Prior to the game on Thursday afternoon the Cincinnati Reds announced that they had placed infielder Mike Moustakas on the 10-day injured list retroactively to Wednesday. Moustakas injured his heel while in Colorado and has been relegated to pinch-hitting duties since. He will be eligible to come off of the injured list on May 29th. The team recalled Max Schrock to fill out the 26-man roster.

“I was surprised,” said manager David Bell before the game today. “I was positive based on the feedback I was given from Moose. I think he just wanted to play so bad, I know he was doing everything he possibly could to get back on the field, to get back in the lineup. But even from day one or day two he made himself available to pinch hit. Every day I would talk to him he was getting better. Definitely concerned by putting him into games that it was making him worse, so I kept asking that. And he said no. Finally they just did another exam and found a little more damage in there. The goal is still to get him back after 10 days. It’s not like a month or two months, the goal is to get him back in 10 days.”

Between Nick Senzel and Mike Moustakas both being “bench only” players the last few days, Cincinnati has been playing with a short bench and it’s showed. Max Schrock gets the call up from Louisville. He hasn’t played much in Triple-A this season as he spent some time on the injured list, but he’s 5-13 (.385) with a walk and a strikeout for the Bats this season. He’ll be able to provide a lot of defensive options as he’s got experience at second base, third base, and in the outfield in the last two seasons. Oh, and he’s also thrown an inning – tossing a perfect inning for the St. Louis Cardinals last season.

14 Responses

  1. RojoBenjy

    So your saying Schrock can come out of the bullpen if needed?

    • Gonzo Reds

      We might need him on the mound the way things have been going lately!

      Getting away from us quickly here. With the wild card slots coming out of the West we’ve got to keep pace with the hated Cards or we might as well bring up all the youngsters and start getting them experience for next year.

    • Doug Gray

      No. But he can come out of the dugout and pitch if needed!

      • RojoBenjy

        Sadly it did. Very, very sadly…

  2. Ryan

    How exactly does one get hurt playing baseball?

      • Ryan

        Yes, except for freak plays, these are the least conditioned pro athletes, who think running thirty yards 4 times in three hours is an exertion.

  3. Roger Garrett

    No medical staff on this team?All players worth their salt want to play for goodness sake.Goodness.

  4. Maloney63

    I swear some of these Reds could get hurt falling off the bench! By the way, has there ever been a major league game where TWO position players pitched?

    • Maloney63

      I asked the question an hour ago and then it happened! Cool!

  5. Jim Walker

    Bell speaking about Moustakis’ heel: Finally they just did another exam and found a little more damage in there.

    When I read about a heel and “a little more damage in there” my thoughts turn to Achilles issues. Let’s hope not; but, the Reds seem to be dancing the sort of dance of denial that often indicates something worse than they first thought/ hoped.

  6. Max BRAGG

    Listen when you have to bring a Triple A player up in case you need pitcher that is not a pitcher shows how Dump this management group REALLY SOUNDS!!!!