The Cincinnati Reds have acquired infielder Mike Freeman from Cleveland in a trade. Zack Meisel of The Athletic first reported that the deal was for cash.

Mike Freeman has spent parts of the last five seasons in the Major Leagues for Arizona, Seattle, Los Angeles (Dodgers), Chicago (Cubs), and Cleveland. The 33-year-old has only had one season in which he had more than 66 plate apeparances, though. In 2019 he played in 75 games with Cleveland and hit .277/.362/.390 in 213 trips to the plate. He’s a career .237/.302/.316 hitter in the big leagues spread out over 347 plate appearances.

Position versatility is where Mike Freeman stands out. He’s spent time at first base, second base, third base, shortstop, left field, right field, and he’s even pitched in two games in the big leagues. From a utility player standpoint, being able to play almost anywhere if asked is quite useful.

As an offensive player there are some questions about what kind of value he would bring. The 2019 version of Freeman was certainly valuable at the plate. The rest of his career as a hitter in the Major Leagues, though, has been poor. His projections for 2021 are similar between ZiPS and PECOTA, but Marcels like’s him quite a bit more – obviously weighing the 2019 season quite a bit more than the other systems are.

ZiPS .236 .303 .333
PECOTA .221 .296 .329
Marcel .249 .333 .386

Despite being 33-years-old, Mike Freeman still has an option remaining. With that said, he is currently not on the 40-man roster and is considered a non-roster invitee to big league camp. The option would only be in play if the team were to call him up at some point and then choose to later send him back to the minor leagues.

While with Cleveland this spring, Mike Freeman has played in six games and has gone 5-15 with a double, home run, no walks, and four strikeouts. He’s hitting .333/.313/.600 – and no, that’s not a typo, his on-base percentage is lower than his average thanks to a sacrifice fly and no walks.

26 Responses

  1. Rut

    Whew, glad we finally got that shortstop from Cleveland since they had a surplus!

    Oh, wait…..

    • Scott C

      Yep! Finally the big trade we have all been waiting for. Is he related to Freddie?

  2. CI3J

    I think I speak for most of us when I say:


  3. Justin

    Acquisitions like this are all about trying to mitigate the damage if the injury bug hits. Couple that with Covid, and I think this is smart.

    It only really bothers us all because these have been the only types of acquisitions we’ve done this offseason.

    • BZ

      I agree. In any other year, the fan base just ignores this move for what it is. We, as a fan base, have been waiting so long for any move to improve the ML squad that this move gets more anger than it should.

  4. SultanofSwaff

    I think the message is that Holder and Gordon aren’t in the team’s plans. That’s a positive. Not sure where that leaves Blandino.

  5. Frankie Tomatoes

    Acquiring a non 40man guy with little experience in the big leagues at age 33 tells you that?

  6. Kim Henry

    LOL…………I’m 63 and played multiple positions in high school. Where/when do I sign. Only the Reds.

  7. Optimist

    Throwing it at the wall, (Farmer, Holder, Garcia, ARod, Suarez, Blandino, Dee) part 8?

    • KetteringRedsFan

      You can -never- have too many…………shortstops.

  8. Jimbo44CN

    Sorry but big whoop. Another dud. BTW, who did we trade him for, one of our grounds crew?

  9. Michael B Green

    Responsible GM but getting some non-roster depth due to Votto going down. Should wait for his chance while at AAA. Hoping for a great clubhouse guy.

  10. Hunt4RedsOct

    Louisville needs to field a team, good guy to have at AAA

  11. Mark

    Pointless move what are you thinking Krall???

  12. LDS

    Another Bell special, an old veteran who can play multiple positions, albeit not necessarily well. I’m afraid it’s going to be a long season for us Reds fans.

    • west larry

      Is Bell both the manager and general manager?

    • JayTheRed

      I will support the Reds. But I have my Blue Jays to cheer on too.

  13. centerfield

    Mike Freeman is going to become a 1st baseman.

  14. Gonzo Reds

    Just cancelled my MLB package. Grew up hating the Dodgers so have decided to root for the Padres from afar this year. At least their small market owner has balls!