Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (6-2)
3 12 2
Arizona Diamondbacks (3-6)
8 10 0
W: R. Smith (1-0) L: Hoffman (1-1)
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After the Cincinnati Reds jumped out early, 2-0, the bullpen allowed Arizona Diamondbacks hitters to do damage throughout the middle innings, bringing an end to Cincinnati’s six-game winning streak in an 8-3 defeat.

Arizona’s five-run fifth inning was the turning point in the game. It was sparked by this sequence, with one out and a runner on first:

  • Christian Walker singled on a groundball to shortstop, with the lead runner safe at second.
  • Off new pitcher Cionel Perez, David Peralta singled on a ground ball that second baseman Jonathan India stopped on a dive, but was unable to get an accurate throw to short, resulting in the bases being loaded.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera drew a bases-loaded walk to score Tim Locastro, tying the game at 2-2.
  • Eduardo Escobar singled on another grounder that India stopped but was unable to get an accurate flip to second for a forceout. The play was scored a single and Arizona led 3-2.
  • Nick Ahmed hit a foul pop-out to the catcher for the second out, giving rise to hopes that damage could be minimized.
  • But then, Stephen Vogt hit a single to center that scored two, with a third run scoring on a Nick Senzel error.

Five runs scored with only two balls leaving the infield, one being the leadoff single by Locastro. BABiP giveth and BABiP taketh away.

The loss leaves Cincinnati still in first place, one game ahead of St. Louis, two ahead of both the Cubs and Milwaukee, and four ahead of Pittsburgh.

The Offense

Two run-scoring singles in the second inning gave the Reds the early 2-0 lead:

Senzel batted 3-for-4, giving him eight hits in his last 13 at-bats and raising his batting average to .400.

Eugenio Suarez reached base three times, on a walk, a single and an eighth-inning opposite-field solo homer.

The Pitching

Not good. The bullpen let it get out of control after the Reds led 2-0 early.

Notes Worth Noting

Asdrubal Cabrera’s home run leading off the bottom of the fourth inning broke the streak of 24 scoreless innings by Cincinnati starting pitchers.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Arizona Diamondbacks

Sunday, April 11, 4:10 pm ET

Jose DeLeon (3.60 ERA, 0-0) vs Luke Weaver (4.76 ERA, 0-0)

32 Responses

  1. Sliotar

    Reds pitchers:
    198 pitches Friday.
    164 pitches Saturday.

    Arizona stinks. Enough with the nibbling. Go after guys tomorrow, win another series …. and keep it up.

    Otherwise, the bullpen (which has plenty of “meh” guys anyway, IMO) will be fried by Memorial Day.

  2. Sliotar

    There are a few on Reds Twitter who I literally think being illogical and being over-optimistic is like a full-time online persona thing …

    For the rest of us, feels (very) pre-mature to be pushing the “Best Team in Baseball” narrative on the Reds. is everyone’s friend. Took the Dodgers 2 innings to thrash Patrick Corbin, with no Betts and Bellinger in lineup. If the Mets ever score a run for deGrom, they would be dangerous. Etc, etc.

    Beating up horrible teams is fun. Enjoy the days playing them, win tomorrow.

    • Rex

      Reds Twitter is like Twitter…they remove dissenting opinions or any thoughts that don’t fit theirs. They simply will not allow any real conversations about anything happen.

      it is free to think as long as you think in the approved manner

      • Doug Gray


        The Reds or “Reds twitter”, whoever they are, can’t remove your tweets from existence.

      • Rex

        Doug, I have had tweets that were critical of The Reds players or management removed from threads on “@Reds” the team’s twitter handle.

        I can not be the only one.

        IMO @Reds is for optimism and good vibes only, which is fine it is their choice, it is just not an arena for real conversation.

        I have followed The Reds for 40+ years and hope to follow them another 20 years or so, they are my team but from time to time they dissapoint me. Being critical of them doesn’t mean I don’t bleed Cincinnati RED.

      • Doug Gray

        Rex, it’s not an option available to have a tweet removed as a reply to you. They can not delete or remove your tweet. The only thing that they can do in order to keep people from discussion is when they make a tweet is to set it so that the only people who can reply to that tweet are people that they have tagged within the tweet.

  3. GreatRedLegsFan

    Not much to say, when bullpen implodes that’s it. After first man got on base to start the bottom of the 5th, Hoffman had to be replaced right away with only one run ahead and playing away. Those little wrong manager’s decisions will hurt at the end.

    • Jim t

      He was at his pitch count. He threw 82 pitches to that point.

      • Wayne Nabors

        Glad Musgrove doesn’t pitch for reds,he would’ve been pulled fri due to hitting his pitch count

  4. kevinz

    Tough Loss go for series Win tomm.
    One game at a time.
    Series Wins all that Matter.

    • Rex

      it is very hard and rare to win 7 in a row

      I’m happy we are in in position to win our 3rd series while starting the season with 2 questionable starters in the rotation

      come home Sonny we miss you

  5. Indy Red Man

    I was stuck with WLW only, but they said India had an out at 1B on one of those groundballs, but tried to turn 2? That resulted in 4 more runs if thats correct. Well no shocker overall. We knew the infield defense would be a work in progress and that the pitching would be short-handed. What happened to Lorenzen anyway? He’s talking about experimenting in spring training and starting and then he’s out for a month? I was talking to a buddy thats a Yankees fan and I mentioned that its scary when a monster like Judge or Stanton comes up, but being musclebound and huge doesn’t work in baseball. Those guys are always out. Lorenzen needs to cut back on the Arnold Mr Universe routine. We need him. He isn’t a great reliever, but he’s Superman compared to the motley crew they have in middle relief now.

  6. gusnwally

    I have always been a proponent of baseball players looking more like Cesar Geronimo, and less like Charles Atlas.Remembering Jose Canseco, Juan Gonzalez and Ronnie Gant always conjures up memories of being on the IL more than on the starting roster. How many muscles did Cesar strain, Oh Yea he didn’t have any muscles.

  7. RojoBenjy

    I want the Reds to win every game. Alas, they will not. I do not feel bad about this loss, and I hope they rally and take care of business today.

    Suárez getting an oppo taco is a good sign for his HITTING, instead of just power. Here’s hoping that this is a sign that he’s getting hot.

    Still wish #19 was in the 6 or 7 hole batting though. He’s not washed up but he’s not third in the lineup material right now.

    • Stlrose

      Second that on #19. This is professional baseball, no place for sentimentality here. The way Senzel and India are hitting, they should be moved up. .400 average needs to be leading off.

  8. centerfield

    Fortunately my power went out in the 5th when the Reds were still up 2-1 and I missed the rest of the game. What was Votto’s error for?
    The real “tell” for the Reds is going to be how they perform on Sunday. Is this the same old team or have they made progress. I am an advocate for bullpen games once a week and locking the manager in the clubhouse “john” twice a week to eliminate over managing, although I really don’t know if that applies to this game since I didn’t see it.

    • VaRedsFan

      Hard hit ball went through his legs. No influence on the final outcome, it was late in the game.

  9. Roger Garrett

    More often then not I come across as being somewhat negative regarding the Reds but I feel more positive then I have felt in years.The pitching will be sound once Sonny,Mikey and Antone are ready.The younger players such as Senzel,India,Wink and Stephensen are ready to replace the aging Votto,Moose and others that on the down side as the core of this team.We have a glaring hole on defense at short but help is on the way in Garcia.This team is on the upside and with a few tweeks here and there we can be competitive for a few years.Nothing we can do about the money owed to Joey,Shogo and Moose but they can still help this team win games.My only fear is that Bell is not the man to manage this team.

    • Lds

      Moose is at least hitting and playing decent defense. That’s harder to say about Votto. And with him in the lineup, guys that have been far more productive thus far are sitting. And yes, I agree Bell isn’t the guy to manage the team.

      • BK

        Votto’s production is down, but he’s hitting the ball quite hard. Looking at his expected BA and SLG percentage etc., there is no reason to believe he won’t deliver above average production in the future. It would be a mistake to put too much stock in productivity at this point given the small sample size of 8 games. Votto’s track record and predictive stats indicate his productivity will normalize over a larger number of games. Very glad Bell is sticking with Votto at this point. Way too early to make a change.

    • MBS

      I’ve been pleasantly surprised about how well Suarez is playing SS. He scared the bleep out of me on opening day, and over the next few games where I was thinking this will fizzle out. He is looking more solid with the glove, and his throws are 100% better. I will take this as my SS, especially once his bat heats up.

  10. Matt O'Neal

    I’ll take the blame for India’s mistakes in that 5th inning. I was singing his defensive praises on Twitter after his diving play earlier in the game. Suarez made some encouraging plays at SS (there was one in the middle of the game that if it was anyone other than Locastro running, he makes a web gem type play).
    I look for the bats to bounce back today. Arizona’s starter gave up 3 homers in his first start, and the Reds hit the ball hard last night. Look for some of those to go over the fence. It’ll help if Winker’s ready to go, too.

  11. VaRedsFan

    I’m disappointed that they aren’t going to go 161-1 now.
    They had some hard hit balls with runners on that were right at people, yet still pounded out 12 hits. Stay with the offensive process and hopefully, the balls will find more holes the next game.
    The bullpen is worrisome (other than Antone). Need the starters to be more efficient. Hoffman and DeLeon had low expectations to begin with. If they can steal a DeLeon start and win today, they can take this series, and welcome Sonny back this week.

    • MBS

      I’m still happy with the core of the pen. Garrett, Sims, Doolittle, and Antone are looking good. Garrett and Sims are just about ready to go, both missed over half of Spring Training. Antone and Doolittle are fine, and I still like C. Perez. Relievers will have bad games, or they’d all have a 0.00 era, he’ll bounce back, his stuff is wicked.

  12. Kentuckydude91

    David Bell has been too early on the trigger since arriving in Cincinnati. Yesterday’s starter had not been batted around and had demonstrated good control of to that point. Very good chance this was a different game if Bell leaves the starter in for a couple more batters.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Hoffman walked 3 batters in 4.1 innings. That doesn’t sound like “good control” to me. That’s about 7 walks/9 innings.

      • jim walker

        Same problem as Mahle on Friday. I wasn’t watching last night. (Like a fool I am watching my hockey to the bitter end when there is a conflict). So, I don’t know about Hoffman’s stuff; but, on Friday, Mahe looked close to unhittable.

        Sometimes I think Barnhart gets too involved with the process rather than just going after hitters which is why Bauer, Gray etc. seemed to prefer working with Casali. Wondering if this could have been a factor the last 2 games.

  13. Mark Moore

    We all knew a loss was coming. Measure of the team will be today and how we play in SF for the next series.

    Shake it off and take out the Snakes.

    • TR

      Losses are a part of the game, but a series loss to this version of the
      D-Backs would be disappointing.

    • jim walker

      Very true but a couple of short innings starts and poor pen performance (aside from Antone) has put the team at a disadvantage with the back of the rotation coming up and 4 more games until an off day.

  14. Rex

    6 game win streaks are not easy to come by, I’m happy they did it and did it early

    they proved they can pitch and they can hit, it is now time to prove they can repeat it

    it is time to start the next streak

    lets get another 5 or 6 more in a row