Amir Garrett channeled his inner Ric Flair on Tuesday afternoon in his pre-game interview with the local media. Asked about Nick Castellanos and the spark he can bring, Garrett spoke about how quiet Castellanos is until he’s on the field. But he also dropped this absolute gem: “I want everybody to think that the Cincinnati Reds is like the most cockiest team ever. We’re some bat flippin’, show boatin’ son of a guns. I want everybody to know that.”

Amir Garrett channels AG when he takes the mound. He becomes a different person out there. AG, as he calls him, brings fire and passion to the mound. He celebrates strikeouts in big moments and he’ll let you know about it. He also understands that it’s fair play to let him know about it if you get him, too – that’s the way it is. Play with fire and emotion, and if the other guy does something awesome then there’s no problem with that guy showing it.

Nick Castellanos has been doing a whole lot of that this season so far. Too much for the St. Louis Cardinals who had to watch multiple home runs and bat flips in the opening series of the season, while also watching him beat a throw to pitcher Jake Woodruff from Yadier Molina after being plunked earlier in the inning that had Castellanos jumping up and screaming “Let’s (effing) go!” in the direction of Woodruff. That resulted in the benches clearing and some up close and personal talking, shouting, and even a little shoving from some players on both sides of the field. It also led to a 2-game suspension for Castellanos despite the fact that he touched no one during the entire thing, and only fines for five other players despite several other players shoving and one player grabbing another on the side of the neck before lightly shoving him….. but that was another story for another day.

This team is playing with a different feel early on. The offense has been rolling so far this season and it’s been led in a big way by Nick Castellanos who is hitting .533/.588/1.333 without a strikeout on the season. He’s leading the National League in runs, home runs, RBI, and slugging percentage. And he’s feeling good while doing it, too.

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  1. Greenfield Red

    I love the 3-1 start to the season. I hope it continues. And I want to say right now, I hope I am completely wrong about my 67-95 prediction. So far, and it’s still early of course, this feels like a completely different team than last year… or even Spring Training this year. They are actually hitting to ball the other way with some regularity so far. I hope it keeps up.

    Did I mention that my prediction is 95-67?

    • JayTheRed

      If this team continues this tough outs attitude throughout the season. Look out anyone who plays the Reds. I have to say I love the teams attitude and I love how the Pitchers have come in and just attacked the hitters. Even Ramono has impressed me so far.

      Lets hope it all keeps happening.

  2. Jeff

    I love how the reds are playing they need to stay cocky Cincinnati Reds have been my favorite baseball team for over 50 yrs Let’s Go Reds

  3. kevinz

    Early but love the players on this squad.
    Expect to Win, not just wanting to Win.
    If Healthy This Team will be a Problem.

  4. Thomas SS

    This is how your supposed to play the game of baseball, fun ,enthusiastic even cocky! Reds Baseball

  5. bug

    Personally, I could do without the cocky. Let the bats speak for them, like the Big Red Machine did. The Nasty Boys were mean,..but not cocky. I like mean. I’ll pass on the cocky. Jmo.

    • Tom Diesman

      I agree. You can be confident without being cocky. You can celebrate without showboating and showing the other team up. Don’t take crap from anyone but don’t instigate. Basically act like you’ve been there before not a bush league rookie.

  6. Eric

    Love this teams fire. They sure are FUN to watch. This is what baseball needs; fun, exciting baseball. Times have changed and if baseball is going to survive it needs this kind of play, it needs personalities.

  7. Angelo

    Amir should concentrate on pitching and getting guys out before all the showboating starts.

    • Doug Gray

      Amir was talking about the team, not himself. The team is 5-1 and they’ve outscored their opponents by 31 runs.

  8. Angelo

    I am only talking about Amir and his comments since he was the only one on the team to express this. Trust me I am a big fan of the Ex St. Johnnies star but lets act like we have been there before. Example yesterday he gives up a grand slam and still is rocking the baby?

    • Rod

      Highly annoying. Part of the new culture, I guess.

    • Doug Gray

      He’s the only one who has said this very specific thing. But the team is out there doing it. So are a lot of other teams.

      “Act like you’ve been there before” is pretty coded language in the game of baseball that dates back to when baseball integrated and was a way to try and keep the newcomers in their place. Every single place on this planet that they play baseball doesn’t do stuff like that except right here in America. There’s a reason for that.

  9. Rod

    I guess I’m too old because I completely disagree with “AG.” I don’t want the Reds to be the cockiest team in baseball. I can’t stand big mouths/me-first type players. Especially when they’re flapping gums and underperforming like Garrett.