Tonight the Reds look for payback in the kickoff of a 3-game series with the San Diego Padres. Game time at Great American Ball Park is 7:10pm Eastern.

Starting Pitchers

Tony Santillan makes his fourth MLB start for the Reds against lefty Blake Snell of the Padres.  Craig Stammen, a right hander who has replaced Blake Snell as the Padres starter tonight due to Snell being ill.

Tony Santillan

The big Reds righthander has compiled an ERA/FIP of  3.29/6.07 in his first three MLB starts, The divergence in these two figures suggests a fair share of good luck has come Santillan’s way in his short tenure with the Reds. His 1.46 WHIP and incredible LOB% of 95.7% do nothing to dispel such thinking.

Santillan’s repertoire is straight forward:

4 Seam Fastball

Use (Velocity)

49.6% (94.3)


Use (Velocity)

42.1% (82.1)

  Change UP

Use (Velocity)

8.3% (88.1)

Santillan may need to develop greater pitch diversity to  maintain a rotation spot.

In a previous start against in the Padres 11 days ago, Santillan lasted just 3 innings and allowed that same number of walks and earned runs. He also gave up 4 hits, 2 of which left the yard. If he is to fare better tonight, he needs to cut back on walks and keep his pitches out of sweet hitting zones against the tough Padres lineup.

 Craig Stammen

Craig Stammen, a 37 year old right handed reliever for the Padres who has not made an MLB start since 2010, yes, 2010, has been named to start in place of the ill Blake Snell. In 33 appearance so far this year Stammen has struck out batters at a rate of about 1 per inning and been very stingy with walks over 44.2 innings of work.

Stammen features a low 90’s MPH fast ball on about 50% his pitches. His most used secondary pitch is a curve ball thrown about 1 pitch in every 3 at around 80MPH. Just this season he has introduced a cut fastball which he has thrown on about 20% of his pitches at an average speed of 89. So, obviously batters need to be on alert to pick the cutter from the normal 4 seamer which comes at about the same speed.  Just how long Stammen will go tonight will have to be seen as the game unfolds. He has worked a couple of 2 inning and 3  inning stints this season but has predominately been a 1 inning and done guy.


Tale of Tape

Tony Santillan 3.29 6.07 1.46 1.98 12.5% 25.0%
Craig Stammen 2.82 2.64 0.96 1.41 3.4% 27.1

Note that Stammen has worked exclusively out of the Padres pen this season and take that factor into consideration when looking at his numbers.



Heath Hembree threw 26 pitches to complete the 7th inning Monday before the Reds erupted to break open the game and is probably very limited if available at all tonight. Josh Osich and Ryan Hendrix both completed an inning Monday in under 10 pitches and should be good to go along with the rest of the Reds pen.


The Padres were off Monday. Closer Mark Melancon last worked on Sunday (16 pitchers) and should be available tonight. Only Tim Hill (28 pitches on Sunday) might be somewhat limited tonight.


         PADRES            REDS
1. Tommy Pham (LF)
2. Fernando Tatis Jr. (SS)
3. Jake Cronenworth (2B)
4. Manny Machado (3B)
5. Trent Grisham (CF)
6. Eric Hosmer (1B)
7. Wil Myers (RF)
8. Victor Caratini (C)
9. Craig Stammen (P)
1. Jonathan India (2B)
2. Jesse Winker (LF)
3. Nick Castellanos (RF)
4. Tyler Stephenson (C)
5. Joey Votto (1B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Kyle Farmer (SS)
8. Shogo Akiyama (CF)
9. Tony Santillan (P)

Alejo Lopez must be wondering what a person has to do to get a MLB start.

News and Notes

The Reds have promoted shortstop Jose Barrero to Triple-A Louisville. The top prospect hit .300 in Double-A with the Chattanooga Lookouts. Doug Gray has more over at if you want to read up.

Keep stuffing the ballot boxes for these very deserving Reds

Yes, it is that time again.  Hopefully we are close to seeing REDS across the front of this guy’s jersey.


W L PCT GB L10 Playoff%
Milwaukee 46 33 .582 0 8-2 77.7%
Chi Cubs 42 37 .532 4 3-7 32.0%
Cincinnati 39 38 .507 6 4-6 9.0%
St. Louis 38 41 .481 8 3-7 1.6%
Pittsburgh 29 48 .377 16 6-4 >1%

Final Thought

Beginning tonight the Reds have 13 games left until the All Star Break. 10 of them are with the Padres, Cubs (both at GABP) and Brewers (on road). And as if that isn’t enough, they open after the break with 3 more versus the Brewers (at GABP).  The going is getting tough. The Reds better get going. GO REDS!

Data and stats courtesy of Fangraphs and Baseball Reference

233 Responses

  1. Melvin

    “Alejo Lopez must be wondering what a person has to do to get a MLB start”.

    Maybe pray for a new manager. 🙂

    Anyway, let’s win tonight. Shall we? 🙂

    • west larry

      we are lucky dusty baker isn’t the manager. If memory serves me, votto was a rookie who could not get into the line up necause Dusty liked to use veterans. He had one 30 year old catcher catching, and another thirty year old catcher playing first base.

  2. JA

    Padres is a very good team, playing all the corners of the game. I checked tOday’s SD lineup and they have worked 53 SB (while Reds have 11 only).
    A big challenge for our rookies is to prevent those SB (Santillan-TS-India) Farmer + Votto needs to support them to do so.

    • Tim

      I thought it was my imagination but the Reds don’t steal much…BUT they really haven’t prevented other teams from stealing. I wonder what the numbers look like.

      • LDS

        Reds steal bases? Their normal base running needs work. Can’t imagine how poorly they’d fare by aggressively stealing bases.

  3. Klugo

    Looks like the lineup they may have had before Snell was scratched. Did anyone tell our clubhouse??

    • CFD3000

      It’s not way off to face a righties, with Winker, Votto and Akiyama all starting from the left side. I’d slide Suarez to SS and replace Farmer with Lopez at third. The only other change you might make is to start Tucker instead of Tyler.

      • Klugo

        Yeah I was thinking Lopez( or Freeman) and Barnhart. But if this guys a reliever I guess maybe they’re not expecting him to be out there long.

    • Jim Walker

      After the pitching change announcement, they bumped Farmer up from 8th to 7th and inserted Akiyama (for Aquino who had been 7th) into the 8th spot.

      I was the person frantically looking for the anticipated change(s) so I could paste them into the post before it published because I absolutely hate hot updates. 😉

      I think Bell probably did minimal changing because he thinks SD will come with an array of relievers and wanted to keep 2 RH hitters between each lefty as much as feasible.

  4. Tim

    It’s coming down to evaluation time for all teams and the Reds look to be on the bubble. One thing they need to remember is that the Brewers have only had one west coast trip compared to the Reds’ three. Brewers have played only thirty games against a team with an above 500 record, Reds have played 37. The Reds NLC interleague record is the best in the NLC. Win these next few games and really gear up for the second half. It gets harder for Mil. and Chicago. We’ve got a lot of games against them and the Pirates. With some healing and key new parts, Reds should really make a run at it.

  5. Old-school

    Suarez played the best 3b defensively last night Ive seen in years. His arm was a cannon, his mobility was good and he looked like a gold glover.

    With Moose out until at least late July and India playing a solid 2b, the Reds may have decided the Suarez SS experiment has been shuttled. Farmer and Freeman are the Reds shortstops until the All star break+. Alejo will be a bench player who starts once a week for Suarez and India and next man up in case of injury

    • Jim Walker

      Lopez is an ideal sub for Bell because of being a switch hitter but just like with Aquino, he has to get him enough PAs to be sharp.

      Look at last night when AA was up as the tying run in the 7th. They were not about to throw him a hittable strike in that situation. His discipline to take the BB helped set up Castellanos which NC himself acknowledged. But then an inning later with nothing left on the line, they went right at AA and he looked rusty in being struck out on 4 pitches (though arguably he got burned on the called strike 3).

      • JB

        True but AA is going to have to prove to teams that he can layoff those breaking balls away. He needs to make an adjustment now.

      • Jim Walker

        Last night at least, AA did not chase breaking pitches. He walked on 4 straight fastballs in the the 7th. One was over the plate but low, the others clearly outside but thigh to waist high.

        In the 8th they got him down 0-2 on 2 swings at fastballs in the zone (one fouled off). He then laid off the slider in the dirt before being called out on a borderline fastball waist high just on or off his outside edge (actually probably a very hittable pitch).

      • Melvin

        AA, while still getting fooled some times, has been doing a lot better. I’m just very much afraid Bell will never let him get enough time to really get going. He should be the 4th outfielder at worst no matter who’s pitching.

    • bug

      Suarez couldn’t hit a basketball. First time up, wonder what he does? Whiff with two men on? Yep! Par for the course. Would have loved to had Lopez up in that situation. We would have at least had a chance to sore more runs. Geno? No chance. 100% chance of a K.

  6. Old-school

    C trent has Reds rotation up for next 7 games. Vlad is in. Santillan is out. Hoffman not yet.

    • Rut

      Exactly — Big Bob might not pay for relief pitching help, but perhaps Tony can provide some.

  7. JB

    Lopez is going to have to hit when his name is called if he wants to play. He has to force Bells hand kind of like India had too. If you remember Bell was replacing India with Senzel and India might have been close to be sent down but got hot when put into the top spot. Now Bell basically cant remove him. Kind of like Naquin hit when he got the opportunity. Lopez just needs to keep hitting. Reds need to get going at home. 500 on the road is great but 500 at home is terrible.

    • Roger Garrett

      Lopez may get a cup of coffee but he ain’t playing on a regular basis even if he walks on water.Rookies get the rookie treatment in Cincy.India started because Reds didn’t sign a short stop and TySteve plays because they let Casali walk and injuries to first Joey and then Moose.Lopez will not be as lucky unless Suarez or Farmer get injured before Moose returns.Bell is told who to play.Not saying its right or wrong just saying thats how it works here and probably most places.

  8. JB

    Jim Walker- I was wondering, is there a certain date when the off season starts, when a player(Castellanos) has to notify the league or team he is opting out?

    • Bet on Red

      I think decisions have to be made within 5 days of the last out of the WS. May be wrong though.

      • Jim Walker

        Agree the end of the World Series starts the official off season calendar. I could not find an official calendar released yet for the 2021-22 season.

        Based on last year, free agent eligible players are free agents the day after the World Series ends.

        However, there was a 5 day period from the WS ending during which options and opt outs had to be settled before any free agents could be signed.

        Qualifying offers had to be made by the same day as the first day free agents could be signed. Players receiving QOs had 10 days to declare their intent.

        Then it was about a month until the nontender date.

  9. Old-school

    Good write up Jim.
    Missed the Barrero AAA promotion at first. If Reds still in it in late july and Barrero does well at AAA in 100 at bats- he will be the SS come august

    If they arent in it and he does well at AAA , he will be the SS come aug 1

    • JB

      I think he just put that in there. Either way it’s about time he got moved to AAA. He was overdue . Cross our fingers he does well from the get go and he is up here by August if not sooner.

    • Jim Walker

      The Barrero promotion also broke kind of late. If it is in the preview thank the boss, Doug, not me. 🙂 As I said above, I have this fear of blotching an entire post beyond quick repair on a hot update.

  10. Doug Gray

    Tonight’s game will begin in a delay

    • JB

      Good deal. Thunderstorm just knocked my electricity out.

  11. Bet on Red

    Saw the lineup and was confused till I saw the Pitching change. Maybe they are keeping lopez for a late game double switch. Speaking of pitchers getting sick, anyone see the Cubs Pitcher blowing chunks during the game. The heat is going to be brutal this summer.

    • Bet on Red

      correction, this was an LAA pitcher not CHI

  12. VaRedsFan

    Schwarber….another dinger…leadoff variety

    • JB

      Somewhere Thom Brennaman is nodding and smiling and saying Middletowns own.

      • Redsfan4life

        But Thom was having a fit last night every time Herrera came to bat for the Phillies.

    • Old-school

      Since its a rain delay and tons of schwarber posts the last 2 weeks- i was fortunate enough to sit at an IU game in a private box with schwarber father. Schwarber hit a hr a mile that day and his dad nicest down to earth guy and kyle super nice to youth baseball kids visiting

  13. LDS

    Doug/Jim, the link on Barrero points back to this page. Good news all the same. Hope he hits well.

  14. Indy Red Man

    Geno turned into Arenado defensively at 3B all of a sudden! Of course he turned into Kris Negron offensively, but we’ve been over that already.

  15. LDS

    Can we go back to the rain delay? If either the Reds or the Padres sweep the series, the loser will likely be in a very deep hole.

  16. Indy Red Man

    Yeah lets go down-n-in to a lefty with our RF’er way over in the gap. Thats great execution! I guess that was Joey guarding the line too. Oh boy. I get the feeling we could play SD 10 times and be lucky to win 2.

    • Roger Garrett

      There just better then we are or have been so far.Our guy pitching isn’t quite ready to face a lineup like the Padres throw out there.Hope he keeps us in the game for at least 5 innings or so tonight.Need him to man up and bounce back the next inning.Go Reds and we will need to score tonight and early.

  17. Bet on Red

    This guy not playing like a Major leaguer in the first inning. Throw strikes…. this better be a slob a knocker game

  18. Old-school

    Machado misses and hits a 390 foot sac fly

    Padres and white sox will play in world series . Reds need to survive this series. They are really good

  19. Indy Red Man

    Stupid OF shift cost us a run there. Nick was over in right-center and couldn’t hold the guy to a double. Maybe you should be thinking pull on a 3-1 pitch? We have zero margin for error against a team this talented!

  20. Old-school

    Jon india just gives you a good at bat

    Reds have a pptential long term leadoff hitter for first time since Larkin

    • Roger Garrett

      Yes he does battle.Just let him play and Wink also gives you a good at bat.

  21. RedsMonk65

    Rookies do it again.

    Let ’em play.

  22. Mark Moore

    Yeah, the Kids are alright …

    Even if this year is a wash, we’ve learned a LOT about some future core players.

  23. LDS

    The rookies come through. Now Votto & Suarez back-to-back. Not promising.

  24. Mark Moore

    Threaded the shift needle on that one!

    • LDS

      And Suarez strikes out. Give Lopez the shot. Suarez is dead wood most of the time.

  25. Mark Moore

    And then THAT happens … (hard eye roll)

  26. Bet on Red

    Reds already got stammen to 50% of his pitch count high not out of the first inning and got one of the runs back. Hitters fighting…. except for Suarez

  27. RedAlert

    Suarez needs to sit – sorry he just cant hit a lick. Defense great but contributes next to nothing at the plate .

  28. Old-school

    Jon Sadak

    “ Suarez creeping up. Hes not been above .180 since April. A couple hits tonight and he reaches that”

    Really??? Its july
    Suarez strikes out on off speed in the dirt a foot outside . Clearly phil castellini and Reds marketing-machine are coaching Sadack on what to say.

    How does Suarez have such awful pitch recognition that he swings at pitches in the dirt 6 inches outside??

    Only reason is he just guessing

    • bug

      Sadak is an idiot. “Creeping up on .180.” How sad,..that you’ve got an announcer that moronic, and a hitter that pitiful!!!

  29. Bet on Red

    Tony Santillan matching AAA Pitcher is…some guy named Greene…. if that isn’t planning…

  30. Roger Garrett

    Just can’t hide a player that plays every day and is hitting 170.

    • bug

      He strands more men in scoring position than any other regular player in MLB. And, he strikes out more. He holds lots of records for ineptness.

  31. Dennis Westrick

    Stop with the walks Please! The Padres are challenging enough without putting runners on base with no outs!

  32. Old-school

    Jon sadack acts is if hes not on TV but on radio and educating the Sunny Acres nursing home on every pitch who have never watched baseball

    Please stop this

    • J

      He’s also created his own language:
      “staggered steps”
      “makes the glove”
      “pull shift”
      “exaggerated pull shift”
      “got a piece!” (every time a guy hits a foul ball that’s caught by the catcher)
      “foul home run”
      etc. etc.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. I’ve already had it with the guy. Severe over-talk syndrome.

    • bug

      YES!!!! I surely concur with that! Worst I ever heard. Embarrassing!

  33. Roger Garrett

    Going to get really ugly really quickly.

  34. Roger Garrett

    Walks are bad and bad throws are worse.Extra outs to a bad team are bad but to a good team it becomes batting practice.

  35. Bet on Red

    Tony Santillan will not last 5… I do not want to see him in the rotation after tonight. Not MLB starter material. Could probably take out 3 or 4 bottom of the order righty players in the bullpen. Got lucky the first couple of times with weak opponents.

    • PTBNL

      Dude, he’s a rookie. Tap the brakes a bit will you. Good grief, 4 starts and you already deem him “Not MLB starter material”. Thanks for the info armchair.

      • Bet on Red

        Hey don’t take my word for it. Check out his scouting report if you want to.

      • Bet on Red

        oh and it seems I gave Tony Santillan the benefit of one-two many innings.

      • PTBNL

        Let’s see if you are a prophet in a couple years baeball brainiac.

  36. dhmorgan

    Damage limited.
    But Santillan can’t keep playing with fire.

  37. J

    “David Bell has done a nice job of giving these young guys enough rope to figure it out.”

    Larkin isn’t quite as hard to listen to as Sadak, but he’s not exactly adding much.

  38. RedAlert

    And Kyle Farmer. Continues to play WAY TOO MUCH !!!!!

  39. Dennis

    Hosmer, who was walked to start the inning, scored. Imagine that!

  40. Dennis Westrick

    Gonna be a long night if Santillan keeps this up! Hope our bullpen is better than the Padres pen and up to the task

  41. Matt WI

    Anyone know what that stage set up is for on the lower concourse a little up 3rd baseline? How long has it been there?

  42. Bet on Red

    Barrero has already gotten his first AAA hit. Good sign. SMALL sample size .500 lol

  43. Old-school

    San diego padres are a better baseball team than the Cincinnati Reds in 2021. Anyone who disagrees state your case.

    David Bell and his team certainly are not…yet. They might want to step up really soon.

  44. JA

    Bell needs to send a kind of message benching Suarez a couple of games. Is it mandatory to lining up? A weird. Clause we don’t know?

  45. VaRedsFan

    According to TMZ…T. Bauer accused of assault….Bauer denies the accusation.

  46. Roger Garrett

    Will Myers hits 7th on this team and thats all we need to know.Our lineup is no where near as deep or as talented.Our 6-8 guys must help out tonight for us to win.

  47. dhmorgan

    That’s better.
    Now can you get the same result in the 4th inning without the drama?
    Baby steps. Baby steps.

  48. Bet on Red

    on Sadak: He is a MiLB announcer that just got his call up to the show. I am going to give him the same benefit of the doubt that I give the players. He needs some work but he isn’t a lost cause. Larkin is doing his color commentator job alright.

    • J

      You think he hasn’t been doing all this same stuff for years, and just suddenly started doing it when he reached the majors? I have a feeling this is exactly what we can expect from him for as long as he’s announcing Reds games. Thom didn’t improve over time. Grande didn’t improve over time. If anything, they seemed to get worse over time.

      • Bet on Red

        Thom definitely hid behind his dad and was given the boot when he thought he was untouchable. Perhaps Sadak is on a year deal and there is someone new opening day 2022. I am not saying your wrong, but he ain’t getting fired this early.

      • J

        Unfortunately, I think he’ll probably be sticking around for 20+ years. The standards and expectations for his job are incredibly low. Most of the things this organization does suggests they’re okay with mediocrity.

  49. Dennis Westrick

    Santillan averaging 25 pitches per inning! Gotta do better obviously in order to pitch into the 6th or 7th inning!

  50. Indy Red Man

    Score double digits then get 2-3 tops the next night. They do it every time.

  51. Old-school

    Brewers up1-0 on cubs
    Reds cant just go 0-7 against padres and 1-6 against the the DBacks
    Get a backbone
    This aint the phillies bullpen. Its the Padres bullpen

    Reds or Cubs might just eliminate themselves this week

    • LDS

      Yep, going to be a long series. If the Cubs don’t step up against Mil, the Reds and Cubs are both likely toast.

  52. Old-school

    Reds are going 80-82 max
    This season is over .
    Im not drinking the kool aide

    They arent close to playoff caliber

  53. Roger Garrett

    Bell going for it by pulling the starter after 3 innings.Lets see what happens.Still need everybody to help on offense tonight.Can’t beat 8 hitters with only 5.Bell saying I may lose 15 -1 but its not because I am going to extend Santi tonight.

  54. Bet on Red

    After mowing them down through 4 Hunter Greene runs directly into a brick wall in the 5th in Newport. Looks like the sounds are going to bat around. At least he is learning about this now at AAA and not having to learn in the MLB at the expense of the reds.

    • Bet on Red

      update. pulled 4.1 7k 4ER 2BB 7Ks is good.

      • Bet on Red

        more updates, a bunch of scoring chances on his line.

    • PTBNL

      Man, that Greene kid is just “Not MLB starter material”.

  55. VaRedsFan

    Hendrix had given up 6 runs all month….4 of those were to the Padres.
    1st man up tonight vs those same Padres….Hendrix

  56. Mark A Verticchio

    I am not a big Bell supporter, but you can’t fault him tonight,or this series, the Padres are just a lot better. The only chance the Reds have is if Castillo can pitch a great game on Thursday.

  57. Mark Moore

    And it’s time to Clete at 5-1 in the 4th with more coming, even if it’s not this inning.

    Pasta Tomorrow, friends.

  58. Roger Garrett

    Still like the move by Bell regardless of what happens.Somebody may have to take one for the team but thats ok.Ownership needs to take a look at what a real majorleague team looks like and what good players look like and go out and get some.Its just little league ownership vs major league ownership.Product on the field isn’t even close.Its just smoke and mirrors and looking at income statements in the board room.Rant is over.

  59. Old-school

    Padres sucked worse than the Reds in 2017. They drafted developed and spent

    Reds had no plan and are getting tail kicked by a better ownership group

  60. Indy Red Man

    Reds are done. Milwaukee has some holes, but Woodruff/Burnes/Peralta/Hader is enough. They’re starting to hit a little bit and they’re never getting into losing streaks with that pitching. I do like the Reds young core. They just have to keep putting pieces together and moving forward. Obviously they’re not even close to SD.

    Tonite makes 2-16 vs SD, SF, and Arizona

    • LDS

      And Milwaukee keeps looking for players to improve the team. The Reds resist even dipping into their own farm system. And Suarez and Farmer every game isn’t getting it done. JV has been looking better against RH’ers. And there Suarez strikes out again. The Reds are likely done for this year.

    • JB

      Brewers 25-10 after trade for Adames. Reds will pray and hope they are still in it at deadline and then trade for Brian Goodwin. Enough said

  61. Dennis Westrick

    Real major league teams don’t have their 6-7-8 hitters batting .174, .212.and .211 respectfully!

    • PTBNL

      And then there are the Brewers 6-7-8:

  62. Old-school

    Padres sucked worse than the Reds in 2017. They drafted developed and spent

    Reds had no plan and are getting tail kicked by a better ownership group

    • Roger Garrett

      No plan then and still no plan.Just a clueless organization.

    • Jim

      Suarez Must go to Louisville for Rehab!!!

  63. Roger Garrett

    This joke is not on Bell.We play in a weak division and we talk about staying close and maybe we can and then we see a team like this tonight that is 3rd best in their own division and reality sets in. Can you imagine playing in the West?We would and have struggled to beat the Rockies and the D Backs.

  64. Bet on Red

    Joey with the wheels, this is getting overturned

  65. JB

    Home plate umpire should be embarrassed. How can he miss that call.

  66. RedsMonk65

    Votto is safe at the plate! 4-2 game. Rally on with Lopez up.

    • RedsMonk65

      Ugh. Aquino up next. Lopez had been in the on-deck circle.

      • RedsMonk65

        And I got the score wrong. It’s 5-2. (And I haven’t even started drinking yet)

      • Bet on Red

        got to say I like Aquino at this point his power against LHP is known. Save Lopez for another more contact situation

  67. J

    It’s just painful watching Suarez trying to hit at this point. Someone in his corner needs to throw in the towel before he really gets hurt. I don’t fault a guy for struggling, but it bothers me that I seen no effort to make any changes. Everything looks exactly the same to me as it always has.

  68. JB

    Sadak needs to lay off the energy drinks.

  69. Dennis Westrick

    Thinking positive! Gotta chip away with one run an inning and hope the bullpen can hold the fort!

  70. VaRedsFan

    I was thinking Aquino should have batted for Shogo…..boy was I wrong. I think the lesson here is to not use Aquino vs. a soft tosser.

  71. J

    Pitcher checks inside his hat and sees a note: “Aquino, like many other Reds, will swing at pitches a foot outside and in the dirt.”

    • Roger Garrett

      Yeah but Bell took a shot right there to tie the game.No problem with it.Only so many bullets to fire and may not get another at bat in the game that with one swing we are tied.

      • J

        Oh, I don’t mind the decision to use AA there. What I mind is that nobody seems to be able to get some of these guys to stop swinging at pitches a foot out of the zone.

  72. JB

    Aquino and Suarez – all or nothing. Both fall for the off speed crap. Make no adjustments. Hits a homer once a week.

    • Bet on Red

      In his defense, Aquino does not receive regular playing time to impliment corrections. I am willing to give him more benifit of the doubt then Suarez

      • Roger Garrett

        +550 which is how many at bats Suarez has been given over the course of this year and last to make corrections.

    • Jim

      Votto is an embarrassment running the bases !!!!

      • Bet on Red

        Votto…. who scored on the Bases? Ok….

  73. Dennis Westrick

    For any oldtimers out there I seem to recall “back-in-the-day” (70’s & 80’s) the Reds night games starting at 7:35. Then they changed to 7:10 pm. Now the games start at 6:40. Anybody know why?

    • Bet on Red

      The 6:40 starts are the ” school night” starts that they use to promote the Idea that you should bring your kids to the ballpark to see the games.

      I suspect it moved back from 7:35 to 7:10 to make the games end earlier so the TV audiences were not bailing at the end for Jonney Carlson? Just A guess

      • Dennis Westrick

        Thanks! When I used to live in Indianapolis in the 80’s my wife & I would make the 2 hour drive to Cincy after work and could easily make the 7:35 start. Did make for a long night but worth it!

      • Bet on Red

        NP… I think its just the trade-off to put more kids in the stands and continue the popularity of the games through generations

  74. Erik the Red

    Suarez is just lost now. A few games on the bench may benefit his swing and give Lopez a chance to show what he can do in the majors.

  75. Roger Garrett

    Warren although against the bottom of the order looked good with 2 punchouts.Can we get closer this inning?

  76. Roger Garrett

    It ain’t over yet.Keep on playing guys.

  77. Dennis Westrick

    Beginning to like that Warren kid more & more!

    • JB

      Yeah his job is safe. Hendrix I believe will go down to work on his stuff when Gray comes back. Hoffman comes back and Doolittle better be gone.

  78. RojoB

    It would sure be nice to see Los Rojos pin a big L on the Padres tonight

  79. Bet on Red

    Did the SD manager not get the memo… we destroy rightys

  80. Roger Garrett

    Indy has said it more then once that he knew Warren has better stuff then most of the guys we started with in the pen.When he is at 97 he can be hard to handle.

  81. Bet on Red

    Feel much better now. Only Down 1 with some of the more questionable relievers already used up. Garrentteed to go through the order at least once more and still have Lopez to use off the bench

  82. MBS

    So excited to see Barrero playing in AAA! Looks like Schrock is rehabbing too. The reinforcements are just around the corner!

  83. Dennis Westrick

    Hoping the Covid-19 vaccine shots I took have not weakened my heart! Following these games definitely gets my heart racing! Nice job by AG!

  84. J

    Garrett seemed to be doing a little chirping as he walked off the mound. He’s lucky he got the strike call, but even luckier nobody tried to charge the mound and attack him because he’d get suspended for two weeks.

    • LDS

      And Bell needs to make a statement. Put him on the bench for an significant period. Send hi to Louisville for rehab. Something. But quit playing him every day. Or play to the greater fool theory and find a trade partner.

      • MBS

        I actually like the IL with a whatever reason. He could come back after the allstar break, and maybe the time off will clear his head.

    • RedAlert

      Mark it down – won’t be a 1 run game after this half inning – DOO DOO LITTLE

      Hope I’m wrong …

  85. Mark A Verticchio

    Suarez needs to be sat, he looks lost at the plate. With Lopez now up there is no longer a need for all but an automatic out at third base.

  86. J

    Suarez seems to be the only guy in the stadium who doesn’t realize he’s going to be getting lots of offspeed pitches in the dirt a foot outside.

  87. Old-school

    Suarez 0-3 with 3 K
    Stop insulting reds fans
    What a joke

    Might be time to start booing at GABP. They dont respond to normal things that normal people so

  88. Dennis Westrick

    Geno is like having your girlfriend or wife on your mixed league softball team knowing full well she can’t hit water if she fell out of a boat!

  89. MBS

    So Santillan to the pen seems like a lock right now. How many days until he can pitch out of the pen?

  90. Indy Red Man

    A. Looked like a foul ball

    B. Pham is never getting thrown out on that so how is it an error? Myers making 3rd I guess?

    • VaRedsFan

      They always call that ball foul.

    • RojoB

      C. Standing there like a nincompoop while the opponent rounds the bases unopposed is a positive embarrassment

  91. Dennis Westrick

    Bad enough that Geno is 0-3 but now makes an error with 2 outs in a 1-run game!

    • bug

      0 for 3 with 3 strike outs, I might add. Always stranding men in scoring position. That’s his middle name. Nice guy, horrible hitter!!! No other team in baseball would play him. He plays because they like him. Not because he earns his at bats.

  92. Tim

    Geno having a crackerjack of a game huh!?!

    • RedsMonk65

      He’s got to be incredibly frustrated by this point in the season. Perhaps he should sit a few days like Votto did last year. Give Lopez a chance to show us what he can/can’t do.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Should garner a lot of All-Star votes!

  93. RedsMonk65

    Reds lucky to have escaped that inning unscathed.

  94. Dennis Westrick

    Lucky, lucky, lucky! Do something positive Geno! Anything! Please!

  95. Indy Red Man

    Feel bad for Geno. His swing doesn’t look as long as it did earlier. He turned around 98 for a Hr in St. Louis, but he just cannot see the pitch outside or he pops it up. I agree with everyone else. He’s not turning it around. Its getting worse. He needs an “injury” and 10-day IL or something?

    Lopez to 3rd or Freeman/Shrock. Somebody new

    • Dennis Westrick

      Maybe a vision test is warranted? Like Ricky Vaughn in Major League

    • MBS

      I agree, he needs to get his mind right. Maybe have some arepas and cervezas again.

    • bug

      Continually leads the ML in Ks per # of at bats. It’s nothing new. He’s got a hole in his bat. Sad,..and embarrassing.

  96. JA

    Game momentum is now inReds Side.
    Go Reds!!!

    • RojoB

      Until that back breaking catch by Meyers

  97. J

    Have a nagging sense this game is going to finish 5-4 with the bases loaded, Suarez at the plate, and at least one guy available to pinch hit.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Won’t be around to see that! Gotta call it a night! Work day tomorrow!

  98. JB

    I didnt think that ball was fair to Geno. I’ve never seen him blow his cool like that. Maybe and it’s a huge maybe, losing his cool will get him going. Sometimes the little things turn things around. A huge maybe here though.

    • RojoB

      The Cowboy had it right.

      The fielder doesn’t get to play umpire. The fielder plays every ball as fair until called otherwise.

      Of course if the player boots it, it doesn’t matter. Not hustling after the ball means to me that he needs a vacation

      • JB

        Absolutely. He has to pick the ball up and stop the runner at 2and from moving up. He was to deep to get Pham anyway. Pham is to quick to get him from that deep.

  99. Bet on Red

    Error on Suarez. Needs a benching at least. Lopez deserves a look sees start

  100. RojoB

    Cowboy is lighting up Akiyama for not catching that Profar fly ball

    • RedAlert

      Deservedly so ! That ball has to be caught no doubt !

    • RojoB

      “That was a terrible angle…he started off as if he expected Winker to catch it…When you’re a center fielder you can’t worry about running into the right fielder or the left fielder…they have you playing center field because they want you to catch that ball “

      • JB

        Is Naquin hurt or just the Bell day off?

      • Bet on Red

        if he is out tomorrow i would start worrying, today I think was precautionary

  101. J

    Seriously, someone needs to tell Sadak that “makes the glove” isn’t baseball jargon. It’s “makes the catch” or “gloves it.” (I still haven’t figured out what he thinks “staggered steps” means. He seems to use it to describe various things.)

  102. Bet on Red

    not going to lie, it was horrible early in the season…. but the bullpen has at least buckled down… maybe they arent good….but they are doing good. except doolittle

    • JB

      Seems like the only time they do good is when Antone is hurt. Go figure

  103. RojoB

    Brach says “thanks for nothing Shogo, imma do this myself!”

  104. Redgoggles

    I’ve seen 2 fly balls in last 2 innings that seem like Shogo could’ve got to? I thought he was solid – even better – as a LF last year. Wonder if he struggles with reads off the bat in center. Playing with fire, forcing our bullpen to get more outs.

  105. Bet on Red

    Suarez getting booed. Maybe that will let bell and Krall know what they think of the great experement. Booing should continue until play improves

    • bug

      Just another typical game for Golden Sombrero Suarez!!! I’m glad they are booing. Nice guy, horrible hitter. Worst I ever saw in my 67 years. Sad on so many different levels.

      • Bet on Red

        yes, and they need to boo… because nothing else seems to have altered bells approach of play him every day.

    • TR

      Philly has usually been the home of the Boo Birds. Now they’re becoming evident in Cincy.

  106. VaRedsFan

    Geno Sombrero….he was a whole closet full of them.

  107. JB

    So much for Suarez getting going after blowing his cool. Just roll the ball up there and he will swing. Just sit him for a week. Do something .

    • RojoB

      When he didn’t hustle after the ball that sealed it for me.

      I can excuse anything but lack of hustle

  108. J

    Suarez has decided to deal with his inability to hit pitches out of the strike zone by swinging at even more pitches out of the strike zone. His unwillingness to make any adjustments — even ones that simply require him to stand still and do nothing — is what’s really irking me about his performance. I recently heard Pete Rose talking about how he’d move around in the batter’s box to get out of slumps. Votto experiments with new approaches on seemingly a weekly or daily basis. Suarez seems to make the easiest of all adjustments, i.e., not swinging so much. I don’t understand why he still doesn’t get it.

    • J

      *Suarez seems to be UNWILLING to make the easiest of all adjustments…

  109. Bet on Red

    we ruined saves for malancion when he was a pirate, a padre, and probably with many other teams too. I don’t like the starting point for the lineup, but what can you do… need to get to India with less than 2 outs. It is doable

  110. RojoB

    Ball 4 to Pham was identical to strike 3 on Hosmer

    • RojoB

      Where’s the gif with the wheels falling off?

      I must admit it’s better than Takis, Jr hitting a HR and doing his jiggity-jog at third base

  111. Indy Red Man

    Hader closing out another Brewers win. They’re going to win with 2 hits. Thats what overwhelming pitching will do for you.

    • RojoB

      It sure as taxes ain’t their hitting!

    • JB

      Until you get to the playoffs. The Reds found that out last year. But at least the Brewers will get to the playoffs.

  112. VaRedsFan

    16 LOB’s for the Friars tonight….that’s hard to do

  113. Indy Red Man

    Weird game. Pads could easily have 9-10 runs, but at the same time we’d be tied if Nick wasn’t so far off in right-center on that 3-1 pitch hit for a “triple”. I guess they have their scouting reports, but sometimes the alignment is way off base.

  114. RojoB

    I don’t like the Padres this year.

    Suárez has finally cracked and stopped hustling. Time for vacaciones

    Jonathan India for NL ROY

    Takis, Jr makes a nice snack food

  115. Bigbill

    About time to cut are losses and see if we can get a sack of baseballs for Suarez. Lousy hitter, some of the worst defense in the majors at third and lack of hustle. Guy is singlehandedly bringing g this season down in flames.

    • RojoB

      It’s hard to hang the whole thing on Suárez but his clinker of a season sure has contributed a lot

  116. Mark A Verticchio

    This season is all but done, Brewers play Cubs tomorrow then the Pirates 11 of next 30, over 1/3 of their games. That takes you into early August. I don’t think the Reds can hang around during that span.The Reds do play them 7 times during that time but will need to win at least 6 of them to gain ground, already 7 out.

    • RojoB

      Unless the Brewers get a pitcher injury—then they won’t be able to hang because they don’t score.

      But there is no sense at all in counting on that.