Shogo Akiyama started the Cincinnati Reds spring training game on Saturday night in center field. But the outfielder didn’t take the field in the top of the third. Instead it was Tyler Naquin that ran out to center to begin the inning. About thirty minutes later the Reds announced that Akiyama had left the game with a left hamstring injury and that he’s being evaluated.

This spring has not been great for the Reds outfielder, though this time things are far less serious than the last situation that kept Shogo Akiyama out of games. Earlier this spring he was out of camp for a week after a tree fell and struck his wife, leading to her being airlifted to the hospital. She was eventually able to return home and was on the mend before he returned to Goodyear and rejoined the Reds.

Update at 11:58pm

Following the game, Reds manager David Bell noted that Akiyama started to feel it after his final inning in the field.

“Shogo felt some tightness in his hamstring. He’s going to be examined tomorrow, so we won’t know much until then. I just spoke with him and he’s already trying to get treatment and get healed up as quick as he can.”

This article will be updated when more information is available.

10 Responses

  1. Sliotar

    Akiyama will be 33 next month.

    $7 million this year, $8 million next year … plus, according to Spotrac, he gets $1 million if he is traded.

    Another over-30 guy with a likely unmovable contract.

    And … where is he playing in 2021? He played last season in LF and CF, but there is no DH.

    The sensible play, IMO, is to give Winker and Senzel all the at-bats at those positions.

    Seems awfully expensive to have an aging bench OF … just to say you are no longer the last MLB team to sign a player from Japan.

    • DaveCT

      DL him and let him get healthy. Solves an immediate problem. Winker, Nick S and Nick C. Take your pick at 4th and 5Th OF. Now maybe Dee S-G can play his way off the team

      • DaveCT

        Personally, I’d take Payton. Dude plays hard. Fights every day. P

      • Tomn

        I agree about Payton. He’s impressed me.

      • Roger Garrett

        Count me in DaveCT.I actually don’t like a platoon at all especially when Senzel and Wink are involved and have yet to figure out why Castellanos plays every day in right.If he has a good year he is gone and if he repeats 2020 then why would you want him at any cost.Of course the money plays.

    • MuddyCleats

      Tend to agree on Winker; I don’t see the luv fest? Yes, he gets on base, but has a history of little speed on the bases or in the OF. Throwing arm is not a strength either. Hasn’t hit for power in the minors – has improved that some in ML. In a short 2020, he displayed some strong numbers; hopefully 2021 will be his breakout year when he puts it all together over a full season ??

  2. rednat

    3 biggest mistakes in reds history. 1. Frank Robinson trade. 2 tearing down riverfront stadium.3. Moving spring training from florida to chilly Arizona. Hamstrings beware!

    • west larry

      1 STRONGLY AGREE. I was a young kid then and the trade broke my heart.
      2 Somewhat agree. I was at Crosley field several times. I liked it. The current stadium is fine. Eating and drinking establishments close by. Some really good seating- particularly behind first base.
      3. Disagree. I now live in L A and Goodyear is close by, sort of. The day games are pretty warm, I like the night games. The pandemic has crimped my style the last two spring trainings. I’ll be back next year.

  3. Rod Andrews

    Exactly. Why play a guy who’s injured when you have plenty of bodies. Don’t bring him back until he’s 100% and then you have a fresh guy to throw into the mix, and a idea whose going to perform well. I’m not all that confident of management, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him back early hobbling around in the outfield while healthy players sit on the bench twiddling their thumbs. Where’s Sparky when you need him?

  4. Kim Henry

    Zinter and Mather………………not the right place for my comment maybe, but can we agree that if the reds are not hitting 10 games into the season, that these guys need to go. I don’t know anything about them but last year was an embarrassment and this spring hasn’t shown me much. It may not help, but you can’t fire all the players so a change may be necessary. As for the conditioning coach, maybe a needed change there as well as injuries are mounting. If hitting does not improve, injuries continue, and changes are not made, then the manager must go if he decides these guys are the answer and keeps them. I’m being a little pessimistic and I truly hope and feel a good year is in store, but it’s not looking good.