The Reds (37-36) hope to make it 2 consecutive wins tonight in the second game of their current 4 game set versus the Atlanta Braves (35-39) at GABP in Cincinnati. Game time is 7:10 Eastern.

Starting Pitchers

Right hander Vladimir Gutierrez gets the call for the Reds. The Braves will send left hander Drew Smyly to the mound to start the game.

Vladimir Gutiérrez

Gutierrez has compiled an ERA/FIP of  3.86/4.51 in 5 starts since replacing Jeff Hoffman (due to injury) in the Reds rotation making him a league average starter. He has gone at least 5 complete innings in each start and as deep as 7 full innings in one effort. Gutierrez has been stingy with the HR ball (0.96 HR/9) which is a very good thing because he has been a bit generous with walks (4.5 BB/9) enroute to a overall 1.32 WHIP. He strikes out slightly less than 1 hitter per inning on average.

Gutierrez uses his 93MPH fastball about half the time and mixes his curve (79 MPH) and Slider (83 MPH) about equally on the remainder of his pitches with an occasional 78 MPH change up also thrown into the mix. His fastball and slider rate slightly above MLB average. His other 2 pitches below MLB average.

Drew Smyly

Drew Smyly who makes his 13th start of the 2021 season for the Braves is back in an MLB rotation on a full time basis for the first time since 2016. With the Braves coming off a bullpen night on Thursday and Charlie Morton scratched as their Sunday starter, the Braves need big effort from Smyly tonight. Unfortunately for the Braves,  Smyly has struggled to get beyond the 5th inning in most of his starts.

Smyly’s ERA/FIP of 5.11/5.73 is less than encouraging as are his HR/9 of 2+ and BB/9 of 3.36. Smyly’s right hand/ left hand batter splits for 2021 are worth noting. Left-handed hitters actually hit for a higher average and slugging rate versus Smyly but RH hitters have a better OBP. Apparently he has trouble throwing strikes to RH hitters who wait him out??

Smyly is a 4 seam fastball (53% at 93MPH)/ curveball (37% at 79MPH) pitcher who also mixes in a cut fastball/ flat slider at 88MPH to fill out his offerings. Only his 4 seamer rates as at least average MLB quality.

Tale of the tape:

Vladimir Gutierrez 3.86 4.51 1.32 0.96 11.5 18.9%
Drew Smyly 5.11 5.73 1.35 2.19 8.6% 20.2%

Vladimir Gutierrez is off to a reasonably good beginning as an MLB starting pitcher. However if he is to emerge as a longer term starter versus being a bullpen man, he probably needs to knock several percentage points off his BB rate and add them to his K rate.



For once, the Reds bullpen report is relatively simple. Three guys each worked a full inning Thursday. Amir Garrett (8 pitches) should be reasonably unlimited tonight. Brad Brach (14 pitches) may be limited to a situation of getting an out 1 or 2 to end an inning. Tejay Antone (27 pitches) is almost certainly not available tonight. Everyone else is believed to be fully available.


Thursday was a bullpen night for the Braves. 5 guys threw 20+ pitches each and would be figure to be somewhere between limited and not available tonight. Closer Will Smith was NOT among those working Thursday. Keep an eye out  for call ups and deck chair shuffling here.

Starting Lineups

          BRAVES            REDS
1. Ronald Acuna Jr. (RF)
2. Freddie Freeman (1B)
3. Ozzie Albies (2B)
4. Austin Riley (3B)
5. Abraham Almonte (LF)
6. Dansby Swanson (SS)
7. William Contreras (C)
8. Guillermo Heredia (CF)
9. Drew Smyly (P)
1. Jonathan India (2B)
2. Jesse Winker (LF)
3. Nick Castellanos (RF)
4. Tyler Stephenson (C)
5. Joey Votto (1B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Aristides Aquino (CF)
8. Kyle Farmer (SS)
9. Vladimir Gutierrez (P)

News and Notes

Have you heard or read about Reds pitching prospect Graham Ashcraft’s complete game shutout at AA Chattanooga? Doug Gray wrote about it and his current streak of shutout appearances over at on Thursday. Today the Lookouts shared some striking highlights:

Memo to Reds front office and ownership. If you are looking for a reason to invest in the Reds  bullpen, here is a pretty good one. A little bit could go a long way:

And the Reds are top 5 in MLB per game scoring. Might that be a another good reason to fix the bullpen?

An inexact update on Nick Senzel because that’s all David Bell has for us.

Second verse, Mike Moustakas, the same as the first


      W        L       PCT     GB     L10
Milwaukee       42       33      .560        0     4-6
Chi Cubs       42       33      .560        0     4-6
Cincinnati       37       36      .507        4     5-5
St. Louis       36       39      .480        6     4-6
Pittsburgh       27      46      .370      14     4-6


The Reds appear to have caught the Braves at a good time due to their injury woes.  Whatever it takes, the Reds need to cash in on this opportunity. GO REDS! 


LISTEN: 700 WLW; Gameday audio subscription

WATCH: Bally Sports Ohio

Data/Stats courtesy of Fangraphs and Baseball Reference

144 Responses

  1. Roger Garrett

    Lets score early and often and make it two in a row.

  2. LDS

    AA instead of Heineman? What’s gotten into Bell? That actually makes sense. Of course, the Reds still don’t have a SS and Suarez is, well, all or nothing with nothing leading by a wide margin. Oh well, let’s hope for some quick and brutal production.

  3. Bred

    The Lookouts announcer’s inflection and tone reminds me of Vin Scully. Thanks for adding that clip. Let’s score 10 and get a W!

  4. Indy Red Man

    Rockies 4-0 over Milwaukee! Brewers cannot hit. Yelich can’t throw any better then Shogo….maybe worse? Cubs have holes too. Their pen is pitching out of their mind, but I’ve never heard of any of their middle relievers? They’ll come back to reality and they might even repeat the White Sox when they were right in the race and sold the farm anyway. They have too many free agents and can’t pay them all.

    This division is there for the Reds if the front office would help out a little?

  5. Dennis Westrick

    This is a repost from a comment I made late after last night’s game! Even the MLB Network analysts on last night’s Reds/Braves pregame show last said the Reds are a dangerous team in the NL Central if they can get their bullpen straightened out!
    That’s a big IF! The SP is doing its job according to Nick’s tweet above! Just need some improvement from the BP!
    Go Reds! Again, score early and a lot!

  6. DataDumpster

    Jim, nice summary, succinct and full of facts. Love it that Doug gives others a chance to write, it certainly enhances the coverage by bringing in additional viewpoints and writing styles.

    • Jim Walker

      I am going to have to look up succinct but many thanks to you (and Doug for the opportunity).

      • DataDumpster

        Basically, it means getting your point across while minimizing unnecessary words or complex sentences. It’s what keeps people who like to express ideas (like me) from people who know how to write (like you)! Time for baseball.

  7. Melvin

    Powerful lineup tonight. Being a big fan of Aquino is what keeps me from going a little nuts as to why Naquin isn’t playing every day. Let’s win.?

    • Melvin

      As a side note, does anyone really think Senzel will be back this year? Maybe a few games at the most and even at that not close to 100%.

      • DataDumpster

        Probably but not in an effective way for the team. I don’t see much potential there like most others. A terrific athlete but not played in the right position, a little too aggressive when not needed to be and a body tendency that has not been respected. A sorry story, same with Lorenzen. Moose seems to want to join that club. They should all be traded.

      • 2020ball

        I dont see any reason to believe he wont be back this year at 100% whatever that might mean. I think he’ll be on the bench more than he’s been to this point when he returns, unless injuries come up again.

      • Melvin

        I was under the impression it’s the same kind of injury Votto had back 2012. if so he won’t have his leg strength. Votto said at the end of that season he was swinging all upper body for the rest of that season after coming back.

  8. JB

    Guiterrez is bulldog. When somebody gets on he buckles down and gets to work and strands the runner. Really like his competitiveness.

  9. VaRedsFan

    You can throw 93-94 if you add/subtract like Vlad did in that 1st inning. Love pitchers that change speeds like that.

    • JB

      For some reason he reminds me of El Duque. If he throws an eephus pitch then I’ll know.

  10. Roger Garrett

    India keeps on doing what he has been doing.

  11. docproc


    • Indy Red Man

      He’s ridiculous. Votto CRUSHED it while Acuna strolls over 30 feet short of the track

      • docproc

        Yep. And he’s at the ballpark, right?

      • Bet on Red

        The wind is coming in from right 12MPH, I heard the at-bats. They were crushed. Just went up into the wind and slowed them back down.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Adames 9th inning HR in Colorado to win the game last week and just hit a 2 run HR in the 9th to tie it at home vs Colorado. They were just down 4-0 in the 7th.

    Their front office went out and got him and he might win the division for them. You have to make effort to fix your holes.

    • Roger Garrett

      Was about to write the same thing.Guy was moved for 2 relievers cause they had the top prospect in baseball down in the minors ready to take over at short.Got to check on those things and you know he makes nothing nor will he for awhile.Adames is I think 25 years old.

      • JB

        You think the Reds could of got him for 2 of our relievers?

      • Indy Red Man

        I’d be afraid if the Reds tried to deal with Tampa. They’re wizards and we’re the village idiot.

      • 2020ball

        he would’ve cost a guy like Senzel as a return, or even maybe Senzel and Antone would be a fair comp to what the Brewers gave up. Not saying thats not worth it by any means, but youre gonna give up something you’d probably rather keep for Adames.

  13. Bet on Red

    The betting line had 12 as the over. No confidence in either pitcher it seems. Reds need to get on smiley hard and force into the bullpen to set themselves up for success in the last 2

  14. LDS

    The Reds really need some baserunning/stealing instruction.

  15. Bet on Red

    Aquino….no…. if you want to be on second do it the old-fashioned way. Touch it on your way around on a homerun. Wheels, he does not have.

    • Indy Red Man

      No, he can run pretty well. You have to know about running on lefties though? Its like we have to give away atleast 1-2 outs every night on the bases. Not that Suarez or Farmer ever contribute offense anyway. He would’ve just got stranded on a different base.

      • 2020ball

        Farmer has been serviceable lately. No power, but he’s not been hurting the lineup the past 2 weeks.

      • Old-school

        Hope so cause farmer is the shortstop till after All star break minimum

  16. JB

    Cincinnati Reds getting their tootblan out of the way early tonight. They should put out a video on what not to do on the basepaths.

    • Indy Red Man

      Not to mention they could’ve hit-n-ran with Castellanos in the 1st inning and maybe scored? If you can’t count on the NLs best hitter on a hit-n-run then who can you hit-n-run with?

    • Roger Garrett

      I have always wondered if they do talk to these guys about mistakes on the bases.Obviously it isn’t working.So do you set major league guys when they perform like T ballers?Now it may not have made any difference with AA but we do some real dumb stuff on the bases.

      • 2020ball

        I would hope the coaching staff was talking to the players about the poor baserunning lately, but I also wonder if they’ve contributed to it as well. I’m all for aggressive baserunning as I’m sure the coaching staff also is, but this team has not shown a propensity for it recently.

  17. Roger Garrett

    Suarez never even made contact and punched out and Farmer did foul one off before he punched out and AA got picked off after singling.Not much we can do about the first two guys right now so we play on and hope for better things.

  18. Dennis Westrick

    Rockies relief corps is emulating the Reds’ bullpen! Blew a 4-0 lead in the 7th inning! Drat!

    • Indy Red Man

      Milwaukee is going to win the division. They got Wong back and I’m sure they’ll get another hitter or pitching depth. The Reds are in wait-n-see mode and thats not going to work with our pen and our holes at 3B/SS.

      • Roger Garrett

        Got to think you right Indy.Just too many holes each game to patch.Just bound to fall in to one or two every game.I am not down so much on Suarez and Farmer because they are trying but more so as you said we are in a wait and see mode.I have seen enough to know this will just not work on a consistent basis.

  19. Indy Red Man

    Wink 16 for last 63 (.254) with 0 Hrs. Swing looks a little long. Maybe a few more days off here and there?

    • JB

      Has been hitting some line shots though. If 3 of those falls in he is over 300. The home runs have dried up though. Hasnt hit one since the 3 homer day maybe?

  20. Dennis Westrick

    Again, Reds are making an opposing pitcher with an ERA near 5 look like Cy Young!

    • 2020ball

      Still just one time through the order, give them time.

  21. Indy Red Man

    Schwarber another Hr))))))) What a heater!

    • Indy Red Man

      Wow! I didn’t think he had that in him? Tracking the big bounce down the line and then the throw from his knees! Excellent play!

  22. VaRedsFan

    I don’t really consider the Aquino pickoff a Tootblan. He has the speed, and just went on the first move…got caught. certainly it looks bad, but it’s worth the risk to get to 2nd with the bottom of the lineup coming up. IMO

    • 2020ball

      I’d tend to agree, could’ve been a hit-and-run as well and we would never know.

    • Melvin

      Some times when facing a lefty, whether it’s a sign or just on your own, you make up your mind to go on first move. That’s what it looked like to me and Larkin said the same thing on the broadcast. Who knows? So I agree with you “VaRedsFan”. He almost made it anyway.

  23. 2020ball

    GG play from Geno, big spot for it too

  24. VaRedsFan

    Heckuva play by Geno, didn’t think he had enough on the throw, but he did, saved a run, maybe 2.

  25. 2020ball

    Playing infield in already? Desperate looking move by the braves.

  26. Bet on Red

    The wind is causing a lot of problems today it seems. Reds players not having trouble barrelling up the ball, it just continually gets hung up in the air.

    • MBS

      Is “the wind” David Bell’s new nickname? JK couldn’t help myself

      • Bet on Red

        it’s not like Red’s batters are only chipping the ball. They are seeing it. I think if there was no wind there would be about 5 or 6 HR combined.

    • Jim Walker

      Per baseball savant, the ball Votto did not hit far enough to be a sac fly did have a decent exist velocity. However, the launch angle was 54 degrees and it travelled only 247’. The ball was not crushed. The issue was not the wind. Votto got under it and basically hit a real MLB outfield pop up which back in the day we called a can of corn.

  27. 2020ball

    Votto with 2 nice snags tonight after his miss yesterday

  28. Indy Red Man

    Freeman fastball down the middle(( Why? Vlad was ahead 1-2. Lucky its not 2-0

  29. Bet on Red

    Vladimir Gutierrez starting to struggle. After the good start by tony it is interesting to see how Vlad will follow up this. PC into the 70s in the 5th

    • Bet on Red

      Wind works both ways, you could see Vlad knew that that was gone without the wind. With it F8.

    • MBS

      Vlad has thrown 5 innings with 1 run scored. He faced the hard hitters last inning for the 3rd time. 6th inning should be all down hill for him.

      • MBS

        Spoke too soon, Swanson gets his 2nd hit, via the HR

  30. Old-school

    Castellanos 2b
    Stephenson sac fly to 3b
    Votto and suarez cant drive him in

    • Indy Red Man

      Votto can’t hit lefties
      Suarez/Farmer can’t hit anyone
      Wink is degraded vs lhp & Naquin sits
      Stephenson is a slight upgrade over TB, but he doesn’t have much power yet

      I never feel good against lefties. Newcomb shut them down last night.

  31. Old-school

    This team cant win if votto is barely above replacement level and Suarez hits .170 and is the worst every day player in baseball

    Criticize castellini and Krall all you want but if your top 2 players who make $40 million combine for a WAR of Zero- no team can win

    Young guys 29 and under getting it done

    • Indy Red Man

      Jackie Bradley is worse then Geno))) Worst infielder maybe or 2nd worst overall

  32. Bet on Red

    Braves 2 Reds 0 Wind 200 Winker Robbed by mother nature

  33. Indy Red Man

    Jammed on a 3-0 pitch? Nick is killing it, but I’m not into swinging 3-0 even half as much as the Reds do it.

    • 2020ball

      He barrelled it, he was just under it though. I greenlight him there 200 out of 100 times.

  34. Bet on Red

    Stephenson the first Red to remember the thing called a line drive that negates the wind. Good AB

  35. LDS

    Can JV tie the game? Not optimistic. But here’s hoping. Though Atl may walk him to get to Suarez. Can probably strike him out easily.

    • LDS

      And the answer is once again – NO. If JV is going to keep playing, they need a 1B platoon with someone that can hit lefties.

      • Indy Red Man

        .189 vs lefties. Lose this one and its back to .500 and 5 back. I can’t believe Milw looked so flat all day and then came back from 4-0 in the 7th.
        Adames was a huge huge pickup for them. They’ll go get a solid hitting OF to replace Jackie Bradley and the NL Central will be put away.

      • 2020ball

        Moose is injured, but will be back eventually. Only other guy I can think of is Stephensen, but then it’d just be TB vs a lefty instead (you could make the argument thats a better defensive alignment). That wasn’t bad contact on Vottos part there, and he wouldve had an RBI earlier if it wasn’t Acuna in RF.

      • LDS

        2020, we heard the contact arguments on Suarez, Votto, et al, BABIP, blah, blah, since last year. At some point, folks have to quit clinging to “analytics” and actually focus on results. Votto and Suarez, in particular, aren’t delivering.

      • 2020ball

        This isn’t even using analytics – the Reds dont have guys to replace them that are better. We can talk all day about how they’re not playing up to their contracts, but simple fact is they’re the best options we have. They aren’t even the biggest problem on the team.

      • LDS

        Considering the Reds haven’t explored better options, via trade or call ups, allows you that counter. But the fact remains that neither Bell nor the FO are trying anything to improve the team. Calling up Heineman, for example, instead of Lopez, illustrates the problem. Suarez, Votto, and Farmer, all three only occasionally contributing, really puts the Reds in a hole. Add in the questionable bullpen, lousy base running, etc. and the team will be lucky to finish higher than 4th.

      • 2020ball

        I mean, everything can be glass half empty if you look at it that way, which I guess is your choice. But if 1B isnt a hole and you’re paying that guy money you can’t take back, I really dont understand why they’d be looking for a replacement, especially one they’d have to use prospect capital for.

        Clearly the Reds dont view Lopez as a SS, and thusly dont see the need to hurt their depth at that position for a marginal upgrade to the ML team, if he’s an upgrade at all. Even if your guy got a call-up, I doubt he’d play much anyway.

      • LDS

        Wouldn’t call Lopez up to play SS. Call him up for 2nd, shift India to 3rd. Moose isn’t back soon and I wonder if Senzel will be back at all this year. Successful teams adjust. The Reds have not. Farmer, Heineman, Freeman, et. al. aren’t adjustments. They are warm bodies wasting roster slots.

      • LDS

        And JV kills the rally. He’s just not the player he once was. And it’s sad to see him continuing to pretend that he’s going to turn it around.

      • 2020ball

        hm, I’m not moving India off 2B, he’s been our only good up-the-middle defender this year. I’m sure Lopez is a downgrade defensively. Anything involving moving India while he’s having success is a non-starter for me.

        People seem to think Senzel is done this year and I have no idea why y’all think that.

        What adjustments are better teams making? I’m confused by that comment, seems extremely assumptive. I’m sure whichever teams youre referring to have higher payrolls or better farms to pull from.

      • 2020ball

        Nearly every team has guys like heineman, freeman, etc on their 40 or 26

      • LDS

        Senzel is fragile. He’ll probably injure himself in rehab – kind of like Moose.

      • 2020ball

        lol, all right. Clearly he’s “probably” going to re-injure himself.

      • Melvin

        I believe before the last game or two that Votto had a streak of 14 RBI in the last 14 games.

  36. Roger Garrett

    Young guys doing it again.Its just so much fun to watch guys 24 and 25 play the game.

  37. VaRedsFan

    I don’t like stealing 3rd with 2 outs, so you batter make it, which India did. Stephenson delivers the key knock. Maybe it injected some life into the stadium.

  38. Dennis Westrick

    The future indeed looks bright based on the performance of the young Reds! As for this year just gotta stay close to the Brewers & Cubs! Reds have already played 40 road games! Plus, the Reds schedule is very favorable the last 5 weeks of the 2021 season!

  39. Roger Garrett

    Lets hold them right here and see what happens the rest of the way.Winnable game and we have had our chances.Keep swinging and they will fall in.

    • Indy Red Man

      “Lets hold them right here”? I’m guessing you typed that before our pen came in)))

  40. JB

    Lopez with 2 more hits tonight. A switch hitter that would bring way more to the team than Freeman.

  41. Bet on Red

    The internal fixes for the Reds positional player issues are all in-house or on the injured list. The organization does need to go find bullpen pieces. The Art Warrens are the minor league options and are not cutting it.

    • Indy Red Man

      I gotta respectfully disagree. They don’t believe Barrero is ready or they would’ve moved him to AAA by now. Suarez is a terrible SS and would just carry that to the plate too. Votto can’t hit lefties, but he’ll be in there every day come hell or high water. Same with Suarez and Farmer evidently. That puts alot of pressure on everyone else.

      • Indy Red Man

        I could see them swapping out Moose for Suarez at 3B, but only after Suarez butchers SS for a month and we’re out of it anyway

      • Bet on Red

        Barrero may be more long term but what about this other guy in Triple A, that seems to be destroying the baseball?

      • Indy Red Man

        Lopez is only a 2B from what I’ve read. Personally if they can play Suarez at SS then please explain why the vastly superior athlete India can’t play SS? He’s got range and a big arm!

      • Bet on Red

        well lets give it a few more weeks and see if Lopez forces the issue

      • MBS

        @Indy I don’t get that either. India or Senzel would have seemed to be a better fit at the beginning of the season for SS than Suarez. Everything we’ve seen since only solidified that observation. I have never seen Lopez play SS, and I know his SS experience is very little, but I’d bet he’d do a better job at SS than Suarez to.

      • Melvin

        To me there are LESS players (infielders) that could play SS worse than Suarez than there are who could play it better….so don’t get me started on that again. 🙂

  42. Dennis Westrick

    It’s always perplexing when I look at the in-game box score and see the Reds have only one (1) on 6 hits! Meanwhile, the Braves have 3 runs with the same number of hits! And, yes, I know they have 2 solo HRs!

  43. Dennis Westrick

    Time for the bats to come alive! One (1) run an inning will get it done!

    • Dennis Westrick

      That’s one (1) run! Need 2 more!

  44. Indy Red Man

    Their manager pulling a Bell. Why take out Smyly? He was rolling! Thank you!

  45. JB

    Once again Luke Jackson gives up a run by the homer route. He is Atlanta’s Hembree.

  46. LDS

    I wish Bell had stuck with AA and saved Naquin for the pitcher slot. The remaining choices are much weaker.

    • MBS

      Plus I like AA batting period, He doesn’t have bad splits

  47. Old-school

    Joey Votto has an OBP of .330 in late June
    Suarez is hitting .177 with a solo HR once as week.

  48. Bet on Red

    I dont know what to think of this “Rider” group within the Reds. Half of me expects to wake up to an MLBTR headline stating ” 11 Cincinnati Reds arrested in electric scooter gang activity”

  49. 2020ball

    Braves have saved a few runs today with their defense

  50. Bet on Red

    Castellanos starting to find it again

  51. DaveCT

    Where would this team be without India snd Tyler Stephenson?

  52. JB

    The Winker Rob was huge for Atlanta. It would be tied right now.

  53. Old-school

    Joey Votto is becoming a 39 yo Pete Rose. Roll over to 2nd base for the 4-6-3 DP. Pop up with 1 out and the runner on 3b.
    He’s hitting .240 with a .330 obp

    • earmbrister

      So, he’s a league average hitter at the moment. Votto starts slow EVERY year. I can bear with him, just like he bore with the Reds all those years.

      • 2020ball

        Everyone apparently would rather Heineman was playing first, or we had a back-up catcher’s offense instead if we move Stephensen and waste his development as a catcher.

      • earmbrister

        Yes, it doesn’t get much better than Heineman. Has he EVER taken a pitch?

    • beelicker

      Votto is still performing credibly vs RHP (1o8 AB)

      .269/.363/.472 .835

      Not so much vs LHP (5o AB)

      .200/.273/.360 .633

      • 2020ball

        RLN doesn’t do numbers, only the eye-test. And only when he fails.

  54. Mark A Verticchio

    Stephenson needs to start playing a lot of first base. Votto is really hurting this team.

    • Jim

      I agree that Votto is hurting this team, Has for the past 3 years. Nobody in the organization seams to see it in plain sight. He is the Absolute Worst player to come to bat with runners on base when we need a run!!! He can pad his #’s against weaker pitchers and get hits when the score is high. The best thing the Reds can do with Votto is give him a plaque and send him home and eat the contract.

    • beelicker

      Stephenson is not an answer at 1B. He doesn’t wear out RHP and so far hasn’t demonstrated much power much at all, particularly vs RHP. So far he’s more of a high OBP and bat control hitter. You’d really prefer a strong LH power bat at first base and Votto can still (somewhat) provide that vs RHP.

      Against LHP where Stephenson most succeeds hitting is also when he catches, which puts Barnhart’s LH (weak vs LHP) bat on the bench. If you’re platooning Votto, it needs to be with a RH power hitter vs LHP … lefty Barnhart is not that and neither is Stephenson. Stephenson at 1B this season has actually only hit .154 with a double and 5 singles ‘slugging’ .179 … this is why Heineman gets his ABs, he’s a RH power bat for matching against LHP

    • earmbrister

      Man, I thought he was sent down. Sa-wing batter, sa-wing

  55. LDS

    Heineman? Atlanta is laughing their way to victory

    • LDS

      And he struck out. Wow, I’m shocked.

  56. Bet on Red

    Reds beat by a combination of wind and good play from the Braves. No team is going 162 and 0 and sometimes you have to expect to lose some games. Get them tomorrow

    • Indy Red Man

      So Earth Wind and Fire beat the Reds tonite?

      • Bet on Red

        Yes, and judging by their placement on the billboard top 100 it is the longest stretch between victories

  57. 2020ball

    Good game, just needed a couple of things to break their way.

    • VaRedsFan

      Yes. Atlanta defense. Reds hit a ton of balls hard, but came up empty.

  58. VaRedsFan

    Would rather have Tucker take some cuts instead of Heinemen

    • LDS

      I wonder if Tucker went back to switch hitting if Bell would play him every day? He still hits lefties this year twice as well as Heineman. So does Freeman for that matter.

      • beelicker

        TB vs LHP (22 AB) = .136/.167/.318

        Listening to how much refinement he did improving his batting by concentrating on only his natural LH side, i very much doubt he’d risk that going back to switch hitting. As a catcher, you need so many days off too, and the increasd batting acumen he gets from this approach is gonna make him lots of money

        TB vs RHP (151 AB) = .285/ .376/.437

  59. RedAlert

    Keep bringing up Heineman Reds front
    Office – just a masterful move . Refuse to believe there isn’t anyone better than this dude to bring up . Couldn’t hit the baseball in the Atlantic Ocean if it was on a tee and he was standing on the shoreline .

    • Melvin

      They were saying on the broadcast how David Bell thinks so much that Heineman can hit LH pitching. David Bell has a lot to do with player moves I’m afraid.

  60. Brian Rutherford

    Great game. Well played by both teams. Nasty slider to face when coming off the bench cold and not having played in a while. Go get em tomorrow.

  61. steven shanken

    I have been down on the relief staff all season. However, when all starters return and with the small sample we have seen from the current staff /a relief staff of Hoff, Antone, Broch, Warren Santillan, Osich, Hendrix, Hembree, Sims does not sound horrible and could use a solid closer. I would like to see a true shortstop with Framer being the utility infielder that fills in and a solid choice to alternate with Votto at first he is under contract until he is something like 105.