The Cincinnati Reds announced on Friday afternoon that they will be lifting attendance restrictions at Great American Ball Park on June 2nd. On Thursday Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that June 2nd would be the day in which the state of Ohio is rescinding an overwhelming majority of their health orders, which will open up this opportunity for the team. From the Reds press release:

The Cincinnati Reds will return Great American Ball Park to full capacity beginning June 2, 2021, following Governor Mike DeWine’s announcement ending Ohio’s coronavirus health orders.

“The Reds are grateful to Governor DeWine and all the state and local officials who collaborated to usher Ohio through this dangerous and difficult time,” said Phil Castellini, Reds president and chief operating officer. “Our goal has always been to host as many fans as possible in a safe manner and we are excited to once again have every seat available for more fans to cheer on our Reds.”

In accordance with the announcement, beginning June 2 masks will be recommended but no longer mandated to be worn at Great American Ball Park.

The timeline laid out by Governor DeWine included incentives for Ohioans to get the vaccine. In support of that, the Reds $10 vaccination ticket offer for Monday-Thursday games will be available to all fans through the end of the 2021 regular season.

For more information on this ticket offer, please visit

From the Reds standpoint, June 2nd isn’t the best date to kick off full attendance. It’s the final day of a home stand and it’s a 12:35pm ET afternoon game. Of course, the decision was out of their hands in terms of how soon they could open the gates to 43,000 Cincinnati Reds rooters/fantatics/crazies/Redleg Nation fans. The team will return for a home stand a week later on Tuesday June 8th with a set of 3-game series as they host the Milwaukee Brewers and Colorado Rockies.

13 Responses

  1. Frankie Tomatoes

    Hope the Reds are going to give a full crowd plenty to cheer for! The Old Tomato and I am sure lots of other can use it after the last year.

  2. ghostrunner_onthird

    You know . . . if June 2nd was Hunter Greene’s MLB debut . . .

    • Doug Gray

      That would be bad news because Sonny Gray lines up for June 2nd….

      • ghostrunner_onthird

        OK – Sonny goes 7 (no runs, 3 hits, 9 Ks, 0 walks) and Hunter gets his feet wet for two innings. Pipe dream I know.

  3. Bred

    At this rate by June 2nd who will pay to watch this team share the cellar the Pirates. Yeah, call me Buzz Kill or Donnie Downer but people are going to have choices of how to get out and spend money. A losing team is not much of a draw.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      People have always had choices on where they spend their money haven’t they?

    • Old-school

      After no fans last year- I absolutely will. Went to a game first weekend this year and had a blast. We wouldn’t be Reds fans if we didn’t bellyache about the lineup or bullpen or Suarez’ futility. But Ill gladly watch a reds game in person.

      The highlight of the Reds 12-1 win over the Cards that day was watching Nick Senzel on 3b and Jon India on 1b and Tyler Stephenson at bat singling Senzel in. Young guns plus Garcia soon and young pitching at AAA and AA are reasons to go.

      • TR

        You said it all. Baseball is a long season.

  4. James

    Pretty exciting!!!! The rookie players ( India, Stephenson) are probably very excited! As well as me and others!
    The cheering should hopefully help us win more!!

  5. Grand Salami

    Are reds first team in the division to get to full capacity?

    • Wayne Nabors

      Not really sure but do know that cardinals and cubs aren’t

  6. TR

    June 2nd. is an early start time. Get-a-way day for the Phillies.