Behind Tyler Mahle and timely hitting the Cincinnati Reds swept the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday afternoon. The win moved the Reds winning streak to six games and they are now 35-31 on the year.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (35-31) 2 6 0
Milwaukee Brewers (38-30)
1 5 0
W: Mahle (7-2) L: Peralta (6-2) SV: Sims (7)
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The Offense

Facing one of the best pitchers in baseball this season the Reds offense didn’t get a lot going. They were hitless through three innings, but with two outs in the 4th Nick Castellanos broke up the no-hitter and then he scored when Tyler Naquin doubled to tie the game up at 1-1. That was the last hit the team would get until the 6th inning when Jesse Winker singled – but he was thrown out trying to stretch it to a double to end the inning. For a second there it appeared he was injured and manager David Bell and trainer Tomas Vera came out to talk with him, but he remained in the game.

In the top of the 7th the Reds offense went to work with two outs. Joey Votto singled into center field and he came around to score when Tucker Barnhart doubled down the left field line. That put the Reds on top 2-1. It turned out to be all that they needed.

The Pitching

It was another duel by the starting pitchers and Tyler Mahle matched up with Freddy Peralta through six innings. It wasn’t an easy beginning for Mahle, though, who walked the first hitter he faced, saw Daniel Vogelbach follow with a single, and then after striking out Christian Yelich he hit Avisaíl García to load the bases. But a line out was followed by a strikeout to strand the bases loaded.

It was the top of the lineup that got to Mahle in the 3rd. Vogelback led off with a double and he came around to score when Yelich singled. Mahle then hit García for the second time on the day, but followed up by striking out the next three hitters. From there it was a bunch of zeroes and a bunch more strikeouts for Mahle. He tied his career high with 12 strikeouts while walking two, hitting two, allowing a run, and giving up three hits in 6.0 innings before turning the game over to the bullpen.

Brad Brach took over for Mahle in the 7th. He got a fly out to right field before pinch-hitter Pablo Reyes came on to hit for Freddy Peralta. Reyes popped up to Votto for the second out of the inning. A soft line drive to shortstop ended the inning, leaving the Reds in need of just six outs to secure a sweep of the Brewers.

Sean Doolittle came out of the bullpen for the 8th inning. It took him seven pitches but Doolittle came out on top by getting Daniel Vogelbach to pop up to first base. Christian Yelich came up empty as he struck out on four pitches. Avisaíl García singled on the second pitch he saw, putting the tying run on base, and that led to David Bell coming out to bring in Lucas Sims to face Manny Piña. That is until the Brewers countered by bringing Omar Narváez off of the bench to pinch hit. Sims won the battle, striking out Narváez to end the inning and send the game to the 9th.

Sims returned for the 9th. After striking out Jace Peterson to begin the inning Willy Adames hit a ground-rule double to put the tying run in scoring position. Daniel Robertson struck out swinging to the second out, bringing up pinch-hitter Jackie Bradley Jr. and his .154 batting average this season. Sims lowered that average by striking him out to end the game and seal the sweep of what had been, but no longer are the 1st place Brewers.

Notes Worth Noting

In case you missed it earlier: Mike Moustakas was pulled off of his rehab assignment with Triple-A Louisville after he experienced some soreness in his foot.

The Reds are now 13-3 over the last 16 games played.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs San Diego Padres

Thursday June 17th, 8:40pm ET

Wade Miley (6-4, 2.92 ERA) vs Joe Musgrove (4-6, 2.50 ERA)

55 Responses

  1. Indy Red Man

    Wow! We’re only 1 back of Milw in the loss column and SD is losing again. They could be 1 back of them with 4 in SD. Everyone penciled in LA & SD into the playoffs, but things don’t usually go as planned in the world of sports. Reds are right in the middle of both races now!

  2. west larry

    This team is awesome! they win with power, they win with excellent pitching and just enough hustle and hits to win. What a streak!

    • JayTheRed

      Yes winning 13 of the last 16 games is sure impressive. I honestly didn’t think they had that in them… On to the Padres and hopefully we can at least win the series.

  3. 2020ball

    Huge props to the bullpen the past couple weeks

    • JayTheRed

      They sure have settled down from the mess they were before the past 2 weeks. Brach is turning into a nice pickup , I know small sample size but he just looks confident and his pitching seems pretty consistent.

      • TR

        I was not familiar with Brach but he’s been a nice surprise. He can be a seventh inning relief guy when needed.

  4. Reddawg2012

    Huge props to the pitching staff. The Brewers were in first place, playing at home and only scored 4 runs in 3 games. That is phenomenal. It would seem the bullpen has a chip on their shoulders. Onto San Diego!

    • JayTheRed

      What does this have to do with today’s game at the MLB level. Nothing.. Lets be happy with the wins we have. Yes he would be helpful maybe but can he put up anywhere near those numbers in the majors. So far that’s a big no. If he gets a callup to AAA and continues those numbers I say they should give him a shot come maybe mid July. Well unless they go out and get a known SS that can produce good numbers.

      • MBS

        I’m guessing that’s @doofus’s point. It’s time to move Barrero up to AAA. 1) He seems to be doing extremely well against AA pitching, and it’s time for a bigger challange. 2) With the COVID protocols, it would be advantageous to have him a phone call away if needed.

      • Melvin

        I agree MBS. Something to consider is this. If Saurez is not our SS, and he certainly is NOT, and Bell will not try anyone else there like India, then Farmer is it. A lot has been said about injuries this year and how last year’s short season is contributing to that because players bodies aren’t used to the new long schedule. So the question is when is the last time Farmer was an everyday player anywhere? Is it realistic to think he won’t break down at some point? Better have a better back up plan besides Freeman.

  5. Jim t

    Manager David Bell leading and directing a very fun to watch, competitive team. He has them all rowing in the same direction.

    • RojoB

      I think he had to take his chances with Doolittle and it paid off. Doolittle getting out the two lefties and only giving up a single was a good showing for him. And I was so pleasantly surprised that Bell lifted him after the three pitch minimum.

      Even though Counsel countered with Narveaz, at that point I liked their chances better with Sims either way

      So I guess i’m saying good move by Bell

      • greenmtred

        I agree. I shuddered when Doolittle came in, but the move paid off, as did switching to Sims.

  6. Klugo

    How many more starts does Mahle have scheduled before All-Star voting ends? His numbers are kinda starting to look like they merit consideration.

    Now let’s keep distancing ourselves from .500. Go Reds!

  7. Mark Moore

    This is what we all wanted to see. And we did it while facing Peralta.

    On to San Diego and whatever comes next. Sweeps are a great way to launch a road trip.

  8. bug

    How about those Redlegs?!?!? The pitchers are throwing strikes for a change,..i.e. having confidence in their pitches. Less free passes = less runs given up! I love to see pitching like that,…i.e. challenging the batter. The Reds look like a new team. Still a long season to go, but I’m seeing growth,…especially the pitching staff. Go Reds!

  9. Jimbo44CN

    Less walks means less runs. Go, go go. If we continue hitting, this may be BRM 2.0!

    • LDS

      BRM 2.0? Really an optimist, are you? The curious thing to me is the difference in how Bell has handled the pitchers. Two starters over 100 pitches. More focus from the bullpen. Something has changed but it’s not clear what.

    • JayTheRed

      I think it’s a little early to be making those comparisons. If we win 13 out of 16 games the next 3 months, ok I’ll be on board. Sure did not expect this much winning from this team that’s for sure.

      It’s a nice surprise.

  10. Oklared

    Funny how a hot 2 weeks turns the numbers around. I think to get to 90 wins they have to go 55 and 41 vs. 65 and 44 when there record was 25 and 28. Starting to look possible. Plus as noted above the other juggernauts are cooling off

  11. Old-school

    12-3 in june
    8-2 Against STL and MIL
    Great month and lets go Reds

  12. Roger Garrett

    Pitching will be fine,especially the starters.I always believed it and still do.Pen will get some much needed help or at least its available from guys returning and from the minors.All comes down to if they scratch out enough runs when the other pitcher is on like they have the last two games.Its a long season so lets see what happens.The Reds have and will beat up on bad pitching but its all about how they handle good pitching.Great sweep of the Brewers.Go Reds.

  13. Bred

    How about Choo Choo Votto scoring from first to score winning run! Even if you don’t like my name for him, GREAT HUSTLE by him.

    • JayTheRed

      Votto said that he has new perspective on the game after coming off the DL. He said be was not having fun before and now he is doing everything he can to make the game exciting again for both him, his team-mates and the fans.

      I like the new attitude, I hope he keeps it up. Plus he is hitting pretty well too and honestly he seems to be more aggressive on his defense too.

    • DaveCT

      Arguably, the two slowest Reds leg it out to win the game. Baseball is nothing if not ironic.

  14. Indy Red Man

    Tyler Naquin on pace for 103 rbis as a platoon player. Think about that! Props to the front office for signing him and props to Naquin for taking advantage of the opportunity!

    • JayTheRed

      Naquin really has helped this team a lot. I know Cleveland gave up on him after all his injury issues. This is why I am nervous to give up Senzel, Same thing could happen with him if we give up on him too soon.

      Though question would you give up Senzel for a good reliever or two? Knowing his fragile history?

      • MBS

        I’d move Naquin or Senzel to get 1 legit back of the bullpen reliever, and a lotto ticket prospect. We are just so deep in the OF, and have such an unstable bullpen (current run excluded), that it seems to be the sensible move.

        If our starters keep getting 6 or 7 innings, and we get Antone, and Lorenzen back, we’d really only need 1 more legit guy. Last year Sims and Garrett we’re the up and coming guys, with Iglesias, Lorenzen, and later Bradley in the pen. A similar role could be good for them.

      • Melvin

        I’d give up Senzel in a heartbeat for a really good reliever or two. Like Aki, it could very well be best for both parties. Problem is I really don’t think he’ll be back this year or at least be close to 100%.

      • greenmtred

        Given Senzel’s injury history– which is not a closely-held secret–would another team give up good pitching for him?

    • Jim t

      Props to the manager for giving him the opportunity.

  15. Don

    Great few weeks to be a reds fans and the Reds franchise.
    Winning in all aspects of the game, pitching, offense and defense
    The streak has given hope to what was looking very bleak on June 1st.

    currently 19 -12 (0.612 win %) in the division
    Projects to a 76 games division record of 47-29, very possible if they can dominate the 13 games left (10-3 or better) vs Pirates and play a couple above 500 vs the other three.

    currently 15-19 vs everyone else.
    If they can get to 0.500 for the 86 games outside of the division that is 43-43
    for a totals 90 wins

    Great win today, great series sweep. Enjoy the plane ride to west coast, get some rest and hope the jet lag is minimal when the game starts in San Diego about 24 hours after today’s ended.

    Bell does seem to be making the right moves and non-moves the last few weeks.

  16. Hotto4Votto

    Very impressed with the play of late. I was not thrilled with most of the offseason decisions, and I think a few well selected moves could have really helped out, but we are getting better than expected/anticipated results from some of the newer additions to the team. India is really coming on strong and I like his moxie. Stephenson has hit as well as could be expected and provides a nice option alongside Barnhart. Naquin has put in strong results both at the plate and in the field. He’s been a positive addition that has strengthened what was already a strength in the OF. Vlad has stepped right up and been great so far. Santillan filled in admirably and hopefully has a bright future ahead. If some of the under performers on the season come back into form then there’s really something here if the bullpen and health can steady.

  17. Ryan

    How is that Milwaukee lineup in first place?

    • Dennis Westrick

      Because they are 4-0 against Arizona and 4-2 against Pirates. Plus they have yet to play SF while Reds are 1-6 against the Giants!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Oh, Reds are 1-5 versus Arizona! All games matter regardless of what point in the season they are played! If Reds played SF & AZ even they would be in 1st!

  18. Dennis Westrick

    Watched Votto’s exuberance after scoring in today’s game! Wonder how many games he’ll be suspended for that outburst?

  19. Tim

    Reds have the best inter-divisional record in the NL Central.

    • Grand Salami

      Makes me more nervous for these games out west.

      They have won something like 8 in a row on the road now. That’s pretty crazy.

  20. LDS

    Cubs lose . Reds 2 back, 1 in the loss column. Hard to imagine just a couple of weeks ago.

  21. DaveCT

    Great series, with two, count ’em, two pitching duels. Feels like September ball.

  22. Tim

    Reds pitching is 9th in ERA and WHIP in June. 4th in opposing team BA. Tied for 1 in wins and saves. Third in strikeouts. And tied for first in allowing the fewest home runs. This is without Antone for most of June.

  23. Indy Red Man

    I was actually slightly depressed after the Rockies sweep because the Reds won 10 of 13 and still didn’t gain any ground? I figured even if they took 2 of 3 from Milw, then they’re still 4 back and facing a tougher schedule then the Brewers. Cubs were rolling too, but 3 days later and we picked up 3 games on both of them! Thats the kind of series too that might send Milw into a tailspin. I’ve never seen a 1st place team look so tentative at the plate.

    6 more on the road so have to just keep pushing and having fun! Votto has been amazing and really added some passion to this team too! So many games so I’m sure its easy to be a little flat here and there, but when your vets are hustling and cheering then it adds a spark!

  24. DaveCT


    To give credit where credit is due, the David Bell method is spinning results.. lineups, game management, pitching management. You see his program everywhere you look. I’m impressed.

    • Hanawi

      He’s actually seemed to trust the starters more lately. Guys rarely seemed to get to 100 pitches early in the season. Maybe it was to try to keep them fresh or maybe it was the whole third time through the lineup philosophy. Think the bullpen’s issues may have forced his hand on it though.

      • Tom Reeves

        Whenever I evaluate a head coach or manager, I try and remember it took John Wooden 15 years at UCLA to win a championship.

        I’m not saying Davis Bell is John Wooden. I am saying that we should be patient and understand that managers learn. David seems to have the respect of the team and has the team playing together. His game management seems to have improved. But with the bullpen issues early on, no game decisions would likely look good.

        Remember this team walked into StL and took 4 straight – something not done since 1990. Then they backed it up by sweeping 1st place Milwaukee. These aren’t two teams just caught in bad moments. These are teams that are in a tight race but are just as flawed as the Reds.

  25. Earl Nash

    I always liked Naquin when he played for Cleveland. He made a couple of amazing defensive plays against the Reds.

  26. GreatRedLegsFan

    Great series at Milwaukee, their offense level indicates that’s very unlikely they’ll continue in first place for long. Tough series ahead in San Diego, one of the top three teams in the league along with Giants and Dodgers, let’s see how it goes. No reinforcements available yet, hopefully Moustakas setback is not serious and can return soon, as well as Gray, Antone and Lorenzen. GO REDS!

  27. Hanawi

    What a run by the Reds. Didn’t think they had it in them and not exactly sure how they’ve been doing it, but things are looking up for sure. Might have gone from sellers to buyers at the deadline. Flipping Akiyama (or Aquino which would be less preferable) for a decent reliever would be a big boost. Lorenzen should help at some point as well hopefully.

  28. Jim t

    When I consider the things Manager Bell had to overcome this year to achieve the results to this point I am amazed.

    1 a management team committed to reducing payroll

    2. Injuries to many key players along the way.

    3. The Pandemic and it’s affect on attendance

    Just to name a few.

    While I can only speak for myself I am truly enjoying watching manager Bell navigate around the obstacles, using all his personnel to make Cincinnati reds baseball competitive. To the team, fans, players and most importantly Manager Bell thank you for making this a fun and must follow season.

    • Tampa Red

      Gray and Castillo are a combined 3-13, Suarez and Garrett have been brutal, Senzel has missed more than he’s played, Moose has missed a month now, Votto missed a month, Aquino just came off the 60-day DL, and Lorenzen has missed the whole season.

      Yet the Reds are 4 games over .500 and 2 games out of first place. Here’s to you David Bell!!

      • Jimbo44CN

        I have to reluctantly agree as I was down on him early on. He seems to be doing a pretty good job at this point and learning too. Keeping the starters in there a bit longer is the most impressive thing i have seen, as well as the entire team attitude. Good job Mr. Bell.

      • Redsvol

        2nd this post by Tampa and I’ll add kudos to the front office too. They’ve put this team together with bailing wire the last 6 weeks and made it work. They have not stood pat with the pitching staff like past years and have been quick to churn thru bullpen arms. The team is hitting much, much better than 2020 and finally there is some young starting pitching depth in the minor leagues to bring up when injury occurs rather than finding a washed up veteran to come up and pitch.

  29. Redsvol

    I’d like to point everyone to watching video of Tyler Mahle’s strikeouts last night. That young man can pinpoint his pitches like no-one else. When Tucker wanted the ball right at the batter’s elbow, he put it there. When he wanted it low and away, he put it there. I haven’t seen that kind of pinpoint control since Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux pitched. We need to sign Mahle to an extension and fast!