The Cincinnati Reds have been added to the national television schedule for the 2021 season. Redleg Nation’s Nick Kirby tweeted about it on Monday afternoon and we decided to go ahead and make an article about it since we know that plenty of our readers aren’t in the Cincinnati area and it’s tougher to get a chance to watch the Reds play.

Get out your sports calendar (you have one of those, right?). Here’s the updated schedule for the nationally televised Cincinnati Reds games.

Date Away Team Home Team Time Network
13-Apr Cincinnati San Francisco 9:45pm ESPN
22-Apr Arizona Cincinnati 12:30pm MLB Network
26-Apr Cincinnati Dodgers 10:00pm MLB Network
27-Apr Cincinnati Dodgers 10:00pm MLB Network
28-Apr Cincinnati Dodgers 4:30pm MLB Network
30-Apr Chicago NL Cincinnati 7:00pm MLB Network
20-May San Francisco Cincinnati 12:30pm Youtube
21-May Milwaukee Cincinnati 7:10pm FS1
19-Jun Cincinnati San Diego 7:15pm Fox
10-Jul Cincinnati Milwaukee 7:15pm Fox
14-Aug Cincinnati Philadelphia 4:05pm FS1
Games may not all be available in the teams home market

There are a whole lot of first-half Cincinnati Reds games on the national schedule. There is one second-half Cincinnati Reds game on the national schedule. Of course, that’s to be expected. The second half of the season still has a ton of spots to fill on the schedule and those games haven’t been decided on yet. The networks will likely choose games that matter more as it becomes more clear which games those will be. There are 123 nationally televised games listed before the All-Star break right now, but just 27 nationally televised games listed after the All-Star break. If the Reds continue to play well, expect them to be added a few more times down the stretch.

If you want to keep track of all of the updates every few weeks or so, has the full broadcast schedule for the nationally televised games at this link.

4 Responses

  1. TDougie

    So will I or won’t I be able to watch tonight’s game on MLB.TV? The MLB tv rules and restrictions are more convoluted than the tax code.

    • Mark Moore

      I’m thinking “not” because it’s now a nationally televised game. Were it on MLB’s channel, then I believe you still could.

  2. Cartel

    Main reason I moved to Charlotte was it is Reds country and we get every game that is on foxsports/Bally Ohio ;).