Joey Votto is playing in back-to-back games as the Cincinnati Reds host the Chicago Cubs tonight in Goodyear. First pitch is scheduled for 9:05pm ET. Radio broadcast only.

Reds (7-17-1) and Cubs (13-8-4) Lineups

Cubs Reds
1 Eric Sogard LF Jesse Winker LF
2 Willson Contreras C Nick Castellanos RF
3 Anthony Rizzo 1B Joey Votto 1B
4 Kris Bryant 3B Eugenio Suárez SS
5 Javier Báez SS Mike Moustakas 3B
6 David Bote 2B Aristides Aquino CF
7 Jake Marisnick CF Tucker Barnhart C
8 Rafael Ortega RF Jonathan India 2B
9 Nico Hoerner DH Luis Castillo SP
10 Shelby Miller SP No DH

Reserve players on today’s Reds roster:

Pitchers Infielders
Shane Carle Alex Blandino
Carson Fulmer Nicky Delmonico
Sal Romano Kyle Farmer
Art Warren Mike Freeman
R.J. Alaniz Kyle Holder
Dauri Moreta Alejo Lopez
Matt Pidich Alfredo Rodriguez
Catchers Outfielders
Chris Okey Narciso Crook
Tyler Stephenson TJ Friedl
Tyler Naquin
Mark Payton

Where to watch/listen/follow the game

The game will be live on the Reds on Radio Network. The broadcast will be on 700 WLW AM.

Reds links and news

More Roster Moves

Early in the afternoon the Reds announced that they had released reliever Noé Ramirez. A few hours later the team announced that they had also reassigned left-handed reliever Josh Osich and outfielder/first baseman Nicky Delmonico to minor league camp.

The Alternate Site will include games

While the alternate site is likely only going to be around for April – the minor league season is scheduled to begin on May 4th – the players at the alternate sites will be allowed to travel to other alternate sites to play games against opponents. Last year that was not allowed and teams had to get creative in trying to simulate games since for the most part they simply didn’t have enough players to field two teams.

Final: Cubs 6 – Reds 3

The bullpen gave up three runs in the top of the 9th and that came back to bite the Reds as they would score a third run in the bottom of the inning that would have otherwise tied the game up.

The Highlights

In his final start of the spring, Luis Castillo allowed two runs in 4.1 innings with two walks and five strikeouts. R.J. Alaniz finished up the 5th inning with a walk and two strikeouts. Sal Romano came out for the 6th inning and tossed a perfect frame with two strikeouts. Carson Fulmer pitched the 7th inning and allowed a run on a walk and a hit while picking up two strikeouts. Art Warren struck out two batters in a perfect 8th inning. Shane Carle gave up three runs in the 9th.

Jesse Winker led off the bottom of the 1st with a solo home run. He went 1-2 with a walk in the game. Joey Votto went 1-3 with a single. Eugenio Suárez went 1-2 with a double and a walk. Jonathan India went 1-3 with his 3rd homer of the spring. Alex Blandino went 1-2 with an RBI. Mark Payton went 1-3 with a run scored. Aristides Aquino went 1-4.

You can see the entire box score for the game here.

Tomorrow’s Game

Afternoon game as the Reds play the Brewers at 3:10pm ET in a scheduled 7-inning game. Radio broadcast only.

18 Responses

  1. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Did we let Biddle go? Or, is he just going to be on the minor league roster? I mean, he seems to have been looking good. And, it’s hard to find good left handed arms. I hope we retained the rights to him.

    But, boy, who makes the OF bench, that’s almost a tossup. I could see that go several different ways. It could even come down to contracts and not ability. Or, maybe taking someone in order to have a left handed bat on the bench.

    On the IF, I can’t help leaning toward Rodriguez and Blandino. Or, whichever one of these don’t make it, Farmer is on. I just don’t feel right taking a player simply because he can play C, also. For, if it meant “playing C”, I would be willing there would be several dozen minor league players willing to put on the pads to play C if it meant they can make a big league team.

    • Doug Gray

      Technically he was released, but that’s just the official paper trail – he had an out clause if he wasn’t going to make the 26-man and he used it.

  2. Tomn

    Lots of tough calls to be sure. It’ll be heart-breaking I think for the players who don’t make the team. I like Farmer not just because he can play C, but I thought he has played very good D at SS in the games I have seen and also because he can play a lot of positions. As far as others, I don’t know how Rodriguez has done. Blandino has had an awfully good spring though. Aquino seems to be coming on recently and that plus his experience and ability to hit for power, I think he’ll make the team. Though I have to say, Payton has looked really good. If Akayama is injured as he apparently is, I’d be fine w Payton and Aquino along with Senzel and Winker. Lots of good players. The Reds are going to have a strong bench and maybe their best offense in years.

    I really wish we had not let Iglesias and Bradley go. I wish our ownership wasn’t so cheap.

    Watch the language, Tomn. Remember: If you can’t say it in a 3rd grade classroom without getting in trouble, you can’t say it here.

    • Tomn

      Mrs. Weber surely would have slapped my hand with a ruler. Sorry.

      • Doug Gray

        I will not slap your hand with a ruler. But you might have to run foul pole to foul pole in the future.

    • Big Dan

      I read your post and didn’t see anything too foul (no pun intended). Don’t worry too much about it chief.

  3. LDS

    Geez, I know it’s ST but worst record in ST, highest negative run differential, most home runs surrendered, haven’t beaten a NLCentral rival yet,… It’s discouraging. Maybe Bell can take opening day off and give Beneviedes another chance.

    • Melvin

      I think in this case such a poor ST is concerning considering Bell’s record of handling things.

  4. TR

    The Reds ST offense has been encouraging with the exception of Moose and Barnhart. Hopefully they can pick it up with no DH this season.

  5. centerfield

    The Reds have set themselves up for another slow start. Some of that is due to injuries, but have we had a pitcher go 6 yet? (like other teams) Reliance on a BP of 8-9 guys never works. Someone always has a bad day and gives the game away. Now if someone is pitching multiple innings to bridge the gap it could work, but those pitchers have all been working one inning at a time. I hate starting the year 5 games out after the first week.

  6. RedsGettingBetter

    In my point of view, It seems Biddle’s ST has been a lot better than Carle’s and Shipley’s, however, Biddle was cut but Carle and Shipley are receiving more chances. Of course, it should be technical reasons for this that i don’t understand.

    • JayTheRed

      It’s the Reds 2021, Nothing makes sense at all.

      I am beginning to think they have a chart of ideas listed and then they roll a percentile dice roll to see which one they will go with each day.

  7. Roger Garrett

    We lost because a pitcher that won’t make the team gave it up late.Barring injury and there are some now our pitching will be just fine.We may not be at full strength early but my biggest concern remains will we score.Today 3 runs and two were on homers is what we have seen for what seems like forever. Until we score we can’t and won’t win

  8. Redsvol

    This team struggles to score runs. We are not built correctly. There are too many slow players who swing for the stands instead of putting the ball in play. When they do put it in play, they are usually an easy out or can’t turn a well hit ball into a double. Until they change the type of player they are signing and developing then it won’t change. I don’t look for it to change until 3 of Votto, Winker, Moose and Suarez are gone. Until that, we will struggle to score 4 runs per game – which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on starting pitching to only allow 3 runs per game.

    I’d rather see what a lineup of Blandino, Shogo, Naquin, Payton, India, Senzel, Stephenson, and Castellanos could do over a season than watch this team struggle to score runs again in 2021. I’m starting to get depressed – like a Reds fan in August.

  9. Grand Salami

    The W would be nice, this record has to weigh on the team, buts it’s still less important than having your starting rotation ready to go, or having your lineup comfortable and ready.

  10. Still a Red

    I wouldn’t normally be too concerned about the ST record, since it is obvious mgmt is taking as many looks as possible at everyone they can…even if you’re planning to let them go, you still want to see what they have under the hood. That said, I’d feel more comfortable if the starting lineup and a real pitching scenario got a few ‘real games’ in before the start of the season.

    • JayTheRed

      Love your name your using.. I am there too still following this team that most likely this season will underperform and have another losing season. The only difference is I am also going to follow two American League Teams this year. White Sox and Blue Jays seem so interesting to me even though the W Sox got a big hit in their OF. Toronto just has a fun young interesting core of players that I am looking forward to watching.

      I’ll still be following the Reds too good or bad I guess. sigh… I hate the owner so much right now I could scream.