The Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals game was suspended due to rain on Wednesday night. The Nationals are holding a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the 4th inning. Resumption of the game will take place at 2:05pm ET and will pick up right where it left off – with Washington coming to the plate to start the bottom of the 4th. At 7:05pm the regularly scheduled game will be played, but it will only be a 7-inning game.

Earlier in the game Reds starting pitcher Jeff Hoffman left the game with right shoulder soreness. After walking his 5th batter of the game Hoffman motioned to the dugout to come talk with him and after a short conversation with the trainer he walked off of the mound, into the dugout, and then into the tunnel – presumably to the trainers room.

As to whoever is in charge at Major League Baseball for making the final decision on whether or not to suspend the game – what took you so long. The game was delayed for three hours. The cleaning crew had been been working for more than a half an hour before the game was called. Players had already left the stadium before the game was officially suspended.

This situation also leads to a tough position for the Reds, who will play two games on Thursday, then play an afternoon game on Friday in Chicago that will begin 24 hours and 15 minutes after the resumption of Wednesday’s game on Thursday. Get some rest when you can, men, because it’s going to be rough.

15 Responses

  1. JayTheRed

    Maybe they come back with some hitting magic and take this series.

  2. Cubano

    I was at the game and the delay was absurdly long – and obviously poor Hoffman could not find the strike zone and was hurt…

    recognizing games within the division are at stake over the weekend, my play for tomorrow would be to start Antone where we left off & let him pitch as deep as possible while the offense wakes up and hopefully tees up on the Nats mediocre bullpen.

    With so many innings ahead over the next few days it would be great to spare the bullpen, and maybe Gray makes it deep into the second game of tomorrow’s double-header… Antone is the only innings eater out of the pen – seems like a great time to lean on him, otherwise might as well trot out and burn every arm in the bullpen.

    • Cubano

      Oh man- of course, looks like everybody got a chance to pitch except Garrett, Doolittle, Antone, and Sims, who I guess are sitting for tomorrow (or will get burned today if Gray struggles)

      Antone would’ve been my guy for today. Seems dumb not to have pitched him. If we aren’t out scoring the opponents early, Bell uses the B team outta the pen.

  3. Matt ONeal

    I don’t mind 7 inning DH if they’re prescheduled, but if I had a ticket to Thursday night’s game, when it was still a scheduled 9 inning contest, I’d be pretty upset that it got changed to 7. I’d almost complain for 22% of my money back. Go Reds.

  4. docproc

    Would love to see them call up Santillan to finish Game 1. Perfect slot for a first “start.”

      • Matthew O'Neal

        He just pitched 5.1 IP on Sunday. Goudeau was starting in Louisville and just pitched 2 innings vs MIL on Sunday. I think he’d be the solid choice for the restart.

  5. RojoB

    “ As to whoever is in charge at Major League Baseball for making the final decision on whether or not to suspend the game ”

    Those folks have struggled for years to get it right. And now that they are also in charge of calling MiLB games for weather—we get even more of their ability on display

  6. Melvin

    The Reds weren’t hitting that pitcher very well last night. May have caught a break getting him out of there.

  7. Les Turner

    Why can’t the Reds be like Tampa? The Rays are a small market team, they don’t draw. They make trades, they have good pitching, they don’t have major players and yet they win games. Is it the scouts, G M , the owner. The Reds need to do something to at least make following the Reds fun…………
    Have followed the Reds since 1957,seeing Crosley Field was a great experience.

    • Doug Gray

      It’s everything.

      But I’d rather the Reds not be like Tampa. I’d rather Tampa try to be like the Yankees. Imagine how good the Rays could be if they actually spent money. It’s pretty clear that they are simply better than almost everyone else when it comes to the decision making/draft/signing/developing stuff. Take that, spend real, actual money on players, and they would be an unstoppable force. Instead they don’t spend any money and simply compete most years.

    • Melvin

      I never saw Crosley Field but I understand what you mean. I did take a tour the Reds offered a few years back of the site of Crosley Field. That was pretty cool.

  8. LDS

    Another 7 inning game? I guess Nate Colbert’s double header RBI record is pretty safe.

  9. RedsGettingBetter

    Excuse me, but i don’t remember if there is a rule still applying on games that don’t reach the 5th inning should be continued from the moment when the game was suspended. Is It?

    • LDS

      Once upon a time, I think such games were null & void. But so much has changed, we’ll have to wait for a more up-to-date guy to weigh in. I prefer a new game, i.e., a DH with 9 innings in each game. I guess today’s players just aren’t up to the effort.