Back at home for a short homestand, the Cincinnati Reds will host the Philadelphia Phillies at 2:10pm ET as they look to build on their win over the Cubs on Sunday. The Reds are getting Wade Miley back from the injured list after he missed a start with a heel injury.

Starting Lineups

Philadelphia Phillies

Cincinnati Reds

Odúbel Herrera – CF Eugenio Suárez – 3B
Jean Segura – 2B Tyler Naquin – CF
Rhys Hoskins – 1B Nick Castellanos – RF
J.T. Realmuto – C Tyler Stephenson – 1B
Brad Miller – RF Max Schrock – 2B
Andrew McCutchen – LF Tucker Barnhart – C
Alec Bohm – 3B Kyle Farmer – SS
Ronald Torreyes – SS Shogo Akiyama – LF
Vince Velasquez – SP Wade Miley – SP

Starting Pitchers

Wade Miley

It’s been a good season for Wade Miley so far as he’s posted a 3.50 ERA in 43.2 innings this season. Nearly half of his earned runs came in his start on May 14th against Colorado as he allowed eight runs in 3.0 innings. He’s returning from the injured list, having only missed one start along the way.

Teams have really tried stacking the lineup against Miley this year. He’s had 149 plate appearances with right-handed hitters but just 31 against left-handed hitters. He’s been successful against both, but righties are hitting better at a .216/.264/.353 clip against him. Lefties are hitting just .207/.258/.207 against him.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam 2-Seam Cutter
Change Curve
Velo 89.8 88.3 85.3 81.5 74.9
Usage 15.9% 1.5% 49.4% 29.9% 3.2%

Vince Velasquez

Splitting time between the bullpen and rotation this year the results have been good for Vince Velasquez so far this year. He’s posted a 2.95 ERA in 36.2 innings with 45 walks. But he’s also given up seven home runs and walked 22 batters. He’s walked a tightrope this season so far, but he hasn’t fallen off of it yet.

Righties and lefties are hitting about the same when it comes to OPS against Velasquez, but how they arrive there is a bit different. Right-handed hitters have posted a .179/.289/.417 line against him this season. Not much average, not much getting on base, but they’ve crushed six home runs. Left-handed hitters are hitting .213/.339/.340. They get on base, but don’t hit for much average or for much power against him. He’s also pitched better on the road than he has at home, posting a 2.45 ERA away from Philadelphia this season.

Pitch usage from 2021

4-Seam 2-Seam Curve
Change Slider
Velo 93.3 92.9 82.6 88.8 85.7
Usage 49.8% 2.8% 19.0% 16.7% 11.6%

When and Where

  • Game time: 2:10pm ET
  • Where: Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati
  • Watch: Bally Sports Ohio,
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: ­71°, sunny, 0% chance of rain

News and Notes

Cionel Pérez optioned to Triple-A

The Reds needed to create a spot on the 26-man roster today so that Wade Miley could be activated and start. That spot came at the expense of Cionel Pérez who was optioned back to Triple-A Louisville.

Nick Lodolo exits his Double-A start early

Cincinnati Reds #2 overall prospect Nick Lodolo exited his start in the 5th inning yesterday mid at-bat when he developed a blister on his pitching hand.. After a tough first inning where he allowed two runs he had mostly settled in, striking out six batters in 4.0 innings and allowing just three hits.

The Reds reach 85% vaccination, relaxed protocols

Cincinnati is now among the 17 teams in Major League Baseball to have 85% of their tier 1 group vaccinated. That allows them to have some relaxed protocols. The most noticable one to those not with the team is that the players and coaches will no longer need to wear masks in the dugout or bullpen during games. Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer has more details about what it means for all of the tier 1 players, coaches, and staff members if you are interested in reading about it.

NL Central Standings

Playoff odds via Fangraphs

Team W L GB Playoff %
Cardinals 30 23 0 37.5%
Cubs 29 23 0.5 31.9%
Brewers 28 25 2.0 52.4%
Reds 23 28 6.0 8.1%
Pirates 20 32 9.5 0.0%

127 Responses

  1. doofus

    Will the Reds call up Jose Barrero soon to play SS?

  2. CFD3000

    Doug, any updates on Votto and when he might be activated? If I’m not mistaken he broke his thumb three weeks ago this past Wednesday and recovery was estimated at 3-4 weeks.

    It feels like the offense has such a solid core with Winker and Castellanos in all world mode, but there’s not much behind them. Naquin, Barnhart, Stephenson and India (and lately Suarez) have been okay, but a healthy Votto could give the offense a big boost. Hope he’s back soon…

    • jazzmanbbfan

      When Votto was on the radio the other day he was asked if it still hurts. His answer was essentially that it does and if it didn’t he would be out there playing. He made a comment that the thumb is on his glove hand. I think that implied if it was his throwing hand it would be less of an issue.

    • Doug Gray

      Votto is swinging the bat without pain right now. But he noted the other day that catching the ball still hurts. He’s doing baseball stuff, but some of it still isn’t all of the way there.

      • Mark Moore

        Glove hand break will take time. And it is far more disruptive than the throwing hand. You can adapt how you grip the ball at least a little bit, but your fingers go in the glove pretty much one way only.

  3. Hunt4RedsOct

    Alfredo Rodriguez at Louisville is hitting the ball well* and supposed to be a plus defender.
    Does the change in protocols allow for direct call-ups from AA?
    *small sample size alert

    • BenchWarmer

      I noticed that AlfRod has played 2b the last few games down there, with Errol Robinson at SS. That doesn’t seem like something they’d do if they were planning to bring him up to play SS in the big leagues. I doubt if Robinson is the answer either, considering that he’s hitting .160 with a .236 OBP and no power at all. I guess the idea is to make AlfRod a utility infielder, though we have no shortage of guys like that (often at least 2 are starting). Barrero is the answer, the only question is whether they’ll have him spend some time in AAA or just bring him up from, and if so when? He missed a week, so I’m sure they want him to get hot again so that hopefully it carries over, whether at Louisville or in Cincy. Until then, Farmer at SS it is I guess.

  4. Indy Red Man

    Stephenson is only hitting .185 in May, but I like that they’re giving him steady playing time in the middle of the lineup. He goes the other way and he’ll take his walks.

    At first glance I loved his short swing for a such a big guy, but it didn’t hurt that he hit .359 in April. Now though it seems like he’s not getting his arms extended and he isn’t hitting it hard very often. Its going to be a work in progress, but just have to hope he’s working at it! Now replace Farmer with Garcia and let him develop as well.

    • MuddyCleats

      Agree, and as Larkin noted today, teams have started to pound him n due to his inside out only swing. Time to make an adjustment & pull a few

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    Is there an issue related to Winker? Why is not he in the line-up? So the offense without him is weaker than the games before

    • Doug Gray

      Everyone needs an off day every so often. This is Winker’s.

      • TR

        Wink needs to be rested up for the reopening day on Wednesday.

  6. Mark Moore

    And here we go … let’s give Wade some support out there today and hope the strike zone is generous for us and stingy for them.

    • Mark Moore

      Some outfielder that needs playing time to get his timing down … good glove from what I hear.

  7. Mark Moore

    Can’t give bases away … we saw that all weekend in Chicago.

  8. Mark Moore

    One positive takeaway (aside from nobody scoring) – no chance for the no-no today. Pressure’s off on that front.

  9. Mark Moore

    Looking at this kid’s pitching stats makes me think we’ve got a solid chance to make a Cy Young candidate out of him today … but I hope not.

    • Rex

      if he has a slider no doubt Suarez will love it

  10. Mark Moore

    Not quite enough, but I’ll take the swing that puts it in play over the whiff we saw earlier.

  11. Tom Mitsoff

    I certainly can’t recall in my lifetime seeing a player improve more defensively from one year to the next than Nick Castellanos.

  12. Mark Moore

    “Perfectly placed …”

    Sure, because our SS has limited range it was. I have to believe most starting SS players field that and get at least one out.

    • Mark Moore

      And personally, I think Farmer is the best option we have on the current MLB roster. But he’s a back-up utility guy playing as a starter. I know … dead horse.

  13. Mark Moore

    No runs courtesy of that fantastic grab by Castellanos. That helps Wade out, especially when he issued another BB.

  14. Mark Moore

    That’s a good hit-and-run execution!

    • Rex

      The REDS are a better team when he is in Louisville

    • Mark Moore

      Likely the case. Schrock profiles as a better hitter and plays the same role.

  15. Mark Moore

    Really hope we don’t strand Barnhart out there.

  16. RedsMonk65

    Nice at bat with RISP by Geno.

    No hit, but got on base to load them up.

    • RedsMonk65

      Pays off with hit by Naquin — 2 more runs!

  17. Mark Moore

    That 2nd run courtesy of better than average speed by Shogo.

    And a mound visit means he’s done. Their BP can’t warm up fast enough.

    Go Nick C!

  18. Mark Moore

    Two long fly outs … have to think he’ll convert one yet today.

    Nice to have a lead for Wade. Let’s keep the gas on!

  19. Indy Red Man

    This Sadak guy? I’m not one to complain about announcers often, but relax brother. Ball doesn’t even make the track and he’s about ready to fall out of his chair and down the walkway))

    • docproc

      Yep. And he’s at the park, not watching on a monitor. Get it together, dude.

    • Mark Moore

      I think he’s trying too hard. I get it. First year on the job and trying to find your groove. And Castellanos did mash both of them. But he got under them just a bit and the result is what we saw.

  20. Mark Moore

    Didn’t really look like it broke much. Kind of went on a line allowing Segura to track it and smack it.

  21. Mark Moore

    Bad call off by Naquin. I think Nick has a solid shot at getting him. Booth is right on that front.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Stephenson not quite getting the barrel on the ball. Well under .200 in May. I think the word is out that he’s good at going the other way so they’re coming in much more often. He’s got to listen to his coaches and adjust to their adjustments.

    • Mark Moore

      Our hitting coaches? We going to trust them with that young stud’s future? 🙂

  23. Mark Moore

    Get one back and another to boot!

  24. Roger Garrett

    Anybody have Shrock and Farmer both going deep today?I sure didn’t.Go Reds.

  25. Roger Garrett

    Better yet anybody have us with 6 runs after 3 innings?

    • Rex

      feeling better with the runs and our bullpen…3 more runs and I can relax a bit

    • Mark Moore

      No to both. Schrock’s was a rocket launch. Farmer’s kind of snuck out. I like that we had men on base ahead of both.

  26. Mark Moore

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but you aren’t supposed to PH a lefty when a lefty is throwing, right? I mean … David Bell rules … uh … rule.

    • Mark Moore

      OK, at least Larkin explained it.

  27. Roger Garrett

    Wade is battling.Not sure how much more wiggle he has left.

    • Mark Moore

      Yeah – but at least he’s getting that particular call. Fast approaching 80 pitches on the day. Squeaked out of it, so I’m thinking he gets the 5th at least to start.

  28. Roger Garrett

    Why not at least to start as you said.Unless he gets then quick we see the pen having to cover 4 innings.I like our chances but we could still use more runs.

    • Mark Moore

      Have to think he’s good for 110 on a day like this as long as he can wrap up this inning around 90 …

      And then JT does THAT.

      • Roger Garrett

        Wade not only has more wiggle,he has a little waggle.So do we give him the 6th?Would be tempting would it not?He has hit 92 today which is up a tick or two.Guy is a pro and gives you all he has got.May get bounced around every now and then but he does keep us in the game for the most part.

  29. JB

    St. Louis has the Dodgers and Cubs have San Diego. Then Reds play St. Louis and Cubs get San Fran. This week cant get any bigger for the Reds to make some movement in the standings.

    • Mark Moore

      The entire NL Central could be out of it when that dust clears …

      • Rex

        the did not do much last year for placing 4 teams

  30. Dennis Westrick

    Miley has been a magician so far! Reminds me of Glavin and Maddux with the Braves in the mid 90’s. Neither one of them had a blazing fastball, just pitched to contact. My only criticism of Miley and other Reds pitchers, except Sonny, too many walks which runs up the pitch count and leads to an earlier than desired exit!

  31. Mark Moore

    And it’s a 17-game streak for Nick!

  32. Rex

    Blandino should start packing for that 2 hour drive

  33. Mark Moore

    Another Schrocket!!! Alex Blandino probably needs to think about packing his bags and checking out of his living quarters.

    Hardest two “cycle” hits in the bag.

  34. RedsMonk65

    Reds Superstars: Max Schrock and Kyle Farmer.

  35. Mark Moore

    Apparently Mr. Bell did know something today that we did not. This reminds me how much fun baseball can be.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yep must have known something.Reminds me some of Dusty’s get away day’s lineup when he always inserted Miguel Cairo in the lineup.Dude would go 4 for 5 and knock in 3 or 4 and you knew he wasn’t even going to hit a ball out of the infield.Good old days by the way when we actually were a pretty good team.Old guy with memories on Memorial Day.Salute to all you Vets and to the families of the ones that have gone on.

  36. Mark Moore

    Yeah – Segura is pretty good over there.

    Miley for the 6th?

  37. JB

    8 runs today. Not looking good for tomorrow.

    • Rex

      my dad always said that…seems true

      “REDS take opener, avoid the sweep”

      • Mark Moore

        A very sad but accurate +100 to your Dad, Rex.

  38. Mark Moore

    Umps really need to stop this late granting time. That’s another thing to deal with in addition to the flex-o-zone most of them use.

  39. Mark Moore

    That’ll do, Wade. That’ll do.

  40. Mark Moore

    Payton … because Da Wink really doesn’t need even one AB on his “off day”. SMH!!

  41. Roger Garrett

    Miley got it done and I mean he got it done.That righty lineup the Phils put out there can hit and with power.Dude was truly the magician today as Dennis said

  42. Rex

    Doolittle! can he hold them to 3 or 4 runs?

  43. Indy Red Man

    Took Castellanos and Adames for Milw for the MLB Beat the Streak contest. I’m up to 22 now! Just 35 more and I’ll finance a RLN party)))

    Willy Adames was a nice pickup for Milw. He’s only 25. Thats the kind of guys the Reds need to look for if they go into trade mode at some point.

    • Roger Garrett

      I don’t know if the Reds were in on Adames but the Brew Crew got him I believe for 2 relief pitchers and that ain’t much.

      • RojoB

        He is line is like Farmer’s or even Suárez’s though

  44. RojoB

    8-1 is nice to see after doing some yard work. And without Winker

  45. Mark Moore

    Nick hates going 1 for 3 … it lowers his batting average.

    • Daytonnati

      Nice! Reminds me of when Billy Hamilton used to go 1 for 5 and RAISE his! 🙂

  46. Mark Moore

    Went with the pitch … are you watching that move Geno? I know you’re hitting a little better, but …

  47. Mark Moore


    We are loving us some Schrock today, aren’t we?

    • Mark Moore

      What a day for Schrock. Tough way to end it. I hope it’s a mild tweak in the calf, not the hammy or quad.

      • JB

        The way he grabbed the front of the foot I’m wondering if it’s a cramp.

      • Mark Moore

        Looked more like a calf tweak to me … we shall see.

      • Mark Moore

        JB – that’s kind of what I’m thinking.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Cowboy said he is walking very gingerly down the step into the tunnel to the locker room. That doesn’t sound good.

      • Tom Mitsoff

        What a shame for him. He looked like he might get an extended look with a hitting performance like that.

    • RojoB

      This game—what a Schrock show

      Hope he’s not hurt too badly

  48. Mark Moore

    I can’t believe we just saw what we saw.

    Again – went with the pitch for a double.

  49. Roger Garrett

    Its got to be in the water in the dugout.

  50. Mark Moore

    C’mon Shogo … OK, even one more run works. And that’s a slow runner in Tucker.

  51. Mark Moore

    Big crooked number without anything leaving the park. That’s a game I want to watch.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yeah never though about that but you are right.

  52. Roger Garrett

    Been along time since we did this.Fight at the bat rack,Wink even looking for a helmet.

  53. Dennis Westrick

    Now that it’s 10-1 Bell can let Doolittle finish, I hope!

    • Mark Moore

      He’s already out. Brach is the next up.

  54. Dennis Westrick

    Classic Bell, everyone gets a participation trophy!

  55. Mark Moore

    Phil’s have scrapped out 7 hits and some walks with almost nothing to show for it. Some pivotal early moments for our Reds including Castellanos running down that shot headed to the wall. Just all around great game to watch today. More of this, please.

  56. Mark Moore

    India on deck and not Winker? What am I missing here?

  57. Mark Moore

    Way to make ball 4 work for you. On second is better than on first.

  58. Mark Moore

    Jim Day getting Farmer for the post-game? Should be Schrock, but we all know he’s got other things on his plate at the moment.

  59. Mark Moore

    Fun game today, my friends. Good performance by Miley. Just hope Schrock is OK.

  60. Dennis Westrick

    Only way Feliz should see the mound is when there’s a 5+ run lead

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. He’s a mop-up kind of guy. Every team needs a couple. But never, never, never in a high-leverage situation.