The Cincinnati Reds have signed big league veteran Logan Morrison. The 11-year Major League Baseball veteran was playing for the High Point Rockers in the Atlantic League. The soon to be 34-year-old had played just nine games in the Atlantic League but had gone 10-27 with a .370/.486/.741 line that included three home runs, seven walks, and just three strikeouts.

From 2010-2018 Logan Morrison spent most of his time in the big leagues, playing in 959 games and racking up 3713 plate appearances. In that span he had a 105 OPS+ with a few above-average seasons mixed in there. But in both 2019 and 2020 the left-handed slugger who hit 38 home runs in 2017 with Tampa Bay played in just 38 total games in the big leagues and hit just .167/.242/.350.

Where the Reds will assign Logan Morrison isn’t yet known. Triple-A Louisville seems like the most likely spot, though. The Bats have played Nicky Delmonico, Cheslor Cuthbert, and Joey Votto there for 24 of their 31 games and none of those players are still with Louisville. Votto is, of course, back with Cincinnati, and the other two players were released on May 31st.

The Bats certainly could use some extra pop in their lineup, too. They are dead last in the 20-team Triple-A East with 16 home runs on the season. Three different teams in the league have more than triple that number of home runs on the year. Louisville is also dead last in average, slugging, OPS and runs scored. But they are striking out far less than every other team, too. The Bats have a .215/.316/.328 line as a team this year.

When Joey Votto was out with a broken thumb the Reds filled in first base with a combination of Alex Blandino and Tyler Stephenson with a few others mixed in. During Votto’s absence the Reds got a .198/.317/.248 line with two doubles and just one home run from their fill-ins at the position. Morrison may provide a little insurance against that if the team needs someone else to fill in down the line this season.

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    • dk072257

      That was my thoughts exactly…. or prehaps they have noticed Votto’s rapid decline over the past few years.

      Today was just another reminder why the attendance at games stink. Cincinnati fans know when they have a winner and when they dont.

      Fortunately we caught the Cards at a good time for us and a bad time for them. In the end as usual, the Cards will be right there and the Reds will be competing with the Pirates for last.

      I dont know what the ownership is thinking but it certainly aint about winning. All those retread pitchers they picked up in the off season nobody else wanted. They got better pitcher in double A and Antone still isn’t in the starting 5. If the starter could last a few innings it might take some weight off the relivers.

      What I saw today was just a mirror of whats went on all year… and we’re out getting a 10 year pro thats lifetime average is less than he weighs. Pathetic! I really feel sorry for the guys that are performing. Cincinnati doesnt create an atmosphere were a winner wants to stay

      • Bill

        The relief pitchers they have is what you said pathetic. This organization doesn’t want to win. They need new management yesterday. What kills me about this management you have to get some different arms in the bullpen period.

    • Corky Miller

      Now that’s funny right there….

  1. Rednat

    i try to look at attendance from both the owners and fans perspective.

    1. the reds have never drawn well during weekday series. and this goes back as long as i can remember. Even during the BRM era. But it has been exaggerated over the past 20 years or so.

    2. There are many reasons for this but I think the main reason for this is that during the week teams must rely on city dwellers to attend.

    3. i think there is a huge swath of the city, in between the colerain avenue and reading road corridor, that could care less about the reds or baseball in general. and that area encompasses so many neighborhoods and is a huge percentage of the cities population. i personally think the apathy started after the 1994 strike and has grown ever since.

    4. Even if the reds owner spend a lot of money to upgrade, weekday attendance will remain poor so I understand their hesitancy, i really can

    5. however, I feel ownership can do a better job engaging “the city”. they seem to focus more on “reds country”, how about free metro bus rides to and from games? how about free tickets if you live within the city limits? Do the reds even have a caravan for cincinnati during the offseason?

    • Rednat

      this was a reaction to dk072257 above

      • Daytonnati

        Rednat, you nailed it. The Reds used to be the heartbeat of the city and I think the strike, coupled with Pete’s banishment, along with the pace of the game vis-a-vis other professional sports, and the decline of the Boomer demographic has made it into a niche activity. You never hear of FC Cincinnati complaining about attendance. The Bengals don’t have to worry about attendance because the TV money is so plentiful.

        To combat this, MLB is trying to liven up the game with rule changes, expanded playoffs, and stadiums where the actual game on the field is just one of a variety of things to do at the ballpark. This just alienates those who still are hanging on. When we moved back to Cincinnati a few years ago, I was amazed that when we would go out to dinner at a sports bar and I would have to ask staff to switch the TV to the Reds. Invariably, a young waitress or waiter would ask, “What channel?”

        It is depressing, but it is reality.

  2. beelicker

    So why did they just up and cut the 2 28 year old 1Bs they had? Just because they were sucking?

    • ohiojimwalker

      I saw that Cuthbert got picked up by another organization (Mets). Sometimes these 4A guys have an in season opt out date to allow them to try and chase a better chance at some MLB time elsewhere during the season. Sometimes an org will just release guy to offer him such an opportunity. Either way it goes into the books as being released. Don’t know if that was the case with either of these guys.

  3. CI3J

    A 34-year old 1st baseman past his prime who even in his prime was below average (except for one outlier year 4 years ago) and won’t be here next year?

    I mean, whatever.

    My biggest question is: Why isn’t Jesse Winker taking reps at 1B yet? It seems inevitable he’s going to end up there, sooner or later, so why not just cut to the chase and start letting him fill in there? He has the bat of a 1B, he has the body of a 1B, what’s the holdup here? And as a bonus, you can put someone in the outfield who can actually run and get to balls that Winker would never dream of, just like when Donkey made the move. A win-win.

    Put Winker at 1B and forget about it until around 2030 when it’ll be time to start thinking about his replacement.

    • beelicker

      Probably to let him fully hyperfocus on his big breakout season. He seems like a guy that would totally become absorbed in such a side project, perhaps to the detriment of his immediate focus in this particular version of now. Probably won’t have a problem seeing the wisdom of what you’re saying such as in the spring but Votto is literally blocking the need for that now

      • Old Big Ed

        I agree. The time to do it is next spring. Votto can DH next year.

    • MuddyCleats

      Bingo, been saying it for awhile now. Winker to 1B when Votto was out would allow Shogo playing time. Shogo was instrumental in playoff push last yr, they spent good $$$ for him, so you’d think they want to get him going especially while Votto, Moose and Senzel were out? Long term, Reds don’t seem to have a plan @ 1B which is short sighted, but not unexpected! It’s exactly why their “team make up” is crazy confusing now and not working well. A power hitting 1B should b a cornerstone of their team going forward. Sure looked like Votto injured something in the game yesterday and evidently Moose is nowhere near returning? You’d think Stephenson would b your next option just to get him more quality ABs?

      • Doc

        If I were the Reds and I had a plan, I certainly would not be making it public and tipping my hand to the league. Absence of news about a plan is not the same thing as absence of a plan.

  4. TR

    A puzzling acquisition when everyone knows what is needed to make the Reds season relevant. What does this say about T. Stephenson’s time at first base?

    • RojoB

      The only way it makes sense to me is if they just want him to play 1B in Louisville for roster filler. Otherwise I agree it’s a real head-scratcher

      • greenmtred

        I’d bet that you hit the nail on the head: a signing for Louisville and a bit of insurance in case Votto gets injured again.

      • ohiojimwalker

        Exactly. It is an organizational depth signing. More of a power bat at Louisville also equates to more of a power bat off the bench at MLB if they stay deep into their stock of 4A players filling out the MLB roster due to injury such as they are right now (Freeman, Heineman, Payton; did I miss anyone i.e. perhaps Farmer/ Blandino’s real level)

      • TR

        Apparently the front office is making moves to prepare Louisville for the Triple-A Championship Game.

      • Jim Walker

        @TR> Well AAA could be for overall organizational development, not just players 😉

        If Greene and Lodolo get parked at AAA by mid season and the current crop of guys filling out the Reds bench get back down there, not to mention Jose (Garcia) Barrero moving up from AA, it could be quite a team. Not necessarily from the developmental perspective but based on what they might be able of doing on the field at that level of competition.

  5. LDS

    The Reds ownership/management still looking for Roy Hobbs.

  6. JB

    Why not take a look at some free agent BULLPEN guys. Brad Peacock or Jeremy Jeffress. They cant be any worse than Doolittle. I know Roberto Osuna has a sketchy past but he would be a great closer for this team. He is pitching in the Mexican league. Astros are looking at him and Peacock. Maybe for once the Reds can be first to the table instead of last and picking up table scraps like Doolittle and Perez and ……..

    • RojoB

      Kevin Gregg LOL

      At this point I’d like to see Sam LeCure try his hand at it again

      • JB

        We already have kevin Gregg on the team . Doolittle is impersonating him.

    • GF58

      Yes, the Reds need to look at some new BP players. That is where management needs to spend their money right now.

  7. JB

    Why dont they bring up Diehl , a lefty reliever, from AAA? 1.29 ERA . Struck out 4 last night in 2 innings. NO WALKS! He isnt on the 40 man but I could find a few that are that can be released.

  8. beelicker

    In 47 PA at first Stephenson has hit .171 … 6 singles 1 double 11 walks 1 HBP showing no power vs RHP not ideal for a corner infielder

    Some muscle displayed vs LHP but those AB should come at catcher spelling Barnhart

  9. Tim

    Don’t forget that Louisville has seats too. It’s good to have a great team playing there. This looks like a filler there.

  10. Redhaze

    Don’t get me wrong. I am glad we have Derek Johnson. However, the bullpen ERA currently sits at 5.88. We have not found a closer. He has not been able to dial in Garrett or Doolittle.