The Cincinnati Reds have called up infielder Alejo Lopez. There were rumors around the internet on Sunday evening that it was happening, but Lopez seems to have confirmed it on his Instagram in his stories later in the night, saying this (via google translate):

This achievement is dedicated to you, mom and dad. We got to the top, to the big leagues. There were years of work, but this is only the start. I love you.

It would seem that twitter user @Rev_Strikeout was the first to report the call up. The move is now official as of 11:33am on Monday. The team has designated Scott Heineman for assignment to clear a roster spot on the the 40-man and the 26-man roster for Lopez.

It’s been a breakout season for Alejo Lopez in 2021. He entered the year with a career .297 average, but he had never really hit for much power. This season he came out with the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts and made a .297 average look weak, and he started racking up extra-base hits, too. In the first 25 games of the year he hit .362/.437/.448 and had nine doubles to go along with 12 walks and just 11 strikeouts.

That was enough for the Reds to promote the switch-hitting infielder up to Triple-A Louisville. Typically players take a little step back, if not more, upon a promotion to Triple-A. Not Alejo Lopez. He’s played in 24 games with the Louisville Bats since being moved up and he’s hit significantly better. With the Bats he’s hit .358/.436/.526 with 10 doubles, two home runs, 12 walks, and just seven strikeouts.

The 25-year-old has played in 49 games between his two stops and racked up 229 plate appearances while hitting .360/.437/.486. He’s hit 19 doubles – a career high – and two homers while stealing six bases in seven tries, walking 24 times, and striking out just 18 times. To say that he’s been on fire all season would be an understatement.

There’s been a lot of reasons that Alejo Lopez has put together the season that he has so far, but perhaps the biggest one is that he’s simply stopped striking out. 18 strikeouts in 229 trips to the plate is a 7.9% strikeout rate. The current strikeout rate for the average Major League Baseball player is 23.9%. Lopez could triple his strikeout rate and still make more contact than the average big leaguer. The added power is helping as well. While it’s not home run pop, he was on pace to hit 47 doubles in a 120 game minor league season.

Defensively there are some options for the Reds with Alejo Lopez if they want to take them. He can play both second or third on the infield – and no, he can’t play shortstop even though he’s played a handful of games there in the minors – and he’s had some limited experience in left field while playing winter ball in Mexico. Unfortunately for Lopez that probably doesn’t leave him much playing time with Jesse Winker, Jonathan India, and Eugenio Suárez ahead of him at those spots.

What the Reds could do when it comes to playing Alejo Lopez is to use him as a pinch-hitter every single day, or close to it. As a switch-hitter he can match up with just about anyone. This season he’s hitting .355/.428/.487 as a lefty and he’s hitting .375/.464/.479 as a righty. Against a left-handed pitcher he may be even more dangerous in some situations – he’s struck out just once in 56 plate appearances against left-handed pitching this season. ONCE.

One other option that could be on the table is that the Reds could play Alejo Lopez at third base and slide Eugenio Suárez to shortstop. That may only last as long as it takes for Mike Moustakas to return from the injured list, but it seems as though at some point Suárez will return to shortstop and with Kyle Farmer hitting .213/.285/.313 Cincinnati’s brass may have decided the trade off in defense from Farmer at shortstop to upgrade the offense with Lopez could be worth it. We’ll all find out soon enough.


The 25-year-old has been in the Reds organization since he was selected in the 27th round of the 2015 Major League Baseball draft out of Greenway High School in Phoenix. It’s a short 27 miles from that high school to the Cincinnati Reds spring training complex out in Goodyear. Lopez stopped at every level along the way, beginning his career with the Arizona League Reds, spending two seasons with the Billings Mustangs before moving up to the Dayton Dragons in 2018 and then spending the season in 2019 with the Daytona Tortugas.

He didn’t play in 2020 because the minor league season was cancelled and he didn’t get invited to the alternate training site. But he did spend the winter playing for Monterrey in the Mexican Winter League. He hit .286/.322/.365 in 49 games for the Sultanes before he was invited to spring training as a part of early minor league camp in February that ran alongside the big league spring training and was essentially one large camp. Lopez played in 10 games with the Reds during the spring and went 2-9 with a walk and two strikeouts.

Minor League Stats

Alejo Lopez Stats

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  1. beelicker

    Aw c’mon lol not even an early roster minutiae guess on who’s shipping out? My thinking was Heineman was ostensibly recalled for an immediate righty platoon bat for the ATL series, just specific to the 2 Atlanta LHP starters and heavy LH bullpen presence, plus now they’ll miss Philly’s only LH starter, Zack Wheeler

    Infield flexibility with Freeman would seem slightly more dear now than the extra RH OF bat and a switchhitter on board. Any one of the fringe relievers also would seem more moveable than Freeman

    And given Geno (along with Farmer) still leads the team in total games played and his slash line vs LHP = .131/.221/.279 the least Bell could do is pencil in Lopez to gift Saurez some well deserved refreshing ‘rest days’ against the next 2 or 3 lefty starters?

    • beelicker

      Padres’ lone lefty starter Blake Snell goes tuesday

      • jon vera

        anyone pick up derek fisher from the brewers? nice left outfield bat.

    • Jim Walker

      I’ll take a partial shot on the roster musical chairs. I think they take the easy way out and move Blandino to the 60 day IL for the 40 man spot. Heineman and Freeman both appear to be optionable if Fangrpahs has them right which may actually be their greatest asset to the Reds as 4A replacement bodies. So, neither gets the DFA but one draws the short straw and heads down to AAA. That is assuming there isn’t an as of yet unrevealed injury which I always wonder about when these things happen after normal bedtime for many folks

      • Jim Walker

        I missed on this one. Heineman has been DFA per Reds Twitter at 11:30 Eastern Monday

      • RojoB

        There goes the bobblehead night

        Hmmm wonder what they’ll do for outfield depth? I mean they need Shogo to pinch hit, right? And Lopez doesn’t play outfield

      • RojoB

        But seriously Jim.

        Makes me wonder if Krall has had to take away Bell’s toy because he wasn’t using it correctly.

        I say “Good move, Nick Krall!”

      • ohiojimwalker

        @Rojo, Lopez has played some LF. I’d think he would also be credible at 1B. He’s played 3B and 2B for the most part; and, Moose was able to slide right in at 1B with the same resumé. They are not going to sit Winker if he is healthy but given Votto’s poor production vs lefthand pitching, why not a platoon there.

        India and Suárez have both played almost every day since Senzel went down. So, if Lopez stays hot there is the making of a 3 spot rotation, 3B/2B/1B for Lopez as a super sub.

      • Melvin

        Can we can function with only FIVE outfielders now? It’s uneven with three lefties and two righties. David Bell must be pulling his hair out after living in heaven for a few days. I’m not sure Lopez plays much 1B being only 5’10” by the way. I don’t think Moose will play much this year. Suarez will not sit. He is probably the most tradable out of the veterans. If you want both India and Lopez to play every day then the Reds will most likely will have to find a way for them both to play up the middle. Suarez at SS needs to be avoided at all costs simply because HE WILL COST A LOT in terms of defense and probably several games which we can’t afford. Just because he’s played there before and others haven’t at the big league level means nothing to me. He’s NOT a SS and CANNOT handle the position.

  2. Melvin

    That’s good news. Some might say that it’s about time. If true better late than never. If, and do mean IF he hits anywhere near in the majors like he did in the minors this year he may be knocking on that SS door whether the Reds like it or not. As has been discussed on here so MANY times, it would be very difficult to be worse than Suarez or even as bad. If he was just a little bit under Farmer defensively I think they’d go for it.

  3. TR

    Offensively this could be a good move for the Reds. Alejo Lopez, as a switch hitting pinch hitter, could be the Dusty Rhodes of the 2021 season. Dusty was one of the Giants stars in their win over the Indians in the 1954 World Series.

    • CI3J

      And here I thought you meant Dusty Rhodes the wrestler, and I thought “What, he’s going to put on 200 pounds and wear a black leotard with yellow polkadots?”

    • KG

      “I am the hit-maker, the record-breaker. I got style and grace, a pretty face. I’ll make your back crack, your liver quiver.” There will never be another American Dream!

  4. RedsFan11

    I’m glad he is getting the call. Deserves to be on this roster over half the hitters that on currently on here.

    That said I really hope they play him and he doesn’t rot away on the bench. Hottest hitter in minor leagues got to get him in the lineup everyday and see if it’s a fluke or real deal.

    If they aren’t going to play him at short then my vote would be play 3B, move Saurez back to SS and sit Farmer.

    • Alan Horn

      I agree. Let him play somewhere(3B seems likely with Suarez to SS). If he continues to hit, don’t worry about Moose. He hasn’t hit nor been able to stay healthy. The Reds offense needs a solid contact hitter badly. Let’s see what Lopez can do and not worry about playing the highly paid contracts who aren’t performing..

      • RojoB

        “ not worry about playing the highly paid contracts who aren’t performing..”

        Not with this organization—suckers for the sink cost fallacy will NEVER do it unless the players are named Shogo Akiyama or have had their limbs amputated

      • MFG

        When Moose returns, play him a few games to prove he is healthy then trade him!

      • Alan Horn

        Agree, but it will be hard to find someone to take on Moose’s contract unless the Reds throw in a lot of money or sweeten the pot with another less expensive player..

  5. LGR

    LETS GO. Been calling this for weeks. Let’s get it Alejo.

  6. 3rdbaseTom

    I like the idea of putting India at SS and Lopez at 2nd. India has the skills and grit to make the change. He’s already adjusted his hitting since coming up and has been good at leadoff thus far.
    Don’t put the Lopez at a new position while adjusting to major league pitching too. By the same token, he needs to play regularly and not just sit and watch.

    • jon vera

      lets put winker at catcher while we are at it.

      • JoshG

        moving a 2B with great range and a good arm to SS is not a crazy idea ….

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I’m guessing if anyone thought India could play SS at the Major League level, he would already be there over Farmer. Given how he’s been playing I wouldn’t mess with India.

      • Jimbo44CN

        No, please.Leave India where he is.

      • RojoB

        I agree leave India be. But keep in mind that someone running this team thought it was ok to give Scott Heineman starts in CF. Not to beat a dead horse, but that makes it suspect as to whether or not folks really know the state of their own affairs.

    • RedBB

      Ya I mean can India or Lopez be any worse than Suarez at SS? Really?

    • Alan Horn

      I would go more Suarez to SS, India to 3B and Lopez to 2B. I would hate to move India because he has done the job at 2B, but like you said Lopez would not have to learn a new position while adjusting to ML pitching. Another option would be to do it temporarily and swap India and Lopez if Lopez is hitting.

      • Old Big Ed

        Lopez has 90+ starts in the minors at 3B, including some this season.

  7. docproc

    Do not bring this guy up and make him a pinch-hitter. Play him every day and see what we have. Plug him in at third, move Suarez to SS, and put Farmer on the bench as a late-inning defensive replacement.

    • RojoB

      I’m afraid that he will just ride said pine bench.

  8. RojoB

    Very exciting news for Alejo López and family.

    Sending down Heineman leaves them short handed in the OF and removes Bell’s key weapon against LHP starters, and there is Blake Snell to contend with. I suspect Mike Freeman will be sent down.

    That’s why this move seems strange. Where does Lopez fit unless you displace Suárez or Farmer? Well—he fits in the dugout. Where he’ll get stale.

    A Reds personnel move we’ve all seen ad nauseum

    • Tony Cloninger

      They have Aquino and Shogo in the OF. They are not short there at all?

    • MBS

      Lopez can switch hit, and play OF as well. If they send down Heineman, they’d basically have the same pieces, with the addition of a 2B, 3B left handed bat.

      • Alan Horn

        When I saw Lopez earlier in the season at AA when the Lookouts played Montgomery I thought Lopez had pretty good speed. Someone posted on here a while back that he did not. Another thing I was impressed with by Lopez and another Lookouts played was that they went to a knee and prayed before both games.

      • JB

        Alan horn – if you believe half the crap that is posted on here then I have some land I would like to sell you.

      • RojoB


        But he read it on the internets! Where everyone is expert. Just ask me 🙂

      • Doug Gray

        Rojo, did you read the article before commenting? Because it’s clearly stated in the article that he has played some left field.

      • RojoB

        I probably skimmed that part. I was mostly relying on my memory of what was being written on RML. Since then I’ve read your latest there too, and am better up to speed

      • DaveCT

        Alan, the speed reference was related to an answer from Doug whether Lopez could play CF, considering he saw a bit of time in LF during Spring Tr.

        Answer was he didn’t have the speed for CF.

    • Doc

      As one sho cut his teeth at Crosley Field, it doesn’t seem strange to me. They called up the best performing hitter at AA and AAA. Used to be that the players who performed move up. Vlad and Tony as pitchers, now Lopez as a position player. It’s a refreshing throwback to when baseball was fun to follow.

  9. Klugo

    If they believe Moose will be back this year, then it makes sense to get Geno back at SS for reps. Farmer has had his chances and he just hasn’t capitalized.

    • Alan Horn

      I thought Farmer has done pretty well defensively but with limited range. I agree the bat hasn’t been there for the most part.

  10. Indy Red Man

    Lopez to 3B & bat him 9th. Geno to SS and Stephenson becomes the regular catcher.
    Farmer/Tucker for defensive replacements

    • Indy Red Man

      He could be the next Jeff Keppinger. Remember him? That guy came to the Reds and hit everything they threw up there for a while!

      • Tom Reeves

        I don’t think Suarez is a better option than Farmer at SS. He’s a defensive liability and Farmer is defensively competent and, at times, quite good. Offensively, their both a bit below average league hitters. Suarez has the potential to get hot whereas a hot hitting Farmer is probably still below league average. But I’m not sure the hope of a hot Suarez bat is worth the defensive chaos he introduces at SS.

        Maybe Lopez can just beat out Geno – how awesome would that be?

    • Indy Red Man

      Geno is getting paid to play so he’ll play. I get as frustrated with him as anyone, but thats the deal.

      Farmer > Geno all day on defense, you’re not wrong there, but can you imagine what 2 India’s could do in front of Wink & Nick? I think they have to atleast experiement with it? If the kid turns into Adam Frazier lite then the offensive upgrade would definitely be worth it.

      I think if they play by the book then Milwaukee wins the division by atleast 5-6 games over everyone!

    • MBS

      I normally don’t like moving the pitcher to 8th, but in this case it could be good. Obviously we are both hoping that Lopez turns into a top of the order type batter. The 9 hole relieves the pressure for the rookie, and keeps India, Winker, and Castellanos where they are.

  11. Michael Coffelt

    Kids’ stats in AAA says he deserves a shot. Surprised it’s taken this long as Schrock’s recover appears just around the corner and is a likely candidate for more PT as well. Winker’s entry into yesterday’s games indicates he isn’t injured so where does this kid play? No point in sitting the bench in MLB and “cooling off!”

  12. LDS

    Good to see the Lopez called up. How he hits in the majors is a question to be answered. Lopez has more games at 2nd than 3rd. Previously, India has mostly been at 3rd but has adjusted well. If Lopez hits, put Suarez back at SS until he can be traded. Don’t think of it as a rebuild. It’s pruning the dead wood. Now about first base….

  13. SultanofSwaff

    The lineup card tonight will confirm if Lopez is just a pinch hitter or Farmer’s de facto replacement. Hopefully the team has arrived at the same realization I did weeks ago–that Farmer is a AAAA player and the team is better off giving these at-bats to someone on the upswing of their career. I’m open to either option (play Lopez at 3b and Geno at SS, move India to SS and Lopez to 2b) because I believe in India’s range, arm, and competitiveness…..all superior to Farmer. If the team can play Barnhart, Stephenson, and Farmer at different positions in the bigs sight unseen, then there’s no plausible reason to not try this with the Reds best defender, even if it’s just temporary.

    • Alan Horn

      I would keep Farmer around for his value as a utility player(3rd catcher in an emergency). Especially since Senzel looks like he will never be able to stay healthy. I would also look to see what Senzel would bring in a trade.

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree, it’s very hard to project Senzel in the lineup/for the future when he’s continually hurt. I think Super Sub may be his best option – play him when healthy?

    • gregteb

      Typo in 3rd paragraph says he played 2 games in Louisville, actually 24 games.
      Happy they are trying out players with upsides versus retreads from other teams who bat .071

    • Tom Reeves

      Farmer is a great super sub and brings some useful intangibles. If Farmer is one of your bench players, it also allows the other bench bats to be more offensively focused.

      The issue with Farmer is when he becomes an everyday player.

      If Jose Berrera is at SS next year and Farmer is the backup, I don’t think we’re too concerned with Farmer.

    • Doug Gray

      It may not tell us anything. Many teams will call someone up and have them on the bench the first day to get “acclimated”. I don’t really agree with that approach, but it happens all the time to non-superstar prospect types.

  14. James K

    Does this mean Barrero moves up to Louisville?

    • Alan Horn

      Hopefully. He looks ready for AAA and if all goes well there to be our 2022 SS.

    • MBS

      That would be great! Barrero seems to have earned the promotion to AAA. Having the SS of the future 1 call away would be comforting.

  15. Jack

    If they have no plans to get relief help they may as well install him at 3B and see if he can hit for a month since the season will be over anyway.

  16. redsfan4040

    With Lopez being called up, and Schrock on a rehab assignment, youve already upgraded the bench over Heineman/Freeman.

  17. Roger Garrett

    Suarez plays as does Moose and Joey.If Lopez plays then its at 3rd and Farmer sets with Eugenio back to short.Need to forget about Suarez or Joey or Moose setting and watching other players play.When healthy and regardless of how they perform if they can play they play outside of scheduled days off.Reds hope Lopez and his bat plays in the majors and will sacrifice defense at short in Suarez to help the offense.Maybe it helps and maybe it doesn’t,we will see if they indeed start Lopez.Reds are stuck with aging players with big contracts which is a bigger issue then the pen or who the manager is or should be.Not only does the money play it can block players who are better that can help the team in more ways to win games.As we know these 3 players are signed through 2023 so unless the Reds can figure out a way to get rid of their salaries they will play.Nobody will take an aging Joey,an injured Moose or a player who has fell fast and hard in Suarez.I like the move with Lopez and hope he sets the world on fire.

  18. Jim Walker

    Reds Twitter has announced the Lopez move at 11:30 Monday. Heineman DFA to cover both ends of the move(s) to clear space for Lopez

    • Klugo

      And yet, when he’s here, they insist on starting him over Akiyama vs LHP. SMH. Stubborn.

      • RojoB

        See above. I suspect that Bell out kicked his coverage by starting Heineman (at least I hope that Krall is as disgusted as every other person I’ve talked to or read).

        I hope it means his option won’t be picked up either

    • JB

      The look of “Surprise” on the Reds face that nobody picked up Heineman. Flea market Bob quickly pounces on him and sends him to AAA for future call up.

  19. MBS

    I’m hoping Lopez pushes Farmer to the bench. My guess is Lopez 3B, Suarez SS, and India stays at 2B. I honestly don’t care about the configuration of the infield. Suarez, India, or Lopez can play SS, I just want Farmer to go back to what he’s good at, utility player.

    • Jim Walker

      I checked about this time last week; and, Farmer already had 30 more PAs this year than in any previous season in about 30 fewer games than it took him to reach his prior seasonal high in PAs. He can still hang on on an individual PA like he did to extend the one game in the Braves series. However, to me, he appears to be losing his legs, especially in the field. They really need a viable option at SS>

      • MBS

        Right we need Barrero, hopefully he’ll be knocking on the door soon.

  20. MK

    I would not like to see Suarez take over at short for Farmer. Any offensive upgrade would be offset by poorer defense. If a player in the future can outhit and play as good or better defense then remove Farmer and that is probably Barrera.

    If we are making comparisons for Alejo, I would compare him to Ronald Torreyes. Similar in size, utility status and minor league hitting success.

    • RojoB

      I for one would be content to see Suárez sit for López

      • DaveCT

        Think people will be surprised how slight of frame he is. But he has done nothing but perform since being drafted.

    • LDS

      Heineman DFA’d. When he clears waivers, will he be released or assigned to Louisville. Can’t imagine a pickup but who knows. As for Lopez, play him at 3rd (or 2nd), platoon Suarez and Farmer. It’s a toss up, both leave runners on but Farmer is better defensively. Suarez hits 1-2 HRs a week and strikeouts a bunch. The Reds need to see if the young guys can turn the team around or whether it really is rebuilding time. Let’s hope for the former.

      • Chris Holbert

        IMO, do not mess with India at 2nd, he is settling in to be a really nice 2nd baseman.

    • Alan Horn

      I would have a hard time comparing him to anyone just yet as he hasn’t had a single AB in the majors. I would give it a month or so in the majors before making any conclusions(assuming he plays fairly regular), I like what I see thus far but he has to carry it forward to the MLs.

  21. MBS

    There is another scenario,

    *disclamer, this is a loose frame work, not a set in stone plan, hot streaks and matchups are subject to change*

    Lopez could rest Farmer 2 games a week.

    Votto gets 2 games off this week, and 1 the next week, while Suarez gets 1 game off this week, and 2 next week.

    It could allow Bell to play matchups better with Votto and Suarez. Suarez would have to float between 3B and SS, and Farmer would need to float between SS and 1B. That could keep Lopez just playing 3B.

    • Bet on Red

      I understand if he sits tonight because of travel from Louisville, but he needs to be playing regularly.

      • MBS

        I’m all for it, this is just another scenario that I didn’t see mentioned above. My preference is Lopez everyday at 3B, Suarez everyday at SS, and Farmer to the bench.

      • Jim Walker

        Louisville was at home last week, off today and opens in Nashville Tuesday. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was part of the thinking in making the Lopez move late yesterday versus holding it until today or Tuesday when it looks like San Diego will start a LH pitcher.

        I’ve seen reports in the past a clubhouse guy from Louisville or Cincy often draws the tasks of chauffeuring players between the 2 cities. Then of course there is always Uber. I’d think the ride from Louisville to Cincinnati shouldn’t be too wearing if somebody else was behind the wheel.

      • Doc

        Good grief! If an hour and a half driving a car from Louisville to Cincinnati wears a guy out, especially one on an adrenaline high from his first call up to the bigs, what is he doing playing professional sports. Give me a break.

      • Melvin

        Kind of thinking the same thing Doc. hahaha

  22. old-school

    I am hoping this is just another step in a renewed organizational philosophy/commitment to bat to ball skills and plate discipline. His low K % is refreshing. India has brought that as well as Stephenson. He should add some speed too and hopefully plays good defense at 2b/3b. Worth a good look.

    • Alan Horn

      I agree. I like Suarez but it is hard to watch him struggle at the bat. He looks lost at the plate to me. Not enough contact and seems to be trying to pull everything.

      • That that had had

        Suarez is among team leaders in RBI.
        He will be fine.He needs to play everyday

    • DaveCT

      It helps tremendously that Nick C and Winker have led the way putting bat on ball, doesn’t it. Its no accident that Geno and The Great Aging Joey are dropped down.

    • Andy

      You mean the organizational philosophy to try and fill every position on the field with third basemen?

      Since we don’t actually have any SS, defensively, I don’t think it matters which of the less-than perfect options we choose. Suarez got a chance and did not take it. Farmer has had chance and can’t hit enough to stick. My choice for now is to give India a chance at SS. Give Lopez a hard look at second while Senzel and Moose are on DL. We know we’re not getting much from Farmer and Freeman in the infield. Try different.

  23. Rednat

    The big red machine had,
    1. power from the corner outfield positions
    2.strong defense up the middle
    3.speed at the top and the bottom of the lineup
    4. power hitting catcher in the middle of the line up

    i like the fact that this team has similar traits and continues to add pieces. Looks like Lopez could be another piece of the puzzle. the organization is balancing “building for the future” while staying competitive for the present fairly well so far and i think this is reflected in the crowds that are showing up.

    • beelicker

      They yet lack piece #4 … 2o2o Stephenson vs RHP has produced one HR per 62 PA and before 6/26 that was 1 HR per 12o PA … even the 1 HR per 2o PA he’s hitting from his power ‘side’ vs LHP is not proof yet of ‘power hitting’

      2o2o Barnhart = 1 HR per 5o PA

      … and piece # 5. dominant bullpen

    • ohiojimwalker

      Farmer really needs the time off no matter who they put there. However this does seem to indicate they are standing by how they used Lopez at AAA, i.e. no SS for him.

      • docproc

        What I was trying to say is that Lopez is not in the lineup.

      • MBS

        I’m think if they were going to use Lopez at SS, he would have been playing there for a few weeks in AAA first.

      • Jim Walker

        @MBS, Yeah they cycled AlfRod around the infield from SS like they were prepping him for call up to this slot but then his bat severely cooled. However, notably the entire time Lopez did not play any SS.

        I think Barrero is the only internal hope for relief at SS

      • docproc

        Again, my bad on not being clear. I know Lopez won’t play SS for us.
        I was hoping he would start at 3B tonight and Suarez would be moved to SS. When I saw that Freeman is playing SS, I knew that Lopez wasn’t going to be in tonight’s lineup.

  24. Mark A Verticchio

    Lopez is not in the line up tonight, I hope it is a travel thing. He needs to play, otherwise leave him getting a lot of bats at triple A. The reality is I don’t trust Bell to handle this kind of situation.

    • RojoB

      “The reality is I don’t trust Bell to handle this kind of situation.”

      +1 and then some

  25. DaveCT

    Given Bell’s mix and match-up program, Lopez as a switch hitter provides the LH option for both 3B and 2B. With Moose out, and having played some 1B, perhaps we’ll see Geno go over to 1B when Votto gets subbed out.

    • Chris Holbert

      They do not need a LH option for 2nd base.

      • RedAlert

        And right on que , Freeman to SS . Not giving Bell a pass – he’s one of the biggest problems regarding this team . Weak manager , no feel for game , horrible lineup construction , horrible in game strategy majority of the time . Nothing gonna change until
        this organization under new ownership .

      • Doug Gray

        It’s common practice to call up rookies and not start them the first day they arrive, especially for non-superstar caliber prospects. Bring them up, give them a day in the clubhouse, in the dugout, maybe get them on the field later in the game if the situation warrants it. Day two…. that’s when you can be mad if he’s not playing and Freeman is.

    • Alan Horn

      Keep in mind that we will probably have the DH next season, so 1B is an option for Suarez with Votto to DH(or a rotation between the 2 positions between the 2 players).
      Moose could be an option for the 1B/DH but his contract needs to be moved (injury plus lack of production).

      • RedAlert

        Doug , I agree with your first sentiment that you mentioned earlier . I don’t
        necessarily buy the getting acclimated stuff either , regardless of superstar type or not . If the guy can play and is a better option, put him in the lineup . But I do agree , if he’s not in there on day 2 , big problem .

  26. old-school

    Could we see the dream scenario?
    A Farmer/Freeman platoon at SS?

    • Old Big Ed

      That is a strange dream, my friend. Myself, I’m dreaming of Trevor Story or at least Scarlett Johansson.

  27. Redgoggles

    He’ll likely pinch hit tonight and may start tomorrow night or W/Thurs. It’s the Reds way, and frankly I don’t see anything wrong with it. I would guess he’ll get a couple starts a week and then will PH the others. If he sparks, maybe more. I think it’s a win simply for Bell to not have Heineman as an option.

  28. Mark A Verticchio

    I feel if your going to bring Lopez up it is the managers job to give 4 starts a week, at the very least. We will see shortly if Bell can do his job, I have my doubts.

  29. Roger Garrett

    We play with what we have to play with.I fuss about the lineup as much as anybody but its not worth it cause some are always going to play regardless.If we could turn back the clock 3 or 4 years then it would not matter who played short cause Joey and Eugenio would make up what they don’t do at the plate.This offense is predicated on what Joey,Eugenio and Moose when he is healthy do.Its no different then the Cards and Goldy,Nolan and Molina or the Cubs with Rizzo,Baez and Bryant.Only there guys outside of Molina are younger and should have some upside.India,Senzel,Wink,TySteve,AA and Naquin are the future for us.Maybe Lopez joins them and then Garcia next year as well.With some big time arms on the farm and a few smart moves to get rid of some big contracts this team can be a contender.It just won’t happen this year or probably next year but the Reds can position themselves to be in the hunt starting right now.

  30. Nick in NKY

    As much I would love to be wrong about this, I have settled into the idea that this season is probably going to turn out much like it was predicted before it began. A .500 or so club that misses the postseason. Without definite upgrades in the pen, it’s hard to imagine a better result. So unless things drastically change, the exciting part of the Reds’ season this year is going to be the trade deadline more than a division race down the stretch.

    A wise front office will be testing their pieces out to see what they think they might have in the future, and making deals accordingly. Lopez has earned a good look, hopefully he gets it and provides some expectations of what he can provide prior to trade time.

  31. SFRedsFan

    Does Bell have an issue with Shogo? I’m trying to understand how he possibly could have started Heinemann instead. Lance McAlister implied on Twitter that that’s why Krall had to DFA him.