Vladimir Gutierrez is being called up from Triple-A Louisville to start on Friday for the Cincinnati Reds according to a report from Francys Romero. This has now been confirmed by the team.

The Reds will need a starter to step in on Friday to fill in the spot vacated in the rotation by Wade Miley’s absence as he’s currently on the 10-day injured list. Miley could potentially return to pitch on Sunday if he’s recovered enough, but that spot is still listed as TBA by the Reds.

As for Vladimir Gutierrez, he had a good showing in Goodyear during spring training. He didn’t allow an earned run and threw 7.0 innings of 2-hit, 2-walk, and 11-strikeout baseball. With the team looking at a healthy rotation, the Reds optioned him to the minors and he spent April with the alternate site team in Louisville.

Now that the minor league season is here he’s made three starts in Triple-A Louisville this season. He’s thrown 17.0 innings and allowed nine hits – three homers – to go along with seven walks and he’s struck out 21 of the 67 batters that he’s faced. The right-hander is going to be well rested for his start on Friday as he last pitched on May 19th against Memphis (6IP, 3H, 2ER, 3BB, 7K). In his last start he ramped up to 96 pitches (59 strikes), so he should be able to give Cincinnati a full start if asked.

In that last start against Memphis, Gutierrez was sitting 93-95 MPH with his fastball, and at times was sitting 95-96. He’s worked on his arm slot this year to try and get some more carry on his fastball. He will also mix in two different versions of a curveball – one with more 12-6 break and the other with some sweeping action, and a change up. Both offspeed offerings can be above-average pitches at times. Gutierrez will throw plenty of strikes and can show all of his offerings in the zone.

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  1. LDS

    Hope this works out. The Reds could use some good news. Hopefully, his SO/BB ratio is closer to spring training. Now let’s send Heineman down and call up Rodriguez and see if they can’t turn things around a bit.

    • MBS

      Sounds good to me. It seems like that’s not in the cards for Rodriguez. Which is silly to me. Assume, and it would be a big assumption. Assume that Rodriguez and Garcia keep hitting, and it’s now the allstar break. Who do you think the Reds will call up? Garcia, of course, and so would I. He’s got a higher ceiling than Rodriguez. Now is the time to see what Rodriguez can do at the MLB level. If he comes up here and doesn’t hit, he’d be offensively what we already have at SS, but a upgrade defensively. However if he comes up and hits, then you have options. You could trade one of your 2 SS, to fill other needs.

      • LDS

        Garcia is younger as well. Rodriguez will be 27 in less than a month. IMO, it’s now or never. If he can’t make it at the ML level, so it goes. But he doesn’t have to hit all that well to outperform Farmer, or Suarez for that matter. Fewer HRs obviously but if he could hit maybe 100 pts higher with fewer strikeouts, that would be a net plus. But listening to Bell makes it sound like they will stick with Suarez. So it goes. The Reds have gotten good at losing these last 15 years.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        I would bet a bunch of money that Kyle Farmer represents a big offensive upgrade over Alfredo Rodriguez. That guy hasn’t hit anywhere in his entire career. His best year was a year in which he had an OPS of .670 and that was far and away the best year he ever had. It is good that he is hitting well in the first 3 weeks in Louisville but its the only 3 he has ever hit for in his life. I am not rooting against him but it is just hard to believe that he is going to be an upgrade over Farmer who is a good defensive player and while has not been an offensive threat has always offered far more at the plate than Alfredo has.

      • Old-school

        Kyle farmer has an OPS of less than .600.
        He isnt an offensive upgrade over any credible mlb player.

      • MBS

        Farmer looks good defensively, compared to Suarez. I’m not saying Rodriguez is, or will be as good with the glove as Iglesias, but I know Farmer is not in that conversation.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        MBS that is the point. Alfredo Rodriguez isn’t likely a credible MLB player. He is a 27 with a career minor league OPS of .619 while always being old for the league he has been in.

        It is possible he figured something out. His strikeout rate is down. It just does not seem likely based on everything he has ever done outside of the last 16 games. If he is still hitting well in a month then maybe the conversation will change for me. For now though he’s a guy having a hot streak that has resulted in an OPS that is still under 800.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        Oops sorry my last reply was meant for Old-school not MBS!

      • doofus

        If Alfredo Rodriquez is called up, perhaps he will allow Suarez to touch his glove and some play making mojo will transfer to Suarez?

      • Daytonnati

        For what it’s worth, Sparky Anderson always said utility players are utility player for a reason.

  2. Frankie Tomatoes

    Count me as being excited to see what Vladimir Gutierrez can bring! He looked good in spring training and the numbers this season are good too. Maybe it will be a wind is blowing in day at Wrigley and he will get extra lucky.

  3. LGR

    About time. I figured he’d come up and pitch from the pen because of how badly it’s struggled. But this is fine too. Now go out and get another bat asap so Big Nick and Wink have someone consistent behind them. Story probably isn’t that realistic. But Mancini or Merrifield definitely could be possible. Would make a potent lineup when Votto comes back as well.

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    His 1.6 HR/9 IP ratio so far in AAA seems a little high for GABP, it’d double easily there, but let’s hope he’ll bring some good stuff.

  5. doofus

    Alas, we are now quibbling over utility/AAAA SS’s now?

    We should be marching on Joe Nuxhall Way to Castellini’s office demanding: “WE WANT A REAL SS?!”

    • doofus

      The team has had only 4 winning seasons out of 16 since Mr. “We will not rest until you are happy” became principal owner.

      Marge Schott was also principal owner for 16 seasons. The team had 7 winning seasons, one 81 win season, and uh, one World Series victory during her reign.

  6. doofus

    Will there be a bobble-head Bob night at the GABP this season?

  7. SultanofSwaff

    Not sure why Santillan didn’t get the call first. Better numbers, higher ceiling. Seems like there was plenty of time to line up his rest days.

    • Jim Walker

      TS would have been my first choice too of the immediately available candidates. This said if not for the COVID protocol obstacle and if I was sure this was a one off start, I would bring up Hunter Greene for the experience. It would be the sort of reality check to keep him in focus and show him first hand where he might need to concentrate his efforts in becoming truly MLB ready.

    • Jim Walker

      Gutierrez last pitched on the 19th of May. Santillan on the 23rd. They could have picked either based on rest. Might have picked Gutierrez because he had the extra time while Santillan would have been right on turn (5 days).

    • Daytonnati

      I am betting “service time.”

      • Doug Gray

        He has the same amount of service time as Gutierrez does….. so that wouldn’t make any sense at all.

  8. doofus

    If one of the East Coast ball clubs did not have a real SS, their fans would be in revolt. In Cincinnati fans get to listen to the psycho-babble and word salad that spews out from the manager and front office.

    I cannot fault David Bell for this, he is not responsible for securing a real SS; nor, can he field the ball for Eugenio “No Glove” Suarez.

    Perhaps Jose Garcia is the answer, I have my doubts. However, Nick Krall and ownership have once again failed the fans.

    • Jim Walker

      A team without a real shortstop is sort of like a zoo without an elephant isn’t it? There may be some top rate exhibits that are enjoyable but in the end a person feels frustrated they are being wasted by the lack of a very basic piece everyone expects to see at a top level zoo.

      • DaveCT

        Kinda partial to big cats, myself, but yeah. And the lack bullpen talent is like missing a primate cage.

  9. Roger Garrett

    We knew Gracia’s bat would not play at the start of the season and it may not now or may never play in the big leagues.Problem I have then and now is if his bat keeps us from being a good team then we are in trouble.He is one player at what has been called forever a defense first position just like the catcher spot.Right now we may not even have one player in our infield that is at league average offensively and may not have one even after the year is over.The Reds always expect big things from the guys in the minors before they bring them up and at the same time tolerate bad performance from the guys who are playing in hope they turn it around.That will always produce aging vets that have no trade value and that list is as long as it is wide.The Reds must find out who can play so they can indeed move players that do have trade value to fill other holes.They still have no clue on how to do that and don’t seem to even want to try.

  10. Jim Walker

    Imagine when Votto and Moose are back. Who’s at 2B? Who’s at SS? Who’s at 3B? Who’s in CF? For that matter who is at 1B, except that JV can only play there and has a no trade clause (and still ~$70 in sunken (guaranteed) cost on the books).

    The only 2 positions actually settled are corner OF and (sort of) catcher where at least we know it will be a 2 man tandem of some sort.

    • MuddyCleats

      Exactly! Good players, not great, w/ upside, but no team. Musical chairs every night is not helping anything, but I guess it’s all they can do until they find a trading partner

      • Roger Garrett

        It was pretty well set until first Joey and Moose went down but in addition to that they felt Suarez should not be at short.Bell said his players were versatile and thus he could put his best defense on the field.Then Shogo is activated and Senzel is move to the infield and India sets and TySteve goes to first and Suarez back to third and Farmer at short or is at first or is Blandino at first.Senzel is the out so more of the same again.Thats not versatility thats insanity and lets not forget we still have to score but thats up to Wink and Casty cause the other players don’t know if or when or where they will play.All because you lose your first baseman for a month or 6 weeks they think.

      • doofus

        “Musical chairs every night” sums up this 2021 squad. What a mess.

    • Rednat

      i would move Castellanos to 2nd base. outfield of Naquin, shogo, winker. Moose at 3rd, Votto/stephenson plattoon at first, Barnhart/Stephonson catching, India/Suarez ss. Farmer, Blandino off the bench. yes, the defense will suffer but we need some more baserunners

      • VaRedsFan

        Nick C can play 2nd on the days he doesn’t pitch.

  11. old-school

    Mlb Traderumors is reporting Mets are calling anybody and everybody due to injuries that are decimating their OF and IF. Owner has money and cares about winning. Jose Peraza has been starting.

    Id trade Shogo immediately and Moose as soon as he plays a week healthy.

    • old-school

      I’d take a Keith Hernandez bobblehead in exchange for Shogo and a Kyle Boddy minor league project for Moose.

      • JB

        If the Reds can get out of those contracts , they should be helping them pack.

      • JB

        We all know Bob will keep them because he doesnt want to look bad on two horrible signings.

      • MK

        Has Shogo ever been given a real chance for an extended period. If he was given the same starting opportunity as Senzel he might surprise people.

  12. David

    Guitierrez gets a look now to pick up the rotation spot for Miley. If he does alright and gets to stay around for another turn in the rotation, then does Hoffman go down (AAA) or go to the bullpen?

    Santillan is not far away. I have no idea what the Reds should do with Castillo, but he is killing them with his bad starts. Bullpen?

    Gray and Miley and Mahle. That’s three.

    Guitierrez and Santillan, or Tejay Antone?
    I imagine Castillo will get 3 or 4 more starts, but if he keeps getting lit up, something has to change. And Hoffman, too, obviously.

    • west larry

      I agree with your pitching wish list. All logical considerations. Let’s look at the position players. Castellano is a great player. I’d offer a great deal of Big Bob’s money if he would waive the option and sign a three year extension. If he refuses that, I would trade him to the mets or another team A.S.A.P. Mouse should be mover too once he’s healthy. What do we do with Suarez? Have his eyes checked, than if his eyes are okay, bat him eighth or dump him. Bring up Garcia.

      • SultanofSwaff

        For me, any Castellanos trade needs to be a package deal. If they want Nick’s bat, they’re going to have to take Moose or Geno as well. I don’t even care who comes back in the trade, it’s more about clearing one of those salaries and making space for what should be our SS/2b combo (Garcia/India) for years to come.

    • Grand Salami

      The bullpen, with limited/sporadic work and unique circumstances for each appearance, is not the place for Castillo to work anything out.

      I agree that the Reds should have about 2-3 more appearances marked, and, without improvement, should consider a ‘phantom’ IL trip. Sending him down to AAA and away from DJ doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  13. Old Big Ed

    I would offer both Akiyama and Naquin to the Mets for a prospect. The Mets would get Naquin cheap, but the price would be taking on Akiyama’s contract. Naquin becomes expendable when Moose and Votto get back.

    That means live or die with Senzel in centerfield. If he can stay healthy for about 3 weeks — a staggeringly big “if,” of course — then they should at least have Aquino about ready then for backup, enabling Senzel to play some 2B (with Moose at 3B). Aquino would have to be the big RH bat, now that Suarez has turned into late-stage Chris Davis.

    Those who want to trade Moustakas will be disappointed, because his contract is impossible to trade without the Reds’ taking on at least half of it. They kinda have to keep him and hope he produces. I am not one who believes that Moustakas at age 32 is “old,” because his swing is so simple that it ought to age very well. His problem has been nagging injuries, so I at least hope that he can get healthy and contribute.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Naquin is on pace for 35+ home runs and you have him until 2023. Both he and Senzel have had injury issues, but why get rid of the one who is playing like an all-star?

      • Old Big Ed

        Because Naquin is 30 years old and there is nothing in his past performance lines that indicates that he will continue a full season like that. It is certainly possible, though, which would be why the Mets would be interested. (He is also an iffy defensive center fielder.)

        Dick Williams wasted about $90 million on the LH-hitting Moustakas and Akiyama, because he did not foresee Winker becoming as good as he is. They don’t need Winker, Votto and the two $90 million LH hitters. They can’t get rid of Moustakas, but Naquin gives them a chance to rid themselves of the $13 million still owed to Akiyama.

        Now, if the Mets want to bite on Moustakas and take most of his contract, I would prefer Naquin. I just don’t think the Cohen Mets are that dumb.

      • MuddyCleats

        Exactly, silly 2 count on Senzel bc u can’t! He’s the next K. Farmer super sub

      • LDS

        Senzel at 3rd, India at 2nd (or vice versa) and just go with it. Trade Suarez for a SS, preferably Story (and then give him a good contract). Start developing someone to replace Votto because his productivity isn’t there either, though better than Suarez. Decide if Stephenson is really the catcher of the future or whether he’s “too tall” (a “professional” commentator’s opinion not mine). Play Akiyama enough to find out if he has the ability to hit in the MLB. If not, shop him. I suspect Castellanos is out of here so they need to figure out how to address that. As fans, it’s starting to look like we just need to get comfortable with losing.

      • TR

        The Cohen Mets are not in a good mood these days with the non-production of Francisco Lindor. The boo-birds are out at Citi.

    • Jim Walker

      I like the idea of bundling somebody with Akiyama to move his contract. However, It concerns me for that person to be Naquin right now because I do not want Payton/ Heineman as the CF tandem. Maybe try to get away with bundling Payton with Akiyama plus adding a sweetener prospect from the mid to high minors?

      Never thought I’d be saying this but Suárez’s contract is so team friendly, it may be movable if he can do much at all over a short period to build some interest. There is under $40M guaranteed left on it counting the buyout due after the 2024 season. That’s cheap if he could average just a touch over 1 WAR a season from now through the end of ’24 season.

    • Grand Salami

      I agree on Naquin. He is a perfect sell-high candidate. Shogo would then see enough time to hopefully rehabilitate a bit of his value before the deadline, should OF need still be in demand.

      Senzel needs to move back to IF and have a real spot. The Reds have done him no favors shuffling him around.

  14. docproc

    Oh my goodness. Just saw that Suarez is batting LEADOFF tonight.
    Must. curb. language.

    • Doug Gray

      Max Scherzer is pitching. It doesn’t matter who is batting where.

      • Roger Garrett

        Your right about tonight and most say it doesn’t matter where in the lineup a player hits but I tend to believe you want your best hitters to get the most at bats in the game.Its a 5 inning game most nights so everybody should get at least 2 at bats,then all bets are off after that cause outside of Wink or Casty,Bell may double switch everybody else anyway.I am not be sarcastic its just the way the game is and the way Bell manages.

    • Jpser05

      I was hoping that I misread the lineup and in was Senzel batting leadoff. But, alas, it is Suarez. You know the Phillies sat down Harper because he was not hitting. We move our guy up to leadoff!!!!

      • Rex

        he should lead off the pinch hitters from the bench

        the Phillys benched Harper the last 2 games after back 3k nights….if they can bench Harper….

      • Doug Gray

        They didn’t bench Harper. They just lied about him being injured.

      • LGR

        Yes, let’s let the worst hitter on the team so far this year hit in the spot where you’ll make sure he’ll ALWAYS see the most at bats on the team. Genius. If he’s gonna play, bat him 7th in front of the pitcher batting 8th. Let Shogo/India/Senzel bat 9th to hit in front of the lead off Winker.

    • LDS

      Yeah, that’s funny. Suarez leading off. But Bell has essentially said Suarez gets all the time he needs to “work it out”. And as DG said, Scherzer is pitching so it probably doesn’t matter anyhow. Though in fairness, the Reds have had some decent games against good teams, e.g., the Dodgers, only to give it all up to a lousy team, e.g., AZ.

  15. SteveLV

    I know I may get destroyed here, but I think moving Suarez to lead off is interesting. Hard to sit him right now, given injuries. Giving him more at-bats and in a position in the line-up that may help him concentrate on getting on base rather than trying to power the ball so much might be helpful.
    If you want to have hope in this team, Suarez has to get back to something resembling 2018/2019. Trying something beats not trying something, at least to me.

    • Old-school

      Except you are giving the most strike out prone player in baseball the highest amount of at bats against the greatest strikeout pitcher of the last decade.

      Need indy’s O/U on Scherzer K

      Id take the over at 11

    • greenmtred

      As events prove, Suarez at leadoff worked last night. And I agree with you that, given the injury situation, he pretty much has to play. Even when the injured guys come back, the Reds slim chances of being a serious post-season team probably evaporate if Suarez hasn’t righted his ship. It seems unlikely to me that they’d get much for him in a trade until he he shows that he has turned his season around.

  16. JB

    I’m going to say Suarez is batting first so he will see a better selection of pitches. With the 2 big guns behind him they are not going to walk him. If Suarez cant hit here (although its Scherzer) then I dont know. We can sit here and complain about Eugenio and Castillo but in order for the Reds to win, they need these two. I give Bell credit by trying something different but he knows the Ballclub needs Suarez big time. Season is on the line here in the next 5-10 games. Positive energy for Eugenio tonight.

      • TR

        If Eugenio can control his super hard swing and just let the ball meet the bat, hits will happen but not the number of homeruns he promised in the offseason.

      • Daytonnati

        At least he won’t be leaving any runners stranded.

    • Grand Salami

      It’s something different so I’ll reserve judgement.

      My initial reaction was an eye-roll of frustration, but, upon reflection, this could be a ‘crazy like a fox’ moment.

      Working it out at leadoff, with pitches to hit, is more likely than at 8. The Reds need a leadoff guy and forcing Geno to tweak his approach to fit this need is also smart.