino. Senzel and Lopez as utility guys should be able to give the older guys (JV,MM,ES) plenty of off time.

    • Still a Red

      I know that Farmer is not a reliable hitter…altho he does come through some times…but he seems to have turned into a reliable defender at SS.

      • Alan Horn

        I agree on his defense. He doesn’t have a lot of range but seems to always be in the right location. Hopefully, Barreo makes that a moot point at some point in the near future.

  6. Reddawg2012

    The Reds can’t seem to beat this team. Much tougher match up in game 2 against Musgrove, meanwhile the Brewers just keep on winning.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Brewers are making our buy/sell decision an easy one. Not that this cheap skate owner would buy anyway. He’s given up on his promise to the fans, SELL THE TEAM!

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    Padres and Giants have been a nightmare, Reds are 1-11 against them. Hopefully this would turn over tonight so they could take the next 2 games. Actually Padres seems to be very tough team for Santillan and even Gutierrez but I feel he could be better in today’s game .
    Suárez should be benched for the remaining of the series at least. Let him pinch hit eventually. López would gonna take his chance at 3b or he could start at 2b as India moving to 3b.

    • James Dennis Westrick

      Don’t forget about Reds 1-5 record against Arizona D’Backs!

  8. docproc

    Remember how Bell sat Joey for several games last year?
    Time for Mr. Golden Sombrero to ride some pine.
    Would love to see Lopez get an extended chance to show what he can do.

    • docproc

      Eugenio now has a -1.1 WAR, a 62 OPS+, and 99 strikeouts. Easy to make the case that he’s the worst everyday position player in baseball.
      I love the dude, but he has to sit.

  9. JB

    7 games out. Reds are on the brink. Does Bell go down with the ship by playing the same guys that got him to 7 out or try something else. They could very easily be 10 out by Monday. IMO this team is going nowhere. They are a .500 team and it reflects in their record on the road and at home. Trade your pieces. Yankees are in desperation mode. They need an outfielder. Flea market Bob , Mr. Cashman on line 1.

    • RojoB

      Except the Yankees are more likely to fleece the Reds. Sonny Gray is the lone exception

  10. JB

    Farmer has a – .4 WAR. Votto 0.1 and India 1.2. So the infield has a
    – 0.2 WAR thanks to India’s 1.2. Padres have a 10.4 combined Infield WAR. OUCH!

  11. Roger Garrett

    Bell is told who to play and he will not set Suarez unless told to do so.Its just one of many things needed to be done to improve the team and it’s up to ownership to do it.I admire the players and coaches that come to work every day and never give up knowing the holes that will not be filled.Pen great last night and offense fought and that’s all as a fan I can hope for every game.Young guys along with Casey and Wink give me hope but until ownership does their part it really is just hope

    • docproc

      Funny, I’ve been wondering if this is a Krall-Bell standoff. GM brings up a player, manager refuses to play him. Used to happen with Dusty all the time.

  12. Klugo

    Looks to me like Santillan should probably head back to riding buses for now. I don’t see a pitcher ready for any real role on a competitive big league team. Even in this God-awful bullpen. He needs to head back to Louisville and work on some stuff, IMO.

  13. Doc4uk

    We have a t ball team Best players bat 1-4 and then it drops off dramatically . Impossible to rally against good relievers. We cannot compete against the best teams with Farmer, Shogo, and Suarez. That means 4 of the nine batters become an automatic out . Shogo would not even produce in AA or AAA as his entire method of setting his feet before making contact is flawed. Someone should be fired for not seeing this prior to signing. On the other hand
    Lopez looks really undersized and his lack of power playing a corner infield position may become an issue He must be a SS or 2B. Send him back to Louisville and see if he can fill that spot or if he is even a better hitting option than Barrero

    • CFD3000

      I suspect Lopez has battled this “Lopez is undersized” hot take his entire career. He’s had to over perform just to get this call up, but he’s done it. If he hits .300+ in the show and walks more than he strikes out, he can play on my team all day. The young man hit a combined .360 (not a typo) in AA and AAA with no real drop off in Louisville. And FWIW he’s 5’-10” tall. Let’s not dismiss him just yet – how about we see if he continues to hit in Cincinnati?

      • doofus

        Switch hitter named Rose was 5′-11″.

      • RojoB

        I agree, the “undersized” take is 1950 in its origins and needs to go away.

        We’d never know the name José Altuve if scouts still thought that way (no cheating jokes please—he still made it to the show before that).

      • James Dennis Westrick

        Jose Altuve is a little on the small size as well!

      • LDS

        Joe Morgan was 5’ 7”. Talent trumps size.

    • RojoB

      “Someone should be fired for not seeing this prior to signing”

      Dick Williams already “stepped away”

      So there’s that

    • JB

      I’ll take 8 Lopez’s with a high OBP and no Homer’s over 8 Suarezs
      any day. I’ll bet I win alot of games.

  14. doofus

    Yo Doug!

    Nick Howard is throwing worm-killers for Chattanooga. Nice overall numbers. He is relieving there. Do you think the Reds front office believes that the big club does not need help in the bullpen or do they believe that they have to many Nick’s on the roster?

    Jeez, this front office is a head scratcher.

    • RedAlert

      Reds front office is a joke . Terrible
      evaluators of talent for the most part .

      Need new ownership group badly .

  15. Old Big Ed

    Lopez is listed as 5’10” and 170 pounds, which incidentally is the same size as Willie Mays. Mookie Betts is 5’9″ 180 and Jose Altuve is 5’6″ 166, so two of the last four American League MVPs are of similar size. Size itself is not an issue.

    Lopez is a line-drive hitter, and he had 19 doubles already this season in two months in the minors. He was slugging .485 in the minors; Suarez is at .370 this year. Anybody who can put the bat on the ball like Lopez will help this team. They have enough power at other positions, including 2B, to worry about how many homers an otherwise productive hitter has.

    • Scott Cleaves

      “Size itself is not an issue.” Glad to be reminded of that one now and then, Ed. lol
      And Wow. Same build as “Say Hey.” Good to know. At first glance, I thought Lopez was still in middle school!

    • MuddyCleats

      Agree overall. Suarez needs a break and this kid deserves a chance. Hope he gets one tonight vs a very good RHP w/ an excellent curve ball.

      2-3 weeks ago, you could see Suarez taking a shot @ RF more – trying to stay inside the ball more. That approach appears to have been all but forgotten ? On top of that, he is taking the middle – middle in pitches – it’s a double whammy – a flawed approach x2! Last night, I listened on radio and it sounds like he was swinging at pitches up and out of the zone? Clearly, he needs a coaching intervention. Tee work, soft toss, BP hitting oppo, rinse and repeat until next LHP starts or maybe a PH opportunity.

  16. Bet on Red

    Nick Lodolo has been MIA for the last month
    Ashcroft just got to AA
    Greene showing signs of promise in AAA but not dominating them like he was in AA. Needs some more work.
    Could see Hoffman in a 6 man rotation, but understand the bullpen
    Could see Santillan as a major bullpen piece but understand if the organization wants to keep him in LOU Rotation for a little while longer.
    Gray back friday.
    The rotation (after gray’s return) is the best you are going to get with current internal options.
    Multiple Reds starters injured, multiple competent backups being run into the ground playing every day for injured personal. A HEALTHY (operative word) Reds team beats the Padres in this game. Understand the organization’s approach of treating healthy returning players as “trade pickups”, cause proportionally it is true. Need to be buyers at the deadline for back-end relief. Suarez needs to sit. A couple of games, disciplinary for the error, and blow up at umps if you want to ignore the obvious slumping. Lopez needs a real look before this season is done. Not really sure of the management dynamic between bell and krall to see who to blame on this one, but one of them for sure is. Reds need to get healthy and need to figure out Geno stat.

    • Alan Horn

      Lodolo was battling blisters the last I heard. Agree on Lopez/Geno.

  17. Old Big Ed

    While I agree he ought to go back to Louisville for more starts, I think he is going to be a good MLB pitcher. He is only 24, and there is no reason to rush a pitcher. Jacob DeGrom, for example, was a month short of age 26, before he made his MLB debut.

    Santillan is a big, strong guy with a repeatable motion. He needs work on his overall command, and he needs a much better off-speed pitch. But he competed/battled very well, and was able to work himself out of a lot of problems, which indicates he has the mental makeup to handle MLB hitters. He came across in his interviews as intelligent and mature.

    He understand now what he needs to work on, so he ought to come back up next time much more ready to stick.

    • JB

      Totally agree Ed. What I like about him and Guiterrez is , they seem to take it personal when somebody is on and they battle .

  18. MuddyCleats

    Had the pleasure of watching Hunter Greene in Nashville last night. Seemed to struggle w/ his slider all night? He spiked quite a few n pre-game in BP, but didn’t appear to be a problem in the first 3 innings. 7 Ks in 4.1 innings. A walk, 2 seeing eye singles, a wild pitch and throwing error by Barrero let the wheels come off n the 5th. FB was 97-101 all night, slider at 87 and a 2-3 really good change ups early in the game. Not sure why he doesn’t use FB and change combo more? Seem to be working on or fell in luv w/ his slider? Had problems throwing it for a K late or hung it when he did. All the hard hit balls where caught or went foul. Nashville park is really nice w/ nice mixed use environment around it…worth checking out if in the area!

  19. Ghostrunner_onthird

    Call me crazy but I’m betting that Lopez is at 3B tonight (though Bell could go w/ Geno given his .286 avg against Musgrove . . . I hope not).

    I will not though change my cyber persona to Ghosthitter_onthird.

  20. Old-school

    The Reds have 3 fatal flaws that will make it next to impossible to win the NL Central:
    1.) Worst left side of the infield in baseball. Suarez @ 3b is last in fWAR and Farmer @ SS is second to last behind the Pirates. There’s no way to win going forward with that combination.
    2.) A first baseman who is 23rd in fWAR and cant hit lefties.
    3.) A bad bullpen.

    Solutions need to focus on the short term but also long term.

    1.) Bench Suarez for 3 games and give him a mental break. Start Lopez @ 3b and give him regular at bats to get him in rhythm. Hope the 3 days help both players.
    2.) Begin the process of sitting Joey Votto against lefties and replacing him late in games with double switches that make sense. Trade for CJ Cron Rockies RH first baseman. His salary is $500k for the rest of the year. He could be had easily as a rental.

    Votto splits against Lefties: .186/ OPS .572 /wRC+ 56
    Cron splits against lefties: .328/OPS .981/ wRC+ 153

    Votto splits against righties: .277/OPS .859/wRC + 134
    Cron against righties: .213/OPS .718/wRC+90

    3.) Trade Tony Santillan for long term bullpen help. The Orioles have 2 strong relievers who are controlled for years in the reliever leaderboards from both the left and right side. Bad teams will trade multiple young bullpen pieces who are succeeding now for a SP who is ready to be a 5th starter.

    4.) Bring Barrero up after the All Star Game.

    These moves would allow the Reds to dramatically improve at 1b,SS, and the bullpen. None of it compromises the future except for Santillan, but Gutierrez looks like a #4/#5 starter now and Greene and Lodolo arent far away.

  21. Old-school

    Lopez hitting 5 th and playing 3b

      • Roger Garrett

        Scheduled day off for Suarez I am sure.Would love for the kid to go 5-5 just to see if he sets the next game.Just kidding of course.Bell has said he is a role player and he wanted to try and keep him sharp.

    • RedsGettingBetter

      Hopefully he could beat the challenge although I did not expect him to be fifth in the line-up so it is a lot of pressure… He is gonna see a lot of curveballs tonight for sure…Let’s see…

  22. Redgoggles

    I’ll take regular singles/doubles and balls in play over the isolated HR every time. That is the biggest difference with the offense over last year IMO. I love Suarez, but if he’s not willing to buy in to that approach it’s time for him to sit or go. I would rather 40 doubles/.275 than 40 hr/.175. Maybe Lopez can provide closer to that.

  23. Indy Red Man

    Good news bad news.

    Good news is I went to the casino and put in a nice bet on Over 8.5 Cubs/Milw

    Bad news is the Pack lead the Bears 14-7 in the 4th))))))))))

    Its just Milwaukee’s year. Willy Adames has been a huge pickup for them! Cubs don’t seem to even care? They were up 7-0 and they left Arrieta in to give up 5 without even finishing 2 innings.

  24. DataDumpster

    {UPDATED rehash from spring training when the Reds were 3-10.}

    The only team with more injuries than the Reds is last night’s opponent, San Diego, who roundly defeated them. Most of the injured have seen very limited action thus far. Guys should rarely go on the DL when sitting on the bench most of the time. [The Reds haven’t beat San Diego yet in 7 tries starting in SP. Somehow, SD has worked through the injuries while the Reds just keep on getting delays for Moose, Senzel, Lorenzen, Gray, Antone, Sims, etc.]

    The pitchers are having a feast striking out batters but yet are 29th in ERA. There has been way too many fielding errors and reminders of the miscues and malaise that has affected most of the David Bell era thus far. [That situation is unchanged.]

    The season hasn’t even begun and there is already talk of bad luck. Really? While some newer players have put some needed spark on the field, the song still remains the same. [A little more excitement perhaps but the results never get too far from .500 ball.]

    Big Bob needs to allow and have Krall execute a trade or two before July 30 to give this talented but lopsided mess of a team a chance to win this division. If not, why not hand over the reins to the President, COO, or CEO of the team (who are all in the family, no less) whenever 2022 is allowed to happen. There is an emerging young core and GM/management talent ready to displace the mossbacks that manage and occupy a few prominent field positions on this team. The injuries may have been the best thing to happen to this team.

    • Indy Red Man

      This division is over. Milw just ripped off 14 straight runs on the Cubs… the 4th inning.

      • Roger Garrett

        Just saw that after Cubs were up 7-0 before the Brew Crew came to bat.Cubs pen had been getting it done but of late they have had their issues.Turn out the lights the party’s over.

      • Old-school

        Its an opportunity indy to bury the cubs this weekend and bury the Cards. But, the FO has to act to acquire bullpen talent, get a right handed bat for first base and get Barrero up by the All star break or acquire a rental now

  25. Roger Garrett

    Yes but more likely is the Cubs bury us cause they just got swept and know its now or never.Reds fans know that but sadly Bob and crew think we still can once we get healthy if and when that ever happens.By that time we could be out 10+ games and sinking fast.Time is now to do something.Adames,yeah the guy all of 25 years old that is now the Brewers short stop,hit 3rd today and homered with the bases loaded.Got him for 2 relievers.

  26. Old Big Ed

    The Reds aren’t that “unhealthy” on offense. The only issue is that both Senzel and Moustakas aren’t available to replace the awful Eugenio Suarez, but we don’t even know if Bell would bench Suarez in any event. I think Lopez ought start going forward, but Bell won’t do that.

    And where would Moustakas actually play if he were healthy? Not over India, or Votto. Maybe 3B, with Senzel in center and Naquin sitting? Moustakas and Naquin are a wash. Their career stats are very similar; Moustakas just makes 10 times more money than Naquin, and Naquin is actually better. Other teams have had it much worse. The Angels have Mike Trout on the 60-day, plus Anthony Rendon has missed a lot of time, and Justin Upton is on the DL.

    As to pitchers, Gray is back Friday, and the rotation will be made whole. The starting pitching, except for Castillo’s inexplicably horrid start of the season, has been pretty good. Antone should be back as soon as eligible, but we need to face up to the possibility that Antone is purely a spider-tack phenom. Maybe not, but the timing is curious. The so-so Hoffman will be back shortly, and Lorenzen and the erratic Sims will return after the all-star game.

    • DataDumpster

      OBE, now that’s talking! You have fleshed out the point that the injuries have opened up the team to new, younger possibilities and the returning players are really of no help at all (unless you think like David Bell with the lineup du jour of a handedness soup accompanied by some chip beef on toast…). Is there even any incentive in this structure to field a winning team?
      Make the trades, improve the team, and don’t get too hung up on taking losses on your past mistakes. The fans will support you if you build a winner (or at least try).

  27. Old Big Ed

    The Cubs are finished. If a team scores 7 in the top of the 1st, then can’t stay within touchdown after 4 innings, then that team is finished.

    The Cubs are pitching a guy named Wieck, who is tectonically slow. Takes 45 seconds between pitches — the Anti-Miley.