Wade Miley made his 2021 spring training debut on Thursday night. The lefty had pitched in a B-game on the backfields, but Thursday night was the first time in an actual spring training game. He followed Tyler Mahle, and for a while there, Miley was looking good. His fastball was working in the low 90’s and topped out at 92 MPH. In the 4th inning, with one out Miley threw a pitch to Nick Williams. He didn’t step back on the mound after that, grabbing at his upper leg according to the radio call by Tommy Thrall and Jeff Brantley on 700 WLW. Manager David Bell and a trainer headed to the mound and shortly after they left with Miley following them to the dugout.

The Reds have just released information that Wade Miley left the game with a left hamstring injury and he will be further evaluated.

Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that at first Wade Miley remained in the dugout where he was checked out further by the trainer, but that he did eventually leave the ballpark – walking on his own without any noticeable limp.

Earlier on Thursday we wrote about how everyone in the organization was speaking about Wade Miley’s need to be healthy this spring, and to remain healthy during the season. At this point we don’t know the extent of the injury, but it certainly isn’t ideal for a guy who said this when spring training was getting started:

“The groin is something I’ve dealt with since 2018. Why it’s not healing completely, or whatever is going on with it, I’m not really sure. I spent a lot of time with a physical therapist in the offseason, more than I would in the past and hopefully we’ve corrected some issues.”

We will continue to update this article with further information when it becomes available.

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  1. JayTheRed

    Oh no, I was really looking forward to seeing what Miley could do when healthy. Well it’s looking like he is not going to be healthy again at least to start the season. Thank goodness for starting rotation depth.

    I only hope the best for Miley and hope it is nothing serious.

  2. DaveCT

    This is absurd. How has this guy been injured and, especially, out of shape for going on two years?

    Doug, I’ll spare ya the time to separate performance related i juries from other more negatively judged issues, like now demonstrating the physical wellness to play the game? My prediction? He’s done. He’ll be released before what used to be snd may be again, the all-star break. Eat the contract.

  3. DaveCT

    The rant continues … i’s rather put hungry, aggressive kids on the staff for a guy incapable of stating healthy. Give me CPerez. Ossich, sanMartin or Brandon Finnegan, even. There are plenty of really hungry guys going hard after pitching spots. Put Miley on the 60-day and say get in shape.

  4. Mark

    I agree DaveCT and Doolittle either released or DL list . I actually think Cionel Perez and Hector Perez should be in the pen and Finnegan. Ossich to Prasco and I would move Sanmartin up to Louisville.
    Guettierez to Louisville as well as Santillan. I’m starting Antone at 4th starter and I think try Lorenzen as 5th with Deleon as the long relief guy that might come in the 5th or 6th and go 2-3 innings to get to closer.

    • DavwCT

      Yeah, sorry for ranting …

      Your thoughts are sounding pretty good. Lorenzen as starter should not be too tremendous of an experiment. If he cannot do it, he cannot do it. I’m ambivalent whether this dude has the mental approach, or not. My observation is he rattles. But let him loose, he’s earned it in both success snd improving his stuff. Give him a decent shot then move on. Deleon seems ready. Among others.

    • DaveCT

      This sounds advanced. At this hour, at least.

      We’ll know more in under two week, right? Personally, I can see Jose DeLeon going off!

      Going off or otherwise ruthlessly forcing himself into the picture at a very, very nice degree of recognition. He is, IMO, like that kid Boddy, and his young friend, DJ, only going forward, in a pretty nice degree. Think. How many outstanding AAAA / ML pitchers are here and excelling? It’s kinda freaky? Now, if at least one starter can hit his weight, we’d not be surprised. God help us!

      Then project out to the elite. This could be really fun. Where it used to be we’d leave the game for the kitchen during defensive innings,

  5. DaveCT

    Poor editing. Eliminate last paragraph

  6. Redsvol

    You see, there are these things, and they’re called stretches. And there are these other things, and they’re called salads, and you eat them. And the thing is, you don’t just do them once a week in game day, you see.

    • Old Big Ed

      Miley’s diet is to eat everything he normally would (burgers, cheese fries, etc.), PLUS a salad.

  7. MBS

    That stinks. Hopefully he can get healthy, but the Reds should not count on it.

  8. Mark Moore

    Wow … they guy has to feel a little bit snake bit at this point. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the type of pitcher who relies very much on driving with his legs (kind of like Seaver). This just doesn’t seem to bode well as hammies can be nagging for a long time.

    Wish him well. Good thing we have options to start the season.

    • MBS

      I agree, Antone and Lorenzen are heavy favorites at this point. Let’s hope Lorenzen shows a little more next outing. I don’t doubt him, but I’d feel better with 3 clean innings next time out. Also opens up a window for Finnegan to make the bullpen. Hopefully he is able to seize the opportunity.

  9. Matt O'Neal

    You never wish injury on someone. This is what Wade Miley does for a living, and I hope him a speedy recovery so he can continue to pitch and have a job. That said, this might have been what it takes to force Bell to put Antone in the rotation. Kind of a reverse Chapman situation. Madson got hurt “preventing” Chapman from starting. Miley getting hurt lets Antone start.

  10. enfueago

    I’m rooting for the guy and would like to see him as a change of pace in the lineup. It sounds like he is sensitive to anything being a possible recurrence of his groin issues. His groin is now in his head which is understandable. And groin issues interfere with everything else he does like even basic fitness.

  11. Andy Cron

    I was at the game. He was looking really good. Then all of a sudden he stopped and grabbed his lower right hamstring. I wish him a quick recover because we are going to need that arm.

  12. Rod Andrews

    I’m really excited by the strong pitching we’ve seen . I’ve been a Reds fan since 1960, and pitching has rarely been considered a strength. Hopefully Miley recovers quickly. I’d also like to see Lorenzen spend less time in the weight room, and more time on the mound, considering the fact he’s a baseball player. The guy, in my opinion, who should be groomed to start is Antone. He has the moko to be really good. I say get him in, and keep him in, the rotation regardless of how Miley plays out. If Lorenzen can earn a spot, great. I think the rotation is going to be better than the past 2 years, and the best in the division. The hitters will hit well enough to get the job done. I seriously believe we can win the Central.

  13. Kim Henry

    No speculations

    No speculations: just one word: UNDEPENDABLE!!!!!

  14. Gonzo Reds

    Did we pay extra for the extended warranty? Can we return him to where we got him and get a refund?

    I’ve said before and will say again, he’s at best another lefty out of the pen on days he’s healthy.

    They were discussing the Cubs on MLB radio around lunch and said they felt like they had the best 1-15 pitching staff in the central behind the hated Cards and Brewers. Obviously, that leaves us as 4th best and it was the hitting that was an issue last year.

    We are what the Reds owner has made us… nothing… sell the team!!!