The Cincinnati Reds (21-25) are coming off a big win last night against Max Scherzer. The Redlegs will try to make it a winning streak tonight at 7:05 at the Washington Nationals (20-24). The Reds would secure their first series win in two weeks with a win tonight.

Starting Pitchers

Jeff Hoffman will make his 10th start tonight. The Reds are somehow 5-4 in his starts this season. The command is the most frustrating thing to watch with Hoffman. He was pretty good in his last start (2 hits and 1 run in 5 inning vs the Brewers) with the exception of walking 3 straight batters (the 6-8 in the Brewers order) to walk in a run. Hoffman has a career 5.63 ERA in 3 starts against the Nationals.

Joe Ross is the type of pitcher that you can hit hard, but you have to be patient. His best ability is his chase rate, which ranks in the 63rd percentile. Batters have a 1.216 OPS vs Ross when they get ahead 1-0 in the count. If they fall behind 0-1, the OPS against is just .565. Ross has pitched well against the Reds in his career. He has a 2.84 ERA in 3 career starts.

Starting Lineups

Reds Nationals
1. Eugenio Suárez (3B)
2. Jesse Winker (LF)
3. Nick Castellanos (RF)
4. Tyler Naquin (CF)
5. Tyler Stephenson (1B)
6. Tucker Barnhart (C)
7. Kyle Farmer (SS)
8. Jonathan India (2B)
9. Jeff Hoffman (P)
1. Trea Turner (SS)
2. Juan Soto (RF)
3. Josh Bell (1B)
4. Kyle Schwarber (LF)
5. Starlin Castro (3B)
6. Josh Harrison (2B)
7. Alex Avila (C)
8. Andrew Stevenson (CF)
9. Joe Ross (P)

Eugenio Suárez remains in the leadoff spot to no surprise. Batting a struggling hitter leadoff to get him going might sound bizarre, but last night Suarez came to the plate with the bases empty in every plate appearance. That certainly won’t always happen, but he should bat with the bases empty much more often than batting in the middle to bottom of the order. A strikeout with the bases empty is really just an out and does not feel nearly as deflating than when there are runners on base. It might take some pressure off Geno.

Nick Senzel to undergo knee surgery

This afternoon the Cincinnati Reds announced that outfielder Nick Senzel would undergo knee surgery on Friday. The general recovery time for this is 4-6 weeks. Doug Gray wrote more about it earlier today and has quotes from manager David Bell on the injury.


Last night’s win was huge for the Reds. You don’t expect to beat Max Scherzer very often. Despite the Reds going just 2-2 in their last four games, they’ve actually picked up 1.5 games in the standings. The Cardinals struggles have got the Reds back within 4.0 games. Go Reds!

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  1. Melvin

    I’m sorry but I really don’t understand the logic of batting Suarez leadoff so his strikeouts won’t seam as devastating and there is less of a chance of him doing it with runners on base. If that’s the motivation why not bat him 9th after the pitcher. To me that would be the least pressure and least harm to the team . Maybe that’s just me.

    • Mark Moore

      We discussed that last night, Melvin. It’s clearly to give him the best possible chance to collect a Platinum Sombrero. No other explanation makes any sense anyway.

    • MBS

      Batting him 9th is to hide him. Batting lead off is to bring him out of the slump. Both ideas are better than having him bat 3 – 6. In those spots he just want to hit HRs.

      • Melvin

        Personally, right now, I’d rather hide him as you put it. There is still pressure batting 1st anyway. Virtually no pressure batting 9th so he can relax until if/when he comes out of it. But hey, for some reason they didn’t ask me. :)…hard to believe ain’t it?

  2. Sliotar

    Nick wrote: “A strikeout with the bases empty is really just an out does not feel nearly as deflating than when there are runners on base. It might take some pressure off Geno.”

    As I have asked before … is this parody or is Nick trying to be serious?

    Suarez is an age 30 veteran with more than 3,000 MLB at-bats … who, according to Cincinnati media tweets this week does not think his mechanics are bad.

    There is Process and there is Outcome … the Reds stink at Process and have consistently with this ownership. They certainly seem to have no process with Suarez other than “let him be …. (poor fellow).”

    If Suarez was truly worried about Pressure … he would have changed his batting approach earlier in the season.

    • Old-school

      @Sliotar- I want to see Suarez and Bell and Zinter and Krall all saying Suarez is using all the resources and coaches and video extra duty every day to get back to being an All Star.

      I dont know hes not in the cage with Zinter extra but it sure sounds like waiting on disney magic pixie dust is the plan.

      He did look good defensively at 3b so end the SS fiasco.

    • LDS

      Further it is a situation that arises in the opening inning and not necessarily again throughout the game. Though with the Reds tendency to go down in order, it occurs too frequently.

  3. Melvin

    Was Winker throwing to 3B there or home?

    • TR

      Winker can certainly hit but he’s not the best outfield arm. 1st. base is eventually calling.

      • Jim Walker

        DH, not 1B. The NL is going to have it whenever and however the labor situation is eventually settled when the CBA expires this coming off season

  4. docproc

    Why is Hoffman still in our rotation?

  5. Indy Red Man

    I’m worn out with Hoffman. Pull the cord already. 2-0 and 3-1 on every hitter. Start giving the young guys a chance. We’re too banged up and too thin in the lineup and in the pen to compete anyway so start the youth movement. Hoffman has no future.

  6. JB

    If you are to afraid to throw strikes you shouldn’t be in the majors. I’ve seen enough of him and he does not belong in the bullpen.

  7. Dennis Westrick

    Hoffman has got to go! Three (3) walks in the 1st inning, the third walk to a .182 hitter forces in a run! NICE!!! Icing on the cake, a 33-pitch !st inning!

  8. Don HOWLAND

    Is there an over-under on Suarez’s batting average before Bell takes him out of the lead-off position?

    Nothing like a 2-out first inning…

  9. centerfield

    Before you smash your 70 in. flat screen watching Hoffman walk hitters, switch to ESPN for a while and watch Trevor Bauer vs. the Astros

  10. Nelson Coble

    Just fire Bel air and move on. He is clueless and so is the organization. 33 pitches in the 1st inning and less than half were strikes. Bring up a youngster and for heaven’s sake play Shogo.

  11. Mark Moore

    Down and away … and he still pulls it to Turner. SMH!!

  12. Old-school

    David bell gives AAAA guys every opportunity always because as a 7 th round pick and career role guy- he likes those guys and hates young high draft picks

    Those guys took his job

    2020 opening day starting lineup
    Phil ervin LF leadoff
    Matt Davidson DH
    Winker bench

    Jose Peraza platoon OF

    Jeff Hoffman has never done anything -yet is going to get 20 starts despite an ERA of 8 since May 1

    Wheres matt Davidson? The guy played over Aquino at DH who actually did something

    This is David Bell
    Mahle beats Scherzer and then this.

  13. Daytonnati

    Jeez, this is like sitting through Mrs. Gordon’s third period literature class during “The House of the Seven Gables” section.

  14. docproc

    Eugenio Suarez: Now killing rallies from the leadoff slot.

  15. Tim

    Reds ought to do a walk-a-thon for charity. Goodness.

  16. Mark

    Hoffman needs to go he is awful. He needs switched out for Santillan. He just needs to go. Walk walk walk walk and a poor bunt.

  17. Daytonnati

    And Nathaniel Hawthorne had better stuff than Hoffman …

  18. Mark Moore

    Who is injured now? I’m thinking it’s our Reds’ Pride, but it could be something else.

  19. RedsMonk65

    Wow. Five walks in 1 and 1/3 innings. Just wow.

    Looks like he’s coming out. Perhaps he’s injured.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Well at least Bell didn’t wait until we were down 5 or 6 runs! Just don’t understand Hoffman’s inability to throw strikes and get ahead in the count! Gonna be a long nite with a parade of relievers!

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Throwing strikes is a skill. It is not something that a player is choosing not to do. That should make it easier to understand hopefully.

        Hopefully Hoffman isn’t injured badly. It might be time to try someone else in the rotation but maybe he could come back and throw in the bullpen where he will likely be more effective.

    • RojoB

      Sprain of his strike-throwing ligament

  20. Sliotar


    Easy on the literary references.

    Classing this place up is going to create cultural shock for most of us.

    • Daytonnati

      Yeah, this seems like a Hunter Thompson crowd 🙂

  21. Sliotar

    Brad Brach can really lay down a marker here if he can keep the Reds in this one.

    Nick was right in the preview about Joe Ross not being all that.

  22. Bred

    Is this who you want in such a high leverage situation?

    • JB

      They asked Blandino but he said he wasnt loose.

      • Sliotar


        Blandino is now the Reds equivalent of “NFL backup qb on sidelines holding clipboard being popular with fans.”

  23. Indy Red Man

    Get Nick Lodolo up here! This team is going nowhere. We need a reason to watch moving forward. I’m interested to see if Bell will try something different with Lorenzen as well. Maybe the rotation and then platoon with Naquin in the OF?

    Nice job by Brach. He might get thru 2022 and help if they don’t ask too much of him.

  24. Old-school

    This is a 77- 85 team

    See this road trip but I cant see 4-2

    I see 2-4

    • Indy Red Man

      The next 3 weeks are brutal. They finish 4 in SD on June 20. I expect them to be atleast 9-10 out by then.

      Dang….Reds announcers arguing now.

  25. Dennis Westrick

    Thank you Castro for swinging at a 3-0 pitch with the bases loaded! He must have been watching Suarez!

  26. LDS

    Alright Suarez hasn’t struck out yet so clearly batting lead off is working. Sure glad to see he’s broken out of his 2 year “slump”.

  27. Mark Moore

    Can anybody tell me if that 2nd pitch (first strike) to Wink was really a ball and another HP Ump blown call? Gameday showed it outside.

    • Indy Red Man

      Borderline at best, but he’s been calling that all night. Almost everyone calls 2 inches inside/outside high/low a strike now.

  28. docproc

    Glad to hear Sadak stand up for himself. He’s not my fave, but I hate how know-it-all Welsh talks down to him.

    • RedsMonk65

      What were they arguing about? (I can only get the radio broadcast).

    • JB

      I noticed that at beginning of the year. Welsh appears not to care for him.

    • Doug Gray

      I missed it. What was happening here?

      • Indy Red Man

        Hard to say and I listened to it 3 times. Sadak was making a point about how Aaron and Mays didn’t put up stellar numbers in their rookie year and compared them to Tatis Jr. Welsh said lets see how Tatis looks in 15 years and Sadak said that wasn’t my point?

    • Old-school

      Im not a fan of Pat Sajack

      Chris Welsh has earned his reputation

      • JB

        I like Welsh but I think he is having a tough time with Sadak because Welsh has worked with a knucklehead for the past few years. Welsh isnt use to a guy who talks about baseball. Thom basically talked about anything but baseball.

  29. Frankie Tomatoes

    If Hoffman is going to miss time this could mean an extended audition for Vladimir Gutierrez in the rotation.

  30. Magnum 44

    I hope Sadak is on a year contract there has been so many cringe worthy moments in the booth. It so bad it makes me long for George Grande…..

    • RojoB

      I just lament that his voice register is nearly identical to THom’s

    • Indy Red Man

      George “everything is rosy and wonderful even though we’re 14 out” Grande.

      He sucked. I like reality even if its ugly, but thats just me

      • Old-school

        Get ‘em on Get ‘em over Get’em in
        With the crafty left-hander

    • Indy Red Man

      Just for the record I was tired of Marty’s grumpy old man schtick too even though he was my all-time favorite and a HOFer

  31. VaRedsFan

    Thunderstorms incoming according to Nats announcers.

  32. Redlegs1869

    Sadak was a bit of a jerk. “We can agree to disagree but I know my own point.” Does he think he always has to be right and have the last word? Sometimes he needs to know when to stop talking and let it go.

  33. Old-school

    This just in.

    Geno Suarez is hitting leadoff with a .149 avg and .580 OPS . The good vibes Disney magic might not be the answer

    • Mark Moore

      “When you wish upon a star …”

  34. VaRedsFan

    I don’t mind Sadak. He is a little boisterous on routine plays, but I like enthusiasm in the calls. All new announcers have to evolve over the years, so he will get better. I remember Cowboy being out of place for a few years, now he does very well.
    (THOM was the exception to getting better)

  35. Rex Aultman

    Doolittle warming up…what a treat it would be for the Nats fans to see Doolittle win one or two more games for the Nats

  36. Cubano

    To my taste Sadak is so much better than Welsh. Brantley is the best of em all- but Welsh really rubs me the wrong way for what it’s worth. At least Sadak is excited.

  37. Redlegs1869

    Overall, I like Sadak as well. He’s knowledgeable and does his homework. Not calling for his dismissal at all. He’ll learn to dial it back a bit hopefully. Agree Cowboy is absolutely the best to listen to.

  38. Old-school

    Lance mccalister has great interview with Lookouts play by play announcer

    He says Lodolo and Greene best pitchers in 40 years- better than cueto and Bailey . Says garcia will be good too and all 3 wont get sent back down when ready

    But- wheres Garcia?

    Amazing the Reds have constant social media yet ignore issues of 4 days like why usbt Jose Garcia playing baseball

    • Rex

      hasn’t it been the trend that when it is quiet it is covid ?

    • RojoB

      Apparently it is due to bereavement. Some folks discussing at RML that he lost his grandmother 🙁

  39. BenchWarmer

    Doug, do you know which game Greene is pitching this week in Chattanooga? I can’t find any sort of “probable starters” information for them. He pitched on Saturday, so it could be Thursday to keep him on 4 days rest, or they could move him to Friday or Saturday to increase attendance (assuming people can figure out when he’s pitching). I live in Atlanta but would possibly head up for a game, especially if it’s Saturday.

    • Moon

      I am going to watch the Lookouts play the Trash Pandas in Huntsville. I am looking at Thursday June 3 based on when Greene last pitched and where the rotation should land him, but that is a guess. They are in Huntsville for 6 games in a brand new stadium and I really want to see Lodolo and Greene. And for you Ohio guys it is a very easy trip from Cincinnati. LIterally Highways the entire way (75 -71-65-565). FYI, they are selling out the games here and it is a cashless stadium including parking.

      • Indy Red Man

        Probably more fun then watching the Trash Reds homestand

      • Mark Moore

        That has to be the best minor league team name running right now. The logo is great as well. Makes me think of the old Quad City River Bandits name and their logo which was simply a ball with a triangle face mask. At the time, it was the hottest selling logo item in all of MiLB. I may have to get some Trash Panda gear.

  40. Indy Red Man

    Jose Urena 5.2 shutout tonite to drop his era to 4.14. He left with forearm cramp? If he’s healthy then he could help somebody and I’m sure Detroit would deal him for the right prospects. He’s still only 29 and a ton more upside then a scrub like Hoffman.

  41. Corky Miller

    Agree. Welsh is one of the nicest people in the game and I think does a great job.

    Sadak just has to hear himself talk. At one point he said, “corners are playing back” – yeah because there’s two outs big guy.

    Oh and we have a new drinking game – everytime he says a pitch was WAYYY somewhere, you take a drink. Makes watching Amir Garrett in the 9th much more tolerable 😉

    At least Sadak dropped the “shifted to the pull side” obvious comment. So that’s a big win.