Nick Senzel is set to have knee surgery on Friday. It sounds like he is going to have some meniscus cleaned up and will have it scoped. The general timeline for recovery from this injury is 4-6 weeks, but the exact timeline won’t be certain until after the surgery takes place.

“Nick Senzel is going to have knee surgery on Friday,” said manager David Bell. “It’s a scope and it’s going in to clean it up. We really won’t have a date for return until after the surgery. Just once they go in and we know the extent of it, we’ll have a better idea of that. From all indications it is nothing too serious, more of just a clean up and we fully expect to have him back with a big part of the season remaining.”

When exactly the injury occurred isn’t quite known. Sometimes these injuries aren’t a “one time” thing in the sense that things can develop over time rather than an abrupt one-incident that leads to the problem.

“The last day that he played was the first time that I knew anything significant was going on and it really effected the way he was playing,” Bell said. “I think something happened – I don’t know, I don’t believe it was one play or anything like that, but it could have been – something happened that day that kind of aggravated it. It may not be a new injury, it might be wear and tear over the years but it did really act up that day and kind of led to where we are today. ”

“He wants to be back playing. I think he’s disappointed that he’s going to miss more time. But he was anxious to get it taken care of. I think it was a solution to get it taken care of and come back and be healthy and not have to worry about it. It might be a whole different story if it was something major that would keep him out for the rest of the year, I would think would have a good chunk of the second half of the season to play.”

“One of these days all of this is going to be behind him and he’s going to be able to play and not have to worry about this. Injuries are always a part of the game, don’t get me wrong, but he’s worked too hard and he has a long way to go – he’s still young. I’m positive that he’s going to get to a point where he’s healthy and not have to worry about this. He deserves it, and when that time comes which is hopefully after this surgery – man, it’s just so exciting to see what he can do on the field. I think we all got a taste of it on the major league field watching what he was doing at multiple positions. So athletically, gracefully, just making all of the plays and contributing offensively and running the bases and really seeing the full picture of what he’s able to do on the field is very rare and we can’t wait to get him back for a lot of reasons.”

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  1. Melvin

    I like the guy but his value to the Reds and his trade value continue to plummet. Of course I wish him well.

  2. RedBaron

    Tough luck seems to follow this kid around like white on rice. That being said it’s becoming more and more likely that he turns into a bust which sucks when you use the 2nd overall pick on him.

  3. docproc

    Looks like Tyler Naquin will get a long tryout to be the replacement for Nick C. when he opts out (or we deal him at the deadline).

  4. LDS

    One fragile guy. Sad. He’s obviously very talented but I beginning to doubt his body will let him realize that talent.

    • JayTheRed

      Just too many injuries and all the time. This guy is like glass. One drop or fall and your broken somehow.

      I feel terrible for the guy and it sure stinks for the Reds. Hope he feels better in a few months. Very frustrating.

  5. Doc

    Perhaps they will move him to 60 day and bring up Garcia. Is it possible that Garcia didn’t play yesterday as part of Covid protocol for promotion, either to Reds or Louisville?

  6. Tim

    Reds have millions of dollars on the IL right now. They need to create some roster excitement for reopening day.

  7. MBS

    That stinks, but it’s a good opportunity for India to have regular playing time. I like Senzel, but this has become the norm for him. It’s one of the reasons I always consider him a backup, can’t pencil him in for 140+

  8. Jim Walker

    We really won’t have a date for return until after the surgery. Just once they go in and we know the extent of it, we’ll have a better idea of that.

    Those are the words of David Bell talking about Nick Senzel’s knee surgery. Excuse me for being the skeptic here; but, that doesn’t sound all reassuring that this is simply a minor cleanup job as has been said elsewhere.

    • Doug Gray

      I think you are reading into it more than you should, Jim. That’s kind of how every surgery goes.

      • Jim Walker

        That’s my point. I know this is a knee and not an elbow but some guys go into elbow surgery thinking/ hoping it is a “clean out” of some sort and awake to learn they got the full Tommy John treatment.

        All indications here are they don’t know exactly what the damage is or when or how it happened per Bell statements. This is basically exploratory surgery to find and fix whatever they find; but, they don’t really know what it is they are going to find. Probably, hopefully minor but…..

      • Melvin

        Unfortunately when it comes to Senzel it’s seemingly always more than expected. Hopefully not. I think the wise thing for the Reds would be not to expect him back this year and adjust accordingly. If he does then it will be a bonus.

    • CI3J

      I’d say it’s a safe bet we won’t see Senzel back on the field until after the All-Star break.

  9. DeadRed

    Was this kid banged up all the time in college too?

    • CI3J

      And what has changed since then?

      Hint: How much outfield did Senzel play in college?

      • earmbrister

        I just don’t see the CF position being any more punishing on the body than playing 3B or 2B. Particularly 2B and the constant chance for injury while dealing with runners bearing down on you.

        CF is not like the Catcher position either.

      • Melvin

        Yeah. I don’t think position matters for him really.

    • TR

      I doubt the Reds would have made Senzel the #2 draft pick if he had been injury prone at ‘T’ in the very competitive SEC. I think the Reds placing Senzel outside his natural infield position is a key part of the problem.

      • Still a Red

        Senzel had his injuries in the minors too, incl. vertigo, before switching to outfield…altho I don’t know if he ever played his college position (3rd) in the minors.

  10. RojoB

    Really rooting for this player but he has had a seemingly never ending stream of unfortunate events that keep stalling his career

  11. D Ray White

    Nick needs to be permanently moved to the infield. It’s time. Suarez or Moose need to make room.

    • rgslone

      He’s not good enough, in my opinion. I think it’s time (a couple of years past time, maybe) to stop trying to make places for him to play and weaken the rest of the lineup, and start looking for a place for him to sit on the bench and help out as a backup multi-position piece. I know that he was a high draft pick, but sometimes you just have to accept what is instead of the fantasy.

  12. wizeman

    Kid gets hurt playing hard. Bad luck. Not like he hurt himself diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool. Frustrating to read the terrible stuff written about a kid who gives 100%

  13. GreatRedLegsFan

    If Senzel is ever going to be part of the future, Reds shall consider moving him back to IF duties permanently, and perhaps upon a bench role to restart with. The guy has the skills to play here and there, and his bat shall come along with regular playing time. Unfortunately, it seems he’s injury prone. He isn’t the first player with such condition and for sure won’t be the last. I can remember other future stars that just weren’t able to keep themselves healthy (Charboneau, Daniels, Nix) and faded away too soon.

  14. Melvin

    Unfortunately for him, Senzel in reality has shown himself to be a bench player and not to be counted on as an every day player until he proves himself otherwise. I wish him well but I have my serious doubts. Until that happens there’s no way the Reds should plan on him as a big part of their future. He’s given them no reason to believe his body can hold up. Infield or outfield, it doesn’t really matter. The best most realistic role for him at this point is a “do everything” Farmer type with potentially more upside. Counting on him is risky at best.

  15. Roger Garrett

    Hate it for him I am a big fan of him and his all out hustle.Would be a good time to bring up the young guy to play short and let’s get settled in on the field.Everybody plays is not a plan nor a solution to this season or beyond.We are no better then 3rd and probably 4th in our own division so let’s see what these younger players can do.Waiting for our vets to turn it around or return from injury is not part of the solution until it happens and who knows if or when it will.Go young and have some fun

    • Still a Red

      I understand the frustration…but going young is always fun…and it can be detrimental to development.

      • Still a Red

        ooops…going you is NOT always fun

  16. Erik the Red

    I had high hopes for this pick since it was the second overall pick. Not looking real good now Way too many injuries and when he is healthy not overly impressed with his statistics.