The Cincinnati Reds had to wait an hour and 22 minutes before getting the game started thanks to rain in Cleveland. It was worth it as Wade Miley channeled Tom Browning in 1988 (almost) and fired a no-hitter as the Reds topped Cleveland 3-0.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (15-15) 3 6 2
Cleveland (17-14) 0 0 2
W: Miley (4-2) L: Clase (2-2)
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The Offense

Wade Miley had a no-hitter through the 8th inning. But the Cincinnati Reds also had no runs on the board through the 8th inning. Cincinnati’s offense got going in the 9th, and they got a little help along the way, too.

Nick Senzel led off with an infield hit. Jesse Winker followed with a single of his own to put runners on 1st and 2nd. Nick Castellanos grounded the ball weakly to pitcher Emmanual Clase, who tried to get a force out at second but threw the ball off target and it ricocheted into the outfield, bringing Senzel in to score. Clase would then balk in a second run. Mike Moustakas thing lined a single into left to make it 3-0 and Cleveland went back to their bullpen. That was all they’d get. Hopefully it was all they would need.

The Pitching

Wade Miley took a perfect game into the 6th inning before a 2-out error and a walk took that away from him. But with a no-hitter still going, Miley kept on rolling. And he had to because the Reds offense was coming up empty all night long. Miley kept Cleveland hitless through the 7th. And then he did it again in the 8th. It was the top of the 9th that gave him some breathing room as Cincinnati put three runs on the board, but a long inning could have played in his mind.

Wade Miley got Rene Rivera to hit a soft liner to right field for an easy first out of the 9th. The lefty followed up by striking out Cesar Hernandez on three pitches. One out left. Then it happened. A routine ground ball to Kyle Farmer at shortstop and a toss to Mike Moustakas at first base ended it and sealed the no-hitter for Miley.

Key Moment of the Game

It was the final play of the game.

Notes Worth Noting


The no-hitter was the 17th in franchise history. It’s the first since Homer Bailey’s 2nd no hitter of his career that came back in 2013. It’s only the third since Tom Browning’s perfect game in 1988 (the other two, of course, being thrown by Homer Bailey).

Wade Miley’s postgame press conference

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati at Cleveland

Saturday May 8th, 6:10pm ET

Luis Castillo (1-3, 6.07 ERA) vs Aaron Civale (4-0, 3.20 ERA)

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  1. Melvin

    Careful with the language there Doug. 🙂 Just playin with ya buddy. haha

    • Melvin

      We watched FUN Reds history tonight. 🙂

  2. RojoBenjy

    Copied from game thread:

    This just in from my sis:

    Wade Miley in danger of suspension for inciting benches-clearing celebration after pitching no-hitter

    Man when will Reds players EVER learn?

  3. Klugo

    Well, that was loads of fun! And the defense, for all the shuffling, held it’s own and got the job done too.

  4. Sliotar

    First Reds no-hitter since Homer’s second in 2013.

    I remember where I was that night, watching that one.

    Miley now attains cult status with the franchise. Wild to think about.

    • rex

      I was a few rows off the field behind first base, I remember it well

  5. Indy Red Man

    You want a quick & well pitched game or a Civil War reenactment then Wade is your man!!

  6. JB

    Good to see for Miley. Injuries basically killed his season last year and he was written off by alot of us. Seems like a great guy and his teammates seem to like him alot. Maybe Bronson Arroyo is the lucky charm?

    • RojoBenjy

      I sure loved listening to him on the radio tonight (Arroyo)

      • Matt WI

        Thanks Rojo… I meant to ask who that was last night with Thrall. I didn’t start listening until the 8th and never caught a name. He was good! Better than Graves already.

  7. Ghostrunner_onthird

    Where can we more of those stick-on Hulk tattoos?

    • Melvin

      Yeah. Good idea. It will be like The Natural and the lightning bolt. Everyone wear’s them.

      • RojoBenjy

        Wouldn’t that be sweet. A move to unify the team and a war cry for winning !

      • Melvin

        Sounds like something Votto would organize.

      • RojoBenjy

        I just watched the post game where he references the tattoo from his son Jeb (Jed).

        The team absolutely should make that a THING.

        And immediately.

  8. LDS

    Back to back shutouts by Reds pitchers. Imagine if Castillo could get back to form.

    • JayTheRed

      Maybe this is the inspiration he needs to get back on track and just trust his stuff and not try to be the Reds best pitcher. Relax have fun and pitch to your ability.

  9. Hunter Dreidame

    Today I learned my son was born with a brain injury, and everything I thought lay ahead of us completely changed. I was shook, sad, lost.

    And then Wade through a no-no, washed away the clouds, and showed me anything is possible. Thank you Wade! Thank you Reds! Thank you RLN!!

    • RojoBenjy

      Stay the course, friend. Prayers

  10. CFD3000

    I thought I might take a night off from watching the Reds, with Votto sidelined and all. Luckily, just as the rain delay in 1988 pushed Tom Browning’s start against the Dodgers late enough that I could tune in WLW all the way from Boston, tonight’s delay meant that when I turned on MLB.TV in Atlanta expecting to watch a recap, I got the pivotal 9th inning instead. Thank you weather gods. That will teach me to skip a game. Great night for Miley and Reds history!

  11. Rednat

    I know he hasn’t had may reps but Senzel does not seem too comfortable at 2nd base. Quite Clearly India is the best second basemen on the team. I wouldn’t mind seeing Senzel gets some reps at 3rd. if he can handle 3rd base you really have some redundancy with Moose and Suarez. maybe time for a trade then.

    • RojoBenjy

      Senzel played 2B almost entire AAA career until the end when they decided he could be the CF.

      Another example of the club not being able to get a player for a key position (in this case CF) and then asking another to play out of position to fill said key position

    • 2020ball

      He was iffy a few times, but you could see the talent too. He clearly has the ability in my opinion, just needs more reps.

  12. Tom Mitsoff

    Don’t look now, but Miley is quietly having one of those starts to a season that can develop into something you never expected. He’s tied for second in the majors in wins (4), tied for first in no-hitters (1) 😉 has an ERA of 2.00, and has been at least decent every time out. He has five so-called “quality starts” in six tries. Fangraphs doesn’t have his WAR updated yet. Tonight was his third start in which he held opponents scoreless. In my book, he and Antone have been the best pitchers on the staff to date.

    • RojoBenjy

      Ok I won’t look

      JK— that’s really good for Miley

    • Melvin

      Hard to argue that. Those two have been pretty good for the most part.

    • TR

      And Miley is an effective leftie which has not been so common in Redsland over the years.

  13. SultanofSwaff

    Two incredibly impressive wins in a row. Wow!!!!

  14. Ponyboy

    Was there for Homer’s second one in 2013, but this one was even cooler. I mean, Wade Miley? Haha. No disrespect at all, but the D earned this as much as he did. Who would’ve thought that? Great performance, almost perfection!

  15. GreatRedLegsFan

    Outstanding performance by Miley, totally unexpected. Back to .500 and only .5 games behind 2nd place Brewers, Go Reds!

    • TR

      From .500, who knows? Still a lot of time for key players to get in gear. Could this year be a 1990 surprise?

  16. Hotto4Votto

    Pretty awesome. Good interview by Miley, and glad he acknowledges Tucker’s game calling.

  17. Old-school

    Congrats to Miley and also Barnhart and Derek Johnson.
    What a pitching clinic for a guy who doesn’t need to throw more than 90 mph.
    Miley is a really good lefty complement to the righty power arms for the Reds.

    Gray/Castillo/Mahle/ and Miley are a strong starting 4.

    Perhaps Santillan or Gutierrez can join that rotation soon.

  18. Jim Walker

    It goes without saying I am glad for Miley. Also I’ll give a shout out to Tucker Barnhart who I sometimes give a hard time here and on Twitter.

    TB said catching this no hitter was the highlight of his career. I am glad for him. He’s a guy who was never meant to be a #1 catcher (recall the Mesoraco situation) and ended up with the job by default on one of the worse teams in MLB with as we know from his own comments in recent years very little training or support in the art of handling a quality pitching staff. He as persisted; and, he now has a true gem for his cap.

    • KDJ

      I had been critical in the past of TB and his turning strikes into balls with abysmal framing. But he has gone from a huge negative to a positive in that aspect of catching. Glad to see Miley credit him with calling a great game. It has been great to see TB develop.

      • Jim Walker

        My gripe with TB has been he calls an old school game and uses a lot of pitches (needlessly IMO) as waste/ setup in an era which favors going right at hitters if you have the stuff and finding another line of work if you don’t.

        He and Miley were the perfect balance last night because MIley works quickly with a large repertoire using each type of pitch and individual pitch w/o wasting pitches.

  19. Steven Ross

    I noticed after the 4th Miley had not given up a hit so naturally, the chair I was sitting in was not going to see me get up. Never moved. Suspicious about things like that. See it worked out!

    • Daytonnati

      Those of us over 60 envy you. 🙂

  20. bug

    What a masterpiece!!! Miley is da man! He’s pitched great all year, so he deserved that gem. Atta boy, Wade!!! You made history!

  21. Tim

    I moved my daughter home from college and the rain delay made it possible for me to pick up the game in the 3rd. So glad I got to see (S)Miley’s artful no no. Also glad to see Barnhart…great guy.

  22. Still a Red

    I was only able to watch the re-cap this morning. Congrats to Miley…but have to give some kudos to infield…everyone out of position (Suarez back at third but still out of position this year)…and only 1 error. True most seemed pretty easy plays but still.

    Hope the Reds win easy tonight!

  23. Kevin Patrick

    Every year…somebody surprises you. If he keeps it up, he’ll compete for being my All-Time Favorite Red…Aaron Harang. I’ll say this…the Reds have put together a group of guys that have a chance to be winners. Also…I don’t know why I’m surprised, but Arroyo on the radio was actually pretty darn great. I really like all the radio announcers…fine with any of them…but I’d like to hear a game or two with the Cowboy and Arroyo at the same time…All in all it was an absolutely fantastic Friday night of self indulgence at home listening to a fantastic game. We can all use some of that good luck Hulk.

    • RojoBenjy

      Every year…there can always be a surprise.

      Yes I was thinking that as a fan I haven’t felt this way since Scooter’s 4 dinger game. A special moment

  24. RojoBenjy

    Michael Hill has already called for an investigation

  25. Scott C

    I have to admit that I wasn’t real excited about going into the season with Miley as our #4 starter. So what do I know. Congratulations to Miley, Tucker and Darron Johnson.