The Cincinnati Reds have not announced anything yet as far as things go for Opening Day with regards to having fans in the stands. The decision isn’t up to them. But one of the people that it is up to, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said that he expects baseball season to start with 30% capacity for fans in the stands, according to The Athletic’s C. Trent Rosecrans.

Great American Ballpark holds abot 43,000 people. 30% of 43,000 is 12,900. I know what you’re thinking, funny reader, “so things as normal for most of the season! HAHAHA”, but no, that isn’t quite the average attendance – even in the bad years at Great American Ballpark. For Opening Day, that is certainly going to feel like no one is at the ballpark, but that number shouldn’t feel THAT FAR from a typical early season weekday game, either.  Hopefully that number gets larger as the season goes along, too, as more vaccines get out, numbers of infections go down, and we get closer to back to normal.

Masks being worn and social distancing is going to be required to attend. With nothing announced, this is just speculation, but as we’ve seen with other sporting events, as well as how things are being handled for spring training games in both Arizona and Florida, there will be “pods” for groups of people who come together. Your group/pod will be distanced from the other groups/pods in your section. An official announcement from the state is expected to come later this week. At that point you would expect announcements from both Cleveland and Cincinnati to come shortly after as to how they will handle everything with regards to ticketing and protocols for fans who want to attend games.

Once that official announcements are made by both the state of Ohio, as well as the Cincinnati Reds, we will be sure to have an additional update with all of the details. And of course, as always, this is subject to change if the situation changes with regards to COVID-19.

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  1. west larry

    well, if they promote a opening day and a opening night, maybe they can get 25,000 fans combined for those two dates. If they can get to 50% capacity, they will have trouble drawing 21,500 for weekday games.

  2. MK

    Just listened to Gov. DeWine who said this is subject to still go up or down. The concern is the virus variant and what it does to numbers. This 30% goes for the minors league teams as well. Talked to my granddaughter this morning who is a softball player at University of Louisville who told me they will have fans in the grandstands thi spring. Originally they said none.

  3. TR#1

    The real question is how many of the corporate seats will be bought? Reds ownership probably only cares about the gate revenue from those high priced tickets. Reds still hurting pretty bad if can only sell 30% of those seats. Although most of those seats go unoccupied, so maybe Reds get 10k max actual attendees after opening day.

  4. Pablo

    And as a former beer vendor, I wonder what concession services will look like. Hard to imagine having transactions with the vendors out in the seats like the good old days.

    • MK

      In Korea fans were not allowed to have food or drink at their seats.

  5. Brennan

    Us season ticket members got an email today with our new seat assignments. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy task to both comply with MLB/local COVID restrictions and make it fair to ticket holders, but judging by how much of a downgrade our new seats are I’m guessing there won’t be many seats available to non-season ticket members.

    I asked about Opening Day and they said info for that should come mid-March.