After making a diving catch on Opening Day, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Nick Senzel left the game the next half-inning when his spot came up in the lineup.

“He did something on that great play he made,” manager David Bell said after the game on Thursday. “It was significant enough to come out of the game. We probably won’t have the full knowledge of what to expect until tomorrow. I do think indications right now are that he’s going to be ok. We’ll just have to see how many days we’ll need. Hopefully we’ll have him back this weekend.”

The off day on Friday may have been beneficial for Nick Senzel and the Cincinnati Reds. In theory it gave them an extra day after the injury for him to heal up, one less game he could miss – if he needed to miss any at all. But the lineup was released just before 10am ET this morning and Senzel was not in there. Tyler Naquin is getting the start in center field, while the rest of the lineup is as expected:

  1. Jesse Winker – LF
  2. Nick Castellanos – RF
  3. Joey Votto – 1B
  4. Eugenio Suárez – SS
  5. Mike Moustakas – 3B
  6. Jonathan India – 2B
  7. Tyler Naquin – CF
  8. Tucker Barnhart – C
  9. Tyler Mahle – SP

There hasn’t yet been a pre-game interview with Bell to get an update on the status of Nick Senzel. When that happens we will provide an update with what the manager says.

Update: 1:15pm ET

In his pregame press conference with the media, Reds manager David Bell said that it’s “nothing serious” with Nick Senzel.

“It’s nothing serious,” said Bell prior to the game. “We’re hoping to have him in some capacity tonight. And hope to have him in the lineup in a matter of a day or two.”

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  1. Bred

    At least I was in my 60s before my body betrayed me and rebelled against what my mind told it to do. I feel badly for him. He is young, healthy and wealthy, but his body may be too fragile for the life of a ball player. He has to be frustrated, but I guess, like the rest of us wannabes, he just has to face the fact his dream might be derailed by his body and not lack of talent like most of us have to face in our teens.

    • Steve

      Lets slow down on his career being derailed. It’s game two and we have no information about the injury, they may very well just be playing it safe.

      • BO

        They may be playing it safe but I think it’s safe to say the beginning of his career has been derailed. First 3 years have not been what any of us or Nick Senzel ever would have imagined.

      • LDS

        If it were the first time perhaps but it’s looking like a pattern. I’d start shopping him while he may have a perceived upside.

      • MK

        LDS I think that ship may have sailed. He has much less value today than two years ago already. If not for the injuries his inability to have an even good offensive performance when in there adds to it.

  2. RedinNM

    Three years ago some Reds fans thought Nick was a walking Disabled List. But he was going to be the next Barry Larkin according to the majority of web posters.

    Senzel has already torn up one shoulder, hopefully he won’t be out as long this time.

  3. Reds fan Ed

    Death, taxes and Senzel injured. Something has to change. His body just isn’t made for the outfield. Put him back in the infield and see if he can stay in the lineup.

  4. Michael W.

    Does any one think that there would be less risk for injury if he was playing in the infield vs outfield? Less full speed running and diving? I got to see the great play he made in person. First opening day I have ever attended.

  5. Rednat

    The Senzel injuries are destructive to the psyche of the fans for have to think it has some effect on the clubhouse and coaching staff as well. I say its Aquino time in center. At least you know he can play everyday. When Senzel returns let him come off the bench. Let him earn his playing time

    • JB

      What has Aquino done to as you say “earn his playing time”? The love for Aquino by Reds fans is amazing and I hope he does well but outside of that great month he had , he has done squat.

  6. MK

    Stayed up late watching Mariners last 2 nights trying to see Taylor Trammel’s first big league hit. Instead I saw Wandy Peralta pick up his first win. It was old Dayton Dragons night in that game with Wandy replacing Johnny Cueto while facing Trammel with Shed Long sitting on the bench.

    • Wayne Nabors

      It would be less risk,but infield was full and he has the tools to be a really good centerfielder but his injuries are really starting to mount up,and I’ve seen catch a few times and I didn’t really see where he landed that hard on shoulded

  7. Doug Gray

    Updated the story with quotes from David Bell on Senzel’s availability.

  8. ClevelandRedsFan

    Punch, Gut. Throughout the whole season, it will really be no big deal if Senzel misses a few games. If it was more than a couple days, he would already be on the IL.

    But every time I see this guy dive, slide, or sprint I’m holding my breath. I hope we’re all wrong and he plays 140 games this year.

  9. ClevelandRedsFan

    Updates coming from Charlie Goldsmith of Cincinnati Enquirer and C Trent saying that Senzel is fine. David Bell says he is available off the bench tonight and should be back in the lineup in a day or two.

    I can now enjoy my Saturday afternoon!

  10. Votto4Life

    I do think Nick Senzel will put it all together at some point, but it may be after he leaves here. Still holding out hope for a big year from him.

  11. Richard Kramer

    I like Nick Senzel. It’s no doubt he’s an elite ball player. He will pay dividends eventually.
    Don’t give up on the kid.

  12. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I said in the off-season I would include Senzel in any trade. I just wouldn’t take a chance on him anywhere near as a starter. Why? Exactly this.

    If I kept Senzel on the main club, I’m planning on him as a bench player. If he’s available, fine. If not, fine. But, I do not, repeat, do not plan on him starting.

    • Steve Schoenbaechler

      Oh, I will say, maybe start a game or two, here and there, like a bench player would do. But, plan on him as one of the regular 8? No way.s

    • 2020ball

      Seesh….. Senzel bets a little banged up on a nice defensive play and everyone goes crazy. These sorts of injuries happen all to the time to every player, just give him a day or two. Relax y’all.

      • 2020ball

        meant this as a reply to the whole thread, not @Steve

      • JB

        Welcome to Redleg Nation, where the sky is falling every day.

  13. Kindell

    I think it would help a lot if they could find a way to get him to the infield. I get why he is there, but playing CF doesn’t help a guy with vertigo stay healed up.

    • Kindell

      Also, I think you keep him because there is too much talent there for what he would return. Senzel can still be an all star and hasn’t reached his prime.

  14. kevinz

    Keep fingers crossed, hope not snake bitten by Injury again.
    love to see him, actually get into a groove.
    Been Long time since he has that chance.
    Value so Low no Point in trading him.
    Best Hope staying Healthy, and Be the Senzel we all want.

  15. Roger Garrett

    Senzel goes hard on every play and guys like that get injured.Just watch him.He runs hard when he hits it and runs hard when they hit it.We have some that don’t always do that so what should he change.Infield maybe but I see him diving at balls rather then waving at them as some do on our team.Plays around second can get rather physical at times as well.I say don’t change a thing young man.Guy is a winner and he will show that this year.Wish we had 25 just like him.

  16. Melvin

    For those that say Senzel should move back to the infield because it would be easier on his body I have to disagree. The infield, unless we’re talking 1B, takes a lot more out of the body than the outfield at least in the long run. As I’ve said before, he seems to try “too hard” and his body is always so tight and tense because of it. He pushes himself into injuries some times. Just maybe the best thing the Reds can do is help him learn how to relax while playing hard. Maybe through therapy somehow. I don’t know. I do agree that his value has gone way down. I advocated trading him before that happened while other teams would still value him and take a chance. There was a time we could have received a great deal for him. Not likely anymore. Maybe he is Votto’s replacement after retirement and can fill in other places every now and then. He can definitely hit…….when healthy. SMH