Monday afternoon the Cincinnati Reds announced that they had purchased the contracts of reliever Cam Bedrosian and outfielder Tyler Naquin. Both players were non-roster invitees to spring training. Adding them to the 40-man roster essentially means that they have made the opening day roster.

Cam Bedrosian has posted a 3.08 ERA over the last two seasons with the Los Angeles Angels in 76.0 innings pitched with 28 walks and 75 strikeouts. This spring with the Reds he allowed more runs than hits – and all three of the hits he allowed went over the fence for home runs. In 8.2 innings he posted a 4.15 ERA with three walks and 16 strikeouts – fanning 50% of the hitters that he faced.

Tyler Naquin had spent the previous five seasons in the Cleveland organization. Brought over at the very beginning of spring training, the outfielder has hit well. In 16 games and 48 plate appearances the 29-year-old hit .310/.375/.667 with four doubles, a triple, and three home runs.

Left-handed reliever Cionel Pérez informed the media prior to the game today that he had made the opening day roster. The 24-year-old had been with Houston over the last three seasons, getting sporadic time in their bullpen. This spring with Cincinnati he posted a 1.69 ERA in 10.2 innings with six walks, no home runs allowed, and nine strikeouts. In his last appearance the lefty touched 98 MPH according to Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Right-handed pitcher Tejay Antone confirmed that he will be ready for opening day. Coming back from a groin and hip issue, he felt good after his most recent bullpen session and is ready to pitch out of the bullpen. As he noted last week, his goal is still to make it into the rotation down the line, but he simply isn’t built up enough right now to be a starting pitcher because of the two injuries that have kept him out of games for the last two weeks.

The team also made several other roster moves. Pitcher Brandon Bailey was officially played on the 60-day injured list to create an opening on the 40-man roster. Bailey underwent Tommy John surgery earlier this spring and will miss the entire year.

Right-handed pitcher Heath Hembree and Braden Shipley were both reassigned to minor league game. So was infielder Mike Freeman. Those moves leave the Cincinnati Reds with 32 players remaining in camp. That 32, however, includes Sonny Gray, Michael Lorenzen, and Shogo Akiyama – all of whom are expected to begin the season on the 10-day injured list. Joey Votto is also currently on the injured list and his availability for opening day is still unknown. Votto also does not count towards the 40-man roster until he’s activated from the injured list. Depending on the status of Joey Votto, the team will need to make three or four more roster decisions before April 1st.

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  1. ClevelandRedsFan

    Doug, I am terrified of the Senzel/Naquin platoon. Should my fear be valid?

    • Doug Gray

      No, because Naquin isn’t going to be platooning with Senzel.

    • MK

      If it were true why is it terrifying. At this point in their big league careers, Naquin has the better offensive record.

      • ClevelandRedsFan

        Senzel is the best offensive prospect Reds have brought up since Jay Bruce. Reds need to develop him as an everyday player. Coming up, Senzel had All-Star potential. He has a higher ceiling than Naquin. He will never get there only starting 1-2 games a week against lefties.

    • Doug Gray

      According to Fangraphs he has two remaining. I haven’t verified that, but I can’t imagine they are wrong.

      • JB

        Does Payton have any left? I think him and Naquin were running neck and neck to make the team.

      • BK

        Reviewing Naquin’s bio page, Naquin only burned an option in 2017. He was optioned twice in 2016, but neither was for 20 days or more so 2016 should not count.

        From Payton’s bio, Payton was optioned for more than 20 days in 2020; the only year he’s been optioned. He should also have two options left.

  2. RedBaron

    I like all 3 players. Unfortunately other Reds likely to make Opening Day are Dolittle, De Leon, Fullmer, Hoffman and Romano.

    • JayTheRed

      Romano needs to be dumped, He really has not performed anything special for several years now.

      Dolittle hopefully was just working on stuff during spring training cause he surely was not impressive at all.

      De Leon has so much potential I feel. He seems to be needing to find some consistency though.

      Hoffman is only in the rotation due to injuries. I imagine he won’t be around too long. Don’t know if he has options left or not.

      Fullmer – Honestly there just isn’t enough information to know anything at this point. Lets hope he is decent.

  3. Redsfan4life

    Doug,any idea how many starts Gray will miss? Thanks.

    • Doug Gray

      No. In his last time on the mound he threw “about 30” pitches. Typically in the past build ups have gone up by 15 pitches or so each session. If we assume that everything goes well, and stays on that progression, he could throw 75 pitches in a game the second time through the rotation if they wanted to “limit” him in that manner. That would mean he’d miss just one start. If they wanted him to be at 90 pitches before starting he’d miss two.

      Of course that’s just me talking out loud based on past history. That may not be the exact plan. There is no publicly stated “progression plan” for Gray in terms of true details of how it will go and how long it will last.

  4. SteveO

    Service time manipulation for India?

    • JB

      If India isnt the opening Day starter at 2nd then I would say yes. I don’t see how he isnt the starter.

    • JayTheRed

      If that happens I am not going to be happy. The kid has done everything he has needed to this spring and honestly I feel like it’s his time. Reds don’t play games with players even though they would get to have another service year with him.

      It makes me so discussed when that happens in baseball.

  5. RedsGettingBetter

    What about Aquino, Shrock and Payton? Are they going to make the OD roster? I think Blandino despite his strong spring training will be assign to Louisville…

    • James

      I heard that Aquino is out of Triple AAA options. Don’t know much of Max Schrock or Payton. I would think Payton wouldn’t make the team because Naquin just supposedly beat him out of the LF spot.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Aquino likely will as it was recently ruled he is out of options. I’d guess Naquin making the squad takes Payton out of the running unless Senzel misses time to start the season. Shrock’s had some nagging injuries that have limited him this spring. I thought he’d have an outside shot if Votto is out to start the season, but I think Blandino or Farmer will cover first if Votto misses time.

  6. James

    Honestly I am extremely excited about Perez and Beodrasian! Perez didn’t have a great year with the Astros last year but worked with the Reds well. I think those two pitchers are going to have a massive impact on a trust of our relief bullpen.

    • JB

      So there are 10 position players on the team now. I’ll say Votto will be there. If they keep 13 position players that leaves 3 spots for Aquino, Blandino, Farmer, Payton and Schrock. Aquino has no options so if he is not traded, I think he gets a spot. That leaves 2 and Payton will be out. Farmer will get one and that leaves one spot between Blandino and Schrock.

      Pitching? You have the 5 starters and 6 locks in bullpen of Sims, Garrett, Bedrosian, Doolittle, Perez, Antone. That leaves 2 spots. Throw against wall and see what sticks.

  7. Justin

    So who’s for sure in the bullpen now?

    C. Perez

    Am I missing anyone who’s a lock?

  8. Christopher Hoeb

    The starting rotation is so weak from 3 to 5th starter. The offense is going to have to score alot of runs to compete in a very tough central division.

    • citizen54

      The only Reds position player projected to be above average is Suarez. The rotation is as you said full of question marks from 3-5. The bullpen is going to be worse than it was last year. The only reason the Reds still might have a chance at the playoffs is because the NL Central is the worst division in baseball, as it was last year.

    • CFD3000

      I’m not sure how Suarez is the only hitter expected to be above average. If you measure that by OPS+ above 100, and assuming they stay healthy (big assumption of course) I expect Castellanos, Winker, Senzel and Votto to be above average hitters and could easily see Moustakas and Stephenson joining them. The only starters I expect to be below average are India and Barnhart. I’m actually more optimistic about the offense than the pitching right now with Gray, Lorenzen and Antone all out or coming off injuries.

      • JayTheRed

        I actually think India is going to be a nice surprise for us overall. I expect him to do pretty well. Barnhardt has looked terrible at the plate this spring. I hope he only gets 3 out of 7 days or less behind the plate.

      • citizen54

        Baseball is not just about hitting. An OPS+ of above 100 does not mean that a player is above average. You need to also consider the position he plays as well as his defensive value. A player like Castellanos might have an OPS+ of 110 but since he plays RF where the average OPS+ might be 110 along with his poor glove he is going to be a below average player, as a matter of fact he is projected to have .8 fWAR in 2021.

        Catchers and shortstops are the premium positions and anything with the bat is just a bonus. RF, LF and 1B are expected to hit so just having an OPS+ above 100 at those positions does not mean that the player is above average.

    • VaRedsFan

      The central is not tough….it’s the weakest of the 3 in the NL, and probably all of baseball.

  9. James

    Well the cubs are going to be amazing and the Cardnals are gonna be decent. We’ll just have to hope for the best

    • JB

      I dont see Cubs being Amazing with their starting pitching.

    • JayTheRed

      I don’t think the Cubs are going to be amazing for sure. I believe they do have a decently good chance to be near the top of the division though. I am not sure what to think of St. Louis at this point. I have this odd feeling that the Brewers might be really good this year. They have some decent pitching with a really good bullpen and they have some pretty good hitters too. A lot of their guys are not well known around baseball especially in the infield. Those guys can surprise you though.

  10. Indy Red Man

    Hope springs eternal! Lets see some baseball! I don’t think they’ll be all that good, but you never know? I’ve been defending Lorenzen on here since his rookie year and this is his make/break season! I see some Kevin Brown in his game and also a little Charlie Morton. His problem imho is that he tries to K everyone. That leads to overthrowing and walking guys. He’s got the live arm and physically he’s a horse like Brown/Morton, but if he can’t learn to pitch to contact then its not going to work. I’d be happy with 2-3 runs in 5-6 innings and maybe he’ll drive in a few along the way.

    Other thoughts:

    Why is Barnhart our catcher every year? Nice guy, but overrated defensively and can’t hit. He.can.not.hit!! Alot of catchers can’t hit, but their teams have enough offense to pick them up. The Reds do not. Castillo was 4-6 last year and the Reds were just 17-15 in his 2019 starts because their offense sucks! Quit coddling guys and giving them jobs without production! Votto? I’m bringing him in and telling him he’s being platooned and also pinch-ran for after the 6th inning in a tight game. The Reds have paid him a zillion already….enough with the respect and the coddling? The stink eye that Suarez gave him after he didn’t score in that first playoff game. I could’ve ran backwards and scored on that ball! Duvall had to run 30 yards to get to the ball! You are still productive at the childs game or you grab bench/go away. End of story. JV is absolutely the worst baserunner I’ve ever seen in 45 years. The worst and its not just that he’s slow. It takes away from his only remaining above average skill of getting on base.

    Lastly run out Senzel, Winker, and India as much as possible and if they don’t blossom then blow up the scouting team. Other teams bring up young guys and they produce! Senzel raked in the SEC and thats the best college baseball there is!

  11. SteveO

    Looks like the final few decisions for the opening day 26.
    Roster balance of 14/12 or 13/13. I’m thinking that because the Reds don’t need a 5th starter until the 25th, it’ll be 13/13.
    Starting 5 to open the season is set, but will change soon after when Gray and Lorenzen come off the IL. I’m thinking Hoffman moves to the pen and DeLeon optioned to the alternative site along with Perez. The number of options remaining will determine those moves unless someone with no options is really stinking it up.
    Personally, I hope the Reds come to a trade agreement with the Yankees for Holder for cash considerations and send him to Chattanooga. That frees up his roster spot for India. Otherwise, send him back. He is not deserving of a spot on the 26. Farmer, Blandino, Schrock and Garcia all ahead of him.
    Stephenson, Farmer and Aquino are locks. To me, health of JV and Schrock will determine the last 2 spots. Assuming JV and Schrock are ready on opening day, I think Bell will choose a balanced bench to include Schrock and either Payton or Naquin. Blandino, if Schrock not ready.
    It seems this is the first time in a while where we have both good pitching and non pitching depth

    • SteveO

      Looks like Naquin and Aquino for OF bench spots. Naquin at least until Shogo comes off the IL. Just the final bench IF spot

  12. Hotto4Votto

    Had a feeling Bedrosian would have a good shot to make it. I like what I’ve seen from Perez, followed him a bit when he was with the Astros as a prospect target. He’ll be a nice additional lefty behind Garrett. Naquin’s not a total surprise as he’s got a little pop and can cover all 3 OF spots. I think all 3 make sense for this roster.

  13. Redsfan4life

    So in a round about way they swapped Iglesias for Bedrosian. Since both Noe Ramirez and Cam pitched for the Angels last year.

  14. Indy Red Man

    Almost everyone piled on Duvall with the Reds at RLN after a while and I admitted I was wrong for standing up for him for so long. The thing is that every coach/manager has to KYP! Know your personnel!!! He can’t hit RH sliders so don’t play him vs RH starters with good sliders. Its not rocket science? The Braves cherry picked his at-bats and suddenly he has .882 and .833 ops the last 2 years! I see Aquino having the potential to be a similar player if Bell can line him up vs pitchers he matches up with. He can run and has a big arm. He doesn’t have Duvall’s Gold Glove level instincts, but he’s also much faster. I think Aquino could be valuable if used correctly!