The Reds NL West woes continued on late Friday night. Padres starter Chris Paddack struck out 11 Reds batters in just five innings. Tony Santillan’s second career start only lasted three innings. The Reds loss pushes their record to 9-16 against the NL West (Reds are 26-17 vs everyone else).

The good news for the Reds on this night is that everyone else in the division except for the Pirates lost tonight. The Brewers have lost 5 straight. The Cubs have lost 4 of 5. The Cardinals are 5-13 since May 30th.

Final R H E
San Diego Padres (40-32) 8 12 0
Cincinnati Reds (35-33) 2 6 0
W: Paddack (4-5) L: Santillian (0-1)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the most important play of the game was Ashton Goudeau allowing a solo home run to Wil Myers with 0 outs in the 4th inning, giving the Padres a 4-2 leadThat play decreased the Reds probability of winning by 11.5% (from 30.7% to 20.2%).


Jesse Winker had two hits and robbed a home run. Yes, Winker actually robbed a home run and it was glorious.

Kyle Farmer reached base three times (2 hits).

Art Warren pitched another scoreless inning in relief. Warren has been impressive in his small sample with the big league club: 7.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 10 K (1.29 ERA/1.17 FIP).


Tony Santillan had a pretty rough second start. He gave up 6 hard hit balls in just 3.0 innings: 4 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 2 HR. The Padres have a good lineup, but you would have to think Vladimir Gutierrez is a good start tomorrow away from securing the final spot in the rotation once Gray returns from the IL.

Ashton Goudeau was a tough watch. He somehow only allowed 2 runs (thank you, Jesse Winker), but he allowed 6 hard hit balls in 2.0 innings. You have to feel for Ashton, but the Reds just have too many guys like this in the bullpen.

Ryan Hendrix continues to not be able to throw strikes. He walked another guy leading to run. Hendrix is another one of those guys that should be in Louisville working on his issues, but he is forced at the MLB level because of the Reds lack of bullpen talent.

Not so random thoughts………

Manny Machado had 5 hard hit balls on the night according to Statcast. He only had 2 hits to show for it. This game could have been even more ugly than the final score.

Up Next:

Reds at Padres
Saturday, 7:10 PM
Vladimir Gutierrez (2.74 ERA) vs Dinelson Lamet (3.33 ERA)

67 Responses

  1. Pete’s Prince Valiant

    Can someone please explain to me why Tony Santillian was pulled so early?

  2. GreatRedLegsFan

    No comments, an expected loss even before the game start.

    • 2020ball

      lol, the only thing I have no comment for is that ridiculous assertion

      • burtgummer01

        It’s so ridiculous that it’s true

      • GreatRedLegsFan

        Please remember to respect other participants opinions, that’s one of rules of this site.

      • 2020ball

        (shrugs) why bother even watching then i guess

    • JB

      I give the Reds a pass last night. East team that is playing at 10 at night is usually not a good out come. Lets see what they do today and tomorrow. It’s hard for me to believe that an organization doesnt have a capable reliever in the minors that is better than Goodeau and a couple of others. That is just mind boggling. Even the Pirates have that.

      • maloney63

        True that! And I passed on the game too.

      • Alan Horn

        Likewise. I had to go to bed about the 4th inning. The late games for east coast teams are an advantage for the west coast teams. Everyone’s body had a built in time clock that they are adjusted to.

  3. Reddawg2012

    The Padres have good hitters. When they face pitchers like Santillan, Goudeau, Warren, and Hendrix, this should be the expected result. The winning streak of late was a blast, but it’s hard for me to see the Reds keeping up if Gray and Antone don’t get back really soon.

    • MFG

      Goudeau, Hendrix and Santillan are not ready for prime time yet.
      As far as bullpen help goes? They must throw strikes! It is aggravating as heck to constantly see our bullpen walk people. Especially walking the very first batter they face. Throw strikes or find another position to play.

  4. JayDubz

    Personally, I was always hoping for a split as a realistic scenario. The Padres weren’t going to stay terrible, and the West is a hard-to-tame beast (for the contemporary Reds). It’ll be alright. Keep calm and carry on.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    The Reds were 13-3 before this serie at San Diego and sweeping Brewers was a great team effort. But to be honest the Reds bullpen can’t support this winning streak for long. It is even logical that this trip to San Diego was going to be a nightmare for pitching since it included Santillán among the starters. Hopefully Gutierrez could defend the back-to-back-rookie-starting honor and the offense can make more runs to win tonight. Even Taking one game of four would be a good result moving on 4-3 in the road trip before going to Minnesota.

  6. Maloney63

    After this series the Reds are done with road trips out West this year, right? Thank God!

  7. Klugo

    Now that I got a better look at Santillan, I believed he may be a MiLB lifer with a MLB bullpen ceiling. Don’t know that he has what it takes between the ears to be brutally honest.

    • MK

      It has been two games for him for goodness sake.

  8. LDS

    Read Bell’s comments in the Enquirer. He gave the game away as he has on numerous occasions. What was the over/under on last night’s game?

    • Old-school

      I think you are referencing that Bell admitted he gambled by taking Santillan out in the 4th inning hoping Akiyama would get a hit and tie the game up. He didn’t get a hit and Santillan was done after 53 pitches and the Reds bullpen was on the line for the next 4 innings.

      • LDS

        So if that were seriously his strategy, he would have gone with Stephenson who has demonstrated an ability to get on base in these situations. By the third batter, it was clear that Goudreau didn’t have it. Yet he went 50+ pitches. Warren who was effective went 13 pitches. It comes down to either Bell is the worst manager in Reds history or he’s betting on games. I can believe either. Pete Rose, who was infamously banned from the HoF, never was this egregious.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        It was his strategy and it was clear as day when it was made. He went with the lefty against the righty.

        The bullpen sucks. That is not on Bell. Even in your solution the guy you think the team should have gone with is a 28 year old reliever with 12 more innings in the big leagues than you have. Goudeau pitched while still sucking because he was the only guy in the bullpen who could throw more than an inning since he has been a minor league starter.

        The move sucked. The solutions sucked. Bell is not the best manager but goodness gracious he is nowhere near as bad as you think he is. The options he has to choose from make a lot of his decisions turn out poorly which opens him to criticism like “should have used Art Warren instead”. Art. Warren. Think about what you are actually suggesting here. Then reassess your criticism.

      • LDS

        Didn’t say he should have used Warren. He should have left the starter in. And arguments such as “12 more innings in the big leagues than you have” are rather vacuous. And it doesn’t explain Goudreau getting 50+ pitches, more than any other reliever under Bell has gotten. Is the bullpen bad? Yep. Is it as bad as it seems? Nope. And knowing that the bullpen is bad, why does Bell go to it early? Sorry, your defense of Bell doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Goudeau was the only reliever who can throw multiple innings. You may not like that but it is why he got out there more than anyone else. He was the only option to throw multiple innings.

        He went to the bullpen early hoping to score runs with two men on instead of letting Santillan hit for himself. It did not work. At the time I thought it was a bad move to. Every manager makes those bad moves sometimes.

        Bell catches way too much crap on this site and others because he does not have good options to choose from. My defense holds up fine. The guy has no good options to choose from and people are mad at him for choosing an option from all of the bad choices. If he had the nasty boys he would not have to pitch the Goudeau or whoever options. Instead he has a bunch of guys who were DFA’d by terrible teams who make the league minimum to choose from. It is not his fault that he has to choose between a turd sandwich or a turd burrito.

        You called him the worst manager ever. He’s got a winning record in the last two seasons. There is no possible way he is as bad as you say he is. This team is not the 1976 Reds. They are not under achieving what people or projection systems said they were. Right now they are actually out performing those things.

      • 2020ball

        Sorry to say, but the bullpen is as bad as it seems. I’m not sure what you expect your theoretical better manager to do differently. We are arguing over Warren vs Goudeau vs Santillan… all in a game the team was losing. Bells been letting his good starters go longer, not doing so yesterday was him just aggressively trying to score some runs – you have to take risks when you’re down in a game. If he’s managing just so the fans are happy that all his pitchers have good lines in a loss then that’s when I want him out as manager.

  9. doofus

    Something that stood out from last night’s box score: The Padre’s bullpen is comprised of “Fireman,” the Red’s “Arsonists.”

  10. Old-school

    SD looks like a playoff team.
    Deep good starting pitching. A deep lineup with good defense and athletic superstars in Machado and Tatis Jr and a good Bullpen.

    Reds roughed up Melancon Thursday with nothing to show for it.

    Padres bullpen ERA who have pitched in first 2 games:
    Melancon 1.86
    Johnson 3.57
    Pagan 3.14
    Adams 2.16
    Stammen 2.88
    Hill 2.57

    Art Warren deserves a long look in the bullpen.
    But, Reds aren’t going to climb much over .500 this season and certainly have the potential to fall back under .500. The bullpen is the Reds Achilles heel. Much like an NFL team that ignores its special teams and cant make a 30 yard field goal in the 4th quarter or pin a team deep in their own territory with good punt coverage,the Reds will never be good in all phases of the game of baseball with this bullpen and it will continue to cost the Reds wins as the season progresses.

    • Indy Red Man

      Yeah they need to replace about 3 guys minimum in the back of the pen plus they need a high leverage guy in a hurry. I was under the impression Lorenzen was fairly close a few weeks ago, but now another month? I’d consider Lodolo….especially since he has blister issues and 20 pitches a night might help that?

      Its crazy how a baseball season swings! It felt like our lineup totally outclassed Milwaukee’s and now SD makes me feel like the Pacers playing LeBron back in the day. Just happy to win any of the season series because we’re so outclassed. SD spent a ton of $ though. Bottom line is whoever wins the NL Central is almost guaranteed to get immediately steamrolled!

      • Roger Garrett

        Your right Indy and that why the Reds must look ahead and plan for next year and beyond.This team has some potential but right now thats all it is.Tough decisions will have to be made regarding Casty and especially Eugenio and what happens will have a big big impact on if this organization improves to be a serious contender.

      • Old-school

        If the season ended today- the nl central champ would face the mets in a 7 game series as 2/3 seeds.

        The padres and dodgers would play a 1 game elimination wildcard to play the #1 seed giants.

        Perhaps the Reds need to spend money to fortify the bullpen and win the NL central. This is a unique year where the NL central champ likely gets automatically forwarded past an outstanding NL West team

        Id take the Mets and winner of dodgers/giants/padres to get to the World series.

        Wild card game will be ridiculous elimination of a great team

    • MFG

      Agree on Warren because he throws strikes!

  11. SultanofSwaff

    I saw nothing from santillan that would dissuade me from thinking he’ll be a decent #4. He’s got a good third pitch. If anything I would suggest that working with barnhart isn’t helping as he tends to box in rookie pitchers by over relying on their best pitch and not adjusting on the fly in-game.

    Let’s stop for a moment and remember where Mahle was his rookie year…..and the following year. Give the kid a chance to settle in.

  12. Ohiojimwalker

    Count me among those with little faith and less hope about the Reds chances as I bowed out for the night after Akiyama did not get a game tying hit in top of the 4th.

    Too much going on here this weekend to hang on longer or say much more now. Hopeful the Reds can turn the tide tonight.

  13. RojoB

    Losing to the Padres is not as painful as getting swept by Arizona and losing 3 of 4 to Colorado.

  14. Mark Moore

    I tuned in just in time to see the HP umpire take one off the chin and have to leave. It was too late by then so I packed off to bed. Not happy with the result, especially the meager 2 runs. But not unexpected. Padres are a good team in the toughest division. We’re a moderate team in the weakest (or close to it). Hot streaks end. Thursday was our chance to take one and we flubbed it. Now we’ll have to press just to get a split before heading to Twinkie Town.

  15. Roger Garrett

    Reds are flawed in the pen,on the left side of the infield and on offense away from home and at least 2 or sometimes 3 show up.All are fixable but until Bob says to fix it and lays out some cash it won’t be.Last night the pen in 5 innings gave up 5 runs and the offense had 6 singles and punched out 15 times.Farmer and Eugenio had 3 of the 6 hits and since I don’t watch the games no little of how they did on defense.I do know what their stats say and that is they are barely above 600 in OBS.That is awful but Moose and Senzel can play 3rd but will they set Eugenio when one or both return.They do have a legit short stop but will they call him up.Both of these have the potential to help the offense because its hard to believe it could be any worse.The pen can be fixed from within and with one solid reliever from the outside.Reds only way on winning right now is to score early,extend the starter and reduce the number of innings the pen has to pitch and pray.Antone helps and so could Mikey and Hoffman along with Greene or Lodolo but that will not happen until it happens.I would not rush Greene or Lodolo cause this team has too many other flaws to say thats the key.Finally Bell went all in the final two games against the Brew Crew by using Sims in back to back games which in his mind and probably was the right thing.If he had it to do over knowing what happened Thurs and last night he would have used Sims again for the third straight game.Hindsight is always there so lets see what happens the next time.Right now until these flaws are fixed every game that is winnable should be played that way IMO.Of course I am just a fan and I would have rather rolled the dice with Sims then Hendrix

    • scotly50

      You don’t watch the games, but just comment off the box score?

      • Old-school

        I think he mentioned recently he lives in NC and doesn’t get the broadcasts and follows on gamecast and RLN

        Cant imagine a better Reds fan

  16. Ron

    The Reds need to win the division. The wild card teams will likely come from the NL west. The Reds need an everyday CF, an everyday SS and three bullpen arms. Here’s a list of players to think about.
    1 CF Cedric Mullins (Orioles) $577,000 (.935 OPS)
    2 SS Miguel Rojas (Marlins) 5 mil with option for 2022 (Has one error in 392 innings this year.)
    3 LH Taylor Rogers (Twins) 6 mil ( 2.83 era, 1.05 whip) Replaces Garrett.
    4 RH Scott Barlow (Royals) $650,000 (2.06 era, 1.23 whip) Replaces Hendrix.
    5 LH Reiver Sanmartin (Louisville) AAA (3.03 era, 1.03 whip) Replaces Doolittle.

    Lineup: Mullins,India,Winker,Castellanos,Stephenson,Votto,Suarez,Rojas.
    Bullpen: Rogers,Antone,Sims, Sanmartin,Brach, Warren,Hembree,Santillan.
    Bench: Aquino,Barnhart,Farmer,Shrock

    • MBS

      I’d bring up Sanmartin for sure, and I like the idea of going after Rogers. The Twins could be in a place where they’d be willing to move a piece or two. I am more than happy with our CF, and I believe that Barrero is the Reds only plan at SS. I also agree it’s time to make a move, waiting will not help as much as decisive action.

    • Old-school

      Love idea of Mullins but hes exactly the kind of player Orioles wont trade .
      Young cheap all star to be and controlled for years. Reds cant trade prospect capital and mullins would start with greene or Lodolo

      Rojas could be had.
      He dislocated a finger but last I checked was close in a minors rehab stint. His $5 mil or so option vests if he gets 500 at bats and his injury now makes it dicey on 500 AB. Could be a great bridge to jose B

      Good info on relievers. If Bob C is willing to pay for expensive rentals from bad teams unloading salary-prospect capital can be preserved


        Just a note, maybe some Reds fans don’t know this but Miguel Rojas was already in the Reds system 2006-2012.

  17. MBS

    Am I the only one deluding myself into thinking Warren is legit?

    Maybe Warren and Sims can be setup men, and Antone the closer. I still think we need a legitimate veteran setup man or closer, but maybe this trio can do it in the mean time.

    • RojoB

      I am protecting myself from disappointment by not getting too excited about Warren

      • MBS

        That’s where I am on Branch, but this Warren guy has got me believing. Branch reminds me of Hembree, but now Hembree is good, after being terrible, after being good. This pen is so confusing.

    • Indy Red Man

      I told RLN a month ago about Warren. Don’t get me wrong, he could bomb just like Fulmer had good numbers after 10 innings, but his stuff is far far superior to Romano, Fulmer, DeLeon, Doolittle, Goudreau, etc.

      Next step is to give him some high leverage chances. What difference does it make?

  18. JonP

    Reds are 8-10 against the NL West except for AZ where they are 1-6. Too bad they are not playing the DBacks now.

  19. Mark A Verticchio

    I think Bell needs to realize when you have a chance to win a game like Thursday night you go for it and figure out the rest later. That loss may have lasting effects, I sure hope not. However, It without a doubt seems to have woken up the Padres, a sleeping giant.

    • RojoB

      The Padres should have beaten up a borderline-MLB ready rookie pitcher, should they have not? In that regard I give them credit for winning when they are supposed to, and I hope they aren’t an awakened juggernaut for the sake of our Reds lol

      • Mark A Verticchio

        You are right and Bell should have seen that coming. I told my wife the Reds were in trouble as soon as Hendrix entered the game. I hope the Reds can get out of town with at least one win and then go get the Twins with Mahle on Monday night.

  20. Mark A Verticchio

    You are right and Bell should have seen that coming. I told my wife the Reds were in trouble as soon as Hendrix entered the game. I hope the Reds can get out of town with at least one win and then go get the Twins with Mahle on Monday night.

  21. Roger Garrett

    Your right they should have beat up on him and if he has stayed in they probably would have got more but we never know now.He had thrown 53 pitches and Bell chose to pinch hit and turn it over to the pen in the 4th inning down 3-2.He brought in Goudeau who really is the guy that pitches when the game is no longer in doubt expecting him to hold it right there.That is a big time roll of the just as it was to ask Hendrix to close on Thursday.I know his pen is awful and I know he can’t keep running out Sims and Antone but you have to ask who is better Santillian or the last man in the pen.Thursday night he sent Miley back out down 2-0 and I questioned that not knowing Sims and Hembree were unavailable.He said Miley was better then anybody I have at this moment but last night he said Goudeau was the better option.Just to give him credit for Thursday if indeed Miley had got them out in the 8th and he had no need to use Warren right there then its Warren that closes and we would have won the game.I just feel to call on our pen that early is just a bad call when you are down a run and the starter had only thrown 50+ pitches.Of course hindsight here but it was just the 4th inning.

  22. Bet on Red

    Last nights game was a perfect reflection of the famous, “thats a bold move cotton” meme. Rest assuredly it did not pay off. Am I correct in understanding that tonights game is nationally televised

  23. Redgoggles

    Not a huge fan of having the rookies back to back in starting rotation……especially considering the lack of depth in the bullpen. I’m thinking Vlad is due for a clunker, but here’s hoping he’s the stopper.

    • Indy Red Man

      “Not a huge fan”

      Truth be told I’m sure Bell isn’t a big fan of that or Romano, DeLeon, Bedrosian, Goudreau, Doolittle, Perez, Hoffman, Garrett, or Hendrix but HE HAS NO CHOICE!!!
      I’m sure he wishes he had depth to replace Castillo and work on stuff out of the pen or AAA, but he doesn’t have depth so you get what we got.

      I’m sure I forgot a scrub or two…..lolllllllllllllllll

      He can’t pitch Sims and Hembree 4 out of 5 days or whatever when they’re throwing 30 pitches in 1 outing. Bell needs help from the front office or some of these guys to get off the IL and help out.

      • Indy Red Man

        The Reds were 1-10 in Castillo’s first 11 starts. Tampa or Houston or whoever is not going 1-10 while a guy sorts it out. They’ll just slide in another guy with talent that knows how to pitch.

      • MBS

        Thankfully Castillo looks to have turned the corner. I also agree it would be better to have the Rookies separated in the rotation. If I were to guess, I’d say Gutierrez will be that stopper we’re looking for tonight.

  24. Indy Red Man

    Adam Doooooooooval!! 2 more bombs today. Leading the NL in rbis. I think I was his only fan on RLN when they cut him loose and even I was giving up. They just needed to spot him better against pitchers he can hit, but the Reds didn’t get it.
    Thats my fear with Geno. He could get going like that, but he’s not to going to hit talented righties that can change speeds.

    • Old-school

      You are correct Indy
      You were his biggest supporter
      I hated his avg obp and K rate but who knew Duvall was avante garde for mlb in 2017. Guy was a great- not good- defensive LF

      Ill still take Da wink though in LF every day of the week except dustys lefty SP get away day game after a night game

      • Indy Red Man

        Yeah Duvall didn’t really fit with the Reds anymore. If he wanted to play every day then he had to move on.

  25. MBS

    Just looking at the lineup today, I like it. Then I read the Padres are realigning their rotation for an upcoming Dodgers series, and today’s game is a bullpen game for them. Hopefully the Reds feel disrespected, and bash the Papas.

    • Old-school

      Im a die hard Reds fan and lose interest in watching other teams quickly when the Reds are irrelevant.

      That said- I like the Padres . They are very watchable and an exciting team

      I hope the Reds win the next 2 and the Padres win the West

  26. JB

    I get so tired of East Coast teams getting the shaft when they go west and have games at 10:10. The earlier time slots are fine like Thursdays 8:40 and today’s. Players cant adjust going out there and playing games that late. I think thats why the Reds are terrible on the West Coast. West Coast team comes east and games start at 7. That’s just a late afternoon game to the West Coast teams. When San Diego or the Dodgers come to Cincy , start the games at 1 or 2. See how they do when you monkey with their biological clocks.

  27. Bet on Red

    If the Padres are running out a bullpen game arm for this game they are conceding this game already. The Reds will need to Jump on them fast and keep knocking pitchers around until SD finally sends their junk pitchers out. There is no reason that the Reds lose today. Vlad has impressed so far, but here is a real test for him. I would like to see a good solid 6+ outing, with now the right portions of the bullpen rested.