The Cincinnati Reds have placed Tejay Antone on the injured list with right forearm inflammation. This news was first reported earlier today by C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic. Antone, who last pitched on Sunday did warm up to come into a game this past week, but did not get into the game. He was unavailable yesterday, though that was unknown until after the game was over. Now we know why. Rosecrans is reporting that the team hopes the stint on the injured list will be for the minimum amount of time. That may only be eight days because the move was retroactive to June 8th.

“I’m very confident that he’s going to be back in whatever it is, 7 or 8 days – his first day of eligibility to come off is,” said manager David Bell on Friday afternoon of Antone’s potential return. “Very confident. It’s something we just want to make sure we stay ahead of. It was never anything that kept him from pitching or was that concerning. But it did get to a point that it made sense to be ahead of it. For our season, for his career, it’s what we would do with any of our players. But I am confident he’ll be back next week.”

For Cincinnati the news couldn’t come at a worse time. Antone has been the only pitcher in the bullpen that has been reliable. In fact, he’s been the only one remotely close to the galaxy of reliable. The bullpen ERA for the Cincinnati Reds pitchers not named Tejay Antone is 6.58. Given that bullpens today are asked to pitch about 4-innings per game, that’s two runs on average given up in every game by the Reds bullpen.

Given the state of the bullpen outside of Tejay Antone whoever the team calls up to replace him for the time being probably isn’t going to be someone that will immediately be someone that manager David Bell and pitching coach Derek Johnson will feel comfortable to rely on. If that player existed that player most certainly would have already have been in Cincinnati given everything that’s happened in the bullpen this season.

It’s possible that the team could dip into the Triple-A Louisville Bats rotation to try and find a short-term bullpen solution. But one of those pitchers is also likely going to have to make a start on Sunday in Cincinnati to fill in for Sonny Gray who was placed on the injured list earlier this week when he left his start after the 4th inning with a groin injury.

In a highly questionable decision, the Reds are choosing to not make a corresponding roster move today. That means that the team will be playing a man short for at least tonight’s game against the Rockies. They’ll have to make an addition of Tony Santillan on Sunday as he’s been named the starter in place of Sonny Gray. The team may also activate Aristides Aquino on Sunday. While it would mean making a lot of moves in a short period of time, not playing with a full roster – particularly out of the bullpen when the bullpen has performed the way that it has is certainly a move that doesn’t make much sense.

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  1. realist

    It’s like that swirling water whirlpool in the bathtub, you can see it and you know the tub will soon be empty. Well done Nick Krall no shortstop and know no bullpen.

  2. Steelerfan

    Well, you felt like it was coming after the cryptic comments yesterday, but if he wasn’t available yesterday, why wasn’t there a move made before the game? Waiting for confirmation it was something bad enough to go on IL?

    • JB

      They will keep him on the IL for weeks upon weeks then say he is out for the year needing TJ surgery. The crackpot medical team the Reds have.

      • Mark Moore

        The medical team can’t speak to any of this. They are limited to what management (including Bell) and in some cases the player will disclose. It’s not on them from where I sit.

  3. JB

    Brad Peacock,Jeremy Jeffress, Roberto Asuna are free Agents. Open up the pocketbook Bob. All 3 will be an upgrade over the trash in the bullpen. Bring up Diehl and Aloniz? . They arent on the 40 but a 31 year old AAA journeyman catcher is with a negative career WAR. Whst other organization is waiting to pounce on Beau Taylor when he is released? Take a chance on Matt Wisler who got DFAd. Anybody but the circus act in the bullpen.

    • RojoB

      Wisler was just traded to the Rays for a left handed pitcher

      • JB

        The Ray’s. He will be an all star now.

      • RojoB

        Didn’t the Reds have Wisler once? Got him in trade to ATL for Adam Duvall?

    • Greenfield Red

      Let’s not call them trash. They are human beings. They may not be good pitchers, but they are human beings.

      • Greenfield Red

        I will also add, I would be willing to bet every penny I’ve ever owned and every penny I will ever make, every pitcher in the Reds bullpen would have an ERA less than half of what your’s would be.

  4. MBS

    This stinks, the pen needs someone to step up. Garrett, Sims, or whoever else needs to dig deep. I’d say Doolittle with them, as all 3 have been good, but Doolittle’s stuff just doesn’t seem to be there, while Garrett and Sims have the stuff, they’re just not executing with it.

    Santillan starting for Gray, and Sanmartin and O’Brien maybe long arms out of the pen?

  5. RojoB

    Well a lot of folks tried to stay positive, hoping that the mystery comment yesterday meant Tejay would start in place of Gray.


  6. Redgoggles

    Dang. When will Blandino be back? May need his arm. Hope it isn’t serious…..

  7. JB

    On a lighter note, Big Sally pitched an inning last night and gave up 5 runs on 4 hits. I was hoping the kid would turn it around after leaving this organization.

    • Ryan

      Just like Robert Stephenson (does Lance Mc Allister still slobber over him ?).

      • Hotto4Votto

        In fairness to BobSteve, while he’s got a 4.71 ERA (in Colorado), his ERA+ is 99 and has a 4.29 FIP. He’s been about a league average pitcher, which for our bullpen would make him our 2nd best reliever.

        And while I’m here, I recall a lot of people talking about Iglesias rough start and how his absence didn’t make a difference. But lately haven’t seen his name come up a lot. Probably because he’s sporting a 3.75 ERA (121 ERA+, 3.69 FIP) at this point.

    • CI3J

      Anyone remember when WEBN made that Danny Graves song about 15 years ago? What you wrote about Big Sally reminded me of this line from the song:

      Hey Danny
      You come into the game and we’re winning 5 to 1
      Somehow with 7 pitches you give up 30 runs
      You make the other pitchers bats look like Adam Dunn’s, Danny.

      Good times.

  8. Mark Moore

    To reference a once popular song … “How long has this been going on?”

    And we’ve delayed getting help once again unless I’m misreading something.

  9. Gonzo Reds

    How well Reds fans on this site handle bad news:

    Rainy Day (Reds On Road) – 9
    Rainy Day (Reds At Home) – 7
    Divorce – 5
    Dog Died – 4
    Spouse left them for a Cardinals fan – 2
    Doug’s injury/suspension news – 1

      • Gonzo Reds

        Stuff I can’t type on this site! 😉

    • RojoB

      Isn’t that why we all read the comments though?

  10. MBS

    Is anyone else concerned that AAA Bats site still has Santillan as starting today? Does this mean O’Brien is more likely to get the start? Is it just someone hasn’t updated the site properly? Is it the Reds have a wild card that we haven’t thought of? Enquiring minds want to know, or RLN minds want to know.

    • ohiojimwalker

      The last time Hunter Greene pitched was also a week ago today (at AA). But is he eligible to be elevated to the MLB or even AAA due to the COVID protocol tier system? MLB and AAA are Tier 1; AA is Tier 2.

      You asked for a wild card and there it is if he is Tier 1 eligible. Didn’t include Nick Lodolo because he left a game 2 weeks ago with a blister issue and was passed over on his turn last week,

      • JB

        He has to sit out a bit until tests are done. Is there a quarantine time limit still?

      • ohiojimwalker

        @JB I haven’t been able to find the exact procedures. However, I checked out the game logs for Alejo Lopez who moved from Chattanooga (AA) to Louisville (AA) a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised to see that on consecutive days, Lopez played for Chattanooga then Louisville. So, obviously there is no sit out quarantine at this juncture if/ when other criteria are met. My *guess* would be the player has to be fully vaccinated and met some criteria regarding negative test results.

      • JB

        Jim – I was wondering if some of the criteria changed since the covid rules were put into place. With full vaccinations happening they might of loosened the reigns there. With Lopez playing without sitting then I dont see why Greene and Lodolo dont move up to AAA. They have done everything possible at AA. Time to move up to better hitters.

      • MBS

        An interesting wrinkle, There would be a lot of excited fans if that’s the case.

      • ohiojimwalker

        JB- RE: moving Greene and Lodolo to AAA. Agree 100% The way they are running roughshod over AA hitters, it could actually negatively impact their eventual development curve to keep them much if any longer.

        The duo is now listed as the probables tonight (Greene) and tomorrow. I say unless they have a crashout, use the off day Monday to relocate them to AAA if they meet the T1 requirements

    • GF58

      Yes, the Reds need the “next man up” attitude. AG needs to step up.

      • Redgoggles

        If he was half as good as his offseason talk, that would be a big improvement.

      • Reds4ever

        I don’t get how people bash garrett. Just because he’s having a bad year he’s been consistent the last 3 years. Arguably our best reliever behind Iglesias..His talking isn’t new. He’s been like that. When things go good for him again don’t hop back on The band wagon.

  11. Old-school

    Perhaps Bell was waiting on MRI result and injury assessment from team doctors yesterday afternoon and didnt have enough info to answer questions questions with any meaning

    Ill give him the benefit of the doubt

    Reds need to invest in young players and pay for team depth.
    As long as mlb is paying for max effort velocity/power/torque in its players- they are going to break down.

    2 quality catchers
    5 quality infielders
    4 quality outfielders
    5 quality SP with depth in AAA

    And more than 1 bullpen arm . Maybe 6-7.

    A deep farm system.

    That may mean running your organization more like the Rays and A’S and less like the Cubs and Cards and avoiding all contracts over $50 million that end past age 32.

  12. Indy Red Man

    Die Hard:

    Bruce Willis out, Pauly Shore in

    No problem. Nobody will notice

  13. Roger Garrett

    Amir,Sims and the H@H boys will have to step up and we need a long man as well.Starters will have to go longer but the one this staff must do is throw strikes.Every hitter from little league on up can hit a fastball if they know it’s coming.Hitters load up when they get ahead.Strike one is the best pitch in baseball.

  14. RedsGettingBetter

    Fu.. ! What a luck…Antone just now injured…The injury is not mentioned… I do not see in triple-A an obvious replacement that can contribute with the bull-pen right now… Hold the butts with Sims, Hembree and AG to protect the leads… Call Santillán and O’Brien to fill the spots …I think there is no more choices..

  15. ClevelandRedsFan

    In other news, Cincinnati Reds place 2021 season on IL.

  16. Roger Garrett

    Reds have pitching depth in minors so get em up and lets go.Just do it and move on.Whats the harm if Greene comes up and throws some out of the pen or he starts a couple of games?He is going to pitch some where and for a set number of innings just like every other pitcher.

    • ohiojimwalker

      +100. If a pitcher is already throwing MLB quality stuff and looking like a pitcher vs a thrower, why waste the pitches in the minors while guys with inferior stuff and technique are losing games for them at the MLB level?

      The requisite for development is that the guy gets his innings completed in a fashion which does not hinder his eventual complete development. In the case of Greene we already know he can be stretched out and go 100 pitches with only a slight drop off in effectiveness. If he gets used in MLB relief this season, he still can be prepped as a starter next spring for 2022.

      We need to put the Chapman experience behind us by understanding that him going to relief on a one way street was the result of a chain of conscious human choices not an inevitable result flowing from the first choice. Three of the best Reds starters since WW2, Don Gullett, Mario Soto, and Jose Rio all got their MLB beginnings spending a year or more in the bullpen prior to becoming rotation pitchers. There is no reason the same couldn’t be true of Greene.

  17. Stoney

    This is really bad. Hope minimal actually means minimal. Going to have to actively go out and find some help. Can’t leave the bullpen in the hands of the crew that’s currently there. That would be disastrous.

  18. Corky Miller

    Couldn’t see this coming….I am shocked!!!

  19. JB

    For the love of pete, Heineman is starting in center again. I know a lefty is throwing but Shogo is never going to play.

    • greenmtred

      Okay. But it’s worth remembering that many here were lambasting Bell for not using Antone last night. That’s because we didn’t know he was hurt and Bell did. What do we know about Shogo? I doubt that Bell is stupid. I doubt that Bell doesn’t want to win. I doubt that Bell does things for no reason. He may not be a good manager–I don’t know, because he hasn’t had a complete team to manage yet–but I seriously doubt that any of us would do better.

      • RojoB

        I believe that if Shogo even had a hangnail that the Reds would fall all over themselves to put him on the I’ll, because injury is the only viable excuse for playing Heineman over him

      • Old-School

        You are saying shogo is hurt again and not reported from same useage pattern against brewers lefty and thats why Heineman is starting against a lefty again? Matt Davidson started over Winker at DH as did jose Peraza . Thats what Bell does.

        Dont try and apologize for Bells handedness fetish by confusion. Hes had a 3 year pattern of playing AAAA+ guys up for a cup of coffee over top draft picks and now elite history making japanese players

  20. SteveLV

    Clearly I could be wrong about this, but doesn’t the lack of information about the issue suggest it may be COVID related?

    • SteveLV

      Not only could have been wrong, clearly was wrong!

  21. LDS

    To what question is Scott Heineman, a career .177 hitter, the answer? The Reds have no one any where better suited to start in CF with Senzel & Naquin out?

      • LDS

        Shogo works for me. Heineman is well past his expiration date. Send him down and bring up someone else. Anyone else.

    • Old Big Ed

      Hey, Heineman has a career OPS against LH pitchers of .509, so he is quite obviously “due.” (Shogo’s is only .526 in 28 PAs.)

      Aquino, if not traded for a shortstop this in the next few days, ought to be the CF against LH pitching as soon as Sunday.

      • Jimbo44CN

        Yes, yes, yes on Aquino. and in the meantime, Let Shogo Play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chris Holbert

        “Got to get Heineman going”

      • Old-school

        Aquino should get some reps very soon and needed to see his role in 2022 WHEN Castellanos leaves for a deserved mega contract

    • RojoB

      How does the Reds manager retain any credibility by platooning Shogo Akiyama, one of the best hitters in Japan, with a below replacement level player? Don’t give me the “Nippon league is AAA” excuse—not credible

      Handedness match-ups are not a credible reason either, when you’re looking at Heineman being as poor of an MLB performer as he is.

      May as well scream at the moon, will make as much difference. I’m done commenting on this particular issue.

      Tom Mitsoff once posted that folks in the Reds’ front office do indeed read RLN—well maybe they’ll see something in one of us commenters that will make them want to offer a job lol

      • Tom Mitsoff

        I guess it was two or three years ago we had an interview with some of the front office folks in their offices. Dick Williams told us that they do read Redleg Nation.

  22. Redgoggles

    The lack of quality depth options at AAA really is showing up this season. And whay is that? The poor fans at Lousville have had an awful team for several years running now. Who is to blame for that? David Bell – no. Nick Krall – maybe, some. Dick Williams – more, but was he long enough to really judge changes/drafts he made at the upper levels of the farm system? Or, are we still building our farm system from the decade of losing before Dick Williams? I thought DW did a good job in theory, but in hindsight I’m starting to think he saw the ownership strategy and decided not to go down with the ship.

    I think Jocketty set us up for the last decade of losing and seemed like was only interested in “today” rather than building from the ground up which is the only way a small market can have sustained success. I think they tried to spend money last year in an attempt to have it both ways, and now it’s unclear which direction they will go. I think they need to do one or the other this year…..go out and “buy” some pieces to fix the glaring holes this team has been constructed with or sell high on some really valuable – and popular – chips to accelerate and lengthen the next winning window.

    • Roger Garrett

      Selling admits failure.This ownership will not do that and will continue to keep players that have value until they have none.They even made it worse by the contracts handed to the guys signed before last year so they won’t buy either.Its not my money or team but I would shop everybody over 30 and anybody under contract beyond 2022.

  23. Old Big Ed

    Well, we don’t even know that it is an injury, from what I’ve read. Could be any sort of medical condition (like a gout attack) that would keep a person down for a few days. If it’s an injury, we don’t even know if it is baseball related; he could have cut his finger slicing tomatoes.

    Everybody else has to man up. That means the offense needs to score more; the starting pitchers need to go an extra inning or two; the bullpen needs to do vastly better; and the front office needs find a shortstop and to DFA Doolittle — He Who Never Strands A Runner.

  24. Doc

    Sure were a lot of people denigrating Bell’s use of the BP by not bringing in Antone. Just maybe DB knew what he was doing because his decision was made on all available information, unlike the critics.

  25. Ghostrunner_onthird

    Free Hunter Greene.

    Free Shogo.

    Free the San Men.

  26. Roger Garrett

    Playing short handed out of the pen today after playing short handed yesterday really is puzzling.Wouldn’t that mean we have to extend the starter and get every out possible especially when your best reliever who is also your multi inning guy is the one we are short.Doug you are right it just doesn’t make sense.

  27. Rex

    With the news of this injury at least now we know why the Reds FO signed first baseman Logan Morrison

    They are always 3 steps ahead

    • RojoBenjy

      LoMo must throw a mean blow out game mop up

  28. RojoB

    Word is they aren’t bringing in another pitcher to replace Antone yet

    It’s like no one is driving the bus

    • Rex

      that Blandino injury is hurting the bullpen a lot more than I thought it would

      • JB

        Not only that , they lost their back up(Schrock) to Blandino. Maybe this is why Freeman is still up.

      • Roger garrett

        Now that’s funny but he does eat innings

    • DataDumpster

      Bell has used 6 position player pitchers in the limited time he has managed the club. A lot more innings than I thought, wonder if they keep records on such things. Even Farmer got in 1.1 innings with no BB or runs and just 1 hit. Maybe he still has it. Meanwhile, don’t freak out about Antone, how bad could a swollen forearm be? or a bruised heel? or a strained shoulder? or a twitch in the groin?

  29. KG

    There’s a lefty reliever with the Orioles named Paul Fry who might be worth a looksie….TODAY.

    • Rex

      I walked up and down my street to see if any of my neighbors are loose and stretched out

      anything can help out a 25 man roster

  30. Daytonnati

    Mike Leake still unsigned. Is Brandon Finnegan doing anything? Day

    • JB

      Finnegan got bombed the other day. ERA up over 6.

      • ohiojimwalker

        Yep, every time Finnegan gets on enough of a run to get me starting to think about him, he has one of those real stinker outings. Besides, I think the Bats are using him as one of their featured faces which who knows, may be more important than baseball performance these days.

    • JB

      I think he opt out again this year for covid. He would be a great long man.

  31. Redgoggles

    Are we at Milton level desperate yet? Perspective. Maybe we should just add starters and pitch 2 of them every day.

    • Magnum 44

      In close correspondence with with Milton he said fu## it by the looks of it he is already down a half of bottle of tequila, but he is sitting in a corner hitting on a fat chick in the corner, but he keeps mumbling DOOLITTLE…..take that for what it’s worth

  32. Chris

    David Bell’s recurring nightmare is managing a baseball game in which all of his hitters are left-handed and the opposition is starting a pitcher who is left-handed. He also has all lefties on the bench. But then he realizes some of his relief pitchers bat right-handed so he’s able to pinch hit for guys like Winker and Votto in the 1st. It’s that last part that keeps him from reaching a mental breakdown from which he would never recover.

    Mr. Burns: Strawberry, good effort today, do a lap and hit the showers – I’m putting in a right handed batter.

    Smithers: what?!?

    Darryl Strawberry: you’re pinch hitting for ME?

    Mr. Burns: yes, yes. You see you’re left-handed and so is the pitcher. If I put in a right-handed batter, that’s called playing the percentages. It’s what all smart managers do to win ball games.

    Darryl Strawberry: but I’ve got nine home runs today

    Mr. Burns: and you should be very proud. Now sit down.

  33. doofus

    Anyone have the Nasty Boys on speed dial?

  34. Roger garrett

    Cards up 5-1 then pen enters and now down 7-5.Cubs down 5-1 then pen enters and two guys I never heard of pitch 3 scoreless innings to give Cubs chance to catch up and they did.Some days it just works out for you but you have to score to win.

  35. Don

    hope Antone recovers from whatever is wrong quickly.

  36. Tom Mitsoff

    Before I walk the plank, I’m going to give the front office the benefit of the doubt on not calling up someone to fill out the roster. I’m hoping it’s a situation that involves not wanting to DFA someone to make room for a guy who will only be here a couple of days. I’m hoping it’s not a situation of trying to save money on two days’ major league salary and a bus trip from Toledo (where Louisville is playing) to Cincinnati. Doug would know if there are any likely situations involving knotty roster problems.

    • Chris

      Literally everyone who is an active relief pitcher on the MLB roster is an excellent DFA candidate. Maybe not Sims… Maybe. Hendrix might evolve in to a credible middle reliever, but it probably won’t be for us.

    • Jim Walker

      Tom> Aside from Santillan, if the 40 man roster page on the Reds official website is correct, there are 4 pitchers at Louisville on the 40 man; and, all 4 are optionable. Jose DeLeon, Jared Solomon, Riley O’Brien and the infamous Cionel Perez. Also on the 40 man and not at MLB/ IL are catcher Beau Taylor (AAA; no options) and SS Jose (Garcia) Barrero (AA optionable).

      Somebody will walk the DFA plank for Aquino to get off the 60 day IL by count. I don’t like to name names but tonight’s starting CF looks like low hanging fruit to me unless they give up on a pitcher.

  37. centerfield

    Castellanos needs to tell Mahle to go 9 innings tonight.

    • centerfield

      And someone needs to give Bell the night off.

      • LDS

        Only the night? I’m thinking the season.

  38. Eric Kemper

    A lot of teams are suffering from injuries, ownership decisions, and players not playing up to expectations. However, the bullpen was a concern to most of us fans from day one of this season.

  39. SteveO

    The Reds should’ve recalled Santillan and let him be with the team for a couple of days to help with the adjustment of making his debut, if they weren’t going to recall a reliever for a couple of days.

    • Jim Walker

      I would not be surprised if he were already at GABP but just not getting the 2 days of MLB minimum or MLB service time for his trouble.

  40. Redsvol

    going to be a long June – we just need to survive this month without falling apart.

    As I look around at the best teams their pitching is simply phenomenal; the Giants are Cincinnati west with Gausman, Desclafani, Alex Wood and Cueto pitching lights out. Desclafani is making 6$M and Wood is at $3M. The Rays are phenomenal and have 16 (that’s right 16!) guys with WHIP less than 1.37 (we have 6!). And the A’s just simply find and develop arms that no-one has ever heard of. Reds need to spend some front office money and bring someone in from the Rays and A’s organizations.

  41. Hotto4Votto

    Welp. Hopefully short lived for Antone. Injuries happen and are unfortunate, but no one to blame. Fortunately it’ll be short lived and we’ll be back to having 1 reliable option int he bullpen. The fact that the Reds are going short-handed today is inexcusable roster management. Krall needs to be better and should have planned for this, it was obvious as of last night that something was up.

  42. RedsMonk65

    Per C. Trent on Antone:

    Tejay Antone said he’s been dealing with the soreness the last few weeks. He said he hasn’t been available some days because of it. It was “lingering”

    That could explain some of the seemingly puzzling bullpen management in recent weeks.