The first road trip of the season for Cincinnati didn’t go as the Reds would have hoped as they lost on Wednesday to fall to 2-4 on the road. The offense was shut down and shut out while the defense looked terrible.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (7-5) 0 4 0
San Francisco Giants (8-4) 3 6 0
W: Cueto (2-0) L: Mahle (1-1) SV: McGee (6)
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The Offense

Johnny Cueto held the Cincinnati offense in check during the day. That is until he left the game after 5.2 innings with an injury holding a 2-0 lead with no one on the bases, having allowed just two singles and a double during his outing. Reliever Caleb Barager came on for the final out of the 6th inning to hold onto the shutout for San Francisco.

Mike Moustakas doubled in the 4th inning with two outs. The Reds didn’t get another hit on the day until there were two outs in the 9th inning when Joey Votto singled. That single didn’t matter much on the day as Eugenio Suárez struck out to end the game.

Jesse Winker and Tyler Stephenson also had singles early in the game.

The Pitching

Tyler Mahle didn’t allow a baserunner until a walk in the 4th inning, but he took a no-hitter into the 5th. That inning got away from Mahle a little bit, but the defense from Eugenio Suárez didn’t help. A leadoff single broke up the no-hitter, but then Suárez dropped a pop up before fortunately still being able to get  force out at second. A double followed that brought in the go-ahead run was followed by a fielders choice that resulted in no outs as Suárez fired home on a “contact” play and was quite late with the throw. Cincinnati caught a break later in the inning after Curt Casali was initially called safe at the plate on a single to right field, but after a challenge by the Reds it was overturned, giving Nick Castellanos an assist to end the inning with the Giants holding a 2-0 lead.

That was the final inning for Mahle. Sean Doolittle took over for the 6th and struck out the first two batters of the inning before a bunt against the shift went for an infield single by Brandon Belt. No worries, though, he was caught stealing with a big time throw from Tyler Stephenson to end the inning. Sal Romano came on and worked around a single to face the minimum in the inning thanks to a double play and a strikeout to end the 7th. He returned for the 8th and he should have gotten out of it unscathed, but a dropped pop up by Jonathan India, that at the time of this publishing was somehow still being scored as a single, brought in a run to make it 3-0.

Key Moment of the Game

With a runner on first and one out in the 5th inning Austin Slater doubled into the right-center gap to bring home the 1st run of the game. Unknown at the time, it was the only run that the Giants would need on the day.

Notes Worth Noting

Johnny Cueto left the game for San Francisco with a lat injury. Let’s all hope it’s not serious.

The defense has not been great in the first two weeks of the season.

Milwaukee won this afternoon and are now tied for 1st place with the Reds at 7-5.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cleveland vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday April 16th, 7:10pm ET

TBA vs Jeff Hoffman (1-1, 3.86 ERA)

43 Responses

  1. LDS

    2 wins and 4 losses, shutout twice, yet another low hit game. Flashbacks of 2020. What are they going to do when they face really good pitching, like LA or NY?

    • D Ball

      Not to be snark, but hope they are better at that time than now obviously. We can’t overreact to every series lost. They have to hit better and consistently. But we have to also face the fact LA is probably the front-runner (just based on what we’ve seen from the NL West.) Not a great sample size. But let’s try to focus on winning our division. We did beat the Cardinals. We swept the Pirates. 10-9 over 27 innings against SF. I think our defense could have been a lot better but it’s a tough ballpark. It’s not like we got swept 6-0 and got outscored 10-3. Let’s see if we can return the favor when we play them at Great American. You’re not supposed to win every road trip.

      • MBS

        2 series losses in a row is a trend. I agree not to panic and blow things up, but it’s not nothing.

    • VaRedsFan

      When they face good pitching???
      SF team ERA is under 3. I’m pretty sure that qualifies.

  2. D Ball

    Not the best performance, but keep in mind over 27 innings: Reds 9, Giants 10. Adding strikeouts (De León) to the bullpen is going to help. We probably should have won game two. This was close up until Slater came up with a big hit. At least Mahle was that good this time out to keep it this close. I still like the top of the order. Joey’s two home runs, the single at the end… he’s due for an outbreak.

    • Redsfan4life

      Not really sure how much DeLeon and his center cut fastballs are going to help the pen. The strikeouts are great and all but HRs given up by relief pitchers usually spell loss.
      If anything it tells me by keeping DeLeon on the staff that this pitching staff has way too many question marks on it.

    • LDS

      They need to rest JV. Two HRs are not a precursor to a breakout. He’s not a #3 hitter any longer. For that matter, one has to wonder if Suarez should still be batting #4. Shake up the lineup and see what happens.

      • Earmbrister

        Votto wasn’t the problem, but keep beating that drum …

  3. Dennis Westrick

    Disappointing is the understatement of the day! Had high hopes for the Redlegs on this the first Left Coast road trip! Two (2) wins in six (6) games against arguably the two of the weaker teams in the NL West Division! Shut out TWICE by two pitchers not named Cy Young, Bieber or Bauer! Again, Bell’s demonstrated in-game management (and I use that term loosely) is akin to Capt. Smith on the Titanic! The bullpen is an unmitigated disaster except for Antone and Sims! Seriously, Perez has pitched 4.1 innings and walked five (5) batters. Lost track of how many of those walks ended up being runs! And, Romano cannot get through a relief outing without giving up at least one (1) run (5 ER in 6 games). I will personally buy both of them a one-way Greyhound bus ticket back to the minors! The Reds lead in the NL Central has now vanished like the smoke from a San Francisco pothead in the breeze! Hopefully, a return to GABP will revive the offense and Sonny Gray’s return will solidify the starting rotation. Unfortunately the first series is against their Ohio rival from the AL. In case you can’t tell from this post this long time Reds fan (since 1960) is not a happy camper today!

    • jim walker

      My feeling is that Bell doesn’t set the roster and is pretty much stuck trying to make the best of a poor hand with the bullpen.

      • Earmbrister

        That’s not a feeling Jim, that’s an inconvenient fact that you’re pointing out.

    • VaRedsFan

      Romano run yesterday was because India dropped a popup.

  4. Mark Moore


    Glad the West Coast swing is done. Really should have been 3-3, but if wishes were horses …

  5. jim walker

    The drop by Saurez didn’t really impact the outcome because they got an out without the Giants gaining a base.

    Not so on the India play. Can’t help but wonder if his shine is wearing thing about now. Don’t think there is a potentially big gain to be made internally unless they are willing to bring Senzel into 2B and go every day with Naquin in CF and Winker in LF; and, I don’t see that happening.

    Tuesday night, a couple of potential GIDPs that resulted in single outs DID hurt the cause, however.

    • VaRedsFan

      Yes Jim, those 2 plays kind of went unnoticed. Although an out was made, you see double plays like that on the highlight reels every night. Just not the Red’s highlight reel.

  6. Russell Proctor

    Our 3 and 4 hole hitters are just abysmal. Votto and Suarez are dragging this team down and it’s not sustainable long term. Can they fix it? And if not, will they be demoted further down the lineup?

    • bug

      You are right on the money,..but this is nothing new. Votta (who at least is not choking up like a Little Leaguer this year, and has hit the ball hard thus far for a change) and Suarez has killed us for many years. Suarez leads the league most years in strike outs,..normally around 200/per year!!! If he doesn’t lead the league in Ks, he’s almost always in the top two or three. You can’t let a strike out king bat clean up for 162 games and expect to compete with the good teams. I don’t care how nice of a guy he is. What I don’t understand is, the first few years Suarez was with the Reds he actually could put a bat on the ball. It was when he decided he was a home run king that he quit making contact. We could do without his home runs, if he would just make contact. he takes too many strikes. Pitching got us there last year,..but we no longer have Bauer. This is basically the same Reds team that couldn’t score last year. No wonder we were shot out 2 games on this road trip. Shades of last year. We’ve added Naquin (which was a good lick) and the Red Sparrow, but I suspect that will not be enough. Not enough clutch players/hitters. A team full of chokers,..same as last year. We need a couple or three Yadier Molinas. You know, the kind of players that can hit a sac fly or get a hit when it’s really needed. Not the ones that can’t make contact when a runner is on third with one out. We got plenty of those. Oh well. It’s a long season. I do think we have a great pitching coach, and a good hitting coach for a change. Who knows? I’ve been wrong before. Time will tell.

      • Indy Red Man

        I really think the offense will be atleast top 5 in the NL this year. Alot of good (not great) hitters in their prime and some emerging young guys. The approach has been 100X better as far as going the other way, etc.

        I understand the Suarez complaints! He hit .280 when he came up and I thought we might have a .300 hitter on our hands with the way he sprayed it around, HOWEVER, he is on pace for 108 walks and he’s hit it to RF several times. I feel good about him and Joey for the time being atleast.

      • bug

        Totally agree with you on hitting to all fields (though I’m not nearly as optimistic as you are about our offense). They all should be doing that more,..i.e. take an outside pitch to the opposite field. Votto used to spray the ball, but now he mostly pulls it (which is why usually he hits it hard right into the shift). I love that Senzel goes to right field really most of the time. His problem thus far is that he’s not hitting it hard enough to get down for a hit. Suarez? I’d like to see him hit more to RF too,..but mostly I’d like to see his not take so many strikes, and actually make contact. Making contact and not striking out needs to be a priority for him. But I suspect that’s only wishful thinking. He normally takes two strikes right down the middle, and then swings at a slider in the dirt on the outside corner, and sits down. Usually they don’t even waste a pitch on him. 3 pitches.

  7. TR

    As stated above, the offensive hot hand, Naquin, should be in the lineup, but how to make that happen. Too bad, no DH position available this season. I like Votto’s approach and especially that opposite field homerun yesterday.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Disappointing, but Cleveland is struggling and we miss Beiber. They have to win the series and a sweep shouldn’t be out of the question. Especially if Bell puts Antone in the rotation on Sunday. What other move could he make with Antone? Kind of stupid to pull Miley after a shutout thru 5 on 73 pitches unless you’re trying to stretch Antone out. If he’s a reliever then let Miley work into the 7th and ask Antone to get 3-4 outs so you can use him again in the series.

  9. kevinz

    Early in the season.
    But really need more players.
    Who rake vs RHP.
    Not faced a Lefty starter yet.
    Shows up more on the road over at home.

  10. DaveCT

    In all fairness, India went a long, long way to get to that ball. Ultimately, he dropped it, though, and it was costly.

    • VaRedsFan

      If you don’t have to leave your feet to make a catch, and it hits the palm of your glove, then there’s no excuse….maybe a little leaguer gets a pass.

      • greenmtred

        No excuse except that he’s human, and those creatures make mistakes. I haven’t seen a game yet, but the comments so far–prior to today–seemed to laud his defense.

  11. Eurostep

    Let’s just be honest anytime David Bell has to make a managing decision we’re gonna lose. The only way were going to win is if the players win the game early.

    • Doug Gray

      He put an A-lineup out there and they managed 4 hits. Come on.

      • Roger Garrett

        Right.The team disappears at the plate sometimes and I don’t know why.When they homer it seems as if they feel it’s the only way they can score.At times though they just put it in play but even then they look like they are in a hurry to swing other times they work the count.Maybe that’s baseball but a consistent approach by the team is lacking.

  12. Earmbrister

    Strangely enough, the Cubs, the Reds, and the Cardinals all had four hits and were shutout today. Streaking to the top of the division.

  13. Earmbrister

    Thank you Doug. The never ending criticisms of Bell and Krall are weak.

  14. oklared

    Good lord you people have short memory with all sub 500 predictions or at best 500. Now we are still over 500 and the world is ending and we have no skill players except rookies with no record who should be getting all the playing time and bat 4th. Reality check is it is a long season with some counted on players on dl to start and yet we are above 500. Take a chill pill or a drink and enjoy the baseball.

    • JayTheRed

      Everyone will calm down if we at least win the Cleveland Series 2 out of 3.

      • TR

        The Indians will not be in a good mood after being no hit at New Comiskey.

      • TR

        And in addition, the Reds will not be in a good mood after losing two series on the road.

    • Jimbo44CN

      True, true, but considering the last few years and last years playoff losses, it’s easy to understand how people are upset and down on the team. We are hitting most nights, just need to have the pitching step up.

    • Matt WI

      Thank you, OKLARED. Perhaps the only thing worse for fans than a really bad slow start was their winning streak- people went bananas over a good week and start seeing zebras when we likely have but horses around. Enjoy the winning, but if baseball doesn’t teach someone to be patient and wait out some trends, nothing will.

  15. JB

    If somebody told me 2 weeks ago the Reds would be 7-5 and tied for first, I would take that in a heartbeat. It’s a long season and it’s way to early for the meltdowns. Alot of teams are having issues and trying to find their way. I’m just enjoying the games. Knowing its alot better than last year at this time.

    • Matt WI

      Yep. Cubs World, for instance, is in a state of free fall at the moment. While I enjoy it a little bit, it’s been two weeks. We’ll see how it all shakes out come Sept.

  16. CFD3000

    I’m more concerned about Suarez on D than at the plate (though he’s definitely struggling on offense). The throw to the plate on the contact play wasn’t late – it beat the runner. It was just way off line. If it’s on the plate the runner is out. And TBF he has made several nice plays, but they seem to be offset by several missed plays as well. That would be manageable if he were raking, but he’s not. Votto is and will be much better than fine this year. Suarez I’m not so sure about…

    As a team, if Castillo had a decent first inning on Wednesday it’s a 3-3 road trip, the team is 8-4, in first place alone, and everyone is happy. It’s really early folks. No reason to panic (or prep the playoff champagne) right now. And Sonny Gray is back this weekend. Enjoy some baseball – Go Reds!

    • RojoBenjy

      That’s how I recall Suárez’s play at SS when the Reds first got him. Messing up routine stuff, then turning in brilliant plays. Makes me suspect he has a concentration issue.