Mother Nature halted the Reds’ (24-29) plans for Re-Opening Day Wednesday at Great American Ball Park, so they will hit the road for a very important weekend series with the St. Louis Cardinals (31-25) at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Bally Sports Ohio has the TV broadcast, and 700 WLW has the radio broadcast, per usual. First pitch is set for 8:15pm ET.

The Cardinals have dropped to second place in the NL Central, but the Reds are still chasing them. If the Reds can pull off a four-game sweep, it would put Cincinnati right back in contention. But if they get swept or even lose three out of four, it could bury them in the standings. My theory: the Reds like treading water, and they’ll earn a split and stay right where they’ve been for the last month and a half.

Starting Pitchers

Vladimir Gutierrez 17.0 2.65 4.61 3.81 0.94 31.3% 10.4%
Adam Wainwright 59.2 4.22 3.58 4.11 4.23 1.22 22.7% 7.6%

**Gutierrez’s numbers are from his time at Triple-A Louisville.


Gutierrez impressed so much in his MLB debut that he was able to stay with the big league club when Jeff Hoffman went on the 10-day injured list. He pitched five innings against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley, allowing only two hits and one run, a home run off the bat of David Bote, while walking two and striking out three. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to get any run support, as that home run was the only run scored in the entire game.

The right-hander threw five pitches in his debut and mixed all five nicely. His four-seam fastball was his most-used pitch at 58.2% and averaged about 92 mph. He used his curve ball and change up about the same, with his change up being mostly used against left-handed batters. The average speed for both pitches was in the mid-70s. He threw his slider six times, all to right-handed batters, at an average speed of 81.9%. Finally, he threw the sinker only three times, but did record one of his strikeouts with it.


Wainwright, a mainstay in the Cardinals rotation since 2005, has not had a terrible season, posting a 4.22 ERA and a 4.11 FIP in 59.2 innings. After his first appearance of 2021 at Great American Ball Park on April 3 in which he gave up six runs on seven hits in 2.2 innings, he’s been on a bit of a roller coaster ride. The last couple of weeks are evidence of that.

On May 15 in San Diego, he surrendered six runs on eight hits in just four innings. In his next start at home against the Cubs, he pitched eight innings of shut out baseball with seven strikeouts. However, his most recent start at Arizona, he gave up four runs on five hits with three walks and six strikeouts.

Wainwright pitches much better at Busch Stadium than on the road. In six home games this year, he’s thrown 41.0 innings and recorded a 2.41 ERA with 38 strikeouts, while allowing only 11 walks and four home runs. Meanwhile, in four road starts, he has an 8.20 ERA, allowing six home runs in only 18.2 innings. Hopefully the Reds are ready for a better Wainwright than the one they saw in April.


The Reds had an unexpected day off due to the postponement yesterday and everyone should be available because of it. Even Alex Blandino and Mike Freeman should be good to pitch, but let’s hope the Reds stay far away from that situation.

After the Dodgers scored 11 runs in the first inning Wednesday night against the Cardinals, it looked like St. Louis might have to burn their bullpen before a four-game series. However, in typical Cardinals fashion, they ended up getting two innings each from two young pitchers and only had to use four relievers total.


Cincinnati Reds

St. Louis Cardinals

3B Eugenio Suárez Tommy Edman 2B
LF Jesse Winker Dylan Carlson CF
RF Nick Castellanos Tyler O’Neill LF
1B Tyler Stephenson Nolan Arenado 3B
CF Tyler Naquin Yadier Molina C
SS Mike Freeman Matt Carpenter 1B
C Tucker Barnhart Edmundo Sosa SS
2B Jonathan India José Rondón RF
P Vladimir Gutierrez Adam Wainwright P

Against Wainwright, Tucker Barnhart probably hits the best against him, with a career performance of 8-for-18, including two home runs. Eugenio Suárez is 8-for-25 against him, and Jesse Winker is 3-for-11 with a home run.

News and Notes

Aristides Aquino begins a rehab assignment, joining Joey Votto, at Triple-A Louisville tonight.

It was a wash-out for most of the Reds organization yesterday, but two teams did get to play. You can find all the results here.

Finally, writer Jay Jaffe posted an article on Fangraphs today about the season Nick Castellanos is having.

189 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Freeman @ SS instead of trying India. Hmmm

    • Doug Gray

      Freeman has played there many times before. India has not. And India won’t be playing there in the future, either. Sure, Freeman also won’t be – but he’s probably not playing anywhere on the Reds in the long term future, either.

      • Melvin

        Well I was just kinda looking down the road for when Moose gets back as a way of keeping India on the roster as an option @ SS instead of Farmer and certainly instead of Suarez. Oh well.

      • RojoB

        Melvin– you know Moustakas will play 2B, Votto 1B, Suarez at either SS or 3B, and Farmer at SS or 3B (whichever Suarez doesn’t play). Senzel and Naquin will platoon in CF, Winker in RF (Shogo is there for his scheduled nap days), Castellanos in RF (Winker moves to RF and Shogo to LF on Castellanos’ scheduled nap days); Barnhart catching most games, with Stephenson his backup. India’s hair will grow longer on the bench, but at least he’ll start to learn Japanese from Shogo during the games. Blandino will make more relief appearances–maybe even set a record for most pitches thrown in one season by a position player.

        I’m saying this now to prepare myself for the inevitable.

      • MBS

        I think Farmer will be the odd man out, and Senzel will play 2B, Moose 3B. But I also think we are thinking of a future that is unlikely, a healthy team that is.

  2. Dennis Westrick

    Huge series with the season at the 1/3rd point! Need a split at a minimum, 3 of 4 would be great and a sweep would be awesome! In any event, one game at a time! Let’s start wit a win over Wainwright and the rest of the Dirty Birds! No yelling Nick! Especially at Neck Tat!

  3. Old-school

    Freeman turns 34 in August. He was acquired from the Indians for cash. Farmer just had the best game of his life Monday with a rain-out yesterday yet is on the bench. Bell doesn’t believe in rhythm or continuity. Votto and Castellanos have both said in the last week publicly how important continuity and playing regularly is to success. Alfredo Rodriguez was given a $ 6 million signing bonus to play SS for the Reds seemingly decades ago. By all accounts defensively he was major league 2 years ago. He turns 27 in 2 weeks yet is in AAA still despite hitting finally. Freeman is Bell’s latest example of handedness fetish and the Reds organizational example of no plan.

    I hope Mike Freeman goes 4-4 and hits for the cycle.

    • Rex

      I wish I was 34 again…sounds young to me 🙂

      • Dennis Westrick

        34 is young! He’s half my age and i don’t consider myself old!

      • TR

        Time and the years tend not to stop for any of us as long as we’re around.

    • RojoB

      I mean they’re all professional baseball players, right? So one should perform as well as the other.

      • LDS

        Are you applying to replace Bell? Sounds like you’ve nailed the philosophy.

  4. doofus

    This season is a washout, because it is glaringly obvious that this team has so many needs, which were not filled during the offseason. It is time to sell (trade players of value), but for some reason the Red’s front office will always wait until a player’s value is too low. Why is that?

    Could it be that Bob “…we know how it’s done” Castellini is too involved?

    • TR

      Allowing a trusted GM to run the baseball show is not a talent given to every owner.

      • Melvin

        I’m afraid poor Mr. Krall, between having Big Bob and David Bell pulling and pushing him with both having more power than he does, really doesn’t have much of a say in a lot of things.

      • RojoB

        I’ve always wondered, does the balance of power between GM and manager vary between organizations? Does the GM usually have more authority?

      • LDS

        Good question RojoB. I’ve been wondering who makes the actual call for waivers/call ups, etc. And I agree with Melvin, Bell certainly seems to have more juice than Krall.

      • 2020ball

        lollll, classic RLN

        Krall is Bell’s boss, I’ll just simply leave it at that

      • LDS

        Rather naive 2020, there are org charts and reporting structures and then there’s the reality of how things actually work.

      • Melvin

        The GM is the manager’s boss, normally. However the reality is whoever has the most backing by the owner has the most “juice”. There are times when it seems as if Bell thinks he’s invincible. That doesn’t happen without the backing of the owner. You might recall, when Bell took the job, one of his requirements was to have a large say in player moves and required an office close to the GM so he could be more involved.

  5. Wayne Nabors

    Old school, thats been my biggest gripe against bell since he’s been there,he doesn’t let players get in a rhythm,I remember his 1st year votto was in a slump and then broke out with a 3 hit nite and was on the bench the next nite,bell said he makes schedule 3 days in advance, thats ridiculous

    • Melvin

      Well it makes life as a manager a whole lot easier to manage that way….if that’s your main goal instead of winning consistently.

  6. Rex

    I like to ride a hot bat till it cools

    you would think Bell would try a new approach based on his record so far

    • RojoB

      The Reds wish they could face Wainwright every night

    • TR

      The good life in St. Simon Island awaits.

  7. LDS

    There’s the Reds for you. Bases loaded, 1 out and they get one thanks to Wainwright. Nobody put the ball in play or got it out of the infield.

    • RojoB

      Well–Naquin and Stevenson didn’t get a chance for a hit, and then it was the bottom half of the lineup.

      And boy, looks like Freeman really earned his spot at #6, while India has to bat 8th?

      I just can’t even anymore with this manager

    • Old-school

      Winker and Castellanos did as usual
      Someone said a month ago the offense was great

      No – winker and Castellanos in the first inning did what they do.. they hit the baseball … suarez did what he does-k and the SS position did what its done all year.

      1 run instead of 3

  8. Indy Red Man

    Same ole same ole. Moose would’ve got us 1 there atleast in Freeman’s spot, but then you have Suarez at SS giving away 2 runs a series.

    Castellanos hitting .365 and Winker .344 and this team still sucks. Sad

  9. Old-school

    Cards pitching staff and bullpen on fumes after yesterday- goal should be wear out pitching in game 1 early in a 4 game series. Instead, they let Wainwright off the hook .

  10. Corky Miller

    Gutierrez better stay out of the middle of the zone or he’s I-71 bound back to Louisville.

    Maybe instead of Driveline velo guys, we scout, and teach command.

  11. Indy Red Man

    This guy Vlad lives in Big Sal/DeLeon land. Its not 40 degrees with 20+ blowing in tonite. Give us Lodolo! Give the fans a reason to watch. They’re going nowhere

    • Sliotar

      This half-inning is wearing me down…. taking forever.

      Good thing bullpen had yesterday off.

    • RojoB

      winning is a reason to watch.

      I don’t want them to rush Lodolo and Greene and end up with BobSteve and HomerBailey. Remember we want the team to make long term gains. Bringing up Lodolo and Greene is a move Bob would make to sell tickets–not to build a winning core.


      • Sliotar

        I don’t get the “rush those two up” idea.

        -They did not have seasons last year.

        -Reds have 3 or 4 passable SPs, which is what most teams have

        -Why burn service time and/or years on a team with slim playoff odds

        There should be a new window starting when Votto’s deal ends … if it’s done right.

      • Indy Red Man

        Rush them up, service time, etc etc. I get it, but this team is going nowhere. They’re already 7 out and Milw just got Yelich & Burnes back.
        All 3 can/will outspend us at the trade deadline as well.

      • Indy Red Man

        A. Other then Homer they don’t bring up young guys under 24. I remember when Senzel was actually playing everyday and hitting in the minors, but we couldn’t find a place for him.

        B. They’re not going to win. They have no pen and they’re going to be forced to move Castellanos which will leave a Grand Canyon sized hole in the lineup. They also have 2 holes in the rotation

      • Rod Andrews

        I agree. They should give Lodolo ang Greene at least 3 more years in the minors. Why rush them when this staff is so good?

      • doofus

        What! Lodolo will be 26 years old if he is given 3 more years in the minors.

      • doofus

        I want a winning team. If Hunter Greene and Nick Lodolo prove to be talented enough to toe the rubber every 5th day with the big club, then fiddlesnark to service time and all the other excuses people use to say why they should not now be pitching in Cincinnati.

    • MBS

      @Indy, I’d say you might need a bit more patience. A bad inning is not much to go on.

    • 2020ball

      Gutierrez gets one game, one where he pitched fine, and guys around here are already ready to pitch him in the trash. All it took was one bad inning.

      • MBS

        It’s amazing sometimes, I half to admit I can make snap judgments on players. I typically go to far in the other direction. I get too excited for a new guy.

  12. Old-school

    Reds floated from 6 under to last minute finish .500 last year which got them in the wildcard in an 8 team field

    With 162 games and the worst bullpen in baseball they will toggle between 8 under and 4 under the next month.

    One more SP injury or position player and they join the ne’erdwells of the NL and go to 10 under

  13. Dennis Westrick

    There’s a couple of old school sayings in sports worth repeating: 1) Never underestimate your opponent and 2) Never let the best player on the other team beat you! In tonight’s game the Reds should apply saying No. 2 above to Neck Tat (Molina).

    • 2020ball

      Molina is the Cardinals best player? What year is this, 2011?

  14. Mark Moore

    P-thetic bunt attempts. Just swing away instead.

  15. Rex

    I may drive up and watch team USA play Canada in Palm Beach tomorrow night.

    A rare game to see in a tiny park and likely more fun than watching this stuff.

    • RojoB

      Hope you get to see Mark Kolozsvary hit a bomb!

  16. Mark Moore

    Da Wink get’s both of ’em back!!

  17. Roger Garrett

    Just watched the first inning of this game and its the big boys against little leaguers.They put the ball in play and we don’t.Its just a joke to watch this team even for one inning.Our pitcher is 25 and unless he stays out of the center of the plate he won’t last very long.Has no out pitch and the Cards are just wailing away.No way we belong on the same field and they are probably the 4th or the 5th best team in the league.They have old man Molina and Carpenter and a bunch of kids and they will still hammer us.

    • Corky Miller

      Two things stood out…. leadoff single, stole 2nd easily, and then the #2 hitter obviously intended to pull the ball to the right side to move them runner up.

      Hate the Cards, but they are always fundamentally sound. It starts with their scouting and player development.

      Hope Gutierrez finds it soon, or we could lose this kid if he gets shelled. I wished we let guys get their first few innings in middle relief before throwing them in the fire on the road against two rivals. Back to player development.

    • 2020ball

      I don’t even know where to start…. Who knew Goldy and Arenado were kids now.

    • RojoB

      Winker and Castellanos calling WagonMaker their cousin tonight!

      Winker demonstrating what is supposed to happen with runners on base, for the benefit of his teammates.

  18. Roger Garrett

    Wink and Casty trying to out score them all by themselves.

  19. Old-school

    Winker and Castellanos 4-4 after 2 innings

    A hit tool is irreplaceable.

  20. RojoB

    Gameday is calling strike 1 to Edman “Automatic Strike”

  21. RojoB

    Gameday is calling strike 1 to Edman “Automatic Strike”–

    just changed to “called strike”

    Better 2nd inning, Vlad me lad

    • RojoB

      And a great 3rd inning too. That was a great showing against O’Neill, and then he came right at Arenado

      • RojoB

        A scoreless 5th, but now his day is done.

        Held them to 2 runs in five innings–up there with Sonny Gray for the moment LOL

  22. RojoB

    Hey i just tuned in on the TV

    Anyone see that shiny, black, sticky-looking stuff in the center and bottom of St. Yadi’s chest protector? He better be careful the ball will stick there again

  23. RojoB

    That at bat by India was pretty dang good

    • Roger Garrett

      Yes after an 8 pitch inning for their pitcher in the third.India need to be at the top of the order.He walks some and has speed and should get some pitches to hit.

  24. Old-school

    Jon india smokes a double to RF

    • RojoB

      The leadoff double prevents the GIDP also, which is great with the #9a and #9b hitters coming up behind him

  25. 2020ball

    India’s looked better recently, hasn’t hit for any power but a double there is nice to see.

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes, he’s been hitting better recently. Seems to always give a decent at-bat. I would move him up in the order, too, just to see what happens.

  26. redsfan4040

    These Gutierrez at bats have me longing for the universal DH.

  27. Roger Garrett

    Suarez is just pretty much an automatic out.I know he will play everyday and I really hope he gets it together for him and the team.Can’t imagine this for 100 more games though.

    • Mark Moore

      Agreed. It’s painful to watch him take strikes. And when the outs aren’t productive, well …

    • Roger Garrett

      He has flipped the switch for sure.Nice to see from a rookie.Three punchouts in last 2 innings.

  28. RojoB

    Tyler got his hit–keeps grinding…

    • RojoB

      Tyler too with a double that is wasted

      • RojoB

        Of course with this team, a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs is not a gimme for a run to score. Perhaps the best chance to score this inning was to send Stephenson there

      • MBS

        I like forcing a defense to make a play. I think if you run that play 10 times Stephenson scores 7 times. It’s hard to be perfect, it’s easy to run hard.

      • RojoB


        I noticed the throw to the cutoff man was high, I was hoping that was enough to get Stephenson home safely, but the relay throw was right there, and St. Yadi didn’t miss the tag. I tend to agree with the 60-70% chance of scoring. Do they have statcast tracking odds for that stuff, too?

  29. Mark Moore

    Really, House? Waste one like that?

    • redsfan4040

      I mean, with Mike Freeman on deck, it isn’t the worst choice.

      And as I type this, he K’s looking.

      • RojoB

        the manager seems to have forgotten that Freeman does not have as many big league at bats this season as does India, from the look of the lineup construction.

      • 2020ball

        If the lineup order isn’t perfect exactly as RLN thinks the hierarchy of the players is, this is the result.

      • redsfan4040

        2020ball, I don’t think it’s a matter of the order, but the personnel in the lineup. I think it’s been well talked about that the Reds failed to get a SS, and Mike Freeman taking key at bats (in the first and now that AB) is what we get.

      • 2020ball

        Yes, I’d 100% agree its a personnel thing. I learned a long time ago that complaining about lthe lineup order is something you can spin your head on every day for every team. The specific order of the lineup outside of the top 4 spots probably doesn’t mean much really, but its something RLN can gripe about Bell so you’ll for sure see it here unfortunately.

      • RojoB

        to be fair, complaining about complaining about the lineup is something that can wear a person out as well

        and would it really be baseball if there weren’t at least some gripes regarding the lineup?

      • 2020ball

        I wouldnt call it complaining from my end, more like trolling. But yeah maybe thats just splitting hairs.

        And it can be baseball without it!

  30. ClevelandRedsFan

    I’m not watching, but game day says India didn’t advance to 3rd on Guti’s bunt ground out.

    Was it bad baserunning or a bad bunt? Either way, cost the Reds a run.

    • RojoB

      Bad bunt. Died two feet in front of the plate and great hustle by Wainwright he pounced on it and India had no chance

      • RojoB

        It was Carpenter not Wainwright, mea culpa

    • redsfan4040

      Pretty poor bunt, fielder got to it quickly and stared India down before he had a chance to think about advancing.

    • Old-school

      Cards first base fielded bunt 20 feet from home plate- india would have been out by 30 feet

      Chris Welsh just pointed out cards run prevention by defense worth 2 runs this game

      I would not have sent Stephenson x he knew mike freeman up next

  31. 2020ball

    Good defense by the Cards there. Tough play for the Reds but was close enough with the bottom of the order coming up that I think it wasn’t a bad send.

  32. Dennis Westrick

    Stephenson out at the plate because he got a slow start from first! He had a good view of Naquin’s hit and should have known it wasn’t going to be caught! If the Reds had better hitters at the bottom of the lineup the 3rd base coach could take less risks and hold up the runners. Would have had runners at 2nd and 3rd with only one out!

  33. Indy Red Man

    It took a really good relay to get him and Freeman is a waste. Why he’s hitting above India I have no idea?

    Just went back and saw the Vlad bunt with India on 2nd. India can run a little bit so I would’ve loved to see him go 2nd to 3rd on the throw to 1st. Take an aggressive lead because you know they don’t want to throw it to 2nd and let the pitcher reach base. The guy then threw it fairly softly to 1st so if India had a lead then he makes 3rd and scores on Suarez sac fly

    It the little things with this team that end up being big things

    • Indy Red Man

      Aggressiveness fires up your team too. Larkin, Sabo or even BP could provide that spark. That was a lost opportunity there

    • 2020ball

      If you try to go on the throw to first, nearly anybody is a sure out trust me. India isn’t a burner.

  34. LDS

    More great base running and that Farmer upgrade at SS delivered another “great” inning. Surely, Stephenson didn’t make that decision himself. He’s not Vince Coleman, etc,

  35. RojoB

    Ouch Vlad. Walking the guy OPS-ing less than .500 on 4 pitches. C’mon bounce back now

    • RojoB


      another 4 pitch walk and now the player with OPS .900 up

      c’mon show us what you got, Vlad

      • RojoB

        They aren’t biting on the slider anymore

      • RojoB

        a little pop out help. Thanks, O’Neill

  36. Dennis Westrick

    Leadoff walk by our young pitcher with the pitcher up next! Bad bunt by Wainwright gets the job done! Someone said earlier, the Cards are fundamentally sound in all aspects of the game! Reds should take note!

  37. Old-school

    Stephenson is better defensively at first base than votto
    Nice play

    Hes athletic tall and young

    • Rex

      Joey gets bored I think, he is good on Tuesday and bad Wednesday, very inconsistent with his glove

    • Mark Moore


      Definitely agree. I like his approach over there.

  38. RojoB

    What is this new thing that the Cardinals are doing? Hitting the baseball behind the runner so he can advance to the next base? I’m not sure that’s going to really catch on

  39. Mark Moore

    Worked out of that jam. What does DB decide to do now? Let him smoke in the dynamite room or go to Sims (after a PH by somebody)?

      • RojoB

        Can you believe he let Tejay Antone pitch with a one run lead?

        But it isn’t even the 8th or 9th inning!


      • 2020ball

        Im counting this as you paying Bell a compliment!

    • Old-school

      With this bullpen?

      Try and steal another out or 2 +then go to Sims . Its 12 outs and counting

  40. Indy Red Man

    Vlad!! Well done!! Maybe I’m wrong about the kid? He got a little wild that inning, but he was peppering the zone for the first 4 innings. I’ll take that over Hoffman any day of the week. I’d like to Lorenzen get a shot in the rotation too at some point.

    Hoffman seems to do pretty well for the first time thru their lineup. Maybe he could be a good reliever? Trying to think of a guy about 12 years ago that was a mediocre starter, but ended up being pretty good in the pen. I think he was a Brave?

      • Sliotar

        Wainwright the Rasputin of MLB pitchers … at 100+ pitches being like 800 years old.

        Devil Magic, indeed.

        Too bad the Reds only nicked him up good … couldn’t get that big hit there.

    • redsfan4040

      Love to see him stick around. The cardinal hitters seemed to adjust to his stuff, so hopefully a few starts he can start adjusting to hitters’ adjustments.
      I like the idea of Hoffman in the pen. David Bell said today that when Lorenzen comes back, he’ll be in the pen.

      • RojoB

        I missed it–Lorenzen will be in the pen, or Hoffman?

      • redsfan4040

        Bad wording on my part. Lorenzen.
        C. Trent had it on twitter earlier. Around the all-star break, in the bullpen.

  41. JB

    Gutierrez with a nice game and the wind wasnt even blowing in.

  42. RedsMonk65

    Gutierrez with a fairly nice game. Responded well to adversity. Antone comes in contrary to the manger’s usual protocol. Let’s see how it works.

  43. Roger Garrett

    Guti did good and if we had scored another run or two he probably would have went out for the 6th.We have to go for it right now even with 12 outs to go cause we may not score any more.We will see but again we have struggle scoring and if want more from our starters then we better find a way to give them more to work with.Bell did the right thing here even if it doesn’t work out.

  44. RojoB

    Yay Tejay!

    Will he get to keep pitching?

    • Dennis Westrick

      Heavens no! He threw 16 pitches!

      • RojoB

        Man! Who stole David Bell’s managing manual? A second inning for Antone

  45. Rex

    Guti showed a lot buy recovering from the poor first inning, I was not optimistic

  46. RojoB

    Castellanos was just HBP by a Cardinals pitcher.

    Boy I’m going to miss him during his mandatory suspension

    • 2020ball

      Nah, throwing at a Reds player intentionally isnt a suspendable offense

    • RojoB

      I didn’t mean the Cardinals pitcher, you know

  47. Indy Red Man

    Nick C. needs to steal a base here. Try to catch a slow curve. Stephenson hasn’t shown alot of power and they’ll be in anti-doubles defense so why not?

  48. Dennis Westrick

    Again Nick, don’t show any emotion! MLB front office is watching!

  49. Mark Moore

    It’s my bedtime. I’ll have to check the results in the morning. Here’s hoping we hold on and maybe even add another crooked number or two.

    Good night, all!

  50. Sliotar

    Wainwright the Rasputin of MLB pitchers … at 100+ pitches being like 800 years old.

    Devil Magic, indeed.

    Too bad the Reds only nicked him up good … couldn’t get that big hit there.

  51. redsfan4040

    Antone’s breaking ball tonight. Wow. Captain Hook, indeed.

  52. Indy Red Man

    Old-School if you’re interested….JA Happ for the Twins has had 7 straight starts go Over after tonite. Thats one of my fav angles is to fade washed up and/or struggling pitchers by either playing the other team or Over

  53. Indy Red Man

    Antone at 32 pitches. I’d push him 1 more since he’s the only reliable guy Bell has. Close with Sims or Brach

    • RedsMonk65

      2021 Reds’ most Improved players thus far:

      Offensively: Tucker Barnhart
      Defensively: Nick Castellanos

      • RedsMonk65

        On the other hand:

        Tired of seeing Suarez come up empty bat after bat, especially at the top of the lineup. He needs to either sit awhile or be moved down — way down.

        I know we don’t have many options right now, but for Pete’s sake!

  54. 2020ball

    Barnhart’s cooled some after his hot start, but man does he look like a different hitter than his last few years. Great AB, huge run.

  55. Indy Red Man

    India 9 for last 27 (.333) with 5 walks (.375 obp). Only the one double tonite was extra-bases, but he looks comfortable!

  56. LDS

    Suarez struck out with RISP? Imagine that.

    • doofus

      El Tornillo de Corcho has K’d 32% of his plate appearances this season.

      Imagine how many more runs the Reds would score if the manager put someone in the leadoff spot that actually got on base in front of Winker and Castellanos?

  57. Indy Red Man

    Poor Geno. He’s got to be on a record pace for stranding guys? He just has to be. The math is simple. He’s still stranding a ton at leadoff?

    .155 with 1 billion Ks

  58. Sliotar

    Good job so far by Sims.

    Three outs from a really good win .. playing in the Heart of Mordor, Vlad starting, Suarez 0 for 5 in leadoff, etc.

  59. Old-school

    Hot suarez is 1-9 in june with season avg .158 and OPS .599 still

    Mo egger actually said david bell did a good job moving Suarez to leadoff acknowledging desperation

    Those small sample size conclusions get blown up after a 1-9.

    He needs to sit

    • LDS

      Agree. Bench Suarez and shop him for a SS. Start Moose at third and India at 2nd. Senzel will likely be out a while still.

  60. 2020ball

    Risky play there, took the OF by surprise throwing from his back-foot. No effort from the IF to tag him for some crazy reason.

    • Indy Red Man

      More smart then risky. Thats a long throw. The Cubs are very good at that despite not having much speed. They led the NL in 2019 1st to 3rd on hits. I remember Contreras their catcher tagging up 1st to 2nd on a flyball to center that didn’t even make the track. That was either 2018 or 2019. Reds need to really study them

      • Indy Red Man

        Just like India on Vlad’s bunt earlier. Get an aggressive lead and make Carpenter catch the throw then throw you out at 3rd. Suarez was on deck

      • 2020ball

        eh, credit where credits due, but a little better throw or some effort on the tag and he’s out. I like aggressive baserunning generally but really dislike giving away outs on the base paths.

      • 2020ball

        And no I dont think you ever go to third on a bunt back to the pitcher, you’re already in scoring position. That was good baserunning by India.

      • Indy Red Man

        Agree to disagree 2020. You don’t make the 1st or 3rd out at 3rd, but India was on 2nd with 1 out. If he makes 3rd then he scores on Suarez flyball and I think he makes it if he’s aggressive. Carpenter isn’t their normal 1B

  61. RedsMonk65

    Cardinals doing what they do in the bottom of 9th.

    Hold on…..

    • 2020ball

      bunting into outs? No idea what Shildts doing there

  62. RedsMonk65

    Our GG catcher, ladies and gentlemen!

    • 2020ball

      Back to my bridge to watch my other team hopefully stay in 1st. p y’all

  63. RedsMonk65

    Yes! The Dirty Birds get clocked!

  64. RojoB

    That was a nice game for the Redlegs!

    Winker, Castellanos, India, Gutierrez, Antone, Sims

    All get a star!