I break down all the news of the week, including the injuries to the pitching staff and what that means for the Cincinnati Reds in the season’s early days. Plus, reasons you should be optimistic and another rousing edition of Viewer Mail.

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10 Responses

  1. Aaron B.

    Hey Chad, Castellanos can play 1B, he’s even played 3B in his career. So in my humble opinion if Votto were to go down, you move Nick to 1B and play Aquino at RF.

    • James

      In my opinion:
      Where would Joey Votto go? What would they do with his contract without even playing a game? Maybe Nick would be good at 1B but Aquino has generally played LF. Plus Shogo Aikiama and Nick Senzel and lastly Jesse Winker all play very well in the outfield but Nick castellanos in my opinion is probably the better outfielder.

  2. James

    What would you do with Kye Farmer? Try to keep him up at SS or just a utility infielder? You have Eugenio Suarez, Mike Moustakas and Jonathan India all in the infield…. Farmer has a bat but does India too?

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      Kyle Farmer is 30 and has a .667 career OPS. How does that qualify as him having a bat?

      • James

        Note that he IS batting .310 which is actually really good for the Reds lately. He is getting somewhat old but he has been playing amazing all his career.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        He is hitting .310 in spring training. For his career he hasn’t been a good hitter. He has actually been a pretty bad hitter.

  3. James

    What would you do with Kyle Holder? Try to get that spot at 2B or even SS? He can hit decently well but spring training stats can fool you.

    • Doug Gray

      For me with Holder it comes down to this: Do they want to carry a true defensive shortstop on the bench that they won’t use unless it’s an emergency, or do they go with Blandino and Farmer as the “back up” options at shortstop, and if they need a true defensive shortstop for whatever reason they choose between either Alfredo Rodriguez or Jose Garcia depending on what the short/long term plan needs to be. To me, I wouldn’t carry Holder. The team seems to think that Kyle Farmer is good enough to play shortstop if they need him to, so Holder isn’t even going to be option B behind Su├írez there.

  4. James

    Any thoughts about Blandino? He can really play.

  5. James

    And where does Mike Moustakas go? Some thoughts were:3B,2B,1B and even bench. I would possibly think maybe 3B but I liked him at 2B.