The Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Brewers get back at it again this afternoon to wrap up their 3-game series at Great American Ball Park with the winner taking the series victory. First pitch is set for 12:35pm ET for the finale.

Starting Lineups

Milwaukee Brewers

Cincinnati Reds

Luis Urías – 3B Jonathan India – 2B
Daniel Vogelbach – 1B Jesse Winker – LF
Christian Yelich – LF Nick Castellanos – RF
Avisaíl García – RF Tyler Naquin – CF
Willy Adames – SS Joey Votto – 1B
Jace Peterson – 2B Eugenio Suárez -3B
Manny Piña – C Tucker Barnhart – C
Jackie Bradley Jr. – CF Kyle Farmer – SS
Freddy Peralta – SP Luis Castillo – SP

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo

The roller coaster ride that has been Luis Castillo’s season continued the last time out, but that time was on the good side of the up-and-down as he allowed just one run in 6.0 innings against the Cardinals. That lowered his ERA on the season to 6.63 in his 58.1 innings pitched this year.

So far this season both righties and lefties have hit Castillo well. Right-handed hitters have a .297/.366/.486 line against him. Left-handed hitters are quite similar, posting a .310/.379/.481 line against him over his 12 starts. He has pitched better at home than on the road this season, but that’s not saying much as his ERA is still 6.07 at Great American Ball Park this year.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam 2-Seam Slider
Velo 96.5 96.6 85.2 87.3
Usage 29.6% 20.6% 18.1% 31.7%

Freddy Peralta

Being back in the rotation has worked out very well for Freddy Peralta. After spending most of the last two seasons in the Brewers bullpen, he’s made 11 starts and one relief appearance in 2021 and posted a 2.25 ERA over 64.0 innings. Peralta has walked 27 batters and struck out 92 of the 249 hitters he’s faced.

In the last month he’s allowed 11 hits and just four runs in 32.0 innings (1.13 ERA). On the season no one is hitting him at all. Right-handed hitters have a .135/.226/.243 line against him. Lefties are doing a tiny bit better, hitting .131/.250/.280 against him. If there’s any silver lining it’s that his ERA is 3.65 on the road and batters have a .195/.300/.368 line against him when he’s not pitching in Milwaukee this year.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam Curve
Change Slider
Velo 93.4 76.7 87.7 80.3
Usage 54.2% 6.0% 8.9% 30.9%

When and Where

  • Game time: 12:35pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: ­79°, Cloudy, 15% chance of rain

News and Notes

Aristides Aquino could return on Sunday

The Punisher is currently rehabbing with Triple-A Louisville. Last night in Toledo he went hitless with a walk and a strikeout. It was his first strikeout of his rehab stint. It was his 7th walk in his five games. He’s now hitting .333/.545/.667 with the Bats. This morning manager David Bell said the team is considering activating him on Sunday, which is the first day he’d be eligible to come off of the 60-day injured list.

On This Day…..

Today makes the anniversary of Joe Nuxhall making his Major League debut. Back in 1944 the, well I guess he was The Young Left-Hander at the time took the mound at 15-years-old. He wouldn’t pitch again in the Major Leagues until 1952 before spending almost the rest of his life with the Reds organization as both a player and a broadcaster.

NL Central Standings

Playoff odds via Fangraphs

Team W L GB Playoff %
Cubs 35 27 0 39.5%
Brewers 34 27 0.5 63.3%
Cardinals 32 30 3.0 15.4%
Reds 29 30 4.5 13.4%
Pirates 23 37 11 0.0%

168 Responses

  1. MBS

    Aquino back by Sunday! It will be good to have power off the bench again.

    • Dk072257

      What is with this sorry bullpen, Sims facing a .225 and 200 hitter allows two runs to score. This is getting pathetic to see. Our pitchers give it up like a whore on payday

      • Jim t

        Doug I’m getting older but I also believe I seen him hit a home run there just to the right of the scoreboard. It actually hit the top of the wall and skipped over.

    • Dennis

      Had the pleasure of attending many Reds games at Crosley Field having grown up in northern KY. I, too, saw Joe Nuxhall pitch there!

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Checking at Nuxhall’s stats he actually got two outs in 1944 at 15 YO, just amazing!

  2. Dennis

    It bears repeating but this is another key game for our beloved Redlegs and we haven’t yet approached the halfway point of the 2021 MLB season. Need a quality start from LC, score some runs early and let TA and Sims close it out for the win. As of today Reds are only 3 games back (in the loss column) of the NL Central leaders and one (1) game below the coveted 500 mark!

    • Jim t

      Couldn’t agree more Dennis. We need this one.

  3. Dennis

    Reminiscing today! Remember fondly the days of Marty & Joe on Reds radio! Still remember one of Joe Nuxhall’s favorite lines: “This is the Ol’ left hander Rounding Third and Heading for Home, so long everybody!” And of course Marty saying after a Reds win: “And this one belongs to the Reds!”

  4. Ryan

    Meanwhile Joey (I’ll retire when I can no longer produce) Votto is trending downward, as the Reds’ 4-5 hitters have a combined .190 BA.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      At least today that didn’t age well.

  5. Dennis

    LC struggling with the strike zone early! What else is new!

  6. Mark Moore

    Rough start … hold it to 1 run will help.

    • Dennis

      Whew! Only one (1) run allowed but a 23 pitch 1st inning! Settle Down LC! You are facing the worst hitting team in the NL with a Team BA of .212. Go Reds! Get that run back and give LC a big lead!

  7. Mark Moore

    Always loved Nuxy on the radio call.

    • MBS

      I haven’t enjoyed a broadcaster more than Nuxy, I doubt I ever will.

  8. MBS

    Not too bad. 1st innings begin Castillo’s normal trouble spot, I’ll take 1 run. Now lock in LC we need this game, and series.

  9. Indy Red Man

    Peralta has a good arm, but 29 hits in 64 ip is insane! He’s due for regression and it needs to start today!

  10. gpod

    Naquin swings at too many pitches that are no where near strikes

  11. MBS

    Why isn’t Stephenson catching Castillo every game? LC’s 2 best games were caught by Stephenson, and last year LC preferred Casali. For whatever reason he seems not to like pitching to TB. Plus Stephenson bat is needed in the middle of the order.

    • VaRedsFan

      The ole day game after a night game thing

  12. VaRedsFan

    Appropriately after they just showed a short of him working with some kids

  13. J

    Votto needs to retire. That homer barely cleared the fence.

    • VaRedsFan

      But Sadek said it went FOUR HUNDRED FEET (as if it went 500)

      • MBS

        I noticed that, he’s a bit over the top. I wouldn’t say it’s growing on me, but it doesn’t bother me as much now. The rest of his skills are solid in the booth.

      • J

        He’s never seen a FOUR HUNDRED FOOT BOMB.

      • Brian Rutherford

        Guy just hit a ball 400 ft off a pitcher with a 2.35 era and whip under 1. I guess making a big deal out of it makes sense?

      • J

        The problem with Sadak isn’t that he yells a lot, the problem is that he gets yells about so many of the wrong things, which makes the rest of his yelling sound completely inauthentic. It sounds as if he’s speaking to children.

      • Chris

        Sadek makes me miss Thom. Sadek sounds like a complete amateur on the broadcast. Way out of his element.

    • JB

      Crickets from the naysaying school girls.

      • Indy Red Man

        Did you say you were stationed in Ft. Worth in the late 80s? So was I. I was in the 436th at Carswell.

      • JB

        88-89. Ramp rat. Seen slot of Rangers games on days off. Unfortunately every day off I had Ryan never pitched. One of my favorite players ever.

      • Indy Red Man

        I was there 87-91. I saw Nolan a bunch of times. I was there when Bo Jackson hit one completely out of old Arlington Stadium off Kenny Rogers! Saw Kirk Gibsons last game too

      • JB

        I had a ticket guy who would get me 6 rows back from the dugout for $10. Great place to watch games back then.

    • Tim

      I appreciate the tongue in cheek. We are very fortunate to watch one of the best players of his generation in Joey Votto. He is top five all-time in Reds offensive stats. His personality matches his skills in the entertainment factor. I, for one, will be glad that he retires a Red. He is still earning his keep…yes a huge salary, but one that he has certainly earned over his career in Cincy.

  14. Brian Rutherford

    That first baseman is pretty good. Looks like he is getting his timing back.

    • Daytonnati

      The kid in the stands made a great play.

  15. Indy Red Man

    3-0 pitch to Suarez was never a strike. So ready for the robo zone. These guys SUCK

    • MBS

      I’m in on the robo zone to, but i think they need to decrease the size strike zone to. I love a pitching match up more than most people do. Many fans are more excited on a 7 to 9 game, than a 1 to 0 game. Right now pitchers just own the batters.

      • Indy Red Man

        Robo zone would change that dramatically. Maybe too much. All games might take 3.5+ hours and walks would climb 30%. It might not work for that reason. I’m guessing for every ump that squeezes the zone, there is 3 or 4 that expand it.

      • MBS

        Funny I think it will be an advantage to the pitcher, I guess if you’re right expanding the zone might be the answer. Either way, I like consistency, and you can’t get that from an ump.

      • JB

        The umps dont get that the balls that they call strikes change the whole at bat for hitters. The ump last night was calling strikes off the plate on the outside and inside. The hitters know the strike zone. When umps change it , it disrupts everything the batter knows. Batter has a split second to decide if it’s a strike or not. Ump doesnt need to help the pitcher any.

    • Dennis

      You & me both! Can’t happen soon enough!

  16. Jeffery

    Until India and Stephenson are starters………forget it

    • Indy Red Man

      Love Stephenson but he hit .188 in May while replacing Joey. Votto is raking pretty good at gabp vs righties. Now on the road maybe Bell mixes in Stephenson more, but RLN acts like Stephenson is Johnny Bench Jr. and thats not the case at this point anyway.

      • MBS

        I think some of that lack of production was learning the new position, and being moved into the middle of the order. I think he’s made the transition to both now.

      • Brian Rutherford

        People just love to take shots at Votto. Been that way for a long time. Part of it was the narrative coming from some of the former announcers who thought JV should have been a different player than he was. We are lucky to have had this guy on our favorite team for his entire career.

      • Indy Red Man

        25 mil/year in a small market? The guy is the worst baserunner in the NL. Speed & instincts. He’s got to really hit to be worth half of that money. It is what it is. 10 year contracts are horribly stupid to begin with

  17. Dennis

    And, while were at it, despite being a baseball traditionalist, please implement the DH in the NL.

    • Indy Red Man

      Heard yesterday that pitchers are hitting .110. UDH is coming. Players union wants to extend careers

    • Mark Moore

      +500 for this
      +500 for the robo zone
      and another +100 just because

  18. gpod

    i remember a couple weeks ago, Sadek was rambling on about how Suarez was looking like the “ol Suarez… confident…turning the coroner….great swings” Lets check that: Suarez is currently in a 5 for 33 slump

    • centerfield

      is that a slump or a surge for Geno?

      • gpod

        He is the Dave Kingman of today (if anyone remembers him from his Mets days) HR or bust!

      • LDS

        Kingman hit for a higher average and had more balance on his L/R splits. I’d be happy if Suarez WERE Dave Kingman.

  19. centerfield

    Dave Kingman, Rob Deer, Adam Dunn….

    • RojoB

      Replace Dunn with Mark Trumbo and I’m down with this list LOL

      • Pinson343

        Agreed. Dunn doesn’t belong on the list with Kingman and Deer.

      • LDS

        BTW, looked up all of the names listed and NONE of them had a season with as low a BA as Suarez currently, except Dunn’s first season with the White Sox. Suarez is just hitting that badly. Needs to change of scenery.

  20. JB

    Ump must of seen the rain coming because his strike zone has gotten huge. He has a flight to catch must be.

  21. Dennis

    Peralta at 70+ pitches! Looks like we’ll get a chance to see that awesome Brewers bullpen! Anybody but Hader!

    • Dennis

      Drat, drat and double drat! You’re killin’ me Smalls!

      • Mark Moore

        I have a t-shirt with that hanging on my wall in my office.

  22. DataDumpster

    Little bit off the subject…but I’m interested in attendance figures since restrictions lifted and how easy it is to nab a game day ticket. Despite the well publicized (re)-reopening, the team drew just 11,897 and 11,862 fans the last two ballgames. Their average attendance per game actually decreased. I figured the Red’s would have at least enough season tickets or packages to cover the 30% level. Maybe the MLB App is turning some people off but I’m not sure if its absolutely necessary when you buy gameday at the turnstile (the weekday $10 View ticket which is quite the deal). Any other thoughts?

    • redsfan4040

      Gotta think the weather has been a player in that. Hopefully we see an uptick for the Colorado series when the rain has left town.

    • Steve D.

      I went on Memorial Day. It seemed like there were more than 11.5K that day, but maybe that’s b/c it was the first game I’d been to since 2019. I think the MLB Ballpark app is pretty easy to use. Yeah, it’s one more app you won’t use that often, but buying tickets on it is pretty straight forward.

    • centerfield

      The poor attendance is ALL on ownership. Put a good product on the field and fans will show up.

    • Rednat

      born and raised in cincinnati. we are a fickle bunch. we have more excuses not to go to a game than Carter’s got pills. Too cold, too hot, too rainy, too sunny.

      there is a reason ownership doesn’t spend more money and it starts with us fans

      • centerfield

        very poor business reasoning and a good way to go broke

  23. Indy Red Man

    Lets go!! This is a huge game! You can’t miss Burnes & Woodruff and still lose the series.

  24. Mark Moore

    and we’re back just in time for my 3PM meeting …

    • Dennis

      Same here! Work keeps getting in the way of the day games!

  25. RojoB

    The world has learned the Castillo won’t attack the strike zone and tries to get guys to swing at pitches that are going to leave the strike zone. They don’t swing at those anymore and the pitches leave the strike zone and they get walked.


    • j

      This seems to be a problem with a lot of Reds pitchers. They’ll often get ahead in the count and then start throwing pitches in the dirt, a foot high or outside, etc. They seem to be obsessed with strikeouts, and it’s killing them.

    • RojoB

      That was a huge strikeout on pitch #10 to the batter. Whew

      • RojoB

        I’ll admit that a double play ball would have been superior, but at least it wasn’t a 3 run dinger

    • JB

      Brewers must not be in that part of the world because they are swinging today. He retired 15 in a row.what more do you want?

      • RojoB

        He walked the first two batters that he face that inning because they laid off all the cute stuff. Were you watching the same game?

      • JB

        He has given up 1 hit today. People like you do nothing but complain about everything. He walked 2 guys, so now he cant pitch again? Between Castillo,Votto and Suarez it’s all you do but moan and groan. Try enjoying the game for once.

      • RojoB

        And they both have now scored + the runner Sims put on. Oh boy. Oh well.

      • JB

        And that’s on Sims. He is suppose to come in and get the out. Sims isnt doing his job. Inherited runners scoring is what relief pitchers should be judged by. Castillo pitched into the 6th giving up 1 hit and walking 3. Somebody besides Antone needs to do their job.

      • Brian Rutherford

        +10,000 JB can’t ever please some folks

      • Chris

        Unbelievable that Bell took Castillo out there. He is clearly on this game today, and when he’s pitching like that, he’s much better in that situation than any reliever on this team, and that includes Antone. Worst bullpen in the league, and Bell goes back to them in that situation. Amazing!!!

  26. Indy Red Man

    Nice start!! He’s getting it together, but started running out of gas after that rain delay.

    Its mind boggling that we lost 9 straight Castillo starts with his arm talent and the 2 best hitters in the league. If we don’t make it then that and 1-5 vs Arizona is why.

    • greenmtred

      Not at all unbelievable. Very reasonable, in fact. His pitch count was nearing 100 and he’d walked two consecutive hitters. People here would have screamed if Bell had left him in.

  27. LDS

    Well that’s the ball game. Why not TA who was well rested and better at stopping inherited runners from scoring?

    • Indy Red Man

      I don’t get it either? He had TA going 2 and Sims in the 9th. What was wrong with that? It worked in St. Louis. No manager is going to win with 1 guy in the pen, but I have to start siding with RLN on Bell. He doesn’t make sense half the time.

      • LDS

        I still lean more toward situational usage not lack of talent. I think Bell uses the bullpen in ways they can’t succeed. And I’m still curious about the Red’s pitching instruction. Some of these guys are performing well under their career numbers while a couple are ahead.

      • Chris

        Why not leave him in? Worst bullpen in the league, and somehow, Bell expected better from one of them than Castillo right there.

    • J

      He’s being saved for a set of very specific circumstances that just never seem to occur.

    • JB

      Totally agree. Adames was the biggest at bat of the day. Pitcher gets him and inning and threat is over. With Milwaukees bullpen this game is basically over. No sense in using Antone now.

    • burtgummer01

      Because he wasn’t available

  28. Indy Red Man

    Thanks Sims. He hasn’t been good either. Miracle save on Sunday with 2nd/3rd nobody out. Bell has 1 guy. Depressing. Game most likely over

  29. J

    Seems increasingly likely that the Reds are going to lose two winnable games without ever using Antone because the timing was never *quite* right to bring him in. The folks who are worried about his arm falling off must be delighted about all the rest he’s getting.

    • Indy Red Man

      1 run lead after 3 and a 1 run lead with a rested TA and 2 outs in the 6th is a different story. Either way….no manager can win with a 1 man pen. It took a miracle for Sims to put up zeros in St. Louis. He hasn’t been that good. Good teams have 3 guys better then him in the pen.

      • J

        Good managers make sure they utilize their best relief pitcher at SOME POINT when they might actually help win a game against the division leader. Other pitchers being unreliable isn’t a reason to avoid using the best one you’ve got. For all we know, Antone could have finished this game with just 35 pitches. Or he could have pitched an inning and then the Reds score 5 runs and he’s no longer needed. But we’ll never know because Bell isn’t willing to make the most of what he’s got. He’s willing to let his lesser pitchers lose games while his best one collects dust.

      • Indy Red Man

        I’m not disagreeing with you today, but you never acknowledge my point?

        No adjective manager can win with 1 reliable pitcher in his pen. Antone is very good, but he’s not a super hero! Someone else has to get outs quick often and they don’t. End.of.story

      • Indy Red Man

        Quite often other relievers have to get people out.

      • J

        Yes, the bullpen is terrible, but a good manager would make sure he uses his most reliable relief pitcher in situations where he can help win, and that was the perfect opportunity to use Antone. He’s rested, there were two guys on base, and he could potentially have finished the game if he pitched efficiently. Or the Reds might have scored a few runs and then he can use Sims. There are two separate issues: the relievers are horrible, and Bell is horrible at managing them. These can both be true simultaneously.

      • Chris

        Indy, you may be right, but why the heck would you pull Castillo there, knowing how bad this bullpen is? No excuse!

    • bug

      J,..I agree with all you say. But if this organization and the fans do not understand how terrible Bell is, then I see no hope for the Reds. He’s the worst manager I’ve ever seen.

  30. ClevelandRedsFan

    This has been the spot all year that Bell
    has used Antone…runners on in about 6th or 7th inning.

    Why go away from that today? Very winnable game today and Bell won’t even use his best reliever.

  31. Dennis

    Brewers have 4 runs on 3 hits! How is that possible you ask? Walks! 2 of the 3 runs in the 6th were byproducts of walks issued before the hits!

  32. Dennis

    If the Reds don’t regain the lead before the 9th inning, this game is essentially over with a well-rested Hader in the Brewer bullpen!

  33. Corky Miller

    I wished we had a lefty like this that comes in our of the bullpen throwing strikes.

    He’d never be a Red though because he doesn’t throw hard enough.

    • bug

      He’d never be a Red because he actually throws strikes.

  34. DataDumpster

    No! Sims had an excellent clutch performance yesterday and Castillo’s arm just gave out and thus the BB. A very good outing but will get the loss if the Reds can’t muster a few from here (if Bell chooses to try to win the game). Doolittle just called in, well maybe it will be OK because he doesn’t have inherited runners.

    • Chris

      How did Castillo’s arm wear out? What do you base that on. The kid threw 10 pitches with the 10th earning him a nice K. No reason not to let him finish that inning.

      • DataDumpster

        Going by the Cowboy’s commentary…that’s it.

  35. Indy Red Man

    Willy Adames is most likely going to be a good SS for the Brewers for 6-7 years.
    Its too bad the Reds can only get rentals.

    What a bummer this one is. Miss Burnes/Woodruff and still lose the series.

    • JB

      The Brewers gave up 2 good relief pitchers for him. The Reds dont have that to trade. The Reds tried to give them 7 crappy relief pitchers but were denied.

    • Dennis

      It’s like waving the white flag every time Bell brings in Do Little!

    • LDS

      Of course you go with Doolittle. No team ever comes back from 2 down. Why waste your good guy? I expect he’ll start swapping out the starters soon. For all the RLN’ers that defend Bell, you have your work cutout for you again. I guess Bell bet on the Brewers today.

  36. J

    Good news! Antone can get another full day of rest! That’s the most important thing. Maybe just have him sit out June and July so he’ll be strong in August.

  37. Roger Garrett

    Reds can’t score just like in game one.They have 4 hits.

  38. RojoB

    Wonder what kind of a suspension Votto will get for getting his shoulder and neck area in the way of the hands of the Brewers runner.

    I think Votto has a point, if the runner doesn’t push off him he may have gotten to the ball just soon enough to throw to second.

    Anyway the error hurts. Vogelbach has scored in consecutive innings.

    Gonna take some bat magic from the Reds to get this one back

  39. Indy Red Man

    do little cares about baseball fans. He always wants to make sure the fans in the OF get souvenirs.

    This team? 17 losing years out of 20. Just when you feel a little hope then they collapse. They’re going to drop 2 of 3 in Milw again and then 1-3 in San Diego. The Castellanos sweepstakes starts on June 21!

    • Pablo

      Wow, is it really 17 out of 20??? And some on this site were being critical of the small crowd sizes at GABP.

      • Indy Red Man

        Technically 17 of 21, but I don’t count that nonsense last year.

      • LDS

        And what role did Castellini have in team construction of those winning teams?

    • ClevelandRedsFan

      I’m not going to lie, I am extremely excited for the Castellanos sweepstakes. Reds really shouldn’t go for it and try to make a push this year. At best, this team is 5 games over .500.

      Reds will be trading an MVP candidate at the deadline. Anyone remember returns other MVP caliber players received?

      Reds could also deal Barnhart and possibly even Miley.

      • Indy Red Man

        Yeah if they can actually find some young talent. Castellanos to the Yankees makes so much sense.

        I don’t know about trading Tucker with Stephenson being kind of iffy defensively behind the plate. Miley yes. I’d try really hard to give Moose away too if he’s back by the deadline? Thats a bad contract.

      • realist

        Do you trust the front office gets to not lose their shirts on a trade?

  40. gpod

    the reds will never be able to get on any kind of winning streak cause this bullpen will not allow it…period, end of story

    • Indy Red Man

      Worst I’ve seen from any team in 40 years. Heck Same LeCure is about the same age as Brach. Get him out of the broadcast booth….lollllllllllllll

  41. DataDumpster

    On Doolittle:
    (The Cowboy) “You are not going to succeed in this league if your primary pitch is a 91 mph fastball and your placement isn’t very good.”

    On Antone:
    (J) “He’s being saved for a set of very specific circumstances that just never seem to occur.”

    Nothing to add but some ironic humor helps.

    • bug

      The Cowboy is the only one in the whole organization with any common sense.

  42. TR

    Reds down 6-2. Three inning at-bats to go. Doolittle is doing his thing.

  43. JB

    What in the world is going on today with the Reds hitters swinging on the high pitches out of the strike zone? It’s like they came out of the rain delay with no patience to stand there and possibly take the walk.

  44. Indy Red Man

    I’m worried about Sadak. He has the emotional stability of a 9 yr old girl. Every fly ball is CRUSHED or ANNIHILATED)))))))))))

    When they’re up its like he just won the lottery. When the pen does what the pen does then he sounds like he’s going to launch himself out of the booth and down the concourse)))))))))

    • bug

      He is an embarrassment! Course, so is the whole organization. Sparky is turning over in his grave.

  45. gpod

    do you think we are stuck with Sadek for years to come….if so I might have to launch myself somewhere

    • bug

      I concur. He’s the worst ever!!!!!!!!!

    • TR

      Sadak doesn’t bother me. He’ll eventually work out. I’m a Red’s fan for almost 80 years and watch the game with the audio muted, or else keep track of it on Gameday if I have something else to do.

  46. AllTheHype

    Reds had a one run lead after a good start by Castillo, and the team’s best reliever, who is well rested, doesn’t get to pitch at all in the game. Sigh.

    • Indy Red Man

      J’s right. You have to go with TA there unless he’s unavailable for some reason? With his numbers you’re most likely atleast going into the 8th still ahead and maybe the 9th?

  47. realist

    Sadek is horrible. His voice is grating and he talks twice as much as Thom ever did.

    • Angelo

      Sadek is the worst! We are lucky to have Lark in the booth to tone him down. He gets way too excited for any little good thing a red does. Last night “the reds are destroying the first place Brewers” I am like does he not know that in baseball you don’t say that till the game is over especially with our bullpen.

  48. burtgummer01

    What a shocker the fine bullpen that moneybags Bob put together puts another one out of reach

    • realist

      I wonder which position player will get to finish this one off

  49. docproc

    You rightfully could blame Bell (should have used Antone) or Sims (left a pitch up on an 0-2 count). But they didn’t walk two straight batters who came around to score the tying and lead runs. Castillo lost focus and will take the L as a result. It would have been nice if Sims had picked him up, but it would have been nicer if Sims didn’t need to. Walks do haunt.

    • Indy Red Man

      Most pitchers aren’t that sharp after rain delays. He competed. Definitely doesn’t deserve the L he’s about to get.

      • burtgummer01

        He 100% deserves it.People need to stop making excuses for for terrible baseball.He gets the L because he blew it
        But it’s also not completely his fault far from it

    • JB

      Disagree. Relief pitcher like Sims and Antone are stoppers. They come into the game to shut down the threat. Hader and Williams are that to the Brewers. There is a huge difference in Pens here. Reds Bullpen is terrible. Just leave Castillo in to get the out. The percentages are probably greater for him at getting the out than anybody in the pen not named Antone. Doesnt matter who the starter is or what the lineup is. The Reds live and die with this bullpen. They need to fix it.

      • burtgummer01

        Antone is a stopper yes But Sims???
        He’s borderline awful and fits in very well with the rest of the clowns that moneybags Bob has in the pen

      • JB

        Sims is suppose to be. He is not this year.

  50. Indy Red Man

    Starling Marte will be a FA next year. He’s making 12.5 mil this year. He’s hitting .337 and he’ll be 33 next year. If they got a nice haul for Castellanos, Miley, etc and could get Marte for a couple of years then they could compete if the young pitchers mature.
    On the positive side they do have alot of young talent, but 2023 is more likely!

  51. doofus

    Tomorrow’s headline: “Reds Bullpen Implodes, again.”

  52. burtgummer01

    Honestly if ownership decides to spent money this year they need to completely redo the bullpen everyone except Antone needs to go away

  53. centerfield

    I don’t understand why Bell removed Castillo. He had just recorded the second out and had struck out the on deck batter earlier in the game. Was it that the magical 100 pitch threshold was almost reached? He could have brought Sims in to start the 7th.

  54. doofus

    El tornillo de corcho. Geez, has any hitting coach told him to keep his head in? He opens up, looking into the seats on the 3rd base side, just hoping his bat hits the ball. HOW CAN YOU HIT THE BALL IF YOU CANNOT SEE IT?! Rant over.

    This team needs to jettison dead wood.

    • burtgummer01

      Antones arm would fall off because he’d be the only pitcher in the pen

  55. Mark A Verticchio

    This team is just not that good, bullpen, timely hitting, base running mistakes, managerial decisions and on and on. They will never see .500 let alone compete.

    • Angelo

      especially the base running mistakes. Last night Joey is on second and a base hit to CF and he is still on second? If anything you go half way if you think the CF is going to make the catch. Baseball 101.

  56. Melvin

    Bell has a different definition of urgency than most of the rest of us I’m afraid. This was a crucial game and he should have pulled out all the stops to win it.