The two hottest teams in baseball with square off again on Tuesday night at 8:10 PM. Both the Cincinnati Reds (33-31) and the Milwaukee Brewers (38-28) are 11-3 in their last 14 games, the best record in baseball. The Reds offense continues to lead the National League in OPS at .764.

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo will make his second consecutive start against the Brewers. Last time out, Castillo dominated the Brewers through five innings (1 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 5 K), but he walked two batters in the 6th inning and they both came around to score when Lucas Sims came in the game. Castillo’s last 3 starts in general have been good: 16.2 IP, 8 H, 6 R, 8 BB, 15 K, 3.24 ERA.

Brett Anderson has the single worst expected ERA in baseball at 8.28. The Reds beat him up last week: 3.0 IP, 5 H, 5 R, 2 BB, 0 K.

Starting Lineups

Reds Brewers
1. Jonathan India (2B)
2. Aristides Aquino (LF)
3. Nick Castellanos (RF)
4. Tyler Stephenson (C)
5. Joey Votto (1B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Scott Heineman (CF)
8. Kyle Farmer (SS)
9. Luis Castillo (P)
1. Luis Urias (3B)
2. Daniel Vogelbach (1B)
3. Christian Yelich (LF)
4. Avisail Garcia (RF)
5. Omar Narvaez (C)
6. Willy Adames (SS)
7. Jace Peterson (2B)
8. Jackie Bradley Jr. (CF)
9. Brett Anderson (P)

Jesse Winker gets a well earned, and well placed off-day against a LHP. Aristides Aquino bats second for the Redlegs.


The Reds are rolling. This is a game tonight that you should win with Luis Castillo on the mound against one of the worst starting pitchers in baseball. Win tonight and play with house money tomorrow. Go Reds!

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  1. Mark Moore

    Score Early. Score Often.

    That’s all I’ve got to say about that …

    • LDS

      Reds 11-3 vs. Brewers 14-3, and the Reds account for 2 of the Brewers last 3 losses. The Brewers are 4-3 against the Reds thus far this year. Could be an interesting game.

    • Melvin

      We’d better score a lot. Glad AA is playing. Heineman in there again instead of Naquin or Aki. Poor Aki may never start again. I don’t understand how Heineman has earned any playing time other than being a righty vs. lefty. Whoever IS playing I hope we continue to win. That’s the bottom line.

      • MBS

        It’s an interesting to put AA in the 2 hole. I wonder if we’ll see an aggressive approach, or the patient (willing to take a walk) approach from AA. Personally I liked him in the 7 hole last night. Either way it should be a fun game, I like our pitcher better than theirs.

      • Melvin

        Yeah I know. Maybe Bell is thinking two because of his speed. I don’t know. He has been walking a lot more. He will get better pitches to hit behind Casty. That’s for sure. Seven hole seemed to work well last night.

      • Mark Moore

        Illicit pictures of our Tinker Bell?

  2. Chris

    No, Winker’s day off is NOT a well placed off-day. To the contrary, it’s a horrible time for a day off. This team is on a great run, and it’s facing the 1st place team in the division, so NO, giving your best player a day off is nothing more than ludicrous. And facing a Lefty is NO excuse. Just when I thought Bell was catching on a bit, he pulls a stupid stunt like this.

    • MBS

      I agree, I don’t like this day off for Winker. This game is too big, in my opinion. That’s coming from me, an ardent supporter of off days for all of your players.

      • Rex

        If I can sit here sipping beers and watching the games each day with no days off I don’t understand why the players need to rest

      • ClevelandRedsFan

        @Rex, are the cans left or right handed?

    • Melvin

      In my view he’s got three better options besides Heineman but I hope it works. I’m with you. Playing the first place team in their park is not exactly the best time to take out one of your best hitters. Let’s win anyway.

      • Chris

        Not to mention, Winker is young, and the Reds have had plenty of off days thus far. In addition, this is a Lefty that Winker has crushed.

      • Melvin

        Yep. Scratching my head again Chris. Let’s just win.

    • ChrisInVenice

      No reason to have a manager in the clubhouse talking to players in person when you can do it from home with a keyboard!

      • Chris

        Not sure what your point of that comment was, unless you just believe we should all be yes men/women and not have an opinion, which in that case leaves the comment section rather impotent. Using the comment section, I tend to give Bell credit where it’s due, such as last night leaving the rookie in, and call him out for his foolish moves, such as giving Winker a night off against the 1st place team during a great run.

      • MBS

        If the brothers Chris can’t agree, what hope is there for the rest of us?

        Also, Venice Italy, or California? Either way I’m jealous

  3. AllTheHype

    When Moose returns and Stephenson and Naquin play, the lineup will be pretty darn good again.

  4. Indy Red Man

    So we’ll play the Brewers 6 times in a short period of time and Counsell couldn’t manage to line up Woodruff or Burnes for any of these games vs a division rival? Bell would catch a ton of flak if the roles were reversed. Reds need to take advantage!

    • Chris

      No Indy, I don’t think so. Last series, the Reds were a sub 500 team, and this series they started 5 games back. In other words, The Brewers aren’t in a position going into this series where it’s do or die, the Reds sort of are. Big, big difference.

    • Roger Garrett

      Your right Indy about Bell catching it but Counsell probably isn’t concerned so much about the Reds.No need until we show him he should be and that what its all about.Last night was big but tonight is even bigger IMO.If this team is going to make a move then lets do it.Do we roll on tonight or roll over?

    • MBS

      The more success you have the more leeway fans will give

  5. Chris

    Gonna be some runs tonight folks. Take the over.

  6. Old-school

    Thats a great preview Nick
    Whens the last time the Reds were playing a series involving the 2 hottest teams in baseball?

    House money needed indeed

    Go reds

      • Chris

        Yeah, aren’t the Ray’s and White Sox going head to head tonight?

      • Old -school

        Tyler glasnost partially torn UCl
        May miss the year
        TB took a big step back

  7. Roger Garrett

    Won’t get into the lineup thing.Bell scripts lots of stuff such as days off who pitches out of the pen and for how long and double switches galore along with the one inning per reliever thing.Most all managers do the same thing maybe not as much but they do it.I hope Wink isn’t needed but if there is a big spot late he will get his hacks in for sure.

  8. Steve

    Lol, winker, top 2 hitter in national league, playing the team to beat, in the middle of June, needs a day off, lol, that’s great….lol, just perfect, thanks bell!

  9. Dennis Westrick

    Went to bed early last night with the good guys up 6-2! Was pleasantly surprised to check the final score this morning was 10-2! That’s 3 of the last 4 games where the Reds have scored 10 runs! Don’t remember the Big Red Machine doing that over a 4-game stretch! Let’s score often & early for LC! And, LC, we need a good 6 or 7 innings tonight! And finally, Bell’s “day off” decisions make no sense, especially in a crucial series with the Division leader. For Pete’s sake a baseball game is about 3 hours long! I work 8 hours a day and commute one (1) hour each way!

  10. Alex

    The biggest concern about Winker getting the day off is that we have only 1 right handed bat off the bench (blandino). So after Bell does his normal double switch stuff in the 5th inning, we are likely to have several lefties facing Hader if it comes down to it.

  11. Old-school

    Bryan price had a landmark article about how mlb has been taken over by FO analytics with zero baseball experience and managers are told who to play and many need a job in the industry so they go along.
    Price quit
    Maybe bell just does what he needs to do to get an extension from Krall because he wants a managerial career

    What if Bell is just buying in to the modern FO

  12. MBS

    Barrero to AAA July 4th, do you take the over or under?

    He’s got another hit today and is sporting a .330 BA, AAA promotion gets him a phone call away from his MLB return.

  13. Old-school

    Moose is playing 3b
    Alfredo Rodriguez once again is not playing SS and is hitting .250 with a .639 OPS.

  14. Mark Moore

    Nibbling in the 1st inning LC???

    • Roger Garrett

      Yep and it drives me nuts.Somebody go tell him to throw strikes.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Like a gerbil in the lettuce patch! See my post below!

  15. Dennis Westrick

    LC just doesn’t get it! A walk to Yelich with 2 outs! Then, after an 0-2 count, takes 6 pitches to get the final out! Stop nibbling, attack the hitters! Could have had a 12-pitch 1st inning Instead, it turns into a 20-pitch inning! Baseball IQ! Find it and apply it!

    • Mark Moore

      And on the other side … how many pitches???

      • Roger Garrett

        Yes Cy Andersen had 6 outs on 17 pitches.We can’t wait to swing.

    • LDS

      And it doesn’t look like the Reds are making Anderson sweat – fewer pitches than LC with fewer IP

  16. Mark Moore

    And he’s not our SS … maybe he could have been, but he’s not.

  17. Mark Moore

    Much more efficient, LC … far less nibbling. And – SURPRISE – a lower pitch count!

    • Dennis Westrick

      Better 2nd inning! Much better! Now for those crooked numbers!

  18. Old-school

    Eugenio is SLOW!!!! Not sure what non DH or first baseman gets thrown out on that play
    Anyone that wants to talk about Jesse Winker’s speed- he’s faster than Barnhart Votto and Suarez by leaps and bounds.

    Suarez turns 30 in 2 months and is getting old fast

    Ill take Senzel at 3b
    He will be healthier and better than Suarez in 2022+

    • MBS

      Suarez sprint speed this year is 26.8, Winker is 25.8, Votto is 24.6, and Barnhart is 24.4

      Major League average is 27.0

  19. Roger Garrett

    Castillo may have heard us or he realized he is up against Cy Young tonight.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Amazing how many Cy Youngs there are out there! And, even more amazing is how many of them pitch against the Reds!

  20. RojoB

    Heineman getting his first chance to show us why he’s starting this game

  21. Dennis Westrick

    Be still my 68 year old heart! A successful sacrifice bunt by a Reds batter, a pitcher no less!

  22. Roger Garrett

    Slow,slower and even slower to India for the punch out.

  23. Dennis Westrick

    At Anderson’s current pitch per inning efficiency he’ll be able to pitch again tomorrow!

  24. Mark Moore

    So how many top-tier pitchers will fall off the table starting on Monday?

    • MBS

      I’m looking forward to it. I can’t believe they are crying that they aren’t allowed to cheat anymore.

      • JB

        Right! Glasnow saying he got hurt because he cant use sticky substance. So laughable

    • JB

      Some already are. Funny Bauer pitched Saturday night against the lowly Rangers and got hit. At least we know the Reds bullpen hasnt cheated.

      • JB

        Well we know Doolittle isnt because he only throws a 91 mph fastball.

      • Melvin

        If they are it’s definitely not unfair. 🙂

  25. Indy Red Man

    Anderson channeling his inner Wade Miley or Dallas Keuchel when he was rolling. Better get up in the box and look the other way because he’s not missing middle-in and allowing guys to pull him.

  26. JB

    Game will be over by 10 for you all that have to work tomorrow.

  27. Indy Red Man

    Ok Roger won’t stand for that))))))))))))

    Never mind that if you take 2 pitches then its 0-2. The guy is just on tonite. It happens

  28. Melvin

    Suarez needs to stay within 10 feet of 3B or he’s not a good defender.

    • RojoB

      A nice DP ball erases the effect

      Good job Luis

  29. JB

    I’m not sure if Suarez would have got Yelich anyways. Yelich was a couple of steps beyond first. I think that’s 2 games in a row that Suarez had an error for Castillo.

  30. Old-school

    Geno Suarez is getting old very fast

    Routine error #11

    • earmbrister

      I thought it was that Suarez is getting slow …

  31. Indy Red Man

    You can’t play Suarez at SS and you can’t pull India off 2b either imo. Moose could be a super sub. Suarez is like Adam Duvall in that he doesn’t need to be facing righties with good sliders anyway.

    Thats how I would handle Moose anyway. Put Suarez at SS and you’ll be giving away more runs then you gain from Moose’s offense.

    • RojoB

      My preference is one that won’t happen- Suárez sits when Moustakas returns.

      But I’ve already said elsewhere as long as India keeps playing after Moose returns I will try real hard not to complain about the rest lol

      • LDS

        Last couple of years, he’s hit righties better than lefties. He’ll be 30 very shortly. Move on. Find a SS trade.

      • Indy Red Man

        Suarez still has $48 mil coming after this year. Nobody is going to take that on unless he really heats up and then we’ll keep him anyway

      • Indy Red Man

        Make that $33 mil. They have a buyout for 2025


        Add 2 mil for the 2025 buyout but add suarez to the dumb reds contracts

        Moose and Castellanos have deferred dealsas their finishing deferred money to Arroyo and Griffey

        This FO is simply dumb.
        They defer money to the future while theyre getting paid millions of profit from MLB now to owe senior citizens tens of millions down the road

      • Old-school

        Add 2 mil for the 2025 buyout but add suarez to the dumb reds contracts

        Moose and Castellanos have deferred dealsas their finishing deferred money to Arroyo and Griffey

        This FO is simply dumb.
        They defer money to the future while theyre getting paid millions of profit from MLB now to owe senior citizens tens of millions down the road

      • Chris

        That’s not fair to say. When that deal was handed out, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE thought it was an amazing team friendly deal.

  32. VaRedsFan

    Ground balls galore tonight for Luis.
    Like it.

  33. Mark Moore

    Anderson’s quick work pressing LC to work a little more efficiently?

  34. Roger Garrett

    Yep he might just as well stay on the top step with glove on hand.

  35. Dennis Westrick

    Bell’s choice of Heineman in CF is certainly paying off!

    • RojoB

      We can’t be expected to understand genius at work

      • LDS

        Bell and genius in the same thread? Heineman is in there to take the pressure off of Suarez. No one complains about a .170 hitter when you start a .100 hitter.

  36. Old-school

    India is really good at 2b defensively.

    • Mark Moore


      That’s what I’m seeing

  37. Roger Garrett

    Maybe Luis will go yard this inning.

    • Indy Red Man

      Strumming my pain with his fingers
      Singing my life with his words
      Killing me softly with his song
      Killing me softly with his song
      Telling my whole life with his words
      Killing me softly with his song

      • Indy Red Man

        Just to be clear a woman wrote that song))))))))))))

    • Dennis Westrick

      Wade Miley in a Brewer uniform!

    • JB

      Sometimes you just have to hand it to the pitcher. He is spot on tonight hitting that glove. I think if the catcher put his glove behind his back Anderson would hit it.

  38. Old-school

    Aquino looked like suarez . Clueless AB

    The Bell handedness fetish isnt working

  39. Indy Red Man

    Madrigal out for the season for the White Sox. Send them Moose for a good arm

    • Roger Garrett

      Works for me cause I want to see India the rest of the year.

    • Mark Moore

      If it means India plays, send them Moose for a gross of new balls.

    • Old-school

      Send them moose for 5 giordano’s deep dish pizzas and a Frank Thomas bobblehead

      • Mark Moore

        +500 and SOLD!

        Though we prefer Exchequer when we’re in town.

  40. Indy Red Man

    Man Castillo looks so much better! He’s finally getting swing-n-misses with his heater because he’s coming in occasionally and working top of the zone. Hitters were locking into zones previously I think and his velocity was up-n-down

  41. Mark Moore

    Nibbling again???

    Don’t let Tommy Boy walk …

  42. Melvin

    Castillo doing well. Have to find a way to scratch across some runs. Nobody is hitting this guy.

  43. Dennis Westrick

    Nice job LC in striking out the Pillsbury Dough Boy for the final out in the 6th inning!

  44. JB

    I just want to shove that wet teddy bear down that guys throat. I’ve seen that stupid Liberty Mutual commercial a million times.

    • Mark Moore

      Yeah, but in the version where the guy orders one, just look at his eyes as he “drains” the bear before putting it in the tray. It’s a look of sheer, unstable pleasure. Kind of like a 9-year-old who just discovered setting playing cards on fire with a magnifying glass.

      • earmbrister

        If someone looked into my eyes during ANY Liberty Mutual commercial you’d see sheer unstable displeasure. I have to mute the TV everytime their commercials come on. Don’t see how they’re attracting new customers …

  45. Indy Red Man

    Anderson might go 10 scoreless tonite. We can’t do anything

    • VaRedsFan

      If you see the pattern, he is flipping that slow curve up there early in the count right down the middle. Somebody needs to ambush that pitch

  46. Dennis Westrick

    No Winker, No Runs! Coincidence?

  47. RedsMonk65

    Captain Obvious here: We need some runs!

  48. Mark Moore

    So is 7 the limit for LC no matter what? He’s at 90 and Tinker’s rules say something about that, don’t they?

  49. Roger Garrett

    Last time up Suarez saw 5 pitches and never swung and Joey just did the same thing.Now I would have complained if they had swung early and made an out but that is not even competing IMO.

  50. JB

    Boy Joey was lucky there he didnt get hurt .

  51. Mark Moore

    Do we have another DP in us … please?

  52. Melvin

    Good play by Aquino keeping that runner from going to 3B. He would have been dead meat.

  53. Mark Moore

    Geno isn’t on the top of his game over there tonight, is he?

  54. JB

    Suarez is putting on a show at 3rd. Horror show.

  55. Melvin

    Suarez having rough night on defense. This is the guy we’re going to move back to SS? India playing good D. Hmmm

    • RojoB

      He needs to redeem himself at the plate then we’ll be happier

  56. Mark Moore

    And we’re back to the nibbling … CUT THAT CRAP OUT!!

    • Mark Moore

      Unbelievable … he really needs to redeem himself here.

  57. VaRedsFan

    90% of the 3rd basemen make that barehanded play that Suarez missed. They gave him a hit anyway. Glad Votto wasn’t hurt, but he had his foot on the middle of the bag, when the throw was to his right….could have used the extra couple of inches.

    • Mark Moore

      It’s rarely one thing … quite literally a game of inches on that play.

  58. Dennis Westrick

    LC is spent! Time to go get him!

    • LDS

      Yep, I would have bet money Bell would have double switched before letting LC TOP 100 pitches.

      • RojoB

        I’m ok with this new approach from Bell

    • Mark Moore

      The velo was still there, but the nibbling negated it for the most part.

  59. Old-school

    Reds starting pitching shows up again.

    • Dennis Westrick

      What a shame we didn’t score a single run for LC! He deserves a win for that effort! Glad to have the old LC back!

  60. Mark Moore

    Bit of a gift there … the ump knew LC was battling.

  61. JB

    Comes down to bullpen vs bullpen. David vs Goliath. “You Gotta Believe”

    • Melvin

      My angel wings are slowly flapping. “It could happen”. 🙂

  62. Melvin

    Wow. I think we got the call there when we shouldn’t have. We’ll take it. Good job by Castillo battling through and yes….good job by Bell not taking him out there.

  63. RedsMonk65

    Castillo barely gets out of that jam.

    Overall, a fairly solid (though not spectacular) 7 innings from him, which is good to see. Three hits and no runs is not bad.

    BUT WE NEED TO SCORE!!! Let’s go!

    • RedsMonk65

      Do it quickly and do it often, before Hader gets the call!

  64. Indy Red Man

    Adjective the brew crew there. This isn’t little league where everyone stands there looking to walk. Even Yelich wasn’t swinging.

  65. Mark Moore

    Anderson out … can we hit their BP? Maybe we won’t have to?

  66. Dennis Westrick

    How can we score 10 runs per game in 3 of the last 4 games and not get a single run off this Punch & Judy pitcher!

    • RojoB

      Soft-tossing lefty = Reds kryptonite

  67. Roger Garrett

    Castillo was great tonight.I will say it again and just go to bed as it is almost 10 that I am not worried at all about our starting pitching.I also believe our pen with help from the minors will get better.Our issue will be can we score and win games like this one against good pitching.

    • RedsMonk65

      And he gets only the second hit of the night, just like that.

      Dude flat-out hits.

      (Should have been playing the whole game.)

  68. Mark Moore

    Geno really regressing tonight in the field and at the plate … not good.

    • earmbrister

      In fairness, it was an 11 pitch AB.

      • Mark Moore

        Debbie acknowledges he worked that count … even if he didn’t finish it. I’m talking overall for Geno tonight, but I think you realize that.

  69. RojoBenjy

    Good thing Jesse got some rest this game or he probably would not have gotten that hit there!

  70. JB

    Hopefully William’s can throw a mistake pitch down and in on Naquin. He will deposit it in the right field stands.

  71. Indy Red Man

    Almost hated that 4 runs in the 9th last night. Do we ever score much the game after double digit runs?

  72. J

    I’m starting to get the impression pitchers are intentionally bouncing pitches to Naquin with 2-2 or 3-2 counts, because he seems to be completely unwilling to take a walk under any circumstances.

    • Indy Red Man

      He’s over .300 this month with 4 doubles and a HR. Rather see him then Scott Heineman.

  73. JB

    Vogelbach keeps striking out he is going to be living in a van down by the river.

    • Mark Moore

      Look at his stats … I’m not seeing a #2 hitter. But what do I know?

  74. RedsMonk65

    Nice work by Brach.

    Now…please…some runs…..?

  75. Mark Moore

    Sit down, Tommy Boy!!

    Going to have to score against Hader … or take it to extras. UGH!!

    • LDS

      Pretty sure Hader is mortal. Beating him would be good for the team’s morale. And not great for the Brewers.

  76. Bred

    Is it a day off for Winker if he Pinch hits and plays the field? Who knows the work he put in prior to the AB. Top of the line up!

  77. RedsMonk65

    The hated Hader takes the mound ….

  78. Dennis Westrick

    Need The Punisher to hit one deep!

  79. Melvin

    Take one for the team this inning if you get the opportunity guys.

    • RojoB

      Suárez heard you but he had to wait until the 10th inning!


  80. Indy Red Man

    Road teams are killing it in extras this year with the baserunner rule. If they can’t score on Hader then atleast run up his pitches and try to get it to the 10th? I think Sadak said Hader just threw 21 on Sunday

    • Mark Moore

      He pitched Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with 21 on Sunday.

    • RojoB

      I agree the new rule seems to favor the visiting team. I hope they crunch some numbers and figure it out.

  81. RedsMonk65

    India on base with the Punisher up. Do your stuff!

    • RedsMonk65

      Well, that’s not what I meant!

      Let’s see what Nick C. can do….

  82. Mark Moore

    That’s a good start. Apparently India doesn’t know he’s supposed to whiff against Hader.

  83. VaRedsFan

    Finally a fastball pitcher…not many changeups…maybe they can time him up

  84. Indy Red Man

    Cubs lost again. Lets go boys!!!

  85. Mark Moore

    AA couldn’t catch up … let’s see if Casty can.

  86. earmbrister

    Hader is the deGrom of relievers

  87. RedsMonk65

    I hate Hader with a perfect hate.

    Wish he were on our team.

    • JB

      Hader and Antone. 2/3 of the nasty boys.

    • Indy Red Man

      Its a shame he said what he said 3 years ago. If he said that today? Banned for a year atleast

    • earmbrister

      Hopefully we can say, see you Hader.

      Will they bring him back out? He certainly was dealing.

  88. Old-school

    Im not sure Aquino can apply the first rule of hitting necessary to be a hitter at any level

    Dont swing at balls or they will never throw you a strike

    • Mark Moore

      A little too amped up. 3 just over the top of the zone and the results are as expected.

  89. LDS

    And there’s that Reds base running. Hard time imagining a rookie had a green light to run on his own. India isn’t Joe Morgan though that would sure change the Reds outlook if India were comparable.

    • VaRedsFan

      I don’t mind the attempt with 2 outs…hard enough to get 1 hit off Hader, much less 2.
      2 strikes on Ty also.

  90. Mark Moore

    Yeah, Sims over another inning of Brach. I totally get that … and I’m sure it will work out this time.

  91. Indy Red Man

    Sims? We’re losing this game. I don’t trust him. Hope we get a 6-4-3 and I can be wrong.

  92. LDS

    Walk the lead off batter? Yelich is the Brewers version of Suarez. He’s not what he was in 2019. Make him beat you. Geez.

    • Bred

      I think a lot of pitchers are going to suffer regression if this crack down is real, and spin rate decline indicates it is.

  93. Dennis Westrick

    And of course Sims walks the leadoff batter in the bottom of the 9th in a 0-0 game!

  94. earmbrister

    Maybe Sims should pitch from 10 feet behind the mound tonight …

    Just a “little” high in the zone

  95. Mark Moore

    I have to head for bed soon … I’m not sure I can settle down after watching this mess.

    Game on one of the screens tomorrow during my calls.

  96. Old-school

    Pat Sajack cant stop lecturing

    He clearly knows more baseball than any Reds fan watching

    • Mark Moore

      It’s getting really old now … is he on a 1-year contract?

    • Chris

      I can barely take him. He is not a Major League announcer.

  97. Indy Red Man

    They’re not bringing Hader, but can we get to the 10th? And if we do then who’s closing for us? Probably Hembree after the gas he was throwing last night.

      • Indy Red Man

        Top of our lineup and bottom of theirs. I like our chances IF Sims can get 1 more.

  98. Mark Moore

    And we’re back to the nibbling

    • Mark Moore

      And still … pitch to contact!

      • Dennis Westrick

        You sound like a stuck record! But in a good way, like a Frank Zappa album!

  99. Mark Moore

    So India starts the 10th on 2B and TySteve is at the plate … now we just need to get there.

    • Mark Moore

      Casty – my bad. Didn’t understand the rule.

  100. Mark Moore

    Time to work a little magic here.

  101. JB

    Boy you got to hand it to the bullpen. They have done the job since Antone got hurt. Now to win this .

  102. LDS

    16 straight scoreless innings by Reds’ pitchers. I guess Milwaukee really can’t hit.

    • Mark Moore

      Got to hand it to them. They got us this far.

  103. Mark Moore

    So they’ve burned through their 2 best relievers.

  104. Mark Moore

    Wild or just doesn’t want to challenge Joey?

    • Mark Moore

      Nibbling by them for a change after some wild throws.

  105. RedsMonk65

    Bases loaded, no outs! Let’s go!

  106. Mark Moore

    Do we see the patient Geno who is willing to go the other way?

  107. earmbrister

    Suarez with a chance of redemption

  108. earmbrister

    He is really calling the high strike

  109. Mark Moore

    And we’ll take that (right on the @$$) for a run.

  110. Mark Moore

    Santa Clause is a Reds fan? I’ll take it.

  111. Mark Moore

    Benefit by a way offline throw. That may be just what we need.

  112. Mark Moore

    C’mon Shogo … just a little slap shot!

  113. Mark Moore

    And a TOOTBLAN runs us out of the inning.

    • earmbrister

      Amazing. Joey could’ve accomplished that

  114. RojoB

    All Shogo has done is hit doubles the last two times he pinch hit.

    Keep it going!

    • RojoB

      The TOOTBLAN knocks the bat out of his hands

      Freeman had ONE job

      Oh well go win this Reds!

  115. RedsMonk65

    Two will have to do. Now it’s up to the bullpen…..

      • RojoB

        I think he’s first in line, if not Heineman

  116. Indy Red Man

    Shogo 5 for his last 10 and dummy gets picked off 2nd base? That gives Milw some life in the dugout too! Shrock in and dummy out asap

  117. Mark Moore

    This is what NOT nibbling looks like

  118. Indy Red Man

    Has Tucker been burned already? Big boy Stephenson at 1B and GG TB behind the plate makes too much sense instead of Freeman?

  119. RojoB

    Wow—what is Jace Pederson suddenly a quality at bat guru?

    12 pitches but I love the outcome

  120. Mark Moore

    Focus, Heath. JBJ isn’t anything.

  121. Mark Moore


    That was NASTY!!

  122. Mark Moore

    That didn’t play out the way we wanted.

    Bear down, guys!

  123. Indy Red Man

    Bad play by Nick there. Really can’t think of any other boneheaded plays he’s made all year though? Pick him up here Heath!

  124. RojoB

    Daniel Robertson of the .545 OPS and .195 BA clutch hits

    The rabbit disease got Hembree


    • RojoB

      Pitches 3 and 5 I called nibbling but i’m on Gameday. So I’ll submit to correction if needed

  125. Mark Moore

    Please, please, please … I need to go to bed.

  126. JB

    Some of these guys just cant pitch 2 innings.

    • Mark Moore

      Or in this case 2 days in a row.

  127. RedsMonk65

    Here comes AG. Big moment. Could go either way…

  128. Mark Moore

    OK, AG. This is EXACTLY what you said you wanted. Time to put up or shut up.

  129. RojoB

    I’ll be sad if they lose but not mad for this game. It has been a good contest

    • Mark Moore

      It is good baseball. And of all the NLC rivals, I dislike the Bernies the least.

      • RojoBenjy

        I’m with you there.

        And I love cheese

  130. LDS

    What’s with Bell. LC over 100 and now Hembree at 30+?

  131. Indy Red Man

    Can we win a game with 2 stinking singles? Hembree really brought it, but 30 pitches is alot especially since he went last night too. Their lineup is garbage so who can they have on their bench here?

  132. RedsMonk65

    He did it! Way to go AG!

    BIG WIN. Nice pitching by Castillo and the bullpen, for the most part. Scratched out a couple runs in the 10th (with no hits) when needed. Whatever it takes.

  133. Mark Moore


    This is what baseball should be. Goodnight to all.

  134. LDS

    I guess AG does count tonight. A sweep tomorrow?

  135. Indy Red Man


    Took the Reds before the game and again after 9 with Hader out of the game and the meat of our lineup vs the bottom of theirs

  136. Tim

    Nice to win a blowout and a nailbiter against the division leader!

  137. Daytonnati

    The kind of game we usually lose the past few years.

  138. RedsMonk65

    12-3 in last 15 games. Winning in various ways (many hits, few hits, etc.) Good run these last couple weeks by the good guys. Hopefully the momentum keeps building.

    • RedsMonk65

      Your Redlegs — now 3 games out of first place.

      • RedsMonk65

        We’ve made up a lot of ground these last couple weeks.

    • earmbrister

      Hottest team in baseball. Big win in a big series.