Over the weekend Hunter Greene made his 5th start of the season for the Chattanooga Lookouts. The 21-year-old allowed two runs in 7.0 innings with a walk and eight strikeouts. The two earned runs match the most he’s allowed in a start this year. During the start he threw 101 pitches with 70 strikes. Among those 101 pitches were 29 fastballs that clocked in at 100+ MPH. 27 of those went for strikes.

Two weeks ago Greene brought home the Double-A South Pitcher of the Week Award for a 10-strikeout performances against Montgomery. For the month of May he’s probably in the running for Pitcher of the Month in the league, too. He’s posted a 1.91 ERA in a league best 28.1 innings. His ERA ranks 3rd in the league. Greene is also leading the league in strikeouts with 41 of them (and just nine walks), he’s 4th in WHIP, and he’s holding batters to a .180/.248/.250 line. Oh, and he’s given up just one home run.

Mark Kolozsvary homers for Team USA

The Olympics will take place later in the summer, but qualifying is still going on. Team USA is just beginning their qualifying process, with their first game coming last night against Nicaragua. Reds minor league catcher Mark Kolozsvary is one of the 26 players on the roster – made up of players who are not on a 40-man roster for a Major League Baseball team (former Reds Homer Bailey, Matt Kemp, Todd Frazier, and Tim Federowicz are also on Team USA).

Getting the start behind the plate and catching prospect Matthew Liberatore. In a 2-1 game in the top of the 4th inning Kolozsvary crushed a solo home run off of the batters eye to extend Team USA’s lead. He would finish the game 2-5 with the homer and a single in Team USA’s win.

Jose Garcia is now Jose Barrero

This has been mentioned a few places, but we’re going to repeat it here in a specific minor league column, too. Jose Garcia, the top Reds shortstop prospect, has changed his name to Jose Barrero. Unfortunately his mother passed away and as a way to honor her he changed his last name to Barrero, which was her last name. And just as a check in for how he’s been performing, he’s hitting .300/.383/.586 with nine walks and 18 strikeouts in 81 plate appearances through 18 games for Double-A Chattanooga.

Nick Lodolo’s blister leads to early exit

On Sunday afternoon Nick Lodolo had to exit his start in the middle of facing a hitter to lead off the 5th inning. The lefty had thrown five pitches in the inning already, but on the 5th pitch he walked around the mound and took a look at his hand. Then he called for the trainer to come out. After some investigation of his pitching hand and a talk he was removed from the game. With the way that the protocols work in the minor leagues there isn’t daily access to the manager or players like there is via zoom before and after each game in the Major Leagues – so it takes time in order to get some information unlike in the past. But I was able to confirm on Monday that it was indeed a blister that led to the early exit for Lodolo from the game.

18 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    Good progress by Greene. Blisters happen, so here’s to Lodolo healing quickly.

  2. Klugo

    The pitching in the minors has me hoping that Krall can take advantage and get some real value for Miley and Castillo. A contender with need of an extra starter, particularly for the left side, should be salivating over Miley and there must be teams out there that have seen enough Castillo to believe in his stuff and think they can refurbish him. A Castillo deal may take a package. Maybe someone will need a catcher or outfielder or a third baseman with pop. Ya know what I mean?
    We have tradeable assets. Can Krall turn it onto an advantage? We shall see.

    • Mark Moore

      As much as I’d like to say we can still make it, days like yesterday are the exception rather than the rule. I’m in with dealing multiple players as you note and the looking to the next couple years with a strong, young core. Keeping Tucker on a renegotiated deal for another 2 years is probably where I reverse from what I stated over the weekend. The needs out there keep growing. We do have some talent to deal from.

      • Klugo

        Yeah, if we can get healthy and make a run, I can see scrapping that plan. There is still time and we have the potential. Starts with getting healthy. I havent thrown in the towel yet. But if we are hovering around or below .500 in July, I say Sell, Sell, Sell.

      • Mark Moore

        Agreed Klugo! But we need to be on the proverbial short leash.

  3. ohiojimwalker

    I’ve been watching Greene and Lodolo pitch via MiLBTV. As impressive as their stuff is the fact they actually pitch as opposed to just throwing the ball by people which they can at the AA level. Hopefully, that bodes well for them and the Reds as they move up the ladder

    • RojoB

      That’s what I love to hear. The chess game of pitching not just brute force.

      • ohiojimwalker

        Of course Doug had to fun me a little bit when I said this on Twitter by pointing out that HG threw 29 pitches at 100MPH or faster on Friday 😉

        But imagine that heat being directed to tough locations vs just down the pipe; and, you’ll have the picture

      • Doug Gray

        Haha. Sometimes you just get your hands on fun stats that need to be talked about!

        But yeah, Jim is certainly right. Hunter Greene throws very hard. But he’s not a thrower. Dude pitches while throwing very hard.

      • ohiojimwalker

        @Doug> The really impressive part was 27 of 29 (or whatever exactly it was) for strikes.

  4. Rednat

    i think our pitching will be enough to compete with cardinals and cubs for years to come. Now it is a matter of upgrading our position players. i think even the most passionate reds fan would admit that position by position we are AT LEAST 1 tier below the cubs and cardinals even when we are at full health.

    a double play combo of Garcia (Barrero) and India is salivating from a defensive standpoint but can they generate enough offense? we still have 3 players for 2 positions in Suarez, Votto and Moose at 1st and 3rd base. Could Suarez be moved to left field?

    Is Senzel the answer in center? i have kind of given up on him being an everyday player. maybe he could be a bench player to prevent the injury frequency with him?

    i think we are close but a few more moves need to be made. mainly acquiring some outfield help esp if Castellanos does not come back

    • ohiojimwalker

      Where does Winker go if Suárez goes to LF? Right now behind Castellanos, it looks like Aquino or bust which could go either way. Agree Senzel remains a big question mark; however, if there is a team willing to assume the risk and send back a decent return on him, I’d certainly listen closely to what was offered.

      • Rednat

        i am assuming Castellanos doesn’t resign next year(hope i am wrong). then move Winker to right and Suarez to left?

      • ohiojimwalker

        I still think they’d be short on RH power w/ Suarez in LF/ Winker in RF. Of course that depends on T.Stephenson’s power profile and who is playing 2B/ SS/ CF.

        I do believe post the CBA renegotiations, the DH will be in the NL as a permanent fixture. That also impacts here.

  5. MK

    When the Reds drafted Mark Kolozsvary I was surprised because checking his record I learned he was never more than third string at the University of Florida. I asked Scott Moss a U of Fla. who was a member of the Dragons about him and his take was that Mark was the real deal and should have played much more in college. Don’t think anyone in organization has improved offensively more than Mark.

    • ohiojimwalker

      Reliable backup type good receiver recruited between 2 top drawer star quality guys at U Fla? Reds gain that somebody saw his value.

  6. Roger Garrett

    As we get closer to the deadline the first order of business should be what can we do about Casty.If he won’t sign with us we MUST deal him for a player that can play now preferrably at a position of need.Can’t set on him and hope we can and hope we can and lose him next year for I am told a compensatory pick,whatever that means.Second we must trade some of our surplus starting pitching for some position players.Please no more outfielders or third baseman.We may need to do some package deals to get rid of some salary as well.Still don’t know why we weren’t looking at Adames from the Rays.I mean the Brewers pretty much gave nothing for a lot of potential.

  7. SteveLV

    If you start trading away players you would otherwise count on in 2022, you ought to trade Castellanos, too. In addition to money, which he can almost certainly get more of elsewhere, diminishing the opportunity to win seems like it would matter to him.

    And I’ve been in favor of trading anyone not controlled in 2024 since before the season started, so as much as I’d hate to see Nick go, I think it’s the right thing to do.

    And the last half of June is a pretty brutal schedule. They better win a lot in the next 2 weeks if they want to be in contention by July 4. If they aren’t at .500 on June 13th, it will be time to pick up the phone.