Luis Castillo struck out 11 batters, but a 3-run homer was enough to give Anthony DeSclafani and the San Francisco Giants all they needed in a 4-2 win over the Cincinnati Reds.

Final R H E
San Francisco Giants (26-16) 4 8 0
Cincinnati Reds (19-21) 2 8 0
W: DeSclafani (4-1) L: Castillo (1-6) SV: McGee (11)
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The Offense

After a quick 1-2-3 inning by Luis Castillo in the top half of the frame, Jesse Winker welcomed Anthony DeSclafani back to Cincinnati with a solo home run to make it 1-0. It was Winker’s 8th home run of the season. The Reds got to work in the 2nd inning with back-to-back singles to lead things off, but both runners were stranded after three straight strikeouts.

Cincinnati tried to get a 2-out rally going in the 5th inning when Jesse Winker singled and Nick Castellanos walked, but a pop up by Eugenio Suárez left them stranded as Anthony DeSclafani kept on rolling.

It wasn’t until the 8th inning that Cincinnati got things going again. Nick Castellanos led off the inning with 11th homer of the season to make it 4-2. That was all they would get moving forward, though as the Giants maintained the best record in the National League and the Reds fell to two games under the .500 mark.

The Pitching

Luis Castillo was cruising along with three strikeouts while retiring the first five hitters he faced. But a 2-out walk to Wilmer Flores and a double by Alex Dickerson threatened the Reds 1-0 lead. Flores, however, injured himself running the bases and only reached third base on a play he would have normally scored on. He was removed from the game. Cincinnati opted to intentionally walk Curt Casali to face pitcher Anthony DeSclafani and the move paid off as Castillo struck him out to end the inning and keep a 1-0 lead.

After striking out the side with a walk mixed in during the 3rd inning, Luis Castillo got out to a tough start in the 4th. After back-to-back singles Alex Dickerson hit a 3-run homer to put the Giants ahead 3-1. Castillo rebounded, going 1-2-3 after that with two more strikeouts to push his total on the day up to 10. The inconsistency continued as Castillo allowed a leadoff single that was followed by a double to put runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs, but he worked his way out of the jam without any damage and picked up his 11th strikeout of the day. Free pizza opportunity for everyone!

After 91 pitches and 11 strikeouts in 5.0 innings the Reds called it a day on Luis Castillo and sent Sean Doolittle to the mound to begin the 6th inning. A leadoff single and a 2-out walk brought on another pitching change as Heath Hembree entered with two on and two outs, but he struck out Darin Ruf to keep the score at 3-1 in favor of the Giants. Hembree was a pitch away from getting through the 7th inning clean, but Brandon Crawford took a 3-2 offering and planted it into the Giants bullpen to make it 4-1 for San Francisco. Ryan Hendrix came on for the 8th and the 9th, firing two perfect innings with four strikeouts.

Notes Worth Noting

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday May 19th, 6:40pm ET

Kevin Gausman (3-0, 1.84 ERA) vs Wade Miley (4-3, 3.69 ERA)

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  1. RojoBenjy

    Pretty good show from La Piedra

    Wish the offense could have won it for him

  2. GreatRedLegsFan

    Not much to say, the Giants have outrun the Reds in every phase of the game so far, watch out for a sweep. Just a little reminder that durable and well-established starting pitchers are a rare commodity these days, and the Reds let not one but two go away over the last two seasons in Disco and Gausman.

    • Frostgiant80

      I wouldn’t call Disco durable. I would have liked to keep Disco in our rotation though.

  3. Sliotar

    Suarez K rate by season (FanGraphs) –

    2018 – 23.4%
    2019 – 28.5%
    2020 – 29.0%
    2021 – 33.1% (entering today) (tonight – 0 for 4, 2Ks)

    Suarez turns 30 in 2 months, entered today with wRC+ of 64, negative WAR -(0.1)

    Look at all that above … how in the world is he hitting 3rd?

    What does that say about this roster … and the “youngsters” (some not young) lower in lineup?

    After 40 games … 19-21 feels a bit fortunate.

    • RiverCity Redleg

      I agree. Why can’t he work through his problems battling 7th. How many times does he have to strand Wink and Casto before Bell gets it.

    • RedsFan11

      How David Bell can be seen as a competent manager at this point is beyond me.

      He bats a player hitting .160 in his Last 400 (Four Hundred) plate appearances 3rd in the lineup behind your best two hitters…

      Don’t tell me it’s because Moose and Votto are hurt. Literally anyone who be better there

      • oklared

        I have been reading this board since before Dusty managed and never has a manager been liked, you manager bashers need to get over yourselves if a player performs then he is a genius. Just like last night SF pulled their dominate pitcher with 80 or so pitches what an idiot but he won. Managers make decisions you do not have all input so get over it

      • RojoBenjy


        Serious question- I want to know your opinion on when it’s ok to have beef with the playing of Suárez at key positions in the batting order, especially if his hitting does not improve?

      • MuddyCleats

        I think it’s exactly bc Moose & Votto R hurt AND Bell wants protection for Winker and Nick. I am a Suarez fan, but I also understand he is as lost as last yrs Easter Eggs AB right now! Nevertheless, even w/ the Ks, his PRODUCTION is higher than Moose and Votto thus far. Moreover, he makes significantly less $$$ than either of them!! I agree the Reds need to trade him to open up spots for India & Senzel when he isn’t inquired that is….! Then again, I don’t think Cincy will get much in return. Bigger question to me is why didn’t Winker or Barnhardt play 1st last night so Shogo or Stephenson could have played? Blandino is never going to b Reds future 1B; Winker and or Stephenson could b so why the bats for Blandino?

      • oklared

        @ Rojo

        My point is the manager is not the issue now anymore than with Dusty etc. The problem is we don’t have nine plus players performing at the level needed. When Suarez does perform pitching doesn’t. I just grow weary of the manager is the problem. We need players to perform. Sports however is fickle. We don’t resign Disco because he gives up too many homers and is over the hill and look now.

      • greenmtred

        Fair question, RojoBenjy. The point, I think, is the attitude that everything is Bell’s fault: when they lose, it’s on him; when they win, it’s because of the players. This has been the same with Price and with Dusty before him, and I guess it’s likely that fans of every team do something similar.

    • Jim Walker

      Because sadly Suárez is the best option they currently have to hit 3rd.

      I don’t understand the aversion to using both Barnhart and Stephenson as starters when the alternative is playing both Farmer and Blandino. Whether Farmer is on the field or the bench and with both Stephenson in the game to start, there should not be any worry about running out of catchers due to injury.

      • Melvin

        You nailed it. Stephenson IS the alternative. He’s a “hitter” with power that understands hitting situations. He adjusts. Blandino is the worst out of the two of he and Farmer as both are average defenders. We have to do something else and send him down. Bell plays him because it’s Little League and he has to in his mind I guess. I don’t know. Personally I’m ready to try Alfrod if for no other reason than the need to shake things up. We’re spinning our wheels. Worst case we send him back down. At least he will play defense. Despite the thinking these days by many defense IS still important. lol The Reds are pretty bad in that area. A good SS would go a long way to help that. Correct me if I’m wrong but Barnhart is the only guy on the active roster considered to be above average right now defensively. The rest are average AT BEST. Votto was playing a very good 1B before the broken thumb. India has shown flashes but not consistent. Senzel has speed and a good arm but doesn’t track the ball well in the outfield. I can see why he was at 3B coming up. That’s his best position but Bell isn’t going to replace Suarez with Senzel either at 3B or SS or Moose at 2B for that matter.

        The rest:

        Stephenson = good arm but needs work on blocking and calling
        Winker = no speed and no arm – average tracker
        Akiyama = decent speed and good tracker with no arm
        Naquin = decent tracker and speed but no arm
        Payton = same as Naquin from what I can see
        Moose = average @ 2B, better @ 3B but again Suarez going nowhere
        Castellanos = good arm and decent speed with tracking improving
        Suarez = poor/average 3B – TERRIBLE SS

        The past couple of years the Reds FO and David Bell have been sacrificing a lot on Defense to get more offense. I ask you. Has that worked? Jose Iglesias was a very good situational hitter batting .288 with 11 HR and 59 RBI of course while playing super D. As we know the Reds didn’t think it was worth signing him. Wouldn’t we love to have a SS like that now? 🙂 The three outcome crap has been, is now, and always will be extremely stupid. smh Power is good but we can’t overdose on it. A little less power with a little more defense and a lot more situational hitting is the remedy. Our current roster CAN be better situational hitters if they make it a priority.

        If/when Alfrod does play SS with Votto and Moose healthy we needn’t worry about playing time and ABs for Senzel and India. Remember who our manager is. lol There is a need to “Bell proof” the roster so that whoever he puts in the game will be pretty good. I don’t really understand the need for 13 pitchers and a short bench. We just need to bring up or trade for a better bullpen but pitching is another discussion. lol

        Here is a “Bell proof” roster in my mind when everyone is healthy.


        Naquin – Akiyama – Winker – Castellanos – Aquino (best all around D)


        Votto – Moose – Alfrod/Garcia – Suarez – Senzel – India

        Catcher: Barnhart – Stephenson

        I think Barnhart is on his way out because Big Bob isn’t going to pay him reasonable money so I’d like Farmer to be the backup if we somehow can keep him until Barnhart’s departure. That’s my penny and a half worth. :)…but I’m confident in it.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Jim, unfortunately you are correct. Especially with Moose and Votto sidelined there aren’t especially great alternatives for the middle of the order. Barnhart and Naquin are the only two regulars outside of Castellanos and Winker who have been above average offensively to this point, but I’m expecting both to come back down to earth a bit. Still, there’s a case to get those guys moved up in the batting order. But do we really want Barnhart batting 3rd or cleanup? Getting Stephenson in the game with Barnhart is a solid idea for more hitting for the meantime, but it’s a bandaid at best.

      • TXRedLeg

        I’ve been saying this for a while, but the current roster is a motley collection of an outfield made up of corner outfielders with questionable defensive abilities, plus a 3B at CF; the infield is a collection of 3B, some with experience at 2B. What could go wrong?
        I’ve read the articles on how defense is not at a premium anymore, but I would say that’s an excuse for teams that can’t afford the unicorn of a defensive wizard that can hit (I laugh at the notion the Reds were ever going to sign a big name SS).
        That being said, there’s simply no excuse for not having a REAL SS on the team. None. I know Suerez had some experience at SS, but he was moved to 3B for a reason.
        This collection of players with defensive liabilities becomes even clearer when you have a suspect bullpen and a starting rotation that drastically falls off after #3.
        Undoubtedly these guys have some talent, but together it’s ugly.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Suarez will be around until at least 2024, same as Votto and Moustakas, unless traded away. With so many younger options already available (India, Senzel, Garcia, Rodriguez), it’s very likely that difficult decisions will be made sooner than later.

  4. Roger Garrett

    Wink and Casty need some help.Maybe tomorrow.Winnable game tonight but just could not get it done.Castillo was really good.Sad a GABP homer did him in.Great job though on his part.Reds continue to struggle to score unless they homer.

    • Doc

      How is 3 ER in five innings a great job? That is an ERA of 5.4. It’s not even a quality start despite the pitcher friendly definition of a quality start. Perhaps this game shows a turning point in Castillo’s season, but it was not a great pitching performance.

      • Jim Walker

        If all things are relative, it was a big step forward but not where he needs to be. A lot is being made of all the damage being done vs Castillo by the one big fly.

        However the play by play indicates he gave up 2 first pitch singles in front of it, one on a “sinker”, the other on a “slider”. If correct this amounts to setting the table for the Giants by getting beat on his 3rd and 4th best pitches. The home run was off a hung change up on a 1-1 pitch, an issue he has been having all season.

        To the positive side, Castillo escaped in the 5th after pitching his way into a similar no out, 2 on jam. That along with the 11Ks is probably the source of much of the good feelings about his effort.

  5. Jeff Morris

    Yes…not bad from Castillo. Reds not hitting past 8 to 9 games. Many hits for the Reds are just singles. And no one is getting that big hit for the Reds. Suarez again not reliable. Moose and Votto hurt. Last 8 to 9 games, pitchers have adjusted to the Reds hitters, can the Reds hitters adjust back? Wonder how long Disco can pitch this well for the Giants?

    • RojoBenjy

      Missed Senzel tonight also. He could have possibly gotten on base ahead of Winker and Castellanos

      • MuddyCleats

        Spot on; Reds need a true LO hitter so Winker and Nick can be hitting w/ someone on base. Again, why not Shogo? He started playing well late last yr. While Joey is out, Wink should b @ 1st and Shogo starting vs RHP in the OF. Let’s see if he can get it going so they can extend the lineup w/ Wink & Nick. It’s very realistic to believe Winker will b Reds 1B once Votto retires, he’s not a very good OF, so why not give him some time especially w/ Moose out too………..Reds Logic defies common sense?

  6. BatsLeftThrowsRight

    Can’t keep listening to this Red’s announcer, who thinks he is obligated to use every adjective he can think of on every pitch.

    Tomorrow is a very dangerous game, lose it and you go three under .500 and this team could start to crater and then never sniff .500 the rest of the season.

  7. TR

    A better performance by Castillo. The fourth inning did it for the Giants with three hits and the third one a homerun. Blandino is a backup infielder but, IMO, should not be at 1st.base. While Votto is on the mend, T. Stevenson should cover first base. He’s a hitter who should be in the lineup whenever possible. Other than Winker and Castellanos, the offense is not clicking.

    • RedsMonk65

      Yes, with Moustakas unavailable, we need a better option at 1B until Votto is back.

      • Doc

        Moustakas and Senzel should be sent to IL for 10 days so we can actually bring up someone who can take the field. They are struggling along on a 23-24 man roster.

        Antone would be my first choice to replace Hoffman. Flip flop them. No roster move needed.

      • MuddyCleats

        And the good news is, Votto was working w/ Stephenson and Blandino @ 1B prior to the game. Why not Winker too?? Just don’t see the Blandino reasoning

      • Doug Gray

        My Guess: It’s a very short term thing and Blandino and to a lesser extent, Stephenson, are backups. Winker isn’t.

  8. Tim

    I have great respect for an MLB manager and know that David Bell is privy to much more information than I’ll ever have, and he also gets directives from the organization that are not known to us fans, BUT it seems like an inexcusable decision to bat Suarez third. How many runners has he stranded so far? I am sure his teammates love him. I suspect, however, that they have to be getting frustrated. Bell needs to educate us fans as to his reasoning.

  9. BigRedMike

    In some defense of Bell, the Reds don’t have many options. At least the two best hitters are at the top of the order.
    Naquin and Farmer batting 4 and 5 is a problem. Suarez being really bad is tough to manage around.

  10. RedsMonk65

    Thinking thoughts…

    Castillo looked much better tonight.

    The bullpen looks a little less shaky.

    Winker and Castellanos continue to do what they do.

    But the rest of the lineup and the defense have to do better more consistently.

    Suarez needs a day or so off, and then a spot way down in the order.

    We have to give our starters better early run support.

    One thing that would help is getting everyone healthy again — Senzel, Moustakas, Votto, Lorenzen, etc.

    That’s my diagnosis. Still hoping all that happens and they go on a tear…

  11. Tampa Red

    Man this website is depressing. It’s like a contest to see who can wave the white flag the fastest and the highest. It’s May 18 and the Reds are 4 games out of first place. Gosh bless it.

    • Doug Gray

      I want to add a “like” button to the website comments just so I can push it for this comment.

      • Sliotar

        @Tampa Red

        Weren’t you complaining in the game thread about how tough it would be to dump aging Reds players’ contracts?

        @Doug Gray

        Isn’t this usually the type of scenario where you post something on Twitter like, “Never read the comments.”

        IMO … venting is part of what makes RLN great.

        Hypocrisy towards fellow Reds fans … now that really is depressing.

      • Doc

        I was agreeing with Doug but Sliotar comment posted after I hit Submit.

      • Doug Gray

        Venting may make all of us feel better. But reading the venting of hundreds of people every day is literally bad for you and your health.

    • RedsMonk65

      Other than the pandemic-shortened season of 2020, this team has not won since 2013. That is 8 years.

      A little frustration is understandable. I remain optimistic in the long view, but can certainly empathize with that.

      Losing sucks. And for the past 8 years, the Reds have done a lot of it. This year and last, obviously, they’ve lost a little less, but they are still losing more than winning.

      Frustration should not be confused with surrender. Fans voice frustration because they care.

      Go Reds!

    • CP

      Cincinnati sports fans are absolutely miserable to be around in general.

  12. MBS

    Rodriguez goes 2 – 4 tonight, with a 10 pitch walk in the 10th. He has a .361 BA, give him a shot to play in the MLB.

  13. Rednat

    i agree with RedsMonk’s comment above. i think it is ok to be frustrated at this point.
    i would take it one step further. yes we had winning playoff seasons from 2010- 2013 but i think you have to go back to 1999 before you find a really fun, dominating reds team. they hit, they had speed up and down the line up. the played defense. that was over 20 years people! It was in a different ballpark and a different century!

    the reds just haven’t adapted well to 21st century baseball for whatever reason. Bad trades, bad signings, small ballpark, lack of finances, what ever the case may be. And because of this we have been a bottom tier team for over 2 decades now. it is only natural to be frustrated and pessimistic at this point.

    • oklared

      Wow fan since BRM and truly surprised someone didn’t find 2010-2013 fun with that group. That is a mighty high bar to have fun watching baseball.

  14. Reddawg2012

    I think we are just seeing what the Reds are…a .500 team give or take a few wins. Coming into the season, I fully expected 78-84 wins and that’s about the level of performance we’re getting.

    • Jim Walker

      Yep. It is just that when they are good, they seem so good…..

      • Reddawg2012

        Agreed. That dominant first week of the season made the crash back down to reality hurt even more.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I agree. I expected roughly 76-78 wins or so. Basically thought the team downgraded overall from what was essentially a .500 team last year. We’re pretty much on that pace.

  15. Tampa Red

    Sliotar, that wasn’t me complaining at all. That was my polite way of mocking the idea that you can just “get rid of” (his words) expensive long term contracts if they aren’t working out.

  16. RedsGettingBetter

    This game means the 8th consecutive pitcher the Reds cannot hit. Since Trevor Cahill dominated them, the Reds have been quiet in all subsequent games against the Colorado and SF starters. By the way, most of these pitchers have bad numbers in 2021. I think the need to make an adjustment to both the lineup and the hitting strategy is obvious

  17. Old-school

    The 2021 season doesn’t have the expanded wild card and with 3 NL West teams playing solid baseball and the NL East number #2 team likely a solid club- the Reds path to the playoffs looks to be a one way ticket via the NL central title. To win 90 games, the Reds need to go 71-51 the rest of the way. That’s a tall order for a team plagued with inconsistency who hasn’t won 3 games in a row since April 6-8.

    The first step to playing consistent winning baseball is consistent starting pitching with starters getting into the 6th and 7th innings with regularity. Starting pitching is the great equalizer and will allow the bullpen to utilize its strongest weapons in high leverage situations instead of utilizing its weaker pitchers seemingly on a nightly basis for 4+innings.

    Castillo looked much sharper and is very capable of being a consistent starter that gets to the 7th inning. Sonny Gray is a proven guy. Tyler Mahle is taking that next step to being a very good major league starting pitcher and Wade Miley is healthy and proven. Those 4, if healthy, have the ability to string together a consistent run of strong starts and give the Reds an opportunity to post a strong month of winning baseball and build some momentum. On the other hand, Jeff Hoffman in May has gone 4 innings, 4 innings, and 2.1 innings in his 3 starts with an ERA near 8. That rotation spot needs an upgrade and very soon.

    Tony Santillan now has 3 starts under his belt in Louisville after his 6 shut out innings and 7 K’s last night. His ERA is a microscopic 0.64.
    He is also stretching out his starts after the late minor league start to the season.
    First start 4 innings and 64 pitches. Second start 4 innings and 76 pitches. Third start 6 innings and 88 pitches.

    Hoffman starts Friday at GABP with Sonny Gray pitching Saturday. Santillan starts Sunday for Louisville. With the off day Monday, the Reds could slot Gray into Hoffman’s Thursday slot @ Washington so he pitches on his usual 5 days, and bring up Santillan to start Friday the 28th @ Wrigley. Give Santillan one more start at AAA to build his innings and confidence and bring him up to the big leagues Memorial Day weekend to solidify this rotation.

    • Jim Walker

      Thanks, I was hoping with the off day for the Reds Monday, things might slot this way for Santillan; but, I hadn’t actually counted it out.

      And of course I am hoping if Santillan is promoted to MLB, Hunter Greene will soon be in TS’s prior AAA slot. Through 3 AA starts, Greene’s innings pitched is 16 (5/5/6) with pitch efficiency and results which match Santillan.

      • Old-school

        @Jim- you mentioned a productive “Clete” the other day watching Hunter Greene. How did u watch the game?

        I still maintain FSO/ Bally would get huge ratings if they broadcast a few select AAA /AA games when the Reds had off days. Chattanooga is a big place these days if you a Reds fan

      • Doug Gray

        MiLB dot TV. All AA and AAA games are available. Select other level games are available (most Dayton games are, only 6 Daytona games are)

  18. Roger Garrett

    Reds have struggled to score for 3 years and with an aging roster it won’t get any better.They blown some teams out which gives the impression there offense is better and it may be.However to expect Joey and Moose and now it seems Eugenia to return to what they use to be is fools gold.Its time to see more and more of their younger players cause at best even if healthy we are no better then 3rd in our division.I don’t no anything about service time or player control.All I know is that they need to find out who can play cause we already know this roster has players that will never get any better.Some are in decline and some never have shown they are any more then bench players.

    • AllTheHype

      Two guys, and catcher, are much better. The other offensive slots are same or worse (Suarez). Plus the manager doesn’t know how to optimize his lineup.

      We need Votto, Senzel, and Moose all back so “maybe” the manager’s hand will be forced to slide Suarez down the lineup.

  19. Old Big Ed

    I’m good with bringing up AlfRod and playing him regularly at SS until about the All-Star game. They would have Moustakas, India, Suarez and Senzel for 2B/3B, and Senzel would usually be in CF if and when he can play.

    That would mean sitting at least one of the Moose, India or Suarez, and Suarez is the one who needs benching. He has apparently forgotten how to play baseball. Suarez may be a nice guy, but he can’t hit, field, or run.

    Old School is correct that Santillan needs to replace Hoffman next week, with Hoffman going to the bullpen.

    This is an oddly constructed team. The team has no shortstop, and only two guys who’ve ever really played first base, both of whom are LH hitters and injured. It also has only one true centerfielder, Senzel, who can’t stay healthy, leaving it all too often having to play a noodle-armed Akiyama or a shaky Naquin. Senzel is the only guy who can play both infield and outfield, so the team has almost zero flexibility.

    On top of that, the Reds have three very slow LH hitters who play regularly (Votto, Winker and Moose), plus Barnhart and Naquin/Akiyama, so they have a lineup that is LH-heavy.

    • Jim Walker

      I agree the Reds are just too LH hitting overall right now. Aquino (RH power bat) goes down and the short term replacement is Pryor, a LH hitter, for several games then a pitcher and now Pryor again.

      And a reason we see Famer and Blandino starting frequently along with attempts to shuffle Senzel and Moose in and out of the lineup when both are clearly (much less) than 100% is that the organizational depth cupboard is threadbare.

      Meanwhile, Stephenson who looks like he could be a big help offensive sits because why? They don’t trust him to play 1B? They don’t trust him enough catching to put Barnhart at 1B? They don’t want to have all their catchers on the field at the same time (including Farmer here) because it would limit their flexibility to make moves as the game progressed since 2 of the 3 would need to always stay in the game?

      • Old Big Ed

        To me, the big mistake that Dick Williams made was to underestimate what he had in Jesse Winker. That led him to go get and overpay for Moustakas, who is an older and less talented Winker (but a solid hitter), and probably even Akiyama, who makes no sense to me on this team.

        If the Reds had the $$$ that they invested in Moustakas and Akiyama, they could have outbid the Giants for DeSclafani and/or gotten a one-year rental at SS for this year. Instead, they are hamstrung financially for the short run, plus they have an oddball, inflexible roster.

        I am a deep believer in Jose Garcia at SS. He is a longshot to help this year, although he is killing it at AA for now.

      • Doc

        Since 80% of MLB pitchers are RH, wouldn’t ‘the book’ say that heavy LH gives a match up advantage?

      • Roger Garrett

        Bell said his players were willing to do whatever it took and he said this allowed him to put his best defensive team out there.His words and not mine.So how is that going?Of course its not going to work because you have to score and our best defenders may not be our best hitters.Bigger issue is you just can’t play guys all over the field just because they want to or you want them too. Sure the cupboard is bare but we don’t have anybody any level that can play first base?By plugging in that guy we just go on as we were but when Joey goes down we have to shuffle the whole deck.Same with Moose.Bell’s constant shuffle of players from position to position is silly.Suarez at short no at third,Farmer at short no at first,Senzel in the outfield,no at second,no at third etc etc etc.Last vent and we call up another outfielder when we already have 5.We do all that and don’t consider getting Stephensen in the line up as Jim said is well just dumb.All started cause we don’t have anybody to play first base?

  20. SultanofSwaff

    It stinks to watch losing baseball, but the last 2 nights were tolerable because I watched the SF broadcast. Their announcers are a pleasure—-knowledgeable, classy, understated. Best in the biz!

    • RojoBenjy

      Um…we’re not jealous…no…not at all…

    • TR

      Not surprising. The baseball Giants have usually been a classy organization. They probably have more former players in the HOF than any team, even the Yankees.

  21. SultanofSwaff

    I don’t know which is dropping faster over the last couple weeks, my tech stock shares or Barnhart’s OPS. As good as his first 2 weeks were, the last 2 have been equally bad. I’ve said it before, Bell needs to flip-flop the playing time with Tyler Stephenson. Tucker isn’t a 120 game starter and the more playing time he gets the more he’s getting exposed. Play the future All-Star.

    What an astute pickup by the front office to nab Tyler Naquin. Dude is on pace for over 30 home runs and he gets on base as well. Nick Senzel on the other hand is on pace for 5 home runs if he’s lucky…..but he’s getting on base at a decent clip so that’s keeping his OPS barely afloat.

    2nd best pickup by Nick Krall? Heath Hembree. 2 hits, 2 walks, 13 K’s in 11 innings.
    This guy has been unhittable. If Garrett comes around, we’ll have a pretty formidable four in high leverage situations.

    Keep playing India. Walk rate is good and now the power is starting to show up. OPS is over .700 finally.

    This roster isn’t perfect, but with the right tweaks they can fire on all cylinders more consistently and that’s when you string together wins. Enough of the season has passed where those changes need to be made.

    • Jim Walker

      Agree on catching and Naquin (and tech stocks). Hembree looks good but you never know about the shelf life of relievers, especially ones who have been around the block at least a time or two already.

    • Old Big Ed

      I don’t think they can fire on all cylinders until (1) they come to grips with the fact that Suarez is dead weight, and (2) Senzel produces on an everyday basis as a high OBA leadoff hitter.

      I am not optimistic on either point. Senzel has the ability to do it, but he is made out of potato chips. Some of it is bad luck, but much of it is befuddling.

      • Jim Walker

        Some guys just have more brittle or fragile bodies regardless of what they do to try and strengthen them. Those of us over 40 or so keep repeating that Eric Davis would have been a National HoF player if he would have been blessed with better health on the field. And what if Jr Griffey’s legs hadn’t gone south on him just as he arrived back in Cincy?

        Part of moving Senzel back to the IF recently may have been because they felt he was less likely to be injured there. So then what happens? He tweaks a knee making a highlight reel play at 3B.

        Life. We all have to learn to live with the body we have.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I don’t know if I’d call a .638 OPS (70 OPS+) afloat.

      • RojoBenjy

        Depends on whether you’re sinking or rising

      • Jim Walker

        @Rojo> Sorry I can’t resist this, “periscope depth”

    • RojoBenjy

      “Enough of the season has passed where those changes need to be made.”

      So when are they going to start making these changes? It will be illuminating to see if Krall continues doing things differently (in a good way) compared to DW

  22. JB

    Reds were 18-22 last year and were at times 4 or 5 under 500. Then the next 20 they went 13-7. These next 20 games will be interesting because they play 13 against NL Central opponents. By game 60-62 we will know if they are in it or not. I said at the beginning of the year that health will play a roll for every team this year. They need to get Votto and Moose back to fill that 4th and 5th spot. Leave Senzel at the top and then Suarez slides nicely into the 6th spot. Bullpen is shaping up with the top 6 spots taken. Antone, Hembree, Sims,Garrett, Hendrix and Feliz. I like Fullmer as the the long guy. Doolittle needs to be replaced. Warren did a nice job when he was up and Guitterez would look good there as well. Hoffman needs to stop nibbling and trust his stuff. The walks are killing him. Reds are struggling but so are other teams. The best teams are usually in first by game 45-55 . The only team that isnt close is the Twins. If I remember right alot of people were screaming for Rocco Baldelli to be the Reds coach. Imagine that.

    • RojoBenjy

      “These next 20 games will be interesting because they play 13 against NL Central opponents.”

      That is interesting to note because don’t they always say that sometimes teams do better within their division because they are more familiar with the pitchers? Perhaps the team will surprise and go on a run

    • Doc

      How many innings has Feliz thrown since call up upon which he is a solid slot? I would not consider him solid at least until he hits 10-15 innings with quality performance.

  23. Jb

    He already has 8 innings in with a 2.08 ERA. He already is better than most of the guys that Bell has ran out there. Not sure why the Pirates got rid of him because he is only 27. But if you want I’ll wait until he pitches 2 -7 more innings.


    We have had better and worse managers then Bell. There are only 6 or 7 inovative managers in mlb. The rest just go by tecnology and do what everyone else is doing. If they have signed a player to a big contract they play him regardless. So we should just stick with David Bell.

    • MBS

      I’m all for ways of getting Shogo, and Stephenson’s bats into the lineup. It baffles me that Blandino is the solution at 1B. When Blandino starts, we have 2 better players on the bench. So if it is Winker at 1B, or Stephenson at 1B, I’m all in.

  25. MuddyCleats

    With Votto and Moose both out, the best move right now is Winker to 1B so Shogo can play vs RHP. Let’s see if he can get going & b the LO hitter the signed him to b. He was key to playoff push last season and could b again now. If he get’s going, Winker and Nick can hit w/ someone on and extend the lineup. Likewise, this gives Cincy a good look @ Winker as future 1B which is likely IMHO.

    • Jim Walker

      Except as things stand now, Winker reaches free agency at the same time Votto can be bought out (after 2023 season). So, if Votto stays for his full guaranteed term, Winker playing 1B for Reds may be dependent on the universal DH in 2022 or 2023 at the latest.

      • MuddyCleats

        Good Pts. Jim; I like your take.
        I think the bigger pt is Blandino isn’t likely to b Red that long, especially at 1B, and using Shogo in OF would have given team another LHH 2 attack Disco w/ and a better OF. It also makes Winker more flexible should Votto go down w/ another injury. Who knows, maybe Reds could trade Winker down the road? I believe position flexibility could make him more valuable 4 Reds or someone else. Overall, let’s get Shogo in the game while Moose and Joey R out or one of the Catchers, who have been hitting at least a little, @ 1st. Like so many other topics, Reds Logic is hard to understand?

      • Jim Walker

        @Cleats> Do you ever get the feeling the Reds went down to the used parts store and picked up the best available parts they felt fit their budget without checking that they all would fit/ work together? If so, welcome to the club

      • MuddyCleats

        Exactly, it’s like Johnny Cash’s song “One Piece at a Time.”

        Reds have a number of ML caliber players w/ potential, now they need to figure out how to put them all together to make

  26. Old-school

    The Reds catching situation is solid.

    Im a believer every team needs 2 good starting catchers and the days of catching 150 games a year are over. With a likely DH in 2022 and an aging Joey Votto who is now injured, it would seem now is the opportunity to groom Tyler Stephenson as a first baseman to play once a week long term and get his right handed big bat in the lineup when’s not catching.

    It makes no sense to put Farmer or Blandino at 1b- short term, medium or long term. It makes a lot of sense to put Stephenson at first now for the short term, medium term and long term.

    • Jim Walker

      Think you are preaching to the choir here for the overwhelming part. Saw a note yesterday that Votto was working pre-game with Stephenson and Blandino at 1B. Hopefully that is a sign of change ahead.

  27. Chris Holbert

    It looks as though many will get their wish, as Stephenson is listed as 1B for tonight’s game

    • Old-school

      Thanks Chris
      Stephenson in the 4 hole at first base and Tucker at 5 catching

      Krall and Bell seem different than Williams and Bell

      At least trying some things based on performance

      Go Reds

      • west larry

        Agreed. This is a refreshing change to management thinking. Go reds!

      • TR

        Barnhart and Stevenson both in the lineup. An offensive shakeup is needed to help out Winker and Castellanos.