The Cincinnati Reds have made multiple roster moves this afternoon in advanced of their series with the Milwaukee Brewers. The team placed left-handed pitcher Wade Miley (left foot sprain) and outfielder Nick Senzel on the injured list (left knee inflammation). They also designated reliever Carson Fulmer for assignment. Taking their place on the roster, at least for now, are outfielder Scott Heineman, right-handed pitcher Ashton Goudeau, and right-handed pitcher Brad Brach – who was added to the 40-man roster.

Just yesterday manager David Bell told the media that he was confident that Nick Senzel would be back in the lineup today. He had been available off of the bench for several days in a row, but apparently he wasn’t improving as much as expected/hoped and after playing with such a short bench with both Senzel and the recently added to the injured list Mike Moustakas, the team couldn’t play short-handed any longer.

Wade Miley hitting the injured list will be interesting in the sense that it opens up a spot in the rotation. Ashton Goudeau has made two starts for Louisville, posting a 2.79 ERA in 9.2 innings with five walks and six strikeouts. He will be working out of the bullpen according to manager David Bell.

“We’ll have to figure out, probably a spot start, some sort of start mixed into our normal rotation to get us through the time that Wade’s out until we have him slotted back in. We don’t know what day that will be or who that would be yet.” Bell said this afternoon.

Miley’s spot in the rotation would come back on Tuesday, but with an off day on Monday the team could slide that back if they needed to or wanted to. That could give them other options – including Vladimir Gutierrez or Tony Santillan, both of whom have pitched well early on in Triple-A for the Bats.

Brad Brach has been dominant for Louisville out of their bullpen. He’s pitched in six games and thrown 6.2 innings without an earned run, walked just one batter, and he’s struck out 12 of the 25 hitters he’s faced.

Scott Heineman has played in 11 games this season in Triple-A, hitting .238/.333/.381 with three steals, five walks, and eight strikeouts in 48 plate appearances.

Carson Fulmer was picked up on waivers from Pittsburgh in the middle of spring training. He didn’t spend much time with the Reds in Goodyear before the team broke for the regular season. Over the first four weeks of the season he was solid, posting a 3.21 ERA in 14.0 innings with five walks and 12 strikeouts. In the three weeks since he’s posted an ERA of 10.80 with 17 hits allowed and eight walks in 11.2 innings.

This article was updated after it was initially published with more information on Ashton Goudeau, his role, and information on a spot start for Miley.

24 Responses

  1. 2020ball

    High likelihood goudeau is just a placeholder until we need a starter tuesday

  2. Jimbo44CN

    This is getting almost too ugly to watch. Could not bring my self to watch any of the debacle last night, but this is what happens when you bring retreads in, especially to pitch. Pittsburgh did not want Fulmer, Pittsburgh!! Not understanding why they don’t bring up Alf Rod, Lodolo and GReene. Why wait, it can’t get much worse.

    • Barry h

      I read about call ups in this COVID year rules. A call up from AA would require a waiting period. Maybe some else knows the exact requirements.

  3. Roger Garrett

    Bell must not be getting any info from the medical staff cause to say yesterday he expected Senzel back in the starting lineup today then he goes on IL is strange.I think Bell is a good guy but why would he say that?He could simply say he doesn’t know when he will return?Same thing with Moose wasn’t it?

    • Maloney63

      It was the exact same thing with Moose. The transition to a AAA team is now almost complete! Actually Bach USED TO BE a really good pitcher for the Orioles.

    • JB

      I think it mostly has to do with the crackpot medical staff the Reds have.

  4. LDS

    If Bell can’t keep up with player health status or ask the right questions, how can anyone credit him as a manager. And the call ups are questionable. Rodriguez would be more helpful.

    • Bobo

      Agreed. If we are fine with a 150-hitting shortstop (Suarez), why not at least play one with solid defense? And if is bat is serviceable? All the better!

  5. Chris

    I’m just so disgusted with this management We call up bums when the guys they are replacing are already under achievers minus Miley. Doug and others have covered ad nauseum guys like Santillan and Gutierrez…instead waiver wire guys called up. Not to mention the debacle that has been the use of Antone!! Why wouldn’t he start? Or is not being used at all in SF series worn him out?

    Senzel like it or not is a major bust. Moose bust as FA signing. Pathetic players like Blandino and Farmer playing.

    • RedsFaninNC

      I would have liked to have seen the Reds trade for Adames instead the Brewers get him for 2 MLB relievers.

      • Old Big Ed

        Ugh. I hadn’t seen that, but I had called for trading for Adames a couple of weeks ago.

  6. ClevelandRedsFan

    Any chance Antone spot starts for Miley? I fear the Antone transition to the rotation is sailing ship.

  7. Jim Walker

    Bell is certainly set up to be the guy thrown under the bus in both the short run and if either of these injuries turn out to be more serious and longer term.

    I’d guess the notes from the training and medical staffs were complete, up to date, known to Bell and for reasons unknown to the public Bell was taking one for the team with his positive talk.

    Bell simply does not seem like a guy out of touch enough to blindly go public with a player’s self assessment of his condition as the gospel which now he claims he was doing. Something else was going on behind the curtains.

    • Roger Garrett

      I could see that but Senzel played the whole game Monday and Moose pinch hit on Tuesday.So did we risk further injury by doing that?Surely not.

    • Melvin

      It’s not the first time Bell has said something that wasn’t correct.

  8. TR

    Adames has a nice glove and didn’t cost much, but his K numbers are awful. Need some more contact hitters in this lineup.

  9. MK

    Wonder how many times the guy leaving you team in Games pitched is released.

    The fact that the two pitchers released had multiple appearances before Sims and Garrett got into a game. Might explain the slow starts of the later two.

  10. gregp

    this is all you need to know about Bell’s managing decisions: the 3rd game of the Giants series, a game you need to maybe split the series (although a day before the final game debacle) a 1-0 game in the ninth and you bring in a guy that 2 days later you DFA’d, yet your best bullpen pitcher warmed up twice …..and his only explanation is “well, we didn’t have the lead”

  11. Melvin

    Well I really thought India or Senzel (if/when he’s healthy) should play SS. Both would have more upside than Farmer and almost assuredly be better at defense than Suarez. Obviously Bell is not going to let that happen. Interesting what I heard from Chad Dostson on his podcast recently. He said the word he got when the Reds were trying Senzel at SS was that David Bell didn’t want to have anything to do with him in the infield at the time and that’s why that idea was scratched, not that he couldn’t play SS. In any case since those two are not going to play there then it IS time to bring up AlfRod. Move Suarez back to 3B and leave him there if he is going to play. Of course Moose to 2B and Votto to 1B when they get back. The tradeoff of more offense and less defense isn’t working. We need a real SS so I agree LDS and Bobo. Besides, AlfRod just might have a better bat then we think. If these guys with “lesser” bats can just concentrate on being situational hitters then we will be better for it.