The Cincinnati Reds announced that outfielder Aristides Aquino underwent surgery to remove the hamate bone in his left hand after injuring it while hitting in San Francisco. The surgery was performed this morning. He has been placed on the 10-day injured list. Max Schrock was recalled from the Reds alternate site to take his place on the 26-man roster.

The hamate bone injury is rather common in baseball and often happens while swinging a bat. Players tend to return to the field in 4-6 weeks from the injury, but historically we’ve observed that many times the power output tends to be lacking for players recovering from the injury for much longer – usually about a year – before they return to their past power output.

This season has seen Aristides Aquino play in 10 games so far, but mostly as a pinch hitter or late replacement. In his 14 plate appearances he had hit .231/.286/.769 with a double, two home runs, walk, and five strikeouts. All three of his hits went for extra-bases.

Max Schrock is being called up to take Aquino’s place on the roster. An injury in spring training may have cost him a spot on the roster to begin with. He was having a strong spring training showing out in Goodyear, but a late injury kept him off of the field for a bit of time. He played in 12 games for Cincinnati out in Arizona and hit .440/.500/.560 with two steals, three doubles, two walks, and five strikeouts.

There’s some position flexibility for Max Schrock. In his minor league career he’s played mostly second base, but he’s also logged action in left field and at third base. The Reds played him at first, second, and third base this spring, but not in the outfield.

With Aristides Aquino out for what seems to be at least the next month, the Reds likely lose some power off of the bench that he provided. It may push the roster decision on what to do if and when Shogo Akiyama returns from his injury – which the Reds are hoping will happen in early May – a little further back as the team probably won’t opt to go with six outfielders on the roster.

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  1. jim walker

    Well darn. Maybe they can stretch the AA’s recovery/ rehab time to close to the trade deadline and make something positive from this situation be it AA or somebody else who gets dealt in a meaningful deal which makes the Reds a better team.

  2. Redsfan4life

    Provided everyone is healthy. I hope they go with 6 OFers. Keep Farmer as the backup IF. Both Aquino and Naquin at least provide pop off the bench. Blandino doesn’t really bring much to the table. Recall Blandino if a Infielder gets injured but you can get by with just one backup IF otherwise.

    • Jimbo44CN

      Agree totally. Keep Aquino and Farmer.

    • MBS

      My thoughts exactly. I also think one of the 6 must learn 1B. JV will need days off, so it’s a great way to get another quality bat into the lineup on those days.

    • John C.

      Blandino is 3 for 8 with 3 RBI and adds some speed. He has produced when given the opportunity. Not sure what you guys are looking for from the last guy off the bench.

      • MBS

        Blandino is doing great, but if everyone is healthy, and the Reds only carry 5 on the bench, he’d be the most expendable. I’d rather carry 6 bench players with 12 pitchers.

        It’s also 2 months away, in all likelihood before that question would need to be answered. If history is any indicator, “these things tend to have a way of sorting themselves out”.

      • RojoBenjy

        This after Blandino played a great left field yesterday.

        Count me as a Blandino guy.

  3. Klugo

    I’ve been so impressed with Aquino. I wish him all the best. This is is a tricky injury.

    • JayTheRed

      I feel bad this happen to him. It seemed like he was going to get a decent amount of AB’s this year and now who knows.

  4. centerfield

    I would think that if this is an injury that typically robs a player of their power for a year, then AA is not of much use to the Reds until 2022. I don’t think anyone would claim him and he could be resigned to a minor league deal (after the injury period). Clears up the over crowded OF situation. On another note, if Hoffman is bad tonight, does Antone get bumped into the rotation? I think Hoffman would still be useful in the longman position?

    • centerfield

      Keep Blandino since AA is hurt. By mid-May we’ll know who is going to be sent down for Shogo.

    • tseramid

      I have no idea about the injury itself, but I think you could sap some of AA’s power and he would still have a lot of power. I don’t think it has really be a question of what happens when he connects – it’s just that he needs to find more contact.

  5. RojoBenjy

    Well—overall sad news. But for once, the injury is at a position of depth for Los Rojos