After a wild one last night in which the Cincinnati Reds tried valiantly, but failed, to come back from a 10-run deficit, the Reds and the Colorado Rockies continue their four-game series tonight. Wade Miley will try to become the second pitcher ever in MLB, behind former Red Johnny Vander Meer, to throw back-to-back no-hitters.


  • First pitch: 8:40 EDT
  • Location: Coors Field in Denver, CO
  • TV: Bally Sports Ohio and MLB Network (out-of-market)
  • Radio: 700 WLW and streaming on the Iheartradio app

Starting Pitchers

Wade Miley 36.0 2.00 3.40 3.35 3.34 0.75 19.7% 5.8%
Germán Márquez 39.1 5.49 4.51 4.22 4.16 1.65 22.2% 13.3%


In his most recent start, Miley had as close to the best start he could possibly have, obviously. A walk (and an error, though no fault of his own) is all that kept him from throwing a perfect game against the Cleveland Indians. However, if you’ve been paying attention, Miley’s been pitching this way all season. His success just happened to result in a no-hitter last Friday. Ironically, his worst pitched game of the season came on April 18 against the Indians at Great American Ball Park when he allowed four runs on five hits through five innings.

Tony Wolfe at Fangraphs posted an article this week about how Wade Miley threw a no-hitter.  As he always does, Miley worked quickly to try to throw the opposing team off guard. But on Friday, he was also masterfully painting corners. These two things combined to help limit the hard contact from Cleveland hitters. He took them out of their rhythm and it worked.


I’d say a pitcher having a 5.49 ERA is a good thing for the Reds, but they got shut out yesterday by a guy who had an ERA over 5.00. You never know what’s going to happen in baseball. Even though right-hander Germán Márquez has a very high ERA, it might be the Coors Field factor. His FIP and xFIP, at 4.22 and 4.16, are probably more indicative as to the level at which he is performing. In his two most recent starts, it was like night and day. Against the Giants at home on May 4, he didn’t make it out of the first inning, giving up eight runs on six hits and walking three. However, in St. Louis on May 9, he pitched six innings and allowed only one run on six hits and struck out six.

Márquez throws five pitches, mostly relying on his four-seam fastball, curve ball, and slider. He’ll throw the curve ball mostly to left-handed batters and the slider to right-handed batters. Both top out in the mid-80’s, while his fastball is averaging 94.8 mph. His off speed pitches are his best pitches, getting 45.8% and 46.1% whiff rates on the curve and slider, respectively.


Cincinnati Reds

Colorado Rockies

CF Tyler Naquin LF Raimel Tapia
RF Jesse Winker 1B Connor Joe
1B Mike Moustakas SS Trevor Story
3B Eugenio Suárez RF Charlie Blackmon
C Tucker Barnhart 3B Josh Fuentes
SS Kyle Farmer CF Yonathan Daza
LF Shogo Akiyama 2B Garrett Hampson
2B Jonathan India C Elias Díaz
P Wade Miley P Germán Márquez

Mike Moustakas returns to the lineup after tweaking his shoulder last night. Nick Senzel is still out, and Nick Castellanos is out of the lineup as well.


Is it too much to ask for Miley to pitch deep into the game two starts in a row? The Reds are already a man short in the bullpen with Amir Garrett serving his ludicrous suspension and yesterday’s offensive explosion by the Rockies did not help.

The good news, however, is that David Bell did not use any of his best relievers. Tejay Antone, Lucas Sims, Heath Hembree, and Sean Doolittle all did not pitch on Thursday and probably will be the first ones out of the pen, especially if the Reds have the lead.

News and Notes

The Reds made some moves today. Redleg Nation has you covered on all the transactions, which include picking up reliever Michael Feliz, designating Sal Romano for assignment, and activating Art Warren from the taxi squad.

The Reds also announced a return to full capacity at GABP starting June 2nd.

Finally, I highly recommend watching Tucker Barnhart’s post game interview talking about Luis Castillo last night. Aside from Derek Johnson and Castillo himself, no one knows more about Castillo’s struggles than Barnhart.

127 Responses

  1. Melvin

    Casty not in the lineup. I bet he hates that. Hope he’s not hurt.

    • Melvin

      Too bad we can’t find a spot for Stephenson to play when he’s not catching especially with all the injuries. We need what he brings with his bat.

    • Doug Gray

      Bell said before the game today that it’s just a scheduled off day for Castellanos.

      • RojoBenjy

        I think he sits down with pen and paper in February and schedules them straight through

      • LDS

        Bell’s perspective on who needs “a day off” never ceases to amaze me.

      • Melvin

        I bet he hates his “scheduled days off”. 🙂

      • Melvin

        Thanks for the info Doug. Maybe it’s just me but it seems as though a manager might be able to adjust his “schedule” and not take out one his hottest hitters when Votto is out, Senzel is out, Suarez is not hitting, Moose has a sore finger, etc. especially when we’re struggling to get over .500 and move up and against a “bad” team. Then again the way Bell uses his roster he may play a lot anyway and it doesn’t really matter. Who knows? Since it’s happening I hope it works.

      • MBS

        I don’t think 162 is good for any player. Bodies break down, an extra day off here and there is good for the body and the mind.

      • RojoBenjy

        @MBS I agree completely that players need breaks. I think the issues is that the timing should be flexible and account for circumstances, but it seems like the manager has a pre-set schedule that is rigid.

        “Seems” anyway

      • Melvin

        Yeah. It’s the timing that i’m thinking about because of said reasons, not the day off. He can’t be that worn out. We just had two days off recently not including a rain out. Oh well. It is what it is….isn’t it? 🙂

      • MBS

        I get what your saying on the timing point. My guess is he gives them windows of time for a scheduled off day, or at least I would. For Castellanos, maybe it’s something like every 18 games he gets an off day, but no more than 25 if necessary to account for streaks and roster management. I am also glad to see Shogo get a start.

      • Melvin

        One thing you can bet on….he didn’t want to sit and didn’t feel like he needed it.

  2. Rex

    come on Miley just 9 more innings should do it!

  3. Sliotar

    At least there is no pressure now on Miley to get another no-hitter.


  4. Melvin

    The way that first run scored obviously is not good. We tend to do/not do little things that beat ourselves. Hope we overcome this time.

  5. Chris Holbert

    I am confused Shogo at 7th and Naquin leading off..

  6. Frogem

    You’d think we were up against the Indians rotation the past few days.

  7. Mark Moore

    I do not like playing in Coors Field. It would be sad to Clete 2 nights in a row.

  8. VaRedsFan

    Referencing the conversation above…days off are fine, but not after the team was off 2 day last week and a rain out. No way should Nick C be sitting. Maybe Bell had some of the local cash crop in Denver

    • Wayne Nabors

      Exactly varedsfan,and the reds I believe have played fewer games than most other teams anyway,especially in the central and not to mention his 2 game suspension

    • RojoBenjy

      @ VA fan – It was on the schedule since February 10th

      Must stick to schedule or you’ll never accomplish anything

      • Melvin

        Depends on what the most important thing for you is to accomplish.

  9. Mark Moore

    Well this is better. And you put that ball in your back pocket, not whip it to 1st. The run already scored and you aren’t getting Moose even at his pace.

    • Mark Moore

      OK, so it was closer than I thought. But still, the chances of making a perfect throw while falling away …

      • VaRedsFan

        Good news is now you can’t Clete

  10. VaRedsFan

    Cue shot infield hit gets the run in for Moose. He looked like he was hobbling though.

    • Mark Moore

      Yeah … a little awkward heading into second.

  11. Melvin

    Good job Moose. Hit and an error I assume.

  12. Melvin

    Suarez trying to pull an outside pitch. Gotta stop that.

    • VaRedsFan

      When is it Geno’s turn for a day off

      • Melvin

        haha We’re going to beat this to death aren’t we? Since you brought it up I’d much rather give a guy an extra day off who’s struggling than one who’s hot. To me it’s like pouring cold water on a hot hitter. Oh well.

  13. VaRedsFan

    Welp, the Reds are trailing, so there goes the chance of getting Antone into the game while it’s still close.

    • JB

      Rockies just keep the line moving while keeping the ball in the ballpark. Anyway on. Amazing concept.

  14. Melvin

    Winker almost got it. Honestly, having more speed, I think Casty would have caught it.

  15. Mark Moore

    Oh it’s looking more and more like a Clete for me. One primary reason is this game will go way past Midnight EDT at this rate. I’ve got a full day tomorrow.

    • Sliotar

      Yeah … and has the heart of Rockies order seeing Miley for the third time … in the bottom of the 4th.

      Bell left Castillo out there too late last night … doubt that happens again tonight.

  16. Mark Moore

    Wade looks pretty well gassed right now. He’s glad to be out of the inning.

  17. Bred

    Hey Tom!
    Don’t see you hear, but on broadcast announcer just quoted your review from the other day, “ Death by a thousand paper cuts.” Me thinks you got some fans!

  18. VaRedsFan

    Big DP….nice turn by India….lightning quick.

  19. Indy Red Man

    I got irritated with the Reds offense and skipped September last year so I’ve basically never seen Shogo hit a ball hard. Maybe he did, but nothing I can recall. Ohtani he’s not. The Cubs Fukudome looked like Ohtani compared to him. I give them credit for trying, but he can’t play in the big. Cut the cord

  20. Mark Moore

    Rocks are putting on a hitting clinic focused on “dumping the ball” (as the booth is saying). Maybe we should watch and learn.

    Miley looks completely gassed now. I’m thinking this is his last inning.

  21. JB

    Reds are going to need double digit runs tonight to win. Rockies are running up to the plate to hit.

    • Mark Moore

      Yep. And these are LOOOONG innings (the bottom half at least).

  22. Indy Red Man

    Atleast Shogo can run around in LF! Senzel would be in a full body cast if they made him chase a bunch of hits like that. Movie time.

  23. Mark Moore

    Time for me to shut it down. Chalk this one up as a Clete for me. I’ll go to bed hopeful that we’ll somehow figure it out and score … but it won’t rob my sleep.

  24. Old-school

    Reds in danger of 2-3 on ne’erdwells road trip

    Its mid may. Suarez is worst position player in mlb and Castillo is worst starting pitcher in mlb.

    If bell and Krall want to try and win in 2021- its time to change very soon or else fall into 4 th place permanently

    Memorial day is my timeline usually … but geez

    • bug

      >>> Suarez is worst position player in mlb and Castillo is worst starting pitcher in mlb.

      You got that right. I knew that before the season started. They should have unloaded those two before they lost all their value. Now they are stuck with them. But they don’t have to play them. They choose to do that. No chance for the Reds to compete with those two being regulars (and Bell being the manager). Both should be sent down to the minors. That, or either pay some team to take them off our hands. Bell will stick with them from this day forward, no matter how pitiful they are. It is what it is.

    • RojoBenjy

      “ If bell and Krall want to try and win in 2021- its time to change very soon or else fall into 4 th place permanently”

      The way they are proceeding has kind of told us they really don’t intend on winning in 2021. Really the first clue was the salary dumps in the off season, right?

      If that’s the case—that they don’t intend to win—then at least it makes me fell less angry about it in a way. Meaning that I shouldn’t expect any moves this season to make sense from the standpoint of wanting to win games.

      And I would tweak the quote above from Bell and Krall to Big Bob alone. Krall can only do what Bob let’s him. And take Bell out of it—he’s a lost cause. Even if he wants to win he doesn’t know how to. I think we’ll know when Bob is ready to win when he heaves that guy over the side.

  25. JB

    Who has a worse arm ? Johnny Damon or Akiyama?

    • Scotly50

      Why Shogo is not DFA’d is beyond me. Can’t hit; can’t throw.

      • Old-school

        Jose Siri and Taylor Trammell are better than Shogo Akiyama.
        That doesnt mean any of the 3 are mlb players. It just means Dick Williams was a terrible GM and the Dodgers trade was an abomination and his desperate PR fling

      • RojoBenjy

        Shogo is just getting started again. I’ll give him 50 at bats to show what he’s got. However long that takes

  26. Chris

    There’s nothing worse in sports than watching this trash Rockies team that is actively trying to lose in 2021 bleed a million tiny 45mph bloops all over the field to beat us 18-2… why can’t I just turn the game off? Why am I going to sit here and watch the rest?

    Well I am – let’s hope it’s worth it.

    • RojoBenjy

      Death by 10,000 cuts for real this time

      • Dennis Westrick

        I agree! But, when you put the ball in play and don’t swing at pitches outside the strike zone sometimes good things happen!

  27. Old-school

    Would joe morgan or pete Rose or johnny bench take a day off while perez was hurt and Geronimo was out?

    Why is bell sitting Castellanos

    • Melvin

      If it was 75 or 76 they MIGHT because they were probably comfortably in first place. We, unfortunately, are not.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      No. They’d take amphetamines (greenies) and play on. But doing that today gets you an 80 game suspension.

    • RojoBenjy

      Malpractice for sure.

      It’s Coors Field so they could come back, but Bell gotta Bell and Reds gotta Red so i’m not sure.

    • Dennis Westrick

      The difference? The 70’s Reds had George (Sparky) Anderson at the helm! The 2021 Reds have David (where’s my Prevagen) Bell

      • LDS

        Bell isn’t qualified to be a bat boy when compared to Sparky. A manager like Sparky, Tommy LaSorda, et. al. would shape this team up.

      • greenmtred

        Bell would have looked like a good manager with the ’75 and ’76 Reds. Sparky would be vilified here if he were managing the ’21 Reds. The ’21 Reds are one-dimensional. They weren’t built to win.

  28. Roger Garrett

    In a game and season so far that has been really frustrating we are seeing Winker become what we all felt he would become and that is a true professional hitter.Dude battles like crazy and refuses to be homer happy and just hits it where its pitched.

    • Melvin

      Yes. That’s the best part about Winker. He’s not a HR hitter. He’s a good hitter who hits home runs. Big difference.

  29. DeadRed

    Does every fan feel their team is unwatchable when they’re losing? Or do Reds fans have a unique frustration? Maybe it’s when your team doesn’t even look competitive when they’re losing?

    • Melvin

      Hate to be a Pirates fan. That’s gotta be worse. That’s a prime example as to why there should be a minimum salary a team has to spend. No franchise should get away with that.

      • RojoBenjy

        The difference is that the Pirates don’t pretend to their fans that they care about winning championships

    • RojoBenjy

      “ when your team doesn’t even look competitive when they’re losing”

      I think that’s it

      • DeadRed

        @RojoBenjy Good point. I need to stop having expectations of this Reds team.

  30. JB

    I love watching the Reds no matter what. I hate watching Suarez attempt to hit though. If somebody just tuned in to watch the Reds for the first time and Suarez was up, they would think he was a pitcher the way he swings.

    • DeadRed

      @JB I need to adopt your perspective. That’s a nice place to be lol! I’m trying.

  31. Melvin

    India is saying, “Send me down? I don’t think so”.

  32. Roger Garrett

    Please give India 450 at bats this year and lets see what this kid can do.

    • RojoBenjy

      That makes too much baseball sense so it won’t happen with this franchise. (Half empty)

      Or maybe it will (half full)

    • JB

      Absolutely. There is no reason he should be sitting so a guy on the wrong side of 30 can play. Reds need to find somebody to to take Akiyama and Moose off their hands. Nothing against them but they shouldn’t be taking time away from Senzel,India or Winker.

      • LDS

        Nor should Votto, which I agree with. But most folks here will swear another 2017 is in the offing. India should be sent down if and only if Bell is going to continue “resting” while playing guys with no upside like Farmer and apparently Suarez. With Bell, there is no future for this team.

  33. JB

    India needs to play every day. I laugh every time people say that he needs to be sent down.

    • Melvin

      Some say he needs to go down so that he plays every day. I’m not so sure. The way DB manages like it’s Little League with everyone playing he will at least get some ABs regularly. He has versatility. If Farmer doesn’t keep hitting then the argument for him playing SS will surface again. Guaranteed. The Cowboy said last night what a lot of us have been saying. India is the best infielder on the team.

  34. Old-school

    Reds about to be 2 under .500 and 2-3 on road trip against ne’erdwells of the NL and 4 th place in NL central nearing 25% of the season. Reds really cant afford to be 6-8 games out on Memorial Day behind cards and others.

    Season is truly on the brink

    • RojoBenjy

      “ Reds really cant afford to be 6-8 games out on Memorial Day behind cards and others.”

      See some of my comments above if you care to. I believe it’s most likely that the Reds as an organization don’t really believe they will try to contend in 2021. How else do any of their moves make sense?

    • TR

      Not a good vibe on the road against three of the weaker teams. Memorial Day usually tells the tale of the Red’s season: competing or playing out the string.

  35. Roger Garrett

    I am with you JB but we don’t count.I will just be happy if he starts tomorrow and that isn’t even a sure thing.

  36. Roger Garrett

    Looks like Bell gave Moose the rest of the night.The old double switch again and the wheels begin to turn as we play in the 7th.

    • LDS

      Bell is like many managers in the corporate world. He thinks it’s about him instead of the team. Instead of creating an environment in which the team succeeds, allowing them to “shine”, he has to “do something” to show that he’s “managing”, keeping the spotlight on himself.

      • RojoBenjy

        I’m not even sure he’s that self aware sometimes…

    • Melvin

      So Bell double switched Blandino for Moose? Another Little League move if that’s the case getting everyone playing time. Just a thought but maybe try to get a guy who’s hitting in the game somehow as early as possible. Like maybe Stephenson? He’s a hitter.

  37. RedsMonk65

    Captain Obvious: The Red are not a very good team or organization. And it’s not just the current players …

  38. JB

    The thing that irritates me is that anybody with eyes could tell Mikey didnt have it tonight and the Rockies were putting the ball in play for hits. This game should be 5-4 or 6-4 right now. But Bell leaves Miley in a inning or 2 to long. He has no concept on how to minimize the damage. It’s like his head is still in 2020 and thinks his offense cant come back. Get the pitcher out of there, minimize the damage and give your hitters a chance to crawl back into the game.

    • RojoBenjy

      On the other hand who in the pen besides Sims and Antone gives him a chance?

      Too many disappointing things to keep track of.

      • LDS

        If Sims and Antone are only going to pitch when the Reds are leading, they aren’t going to be pitching much. Either of whom could start more effectively than say Hoffman or Castillo this year. But with no regular work and capped around 30 pitches, they are simply going to atrophy.

      • JB

        True LDS. Manager can’t worry about tomorrow’s game. They need to worry about winning tonight’s game first.

  39. RojoBenjy

    Another paper cut courtesy of the DooDoo man

    • JB

      I get tired of the announcers and their excuses for players. It’s to cold for Castillo, Suarez cant hit because he switched to short, Akiyama cant hit because of about 5 excuses, Doolittle is high on adrenaline. Blah blah blah. Doolittle has been around long enough to know better than that. How about Doolittle stinks! How about Akiyama just isnt that good. They are paid millions to perform. Earn your money.

  40. JB

    Romano was the first to be let go. Doolittle needs to be next. He is terrible.

    • RojoBenjy

      Honestly I’d rather see Sal than Sean

      The devil I know lol

      • JB

        I agree as well. Sal is way better than Doolittle. He might be better than Perez. Perez doesnt have a clue where the ball is going.

  41. JB

    Reds have only 4 outs left so now Bell gets Sims up. What a clown show.

    • JB

      Lol. First batter 4 pitch walk. Reds fans banging their heads against the wall screaming stop the madness.

  42. Roger Garrett

    The Reds broke camp with a bunch of question marks in the pen and when Sal made it you knew we were in trouble and thats nothing against him.Sims,Antone,Lorenzen and Garrett were the 4 guys they were going to count on and they hoped Doolittle.Its a 5 inning game for the most part because the starters got little work last year and ALL teams are easing them back in and really watching pitch counts.So after 5 its pen time.Bell refuses to use his best unless we lead or are tied and if that is the case then we must play the game differently then we do now to make that happen.We aren’t and we get behind and our best never see the mound and we get farther behind using the worst of our pen.If he believes we can come back then at times he must use our best to keep us within striking distance to give us a better chance to win.Playing for one or two runs early requires us to be less about the home run and more about moving runners and hitting the other way.

    • Melvin

      I thought the plan was to build up innings for TJA so he could start? If so not going to happen this way huh?

      • Roger Garrett

        When your best relievers watch more then they pitch you should be winning more then you lose.Same with position players.If you are winning you can give more time to guys to work things out at the plate but if you are losing you can’t do it to much

  43. LDS

    Another double switch. At least he left Stephenson in but India is out. And Blandino to lead off the 9th. If every MLB is burning staff like this, MLB will have to change the rules for extra innings again, maybe start with a guy on third instead of second and give them 4 outs instead of 3.

    • Melvin

      Blandino is playing more than Stephenson. Should have been the other way around. An AB or two could have made a difference.

    • JB

      If the Reds signed Story next year to huge contract, Bell would double switch him in the 6th inning.

      • Sliotar


        Worth sitting through this debacle to read that.

      • LDS

        I’d like to see the Reds leave town with Story on the roster. Leave Suarez behind. Maybe he’d get his 50 hrs hitting for the Rockies. Of course, Castellini is too cheap to sign Story, so we’re all dreaming.

  44. Melvin

    So Casty didn’t play in this game at all?

  45. Rex Aultman

    when it comes to the NL west the REDS need to stick to playing the Dodgers

  46. Roger Garrett

    Blandino with a lead off walk and Naquin with a first pitch double play ball down 3 in the ninth.Its just the way we play the game.

    • LDS

      Yep, Naquin, starting to look like the 2021 version of Dietrich.