Jason Linden and I discussed a busy week for the Cincinnati Reds, including the move of Eugenio Suarez to shortstop. What does it mean for the club?

Also, Reds owner Bob Castellini gave a disastrous interview this week, and we broke it down.

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5 Responses

  1. Michael Smith

    Long audible sigh after hearing the quotes from the lettuce man. May god have mercy on the reds.

  2. Roger Garrett

    Bob is clueless as mentioned and it is sad when an owner who has made millions doesn’t realize fans will show up when the team wins games.In response to him turning down offers for Frazier,Chatman and Hamilton I don’t even no where to begin on that one.Reds fans for the most part love the players but even at that we know who is producing and who is not and to get better we have to get rid of those who don’t produce.We also know you trade players at their peak value to avoid paying them the bigger bucks when they start to decline.It does help me to understand why Billy and now Tucker lasted so long.Bob had to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth because there is no way a man can be successful in business by keeping employees who don’t produce just because he likes them

  3. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I told people I wouldn’t have a problem with Suarez at SS. I mean, I hoped we got a “more natural” SS, sure. But, without that, I wouldn’t have had a problem with Suarez. I mean, if we are going to put two lifetime IF’s into CF, a position they never got close to playing before, and doing it at the major league level, why would we think second about putting a former SS in there, simply moving them over, what, 40 feet?

    Sure, will he need to get back to fielding it? Of course. But, to say he can’t do it? Of course he can do it.

  4. Datdudejs

    You can’t just say “Bell will never let Senzel play infield” without elaborating chad, cmon man.

  5. Greenfield Red

    I listened to about half of this because I wanted to hear the Castellini part. If those things are reported correctly, there is little reason to go forward as a fan. If as a billionaire, he says “we can’t afford to pay Trevor Bauer 30 million a year” he should not be an owner, and we should not be wasting our time.

    And if Castellini did not make those trades because he didn’t want to offend season ticket holders who thought they were buying tickets to games that would include Frazier, Chapman, and Hamilton, he really has no business as an owner.

    And if he refuses to do the things above to win by going big, then he needs to adopt the Tampa Bay way rather than ignore it or reject it, or he shouldn’t be an owner.

    Build a winner, and we will come.

    Build a winner and we will come.