Cincinnati Reds utilityman/reliever Alex Blandino has been placed on the 10-day injured list and the team has recalled right-handed pitcher Ashton Goudeau from Triple-A Louisville.

The Reds announced these moves on Saturday morning, noting that Alex Blandino has a broken right hand. Last night he was one of FOUR Cincinnati Reds that were hit by a pitch. That came one night after the Cardinals hit THREE Reds players with a pitch. It will be interesting to see how many Reds players get suspended over their getting in the way of St. Louis pitches.

Ashton Goudeau was the scheduled starter for the Louisville Bats today, so in Triple-A the team will be turning to someone else. Goudeau, assuming there are no travel related issues in arriving in time to St. Louis would be available to pitch today and could provide multiple innings if needed.

Cincinnati has an ever expanding injured list. Both Joey Votto and Aristides Aquino are rehabbing with the Louisville Bats, though it should be noted that Aquino did not play in either of the Bats games in Friday’s doubleheader after he played on Thursday. Votto played in both games, going 0-7 on a night when Louisville managed three total hits between the two games. Not all news was bad from Louisville, though, as pitching prospect Tony Santillan struck out 13 batters in game one (video and a more detailed write up at the link) and threw a complete game.

Votto and Aquino are getting closer to returning, but Mike Moustakas, Nick Senzel, and Max Schrock are also on the teams injured list from the position player pool. That leaves them with a healthy infield of catchers Tucker Barnhart and Tyler Stephenson, Kyle Farmer, Jonathan India, Eugenio Suárez, and Mike Freeman.

Saturday lineup notes

The Reds announced their starting lineup as this article was being written. Eugenio Suárez is out of the leadoff spot – at least for today – and Jonathan India has moved up to take over the #1 spot. Suárez is down in the 6-hole for Cincinnati this afternoon.

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  1. LDS

    Stephenson benched for Freeman? Unbelievable. And if Votto goes 0-7 in AAA, let’s not rush him back to Cincinnati.

    • Doug Gray

      Doesn’t benched imply losing ones job rather than just getting a day off or giving someone else a start?

      Small sample size of this season but righties are hitting .172 with a .704 OPS against the Cardinals starter today. Lefties are hitting .273 with an .839 OPS against the Cardinals starter today. Stephenson has played nearly every day for the last month. Seems like a good day to get Freeman a few at-bats against a guy who can’t get lefties out, then put Stephenson into the game when the Cardinals go to the bullpen later.

      Every day there doesn’t need to be some total freak out over the lineup. There are 162 games.

      • Old-school

        I would agree if you simply substituted the name Suarez for Stephenson in that middle paragraph

      • Roger Garrett

        I agree but its not about the lineup for me its about putting our best lineup on the field as many times as possible and even more so with all the injuries we have to key players.Its also about timing for giving players days off.The dude had a homer and a key hit in the 9th to drive in another run last night.Personally I don’t care if Freeman gets any at bats at all cause he is not part of the now or the future just like Heineman and Blandino last night.Guys need rest from time to time and TySteve will get plenty once Joey returns.We won last night so why not today.Go Reds. Blandino getting hurt is bad.Hope the best for him.I wonder if the Commisioner’s office realizes we have had 7 guys hit in 2 games

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree Doug, but wouldn’t getting a more talented player, maybe Shogo, in the game make more sense? Everyone else has been given a chance to play 1B; why not Shogo if they won’t consider Winker or Nick?

      • 2020ball

        RLN will always find the one microscopic thing to complain about the line-up, ignoring of course that these guys aren’t robots and cant play everyday and/or a position they’ve never practiced.

    • burtgummer01

      It’s gotten to the point that a lot of people are whining about Bell ignoring the fact that ownership is the issue and will continue to be

      • RojoB

        Perhaps that is Bob’s master plan.

        “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”

  2. Jim

    Reds won and I should be happy, but it seems like a mirage. Lineup is horrible even without injuries. Pitching seems upside-down with Gray and Castillo so-so to horrible, but Miley and Mahle are the aces so far.
    AAA is bare other than Tony S, and I include Votto.
    AA has 2 SP and a SS.
    Other teams are too far away and our last #1 pick was at least walking before getting hurt.

  3. J

    These kinds of moves baffle me. They lose an infielder and replace him with a reliever they’ll probably only want to use if it doesn’t really matter who’s pitching because someone already has a 4 or 5 run lead. They’ve made the same mistake with the extra player in double-headers, adding a pitcher who never gets in the game because they don’t really want him to pitch unless there are no other options, when an extra hitter/runner/fielder could make a real difference in a close game. They seem to be more worried about “what-if” scenarios that are unlikely to happen than about the scenarios that happen almost every day.

    • MBS

      I don’t disagree, the last man in the pen, is only used if the worst case happens, blowout. Wait a second, that is Blandino’s role, relief pitcher in blow outs. I would have liked Rodriguez to get the call today, but what are we going to do.

      • 2020ball

        Rodriguez would require a 40 man move, and Aquino is already going to require a 40 man move soon. Perhaps theres a player you’d be fine with DFA-ing, but thats the reason we haven’t seen Arod.

  4. RcSodak

    I feel for Mark Payton. He looked good in the spring, but without more opportunities, he’ll end up on another team and likely raking,…..reds modus operandi.

  5. Klugo

    Can’t help but wonder when Santillan will get his shot. That fruit seems pretty ripe.

    I would’ve understood if they swapped India and Suarez places in the lineup straight up. Put Suarez at #9.

    • RojoB

      But India at lead off is progress and it surprises me that it’s been done based on the past decisions that have been made by the current skipper.

      I’ll give him a compliment for it, and extend the compliment if he leaves India there for the next 10 games

      • Roger Garrett

        Just shows where we are really at as a organization and as a team under the current leadership.By that I mean we applaude the obvious like India getting a shot at leading off.Right now I want us to turn this thing around so bad I get excited when Suarez doesn’t punch out and I am serious.I look at it as just maybe he is going to turn it around.

      • RojoB


        You got it. When I said progress I meant progress towards the leaders making some sense with how to use what little they have been given to work with.

      • 2020ball

        “Just shows where we are really at as a organization and as a team under the current leadership.By that I mean we applaude the obvious like India getting a shot at leading off”

        Jeebus on a cracker, even when you guys get what you want you’ll still find a way to gripe about it. Unreal.

      • Doc

        It hasn’t been too many months ago that RLN was hot to trade India and showing him no respect. Now they complain because he hasn’t been moved up in the lineup fast enough, even though 2 weeks or so ago he was hitting .220 and dropping. As someone who doesn’t live and die or define his manhood by how a team plays every single game, it is a comedy to watch.

        People are denigrating Strock despite his near cycle night, and his raising his average by 80 points or do with more regular at bats. There is nothing that will please some RLN complainers.

      • JayTheRed

        Just for the record I have never wanted to trade India ever. It’s nice he has come around and I honestly enjoy watching him play every game he is in. Seems like he is starting to warm up at the plate too.

        I too am always surprised by this team making good decisions. It’s like what… How did they come up with that finally.

  6. Bred

    I don’t know if Blandino is more than a AAAA guy or a utility player, but he sure has some terrible luck. Best to him. When is Santillan going to get a call up? He could be a multiple inning guy like Antone and Sims. The Reds could save the season if they make bold moves with their young pitchers.

  7. Rex

    Baby steps. At least we have the lead off guy we have been calling for.

    After 3 or 4 double switches everyone will be on the field today sooner or later.

    And our 2 man bullpen is rested up.

    • RojoB

      “After 3 or 4 double switches everyone will be on the field today sooner or later.”

      Well said for a chuckle.

      Maybe Goudeau can play a little infield—hidden talents you know

    • JayTheRed

      Each of our two good relievers only pitched one inning so maybe we can see them again tomorrow.

      I do worry about later in the season with how much they are getting used. The team is going to either have to call up some good pitchers who are currently starting to get a cup of coffee in the bigs as relievers or at the trade deadline if we are still close enough to have a chance in September, go out and get a decent reliever or two.

  8. RojoB

    “It will be interesting to see how many Reds players get suspended over their getting in the way of St. Louis pitchers.”

    Line of the year, Doug! Put it on a plaque!!!

    • Mort

      I have to agree. Been giggling about it for the last few minutes.

  9. GreatRedLegsFan

    2B/3B/SS limited to four players, one more down and they’ll have to go beyond the 40-man roster.

  10. Scott C

    “It will be interesting to see how many Reds players get suspended over their getting in the way of St. Louis pitches.” Loved this line!

  11. Rex

    the RED Sparrow is the pride of Fort Lauderdale and can play 3B too

  12. Melvin

    Any explanation as to why Aquino didn’t play? Hear anything?

    • ohiojimwalker

      Aquino played through the 7th inning Saturday with a hit (1/4) and an RBI. Still no Ks thru 2 games 2/6 w/ 2BB and I believe 2 RBI.

  13. Melvin

    Some team still might be willing to give up a lot to get Suarez. That might be good for both parties.

  14. Max BRAGG

    They keep building up SHOGO so now is time to trade him for a relief pitcher with 6 plus ERA LOL.

  15. Rod Andrews

    If you’re an athlete under 35 or so, and a position player why can’t you play everyday? This is baseball, where you stand probably 70% of the time. Why, suddenly, are players so fragile now? Maybe that’s the problem. Not enough playing time.

  16. steven shanken

    With so many players getting hit and so many rule changes how about first hit by pitch =1st base, 2nd batter hit =2nd base, 3rd batter 2nd base + pitcher ejected. HBP ends with a severe injury broken hand etc the same position player on the offending team can not play until the injured player is able to resume play. If HBP is ruled intentional an automatic 90game suspension of playing time and pay.