Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (9-11)
0 3 2
St. Louis Cardinals (10-10)
2 7 0
W: J. Gant (1-2) L: W. Miley (2-2) S: G. Gallegos (1)
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Because Sonny Gray could not reprise his usual role as stopper, it’s up to Wade Miley today to give the good guys a chance to halt this 5-game losing streak. Luis Castillo waits in the wings, but let’s not let it get to that, k?

Game #20

The Cardinals threatened to single Miley silly in the bottom of the first, a run scoring on Nolan Arenado’s slap shot well out of the strike zone to give St. Louis the early 1-0 lead.

The game stayed this way for the next 5 innings. The Reds best chance to score came in the top of the 6th as pitcher John Gant began his third time through the lineup. Back-to-back singles with 1 out by Winker and Castellanos were squandered when Votto flied-out deep and and Eugenio Suaréz ground out to end the inning.

The Arms

David Bell’s faith in Miley appeared well-served when he let him bat in the 6th and head back out to the mound in the bottom of the inning. But after walking O’Neill, Winker drifted back and badly misplayed a deep fly he thought was about to go over the fence, but fell well short. O’Neill would score all the way from first to make the score 2-0.

Miley’s final line:  6.0 IP 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 2 K

Sal Romano would work around a broken-bat single and a couple of hard hit balls, one that was fly out and another a single off Farmer’s glove to retire Arenado on a back-up-the-middle to the pitcher double-play to finish the 7th.

Heath Hembree came on to pitch a clean 8th.

What St. Louis Said

Dan McLaughlin (play-by-play) and Rick Horton (color).

Horton: “Winker is the best fastball hitter in baseball right now … the highest slugging percentage and the highest OPS on fastballs in the National League coming into play today.”

McLaughlin on Castellanos in the 8th:  “Slugging .804, fastballs in since the start of last season. That is the best in baseball.”

 What Did We Learn Today?

The juxtaposition of the Tommy Edman defensive play in the top of the 4th—laying out to rob Eugenio Suaréz, and putting runners on first and third—with Kyle Farmer’s fumble on a ground ball to third in the bottom of the 4th, was a glaring reminder of what the Reds need to fix if they hope to go far this season.  Almost as if hearing my keyboard tap that out, Jonathan India made a fine jump-throw on a ball up-the-middle to retire the batter; and Farmer redeemed himself by making a solid play on a hard hit ball to third to end the bottom of the 5th inning.

The Winker misplay was yet to come.

Up and down the lineup, the Reds remained stymied by Cardinal pitching. Miley & Co. held the fort as long as they could, but no cavalry was forthcoming from the Reds’ bats.

On Deck for the Redlegs

Cincinnati Reds v. St. Louis Cardinals

April 25 at 2:15pm ET

Castillo (1-1, 6.05 ERA) vs. Flaherty (3-0, 3.80 ERA)

62 Responses

  1. Hanawi

    Maybe give Suarez time at 3B while Moustakos is out to get him back to a comfort spot on the field. Might as well try something other than running him out there day after day in the same position and mostly same batting order.

    • Sliotar

      Yes … good comment, as usual. Change…something, anything with Suarez.

      At this point, it would not shock me that Suarez is a favorite of ownership, just as “Havoc!” Billy Hamilton was, and getting higher lineup position than is warranted.

      • Melvin

        As I said in a previous post today, Senzel can’t be any worse than Suarez at SS. Moose not playing and we get Farmer…smh. If Senzel isn’t playing CF every day find a spot for his talent somewhere. As guess that’s not an option for “Mr. Computer.”

      • Still a Red

        Main difference, Billy was never able to show us something at the plate.

    • maloney63

      Yeah, Suarez and Votto are killing us in the middle of the order every day, but don’t expect Bell to do anything about it. Once again, we’ll be well out of the race by Memorial Day. The bullpen gets the losing started, then everything else falls apart in rapid sequence. At least some of the young guys will be fun to follow this year.

      • realist

        Votto can’t be moved from 3 or 4 now it appears to be the same for Suarez no matter how bad they are hitting. Votto is a slow starter and these games don’t count. Suarez and Votto hit the ball really hard when they make outs. They are just unlucky as are the reds for going 30 something years without winning a playoff series.

      • 2020ball

        I’ll be that guy and ask – who do you propose take those spots? Other than our catchers and Naquin no one is hitting. Moustakas maybe but he’s out.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’d be more open to moving things around in the batting order than Bell is. If the team had a lead-off hitter you could easily drop Winker and Castellanos. Maybe Blandino isnt a mirage, but it’ll take the team giving him a chance for us to know.

      • Scott C

        I would even start Blandino at Short a couple of games to give Suarez some reflection time. The one infielder that seems to put the ball in play on a consistent basis ought to be playing more. When Moose comes back give him a couple games at first and let Blandino play a couple games at third. to give Votto some rest. Hard hit outs not withstanding, and Suarez has been striking out much more than he has hit the ball hard.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I don’t know why Blandino isn’t getting more time at 3B while Moose is out. Much more upside with Blandino over Farmer.

  2. An old 30

    What a difference a week makes…

  3. Sliotar

    Remember the “build a statue”/”how can’t he play everyday” thoughts on Naquin?

    Since he hit 3 HRs in 3 straight games … Naquin is now 5 for 33, 1 XBH (a HR).

    As others mentioned in Game Thread … Senzel is sitting for that?

    If he can’t go … then he can’t go. But, playing a guy the Indians (who are starved for OFs) gave up on, age 30, over him …. SMH.

    • 2020ball

      If youre going to bring up stats on Naquin, why would you ignore Senzel’s stats? He isnt hitting either. Like, at all.

      That said, by my count Naquin’s actually 7 for 30 with a double and a HR since those 3 games, and I hate when people choose an endpoint that was really good to say he’s been bad since. Just seems….I dunno

      • Sliotar

        Senzel is literally a key part of “The Next Good Reds Team” … if there is to be one and if it is to be sustainable over multiple seasons.

        Next year and in 2023 … Moustakas/Suarez/Votto will be aging (worse), all likely to be here … and paid too much not to be starting.

        Winker/Senzel/Stephenson are going to need be to really produce above league average to help make up for those listed above.

        Senzel is a No.2 Overall MLB pick … age 26 … with less than 600 PAs.

        Other teams find out the MLB ceiling on that kind of investment… usually as soon as possible.

        I referenced the 3 HRs in 3 days because that was “Peak Naquin” for a few around here … many of us have seen the “AAAA guy get hot for a bit” routine with the Reds …. way too much, unfortunately.

      • Sliotar

        The two guys taken No. 1 and No. 3 overall in the 2016 MLB Draft … before and after Senzel … are getting regular MLB exposure in 2021.

        No 1 – Mickey Moniak, Phillies, OF
        No 3 – Ian Anderson, Braves, SP

        Both are in their age 23 seasons.

      • RojoBenjy

        Sliotar i’m with you I want to see Lil Senzi on the diamond every game

  4. Slicc50

    Well, that is what…..3 shutouts in 8 road games played? They just can’t hit without those cheap GABP homers

  5. Mark Moore

    Happy with Miley’s performance. Too bad we couldn’t manage to back him up.

    • RojoBenjy

      Yes he held them to 2 runs can’t ask for much more. How he is able to induce weak contact by flipping frisbees up there is an artform.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        Jamie Moyer won over 250 games and pitched into his late 40s throwing that soft junk. Maybe Miley has that in mind.

  6. JB

    Flaherty tomorrow. Brooms will be a plenty in the stands tomorrow. Must have been Senzels ” Scheduled ” day off.

  7. Klugo

    Miley did his best to fill the Stopper role. He’s no Bauer, but he competed well today.

    Shoulda traded Saurez while he had value. That’s what savvy teams and GMs are able to pull off. Think ahead. I’ve brought it up the last two off-seasons and gotten roasted for it. Wish I was wrong.

    • RojoBenjy

      I was one that was in that minority with you. The year or two or even three after they signed him to that very team friendly deal was the height of his value, and we had other 3B coming up, namely our current CF and 2B.

      Perhaps as Sliotar speculates above, Henny is just the golden-haired boy of the owners.

      The apathy is coming back. Not good if the Reds want to sell a product

    • 2020ball

      Well you can’t just give a guy like that away, and he was in rumors this offseason so they’ve for sure tried.

      • Klugo

        Yeah, well they should give Nick Krall a nice participation certificate because he shows up every day and tries. Nothing to show for it, but God bless the little buddy. He’s trying.

      • 2020ball

        lol, I’m sure they could just “trade him”, but if the return sucks what’s the point?

        Krall wasn’t in charge when his value was higher.

      • MuddyCleats

        Exactly! Likewise, it’s not like Reds have a great track record w/ trades. Suarez, Castillo and Gray have been some of the best

    • bug

      You are right on the money, Klugo. Should have traded Suarez and Garrett last year. They both are not the players they were. In fact, they are AWFUL!!! Can’t compete in the Division with those two playing. I hate it, because I like Suarez. Nice guy. Loves the Reds. But he’s terrible. Can’t put his bat on a baseball. We would not be in last place, if not for him. Course Bell has made a contribution to us being in last place too.

  8. B-town fan

    As for this season I am reminded of the song “Slip sliding away Slip sliding awaaay”. This is what happens when you throw away so many winnable games earlier. The Dodger series is looking pretty ominous at this point.

  9. Chris Holbert

    We all can see. The Reds are what they are. Maybe a 500 team….maybe…The best they can do is win the division…..HUGE if. Senzel, India, Stephenson, Winker, Lodolo, Greene, etc…will be on the next, if it is possible, good Reds team. They need to get everyday playing time, with rest days. Naquin, Farmer, and the other B players are not going to be. Young players have a learning curve, of course, but the ship is sinking with the veteran guys, can the young guys in there everyday be any worse. I say no….

  10. kevinz

    Miley sure did well.
    Wish could got him the W.
    See what players are made of.
    Can they get through this bad stretch?
    Or Just Pack it in?
    Long season yet.
    Go Reds.

  11. MBS

    Our “Aces” are being outclassed by the 3, 4, 5. Mahle 1.74 ERA, Miley 2.45, Hoffman 2.66. Hopefully Castillo and Gray will step up now.

    • TR

      I didn’t expect too much, but Miley has been a pleasant surprise.

  12. An old 30

    Need a big game from Castillo tomorrow and hope for a clean 1st inning. Would be nice to have Moose back sometime during the Dodger series.

    • TR

      If a team can get out of the first inning without being scored on, it often sets a positive vibe for the rest of the game.

  13. David Diez

    I was ready to pound on Votto & Suarez, but it is true about them being slow starters, and Suarez, in particular, is a streaky hitter. This season has been a bit strange with cold bats from Lindsdor, Abreu, Yelich (IL now), Betts, and other fine hitters. So perhaps Votto and Suarez will come around. My bigger concern is the lack of use of Senzel and the bullpen fails (cost the team two straight games this week).

    • Chris Holbert

      I think Naquin is hitting Senzel back into the lineup on a regular basis….Derek Dietrich 2.0

    • Hanawi

      Until the last few games, Votto has hit the ball hard and been unlucky. Not so much for Suarez, who has just been bad. Votto can’t left-handed pitching at all anymore though, and it’s the major source of his poor overall numbers. They might need to start platooning him every few games against LHP starters. Don’t know if they can teach Castellanos how to play first, but having him and Aquino in the lineup against lefties would be nice.

      • jim walker

        I agree that until recently Votto had been hitting the ball well. However I am not sure I agree he was hitting into bad luck.

        He was for the most part hitting into the teeth of a shift designed to defense him based on the data driven indications of where he would hit the ball if pitched in a certain way. Does preparation and execution by the opponents equal bad luck for JV?

        What may well be going on with Votto now is that he is seeking to adjust and at this point struggling to do so.

        This said, I think LH hitters like JV are the poster guys for why shifts need to be reined in and controlled.

      • Melvin

        If one or the other were to play first I’d rather it be Casty but Aquino has played there before some.

      • MK

        Aquino has played 1/3 of an inning at first base in the big leagues and never in the minors.Don’t know about winter ball but don’t really think he is ready for a move to first base.

    • bug

      After the first inning tonight, I think Suarez had struck out like 33 out of his last 71 at bats,..and maybe 19 out of his last 38 or something like that. That’s striking out almost half the time he goes to the plate. That’s the worst hitting for a position player I’ve ever seen in my 67 years,…except for maybe some pitchers. He’s horrible. Same last year,..he struck out like 190 times,..led the league. He can’t make contact. The Reds can’t compete with him in the line-up. Jmo.

      • Slicc50

        For the last 80 games or so, he has pretty much been Rob Deer!

      • Jimbo44CN

        I said it before and I’ll say it again. Every swing is an uppercut swing, when he rarely does hit it it’s a fly ball out. Give the guy a lighter bat and have him swing level. This ain’t cutting it.

      • Chris Holbert

        He has become the Khris Davis of the NL

  14. GreatRedLegsFan

    At least it looks like bullpen has regained some footing with recent additions, let’s hope it can continue and manager is able to handle it. Reds team is good for a division’s 3rd or 4th place, it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to beat the Brewers and Cards in the long run. Management shall focus in giving plenty of playing time to India, Senzel, Winker and Stephenson while also looking for trade partners for Moustakas, Suarez, Akiyama and/or Castellanos. In the case of Votto, I see no option other than keeping him in around until 2023.

  15. RedsMonk65

    Just to shake things up for a game or two, I wonder how this lineup might fare:

    1. Blandino — SS
    2. Senzel — CF
    3. Winker — LF
    4. Castellanos — RF
    5. Stephenson — C
    6. Votto — 1B
    7. Suarez — 3B
    8. India — 2B
    9. P

    • Slicc50

      I like this lineup. Winker is the best hitter on the team. Blandino gets on base. I think Senzel will too if he plays everyday. NC will drive in some runs from the 4 spot and I-really like Stephenson’s bat. Doubt it happens though.

    • Chris Holbert

      It does look promising, but Votto will never be dropped

  16. Roger Garrett

    I agree their are no replacements for Joey and Eugenio.I just don’t care for the let them play on comments though.Bell has to give them extra time off or drop them down in the order or something.It has to be mental for one and physical for the other so address it.While we struggle with them we also have to deal with not playing our best players along with them.Today is Sunday and we play and leave for LA.I can only imagine who plays and where today.

  17. Old-school

    Some trends worth following with Joey Votto splits in 2020/2021.

    His home road splits are profound as are his L v R splits.

    Home: 118 PA .326 BA 10 HR 19% BB 16% K
    Away: 105 PA .121 BA 1 HR 13%BB 23% K

    Vs R: .241 BA 9 HR
    Vs L: .178 BA 2 HR

    Home: 54 PA .286 BA, 2 HR 9% BB 18.5% K
    Away: 33 PA. .129 BA,2 HR 6% BB 21%K

    Since 2020, Joey Votto is hitting very poorly against left handed pitching, hitting poorly on the road, and walking a lot less. Interesting to see if these trends continue in May as the 2021 season becomes more and more statistically significant. Kershaw on Wednesday looks like a day off for Votto but that doesn’t help against lefties in late inning situations.

    • LDS

      Look at 2018 & 2019 also. While not as dramatic as 2020, he was showing signs of slipping. Remember he is contracted for 3 more seasons unless he lives up to his promise a bit over a year ago. He won’t. So the Reds are stuck.

  18. scotly50

    “I agree their are no replacements for Joey and Eugenio”

    Really ???? There are no players in the organization that can break .200 at the plate. This franchise is far, far worse than i thought.

  19. Chris

    Here’s how I would rearrange the deck chairs (once Shogo is back):

    Vs. RHP

    CF Akiyama
    LF Winker
    RF Castellanos
    1B Votto
    3B Moustakas
    SS Suarez
    C Barnhart
    2B India

    Vs. LHP

    LF Winker
    RF Castellanos
    1B Votto
    SS Suarez
    3B Moustakas
    C Stephenson
    CF Senzel
    2B India

    Blandino is my first (and basically only) choice to spell any of the infielders. Maybe Farmer gets a look at SS once in a while. Bench: Farmer, Blandino, Naquin


    1. Castillo
    2. Mahle – Romano piggyback
    3. Antone – Hoffman piggyback
    4. Gray
    5. Miley – De Leon piggyback

    Sims is the closer. Garrett, Doolittle, Hendrix,, and Hembree round out the short relievers.

    • Chris Holbert

      So basically Senzel, hardly sees the field. That will help him develop.

      • MBS

        If you had all 6 OF healthy you could easily rank Senzel as the 5th best. Winker, Castellanos are a clear 1 and 2. Shogo is a true lead off hitter, and Naquin crushes the ball, he leads the team in RBI’s, at 18, Senzel has 2, and Naquin has 6 more HR’s than Senzel’s 0 HR’s. Senzel has talent, but has NEVER put it together at the MLB level. Which player would you put at 5 or 6 with lifetime numbers of 497 AB 14 HR, 52 RBI, or 266 AB 23 HR 58 RBI. The only damage Senzel does is to his self. He has potential, but so do many other players.

      • Chris

        @chrisholbert I hear ya bro, but he’s got a 78 OPS+ in his 550 career plate appearances. He’s been utterly incapable of staying healthy. He’s not been successful stealing bases and has shown little in the way of power. He plays a capable – but hardly spectacular – CF. Other than play great in college, what has he done to merit a ton of ABs? If he earns more PT, I’m totally for it… at least we know Shogo will get on base – at this point that’s more valuable than anything Senzel has shown.

  20. MBS

    Everyday Lineup

    Shogo CF
    Suarez SS
    Winker LF
    Castellanos RF
    Votto 1B
    Stephenson C
    Moustakes 3B
    India 2B

    Senzel is my guy to spell everyone except SS. He’d do it at 2B, and CF exclusively as we have infielders and outfielder who can move around.

    I like your rotation, because Antone should do well as a starter. But I’d only move Hoffman after (or if) he shows he can’t perform as a starter.

    • Melvin

      So you actually think Senzel would be worse at SS than Suarez?