The defense struggled again for the Cincinnati Reds and the San Francisco Giants took advantage of it as they kept the best record in the National League while picking up their 25th win of the year.

Final R H E
San Francisco Giants (25-16) 6 8 2
Cincinnati Reds (19-20) 3 10 2
W: Webb (3-3) L: Gray (0-3) SV: Rogers (3)
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The Offense

The Reds tried to put together a rally in the 2nd inning when they loaded the bases with one out, but that brought Sonny Gray to the plate and he struck out. Jesse Winker, leading off on the night, had a chance to do some damage and worked a full count, but on the 7th pitch of the at-bat he grounded out weakly to first base to strand the runners. The next inning they had another threat going after back-to-back singles by Nick Castellanos and Tyler Naquin, but a ground ball double play ended the threat.

It wasn’t until the 7th inning that Cincinnati put together another threat and they were trailing 5-0 at that point. With two outs Tyler Stephenson came on as a pinch hitter and drew a 4-pitch walk and then moved up to second base on a wild pitch. Jesse Winker jumped out to a 2-0 count before taking the third pitch and lining it into center to plate Stephenson and get the Reds on the board.

After the Giants extended their lead to 6-1 in the top of the 8th, Cincinnati put a little bit of pressure on with back-to-back homers by Tyler Naquin and Eugenio Suárez to make it 6-3.

It was Tyler Stephenson trying to get things started in the 9th inning as he led off with a single for the Reds. But he was erased on an easy double play hit right back up the middle to the shortstop that was standing there waiting. Nick Senzel reached base on an error by Brandon Crawford to extend the game and give Cincinnati a chance, but a routine fly ball to center ended the game.

The Pitching

Sonny Gray looked good in the 1st inning. The defense, however, didn’t. Two different ground ball double plays weren’t turned, and Kyle Farmer had a ball go off of his glove and then it went off of the foot of Buster Posey. Ultimately it led to just one run being scored by the Giants, but it ran up the pitch count for the Reds righty in the 1st. He got back on track in the 2nd as he needed just 9 pitches to retire the side.

The rough defense came back in the 4th inning after Brandon Crawford reached first when Eugenio Suárez couldn’t come up with the ball at shortstop. Three pitches later Wilmer Flores hit a wall-scraper of a 2-run home run to extend the San Francisco lead to 3-0. That wasn’t the last homer Sonny Gray gave up on the day, though – Mike Yastrzemski took him deep in the 5th inning to make it 4-0. The Reds turned the game over to Carson Fulmer in the 6th and he fell victim to the long ball as Mauricio Dubón led off the inning with a dinger of his own to make it 5-0.

In the top of the 8th inning the Reds defense once again got in the way of preventing the Giants from scoring. With runners on the corners and 2-outs Cionel Pérez made a pickoff throw to 1st base and Austin Slater was caught in a run down. But the infield turned their backs to the plate and Darin Ruf easily scored as the Cincinnati defense played pickle before Slater was tagged out and the Giants took a 6-1 lead into the bottom of the 8th. While the offense got a few runs back, that was more than enough.

Notes Worth Noting

Late in the game Nick Senzel made a diving attempt at a ball down the third base line and seemed to tweak something in his leg. He remained in the game. In the top of the 9th he recorded the final out on a pop up but seemed to be limping a little bit as he went to the dugout. He did come up to the plate in the bottom of the 9th, so he felt good enough at the time to remain in the game.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

San Francisco Giants at Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday May 18th, 6:40pm ET

Anthony DeSclafani (3-1, 2.14 ERA) vs Luis Castillo (1-5, 7.71 ERA)

45 Responses

  1. Klugo

    The defense is coming up way too much.

  2. Old-school

    Very disappointing the Reds have the top 2 batting average hitters in the NL and cant manufacture runs. Whens the last time the Reds had the the top 2 hitters in BA in the league , top hits in the league, top 5 ops in the league.
    Castellanos is a legit mvp candidate and Winker is an all star yet the offense is still HR dependent and the pitching staff is not playoff caliber by any means

    Reds media blitz is now geno hot streak. The pitching is awful

    • 2020ball

      theyre one of the top offensive teams in the league so really dont understand what you mean by saying they cant manufacture runs.

      • Old-school

        They are 5-1 against the Pirates and outscored them 51-17. They are 14-19 against the rest of the league and outscored 158-191 and that includes 4 games at Coors and half the games at Gabp.

        Lets see what happens at Washington against Max Scherzer and the Mets with degrom

      • 2020ball

        whats gonna happen vs Sherzer and DeGrom is probably what happens to other teams, which is not much. Theyre good pitchers vs all the other teams too, not just the Reds.

        And ill never understand why people just cherry-pick out the good stats and then compare them to other teams without doing the same for them. I’d bet that 158 number you mentioned is also high

      • Old-school

        I dont know
        2 individuals in Castellanos and Winker are leading the NL in hitting and propping up an offense that continues a pattern of anemia on- coors field is an outlier- and all or none home run dependency at GABP to score.

        Pitching is a bigger issue and Reds get 162 games to write their script

      • 2020ball

        the pitching is the issue, thats the main thing you should take away here. the offense is fine.

        The reds are top third in the league in HRs, but theyre outscoring all the teams around them which tells me they arent just relying on those HRs. Nick and Jesse are carrying the offense sure, but just that means the guys around them have been inconsistent. if one or two guys find more, the offense might actually improve.

    • LDS

      Couldn’t agree more, Old School. They also took 2 of 3 from the Dodgers but I wouldn’t bet on that repeating.

  3. RojoBenjy

    Eugenio Suárez is a very fine young man. He hit a home run in this game.

    He still has no business starting for this team. It IS NOT his year

    But there are quite a few other reasons for the Reds lack of success this season, so let’s not pile on exclusively to that very important reason

    I still covet the input from my optimistic Reds fans—have you too given up?

    • TR

      A bit disappointed but not giving up as long as the Reds stay less than 10 games out before the end of July. Winker, Senzel, India, Stephenson, Greene, Lodolo and others are the nucleus to a real good Reds team.

    • MBS

      Suarez didn’t just hit a HR, he was 2 – 4. That was his 3rd multi hit game in his last 7 games. Suarez has collected hits in 6 of his last 8 games with 3 HR’s. I’m not here to say he’s lighting the world on fire but that comes to a .272 BA with 3 HR’s. Let’s not bench the guy while he’s coming out of a bad slump.

      • VegasRed

        Good points MB. We all know what Genò can do when he is not in a slump. I’m surprised he is playing as as well as has. Hopefully Bell is replaced at some point before next year and the kids get plenty of experience this year. The cardinals are still better than the reds, and brewers have better pitching and defense than the reds, so this season is going nowhere near playoffs. The team is exciting however and has a lot of fight in it that will keep fans interested.

    • Rednat

      i think this year will be more of a “stat” or “boxscore ” year than a season i will be following every pitch. doesn’t look like we really have the pitching to compete but there are a lot of interesting stories from an offensive standpoint this year for the reds. Will the reds finally have a batting champ with Winker? will they finally have a 200 hit season,(maybe 2?) .wouldn’t that be amazing. Will India break any rookie records? Will Suarez get his 50 homers? what kind of numbers will Naquin put up?

      So, not an entire “Clete out” but I will not be entirely invested either.

    • Jim Walker

      I agree with @MBS that Suárez is coming around offensively. If everyone gets (stays) healthy the Reds are going to have quite a logjam at the infield spots presuming Senzel remains as an IF. Maybe they will take and make a trade

      • MuddyCleats

        Agree; Reds need a clear direction going forward. Again, they have some talented players who have potential, but musical chairs on Def every other game and being moved up and down the lineup is NOT helping things. I doubt they trade one of the younger guys due to $$$, and I doubt Suarez brings the talent back many R hoping for? Easy to see why the Org is as stuck as us fans

    • JB

      Never giving up. Not so sure why you even watch the games because all you do is whine. Baseball is a game of failure with not much success. You act like everybody should go 2-4 every night and the Reds should win every night. I got news for you – it doesnt happen. Suarez is struggling but is showing signs of life. Lindor is struggling worse than him in NY and everybody wanted to give their first born for him. Imagine the crap we would be reading on here if he was playing short. I have no idea why you watch the games. Majority of the people on here picked the Reds to have a losing record but yet they expect them to win every game. Win or lose I enjoy every pitch of every game. Why? Remember last year when there wasnt any baseball for 4 months? People need to enjoy life more and stop letting a game control their happiness. Not really sure why you’re calling people out. Maybe you should seek another sort of help than people on a Cincinnat Reds forum.

    • greenmtred

      I’m not giving up. The Reds are playing pretty much the way I thought they would. Management appeared to take the year off by cutting spending and not acquiring a shortstop, and many of us seemed to believe at the beginning of the season that they would be a .500 team. So, I’m hanging in, hoping to see some of the young talent later in year.

    • RedsMonk65

      Still in. As a fan (for more than 50 years now), not really a choice. Sort of like you can’t choose the family you’re from–not really.

      But like any family, there will be times to lament, and times (hopefully soon!) to rejoice!

    • RojoBenjy

      Thank you for the optimistic input. Just what was needed. Sometimes the fans that see good stuff get chased away, and I was hoping to hear from them again. I appreciate that.

  4. An old 30

    I know I am bringing up ancient news here but the Reds should have resigned José Iglesias after 2019 season IMO. He hit .288 in 2019 and usually a very good glove man. Instead they went with Galvis last year and no one this year.

    • Rednat

      i think it is a point that should be brought up over and over again until we reds fans get a straight answer.

  5. Jim Walker

    The 6th Giants run was another lower age class Knothole/ Little League special gift wrapped present from the Reds defense.

    For those who missed it>>> With 2 outs in the top of the 8th the Giants had runners at 1st and 3rd. The man on 1st to all appearances intentionally got himself caught off 1st base.

    During the ensuing rundown between 1st and 2nd, the runner scored from 3rd base apparently without drawing attention (and definitely no throw) home to try and retire him) from the Reds.

    That run subsequently cost the Reds not one but two opportunities to have the tying run at the plate in the 9th inning with first Winker then Castellanos at the plate,

    • Sliotar

      Jim, thanks for detailing.

      Was listening to this while finishing a project for a client … I thought yesterday’s shenanigans was the defensive low point of the season. I guess I was wrong.

      40 games after tomorrow … in the Old Days, “who you are after 40 games is who you will be for the rest of the season.”

      I hope that isn’t true now … because, at the moment, this team is like a car with a bad spark plug.

      Some moments of running good, but never far way from sputtering.

      • Jim Walker

        Farmer seemed to be getting the “laurels” as the lead mess up guy because apparently it was while we saw him (on TV) running the trail runner on a long run toward 2B that the guy came home (note the TV guys weren’t exactly on top of things either. It was only after the guy was tagged out between 1st & 2nd that we were informed the guy from 3rd had scored ahead of the out).

        However, I thought there was plenty of blame to be shared by several guys.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Sloppy rundown. (This is from a coaching clinic put on by major league coaches) A rundown should get an out with one throw, two at most. The runner should be pinched in the middle 1/3 of the basepath and forced back to the base he came from. Instead, we saw multiple throws and Reds still standing near the bases, giving the runner ample time/space to create a window of opportunity for the runner on third to break for home.

      Second gripe—Geno’s error that preceded the HR. I saw this the first week of the season and knew it would burn the team down the road. When he transfers the ball from mitt to throwing hand he pops it out instead of reaching in and grabbing it. Bad bad habit the coaches should’ve corrected long ago.

      I’ve got issues with their footwork on double plays, but that’s enough for today!

      • Jim Walker

        RE: 2nd gripe> Quick effective transfer is a very subtle hand/ eye skill often overlooked and taken for granted,
        I do not think there are very many infielders who routinely reach into their gloves to grasp and pull the ball out before throwing. However, this said, I think Suárez uses more of an open flipping motion and less of a handing off motion than many who bring the glove and throwing hand together and essentially use the gloved hand to hand it to the throwing hand.


    Reds need to get Moustakas and Votto back asap. They are missing those guys alot! Got to have your best players out there. Other players are filling in admirably, but they basically are AAA + baseball players, that should be playing everyday in the major leagues. They are basically utility players, and players that fill in every now and then when the regular players need a day off. Of course, doesn’t matter who you have in your lineup, if the starting pitchers do not go 5-6 good innings or more for the Reds, and the relief pitchers don’t do there jobs when coming into the game, the Reds will hover around .500 all year long!

  7. Rednat

    i was thinking today how well the Giants have adapted to 21st century baseball. i would have to say that so far they are the “team of the century”.

    there formula seems to be fairly simple 1. always have 5 really good starters first and foremost.
    2. fill in your position players with guys that can hit some home runs especially on the road. Don’t worry as much about the fielding or baserunning
    3. find a gamer / leader like a Hunter Pence to keep the clubhouse motivated
    and boom you have a world series team.

    it is kind of a boring style i give credit to them, it is working again this year

    • Indy Red Man

      Its the park as much or more then the pitcher. Obviously they have to get veterans that are willing to pitch to contact, but Disco, Alex Wood, and Aaron Sanchez didn’t suddenly become world beaters. Imo pitching in a huge park gives them confidence that young guys coming up in gabp don’t have!

      Here’s some things I’d try before the Reds end up 7-8 games out.

      1. Senzel back to IL. Suarez, Farmer, India, and Moose 3B SS 2B 1B.
      2. Lorenzen for Hoffman as soon as he’s ready. Maybe Garrett as an opener in the meantime
      3. Last chance for Castillo to show “any” sign of improvement or pull him out of the rotation
      4. Hunter Greene to get some opportunities sooner then later. Dominating AA doesn’t help the Reds. The 2002 rode a 20 yr old Francisco Rodriguez to a WS ring. Granted it was out of the pen, but they could find spots for Greene to get 80-100 ip. If Castellanos goes then the Reds are done imo. Show him we’re trying to win and get him resigned this year! Not everybody waits til the kid is 24-25 to turn them loose anyway?

      • Tomn

        Senzel needs to be on the IL. WHy wasn’t he pulled last night? Don’t think Lorenzen will be ready soon. WE need someone from AAA/AA. We apparently have some decent starters there. Hoffman needs to go – BP or elsewhere. Castillo – maybe we need 2 someones from AAA/AA. I mentioned Hunter the other day and someone who knows more than me suggested a couple of guys from AAA who have more experienced and may be ready to contribute. Given all the Reds problems, I still enjoy watching them, mostly because of the offense. And, oh yeah, we gotta resign Castellanos. He’s been great. MVPish even.

      • Jim Walker

        @Tomn> I think if a person reviewed what I’ve said about Michael Lorenzen here and elsewhere over the years, it would be obvious he has always been a favorite of mine. However, from where he’s been and where he is now, I will believe he can make a meaningful impact for the 2021 Reds when I see it happening,

        ML’s strength as a pitcher seems to be as a multi inning guy on the one hand but on the other his body seems to not take well to that role over longer periods.

        Being honest, I look at the lack of an impact player on the Reds bench currently who bats RH and wonder if ML’s greatest contribution to this Reds team might not be as a RH hitting bench player who would also possibly be the best base runner and defensive OF on the team.

    • 2020ball

      The giants defense has been phenomenal, especially those 3 WS years. Theyre winning this year on pitching and defense with timely scoring.

  8. GreatRedLegsFan

    Does anybody have news from IL? (Votto, Lorenzen, Aquino). Can’t understand why they sent Warren down instead of Perez, is the latest out of options already? I’d rather have a righty that can punch the strike zone than an erratic lefty in the bullpen. Suarez seems to be coming back, but certainly his defense at SS is way below the acceptable limit. Let’s see how the roster will be reshaped once those in IL return. If they keep 13 position players, one bullpen spot shall be scratched down to 6-man, which can only happen if Castillo improves his performance and Hoffman is replaced.

  9. Angelo

    i think the last time I have seen a team get duped on an attempted steal of second with 2 outs and men on first and third to allow the man from third to score was in little league.

    • Jim Walker

      Well they had a guy who isn’t really a 1B at 1B and a guy who is a potential defensive ace but positional rookie at 2B plus a guy at SS who hasn’t been there art 5 years or so. That might help explain (but not excuse) the goings on.

      • RedDawg68

        Spot on. No matter the level, playing multiple positions constantly taxes the synapses. Flexibility is a plus, but consistency (of position) trumps it most times.

    • oklared

      Hardly but feel your pain. Also how badly would are back seat managers of howled about early removal~81 pitches of effective pitcher. My point is only no team is perfect and they also have approximate 200 hitters with no power. Don’t over magnify Reds problems and minimize their contributions late rallies and extra inning play

  10. Roger Garrett

    Can’t win getting behind every night,hope the least of the pen holds them and come back late to win.Down big you get cookies to hit and if their least is pitching it may happen.Won’t work against good teams.Having players that can play multiple positions and doesn’t mean they will be good at it.Won’t work if you constantly move them around.Won’t work if everybody gets to play and it won’t work if your best pen guys only pitch when you are ahead or tied.Its a 5 or inning game.Must play and manage that way.Won’t work if you score only by the long ball.We are a 500 team at best if we continue to play and manage the games the same way.Won’t work but at times it’s fun

  11. centerfield

    Geno may come out of his slump but he isn’t going to hit 50 bombs. He needs to get that out of his head. Also he should never play SS except in an emergency. Senzel is our best CF. Farmer should be at SS, India at 2B, Moose at 1B. The lineup construction isn’t nearly as complicated as Bell attempts to make it. Put you best players at their best position and leave them there for 9 innings. Honestly, this team isn’t going anywhere until the Reds bump Bell up to advance scout or something and hire a new manager from OUTSIDE the organization. Now if the Reds rip off ten wins in a row, I will be happy. Win or lose, I’ll always be a Reds fan. I just want the front office to make a legitimate effort to win.

  12. steven shanken

    Seems like moving players all over the place has led to injuries. MM at first was a good example hurting his shoulder at the netting. Someone who is at every infield position every day pulling his foot off the bag and costing an out is just one example of the fielding issues this leads to mistakes. Poor base running and poor execution on a run down seem like coaching issues in addition to the position of the day mentality. I still think they have too much money tied up at 3rd and should think about getting rid one or even both of the long term contracts there and look for pitching with one of those mega million salaries. I also wonder why the catchers are batting 7th most of the time when they are hitting double what the guy they currently have in either 4th or 5th is . Pitching speaks for itself.