The Cincinnati Reds officially announced today that there will be up to 30% fans allowed in Great American Ballpark to start the 2021 Major League Baseball season. This was expected late last week when the Governor of Ohio made mention of that during a press conference and asked professional sports teams to submit their plans. It’s now official.

Season ticket holders have already been notified about reseating plans. When that is all taken care of, then the Reds will then address single game ticket sales for non-season ticket holders. Masks must be worn for attending a game, social distancing will be required, and groups can only be up to 6 people. Here’s the full press release and statement from the Cincinnati Reds:

The Cincinnati Reds are excited to welcome fans to Great American Ball Park for the 2021 season at 30 percent capacity as announced today by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

The Reds have made health and safety the highest priority in developing the plan that follows current CDC protocols and includes input from state and local government officials plus Reds health partners TriHealth and St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

“We are excited to welcome fans back to the ballpark to kick off the season on Opening Day,” said Phil Castellini, Reds President and Chief Operating Officer. “We thank Governor DeWine and the officials at the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County for their guidance and cooperation throughout the planning process.”

The 145th Reds Opening Day is Thursday, April 1 vs. the St. Louis Cardinals at 4:10 p.m.

Every step of the fan experience has been re-imagined to ensure fan safety. This includes required masks as well as social distancing at fan entry and exit, on the concourses, and around concessions and restrooms. The Reds will use pod-style seating throughout the ballpark to safely distance fans watching the game.Some of the health and safety measures fans should expect when visiting Great American Ball Park include:

    • Masks are mandatory for all fans and should properly cover the nose and mouth, unless eating or drinking in the seats
    • Socially distanced pod-style seating
    • All tickets will be issued digitally via the MLB Ballpark app to allow for contactless entry
    • Contactless and cashless forms of payment at concessions and merchandise stands
    • New bag policy prohibiting backpacks

For the full list of safety protocols and ballpark policies, please visit

The Reds have contacted Season Ticket Members regarding reseating plans. Once the reseating process is complete, an announcement will be made regarding the public on-sale for Single Game Tickets.

15 Responses

  1. Hotto4Votto

    Can we kick the budget up 30% of what it dropped since lack of gate was cited as the main issue?

    • Doug Gray

      No. The general belief is that about 40% tickets sold is the “mark” teams need to hit to where actually having fans in the stadium doesn’t actively cost them more money than having 0 fans in the stadium. That obviously is just a general number for all teams, and it’s going to vary team to team due to ticket prices, parking prices, and stuff like that.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Bummer. So if allowing 30% (or under 40%) means they are operating at a loss, why allow fans back at all until it can hit the 40%?

      • Doug Gray

        Maybe the Reds number isn’t 40%? But even if it is, it’s short term loss, long term gain. Plus, season ticket money from 2020 got pushed to 2021, and the sooner you clear that, the sooner you get new money from those people, too.

      • Hotto4Votto

        Ah, ok. Makes sense especially considering season ticket holders. Thanks

  2. donny

    30% is about what the Reds average before the pandemic isn’t it ? LOL They shouldn’t miss a beat.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      30% attendance would be 1,000,000 fans. The last time the Reds drew so few fans to fall under that number was 1969. They haven’t been remotely close to that number since 1984 when they drew 1,275,887 fans and they haven’t been under 1,600,000 in a season since.

  3. Rednat

    darn. since i only use cash and checks anymore i guess i won’t be going to any games this year. bummer, also, i feel terrible for the scalpers. how are they going to earn a living in the “new normal’.
    just seems like baseball is using the pandemic to cater to more affluent fans. mlb will be the new pga

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      You can go to games. You just won’t be able to buy anything within the stadium. If you want to have that option though you can always get a prepaid credit card and just put $20 on it.

      Baseball is 100 percent trying to cater to the more affluent fan for in person viewing. I am very confident in that one.

  4. AmdG

    Is DeWine’s made up number of 30% even enforceable?

    Couldn’t the Reds just tell the governor to shove off, and open to 100% capacity?

    It’s not like there is a law which was voted on, limiting capacity to 30%.

    Many people already ignore his useless his mask mandate and curfews, without consequence. So why not ignore this, too?

    • Doug Gray

      No, the Reds can’t.

      Yes, it’s enforceable – the health department could literally shut the business down. It’s a lot different for Sally’s Diner to try and flout the occupancy and mask rules. Sally’s Diner isn’t on television for tens of thousands of people to watch every single day.

      • Corey D

        Laws? Where we’re going we don’t need laws.

      • Doug Gray

        Sorry, Corey, the word you’re looking for is ROADS. Roads.