Last week the Cincinnati Reds designated right-handed reliever Carson Fulmer for assignment. Today he cleared waivers and was outrighted to Triple-A Louisville.

The first three weeks of the season had gone well for Carson Fulmer. He made 11 appearances through April 27th, and allowed runs in just two of them. He tossed 13.0 innings and had 11 strikeouts with a 3.46 ERA in that span while holding hitters to a .196/.296/.326 line. But the wheels fell off over the next three-and-a-half weeks. From April 30th through May 20th he pitched in eight games that spanned 11.2 innings where he had an ERA of 10.80 and allowed at least one earned run in every game but one. Hitters posted a .347/.448/.551 line against him with 17 hits and eight walks in that stretch.

Catcher Mark Kolozsvary is with Team USA

The Olympics will take place later this year, but some sports are still having qualifying happen and baseball is one of those sports. Team USA released their provisional roster this weekend. Players who are on the 40-man roster are not eligible to play, and a team has to approve a prospect’s involvement. The 28-man roster is for training camp. Two players will be cut and the final 26-man roster will be announced on Sunday.

Mark Kolozsvary is the only Cincinnati Reds prospect on the 28-man roster. He’s out to a hot start for Double-A Chattanooga where he’s hitting .349/.417/.674 with eight doubles and two home runs in 12 games played. The 25-year-old got some publicity back in spring training when he was on the backfields and took Shane Bieber deep.

While Kolozsvary is the only current Reds player on the team, there are more than a few former Cincinnati Reds that are representing the country for Team USA. Homer Bailey, Tim Federowicz, Todd Frazier, and Matt Kemp will also be on the team led by Mike Scioscia. You can see the full roster here.

Nick Lodolo wins Pitcher of the Week

Cincinnati Reds #2 prospect Nick Lodolo took home some honors today as he was named the Double-A South Pitcher of the Week for his performance. The left-handed starter struck out 11 batters and allowed just one hit with one walk in 7.1 shutout innings against the Mississippi Braves.

Lodolo, the Reds 1st round pick in 2019, now has a 0.57 ERA in three starts this season. He’s allowed just eight hits and five walks in 15.2 innings and he’s struck out 24 of the 59 batters that he’s faced.

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  1. Mark Moore

    What’s your realistic prediction for Lodolo’s next step?

    • Chris

      I imagine he’ll spend the full year in Double-A, and if the results warrant it, he’ll be added to roster as a September call up this year. He will then begin 2022 in Triple-A so as to manipulate his service time. Once May 2022 rolls around, I would expect him to be a mainstay in the rotation for the next seven years, provided he’s healthy and performs to his capability.

      • John C.

        Likely the roster manipulation will go away with the next labor agreement.

  2. Chris Holbert

    That DB video about Castillo and Suarez, is ridiculous. Does the entire organization believe that as well. If so, the Reds will go nowhere for a good while? Castillo may come around, maybe, Suarez has been bad since last year, 100+ games and it seems worse this year, that is not a slump.

    • Chris

      Suarez is posting career worst marks in K% and BB% this year. While his HR rate is consistent with his career average, his exit velo is way down – as is his LD%. The only other glaring issue I can pull from his numbers is that he is pulling the ball more than ever. So while his contact rate is at an all-time low, he’s also hitting the ball with less authority, and without the ability to go the other way – he’s easier to shift.

      I think he needs to abandon his plan to hit 50 HR. Become the slap hitter the scouts thought he was going to be 6 years ago. Focus on contact. If he can deliver .260/.340/.450, I would find that imminently acceptable. However… his current batting line does not play at 3B, and he can’t successfully defend at SS. He is rapidly running out of real estate as an every day player. When Moustakas, Votto, and Senzel return, I would expect his playing time to wane. It’s difficult to make the argument that he’s a better choice than Farmer at SS right now – and it might be that Garcia will be knocking on the door by August.

      I like Geno. He’s been a silver-lining to an awful era of Reds baseball. But this can’t continue.

      • Steelerfan

        Plus 100. Well stated. Think it is time to give him a couple days off? Or a convenient IL stint when any of the other infielders are ready?

      • LDS

        I like your assessment but what have you seen that even vaguely suggests that Bell would follow such a plan? Personally, as I’ve said previously, I’d shop Suarez, affordable, controlled, should be an attractive piece to the right team and the Reds should get a decent return.

      • Chris

        @LDS I hate to sell low on a guy two years removed from 49 HRs. I can’t imaging he represents an upgrade at 3B or SS for any contending team right now, and his value as a platoon player is very limited since he’s a right-handed batter.

        Of course, if we find the right offer, you pull the trigger, but I’m not taking pennies on the dollar for him. His relatively team-friendly deal limits our risk if we want to stay the course and see if he eventually makes an adjustment.

      • LDS

        Yep, but I still think Story can be had. All the Reds need to do is be willing to pay/sign him. And Story is down a bit from his historical averages, possibly reducing his FA pay out. Who knows. But after 2 years, there’s little reason to think that Suarez comes back. Starting to feel like the Reds version of K Davis.

      • GreatRedLegsFan

        Not a good outlook for Suarez, how fast a player’s performance can fall in MLB!

  3. LDS

    Fulmer clears waivers? What a shock! As for a DB video, I’m not masochistic enough to listen to him. Though I must have a masochistic streak to continue paying attention to the Reds as they sink further behind.

  4. doofus

    This is a bad Red’s squad. Even if the injured players come back it is bad. It is obvious there is no depth to sustain injuries.

    This team needs a spark very soon or this season is lost.

    Not securing the SS position to begin the season is on Nick Krall or is it Bob Castellini? I was not a proponent of signing any of the 30+ FA SS’s because there were, and still are, are trade opportunities for shortstops.

    “We will build one of the most respected organizations in baseball. As partners in other successful baseball organizations we know how it’s done.”

    It has been obvious for the last 15+ years or so that that last sentence is false.

    Why does Milwaukee go out and fix a hole (SS) well before the trade deadline, and the Reds FO does NOTHING to fix it’s hole at SS?

    • John C.

      SS is not the reason this team is underwater. There are so many holes in the pitching staff it isn’t even funny. It is tough always coming from behind.

      • doofus

        Never implied that the lack of a true SS was the sole cause of this team’s failures, but the lack of a true SS manning the position has contributed.

  5. Indy Red Man

    Fulmer cleared waivers. Duh!

    We’re heading ever closer to the golden era of Reds baseball where guys like Jason Marquis, Kevin Gregg, and Skip Schumaker followed the same career arc:

    1. Playing for teams 1 thru 29 somewhere
    2. Playing for the Reds
    3. Selling insurance or being paid to stay home

  6. Pablo

    Matt Kemp is on the US Olympic team?? Head scratcher…….

    • Doug Gray

      No one on a 40-man roster is eligible. That takes out, roughly, the 1200 best players in the world from being able to participate. I’d bet Matt Kemp is pretty good compared to the eligible players.