The Cincinnati Reds have sent first baseman Joey Votto to join the Triple-A Louisville Bats as he is set to begin a rehab assignment. Votto has missed nearly a month after being hit by a pitch and breaking his thumb on May 5th in a game against the Chicago White Sox.

At the time of the injury, Joey Votto was hitting .226/.305/.425 with 11 walks, 25 strikeouts, six doubles, and five home runs in 118 plate appearances. With the announcement there was nothing about how long the rehab stint would last for Votto. It may depend on how he feels, both from a physical standpoint, as well as a “ready” standpoint in terms of being confident he’s ready to hit big league pitcher after not seeing any for a month.

Max Schrock to the IL

After nearly hitting for the cycle on Sunday, Max Schrock is now hitting the trainers table. In his final at-bat of the day he doubled, but strained his calf as he closed in on second base and exited the game. That’s probably not the most fun way to celebrate your first big league home run.

The Reds have recalled left-handed reliever Cionel Pérez from Triple-A Louisville to take the roster spot vacated by Schrock. Pérez was just optioned back to the minors on Monday when Wade Miley returned from the injured list to make the start. His stint with the Bats, at least this time, was as short-lived as it can get.

The Reds are trolling in a good way

There’s new signage up outside of Great American Ball Park. And it’s glorious. Charlie Goldsmith of The Cincinnati Enquirer shared this photo of Nick Castellanos….

The players don’t enter the stadium through the front entrance, so the Cardinals probably won’t notice it immediately when they arrive for their next trip. But it’s a certainty that they will be aware that it’s there. And they’ll probably whine (TM) about it in some manner or another.

20 Responses

  1. ohiojimwalker

    Troll on! Love it. Wonder who in the PR or stadium OPs departments will be fined (by MLB) over this?

  2. Bred

    Tough break for Schrock. He’s been at it for 8 years gets a bomb, a double, and injured in his best day of ball. Talk about a range of emotions in one day. The Casty banner is great, going to be hard to see him go so soon as I expect him to opt out and land on first division club. He should still be invited to the Reds Hall of Fame if he hit and makes plays all season.

  3. docproc

    I’m not sure if anything was said about this, but I’m guessing Votto will DH at least for the first few games with Louisville. He said hitting was fine but catching still hurt.

    • ohiojimwalker

      Twitter is buzzing with reports Votto ran bases and took BP at GABP prior to heading down river. I’ve got a feeling this may be a short rehab unless some issue arises

    • Doug Gray

      There’s been no word yet on the whole DH/field thing. We know he’s the DH tonight, but beyond that no one has said anything yet. We may find out more once Bell has his zoom with the media shortly.

  4. J

    I don’t like it. That sign is now an open invitation for opposing players to grab Castellanos by the neck and/or come charging out of the dugout challenging him to a fight. Everyone knows he’ll get suspended because the sign is very upsetting.

  5. Bryant Welch

    Yep, standing over a player he’s just beaten on a close call taunting him with an obscenity. Doesn’t get more character-building than that for our kids to see (not to mention our crying foul and whining when the league says it was unsportsmanlike.)

    • Indy Red Man

      Like Charles Barkley said….Castellanos is not your kids role model. He comes to the park to win the game. If the “professional” pitcher on the other side didn’t like it then don’t bean him in the first place.

      You hit me with the ball then I may hit you with the bat. I’m funny like that. As far as I’m concerned their pitcher got off lightly!

  6. MBS

    Great, now the whole organization is going to be suspended.

    • Dennis

      Might not be a bad thing for the Front Office!

    • DaveCT

      You know that.

      Thanks, again, Manfred.

  7. MBS

    What’s the odds we’ll see TS get a good amount of playing time at 1B. 3 games at C, and 2 a week at 1B. JV ain’t getting any younger.

    • Daytonnati

      One of the bright spots of the season has been the organization’s willingness to give Stephenson reps at first base. That is outside the box for them.

  8. DaveCT


    Do you mean a little wine is on the menu?

    • DaveCT

      For the Cards ….

      Or, how to ruin a joke ….

  9. Klugo

    Well, Votto in Louisville won’t last too long.

  10. Maloney63

    Actually Mike Freeman replaced Schrock and Perez replaced Feliz. Perez is going for the record for most call ups and sent downs in one season.

  11. Krozley

    Guessing Feliz went on the COVID list, thus temporarily removing him from the 40 man roster and opening the spot for Freeman.

  12. VaRedsFan

    Are the pickings that slim in Louisville that C. Perez has to be the one that comes up?

    • DaveCT

      Bell = matchups, most likely. Hence, Perez.

      And yes, the AAA roster is borderline at best