Mike Moustakas is back in Cincinnati after he felt soreness in his injured foot while out on his rehab assignment. After going 1-3 he was removed from the game in Omaha and returned to Cincinnati to be checked out by the team doctors.

“He was examined,” said manager David Bell. “He was taken off of his rehab assignment. The way it was explained to me was that he just re-aggravated it. There was a scenario, not necessarily good or bad, that it would have been torn. That was not the case, it was just re-aggravated. He’s going to go back into a boot and be re-evaluated in a week.”

The good news it that nothing is torn. The bad news is that it seems like the Cincinnati Reds are going to be without Mike Moustakas for a while longer. He won’t be examined again for another week, which suggests at best it’s going to be another few weeks before he’s back on the field.

Tejay Antone could be back Sunday or Tuesday

Tejay Antone is expected to throw a bullpen session later today. He’s with the team in San Diego.

“After that, if that goes extremely well, I think there will be a discussion on do we then activate him,” manager David Bell said. “It wouldn’t be the day after, it would be two days from then – which would be Sunday at the earliest. The other choice would be to give him one more bullpen session, which would be on Sunday and then active on Tuesday.”

Despite last night’s loss in San Diego, the bullpen has pitched very well in the absence of Antone. But getting back one of the most valuable relievers in the game and having him healthy and pitching like he has since he made his debut in 2020 would be a huge thing for the Reds.

Michael Lorenzen is still about a month away

The Reds bullpen could clearly use help, even if they have been pitching better lately. And Michael Lorenzen hopes to be a part of that. But it sounds like there’s going to be some time until he’s ready to get back on the mound in the big leagues.

“I do think immediately following the All-Star break is when we would see him pitching back here with us,” said David Bell on Thursday afternoon. “There’s a progression in place to make that happen. I don’t know when a rehab assigning and pitching in minor league games would begin.

13 Responses

  1. Adam

    Does anyone know if Sonny G is still on track to come back after two starts?

    • Gonzo Reds

      Last I saw was that he was going to miss 2 additional starts, 4 in total.

  2. Klugo

    Bell has handled the Lorenzen thing well. Particularly after Michael clapped back when Bell gave a timeline a few weeks back.

    • JB

      Bell thinks after the all star game. I would think August then. These things never go as planned with injuries for this team. Not expecting any contribution from Moose this year. Foot injuries can appear healed until you get on the field and then the foot is put into the real test of moving in different directions under alot of stress. I’ll be happy just to get Antone back and he stays healthy.

      • Tomn

        If Moose DID come back and played and got on a roll, I’d trade him asap. We have our 2nd baseman now. Moose would probably bring back at least 1 good reliever, maybe one and a good prospect. Maybe package him with (pick one) Naquin, Akayama, Aquino, Senzel and we should get more. The Reds are rich in outfielders who can hit and defend and have at least one IF (Garcia) who won’t be long til he’s here (maybe next year). Now’s the time to get some relief help that could even get them to the playoffs THIS YEAR.

      • TR

        Hey Tomn. Just a reality check here is that Moose contract is considered a negative. You would have to put in cash and/or a prospect in order to trade him. Even more for Akayama. Senzel may bring in a decent reliever, but has to be healthy. Naquin and Aquino only get back a minor league flier prospect. Everyone in league is looking for relievers right now.

      • ohiojimwalker

        Just the fact Moose is back in the boot says a lot not good. Recall how long it took to get from the boot to the start of the rehab stint in the prior iteration and assume it will probably be at least the same, perhaps longer if they feel they were pushing forward too quickly.

      • ClevelandRedsFan


        The 2021 Reds are loaded with outfielders for sure, but not the 2022 Reds. Castellanos will likely walk. You can’t count on Senzel to stay healthy and Naquin has had health issues as well. We’re still not sure if Akiyama or Aquino can hit MLB pitching.

        Would you really trust Aquino or Akiyama to start everyday? Reds will need all
        of the below for 2022.

        LF: Winker
        CF: Senzel/Akiyama
        RF: Naquin/Aquino

  3. Indy Red Man

    Hoffman? They need help now! Sims wiggled out of several crazy situations that he put himself into. He’s not exactly cash money either with a 4.23 era

    • ohiojimwalker

      Agree, I have much more confidence in a healthy Antone than a healthy Sims.

      Hopefully they can figure out whether 1 high leverage inning on successive days or multiple innings with (at least) a day in between is best for Antone and move everybody around to slot him in the best possible way.

      • MBS

        Not to mention Antone’s arm might not might not be well suited for the role he was in. I’d say, Hoffman and or Lorenzen becomes the multi inning reliever. We still need an established closer or setup man to add to the pen.

    • Tim

      Sims has been excellent lately a 2.55 era over his last 15 games. And even better his last 7 games a 1.04 era. He is not one I worry about