If you were itching to see some spring training baseball in person this year you will have that opportunity. Spring Training tickets are now on sale for Cincinnati Reds baseball games. The first game is on February 28th against Cleveland and the final game is on March 29th against Seattle. You can buy tickets here.You can begin to buy tickets at the ticket window on February 25th if you live in the greater Phoenix area.

With the world that we live in now, things are going to be a little bit different than they have been in the past. Here are some of the things that you need to know:


    • All guests two years of age and older will be required to wear masks at all times, except while eating/drinking in their ticketed seats.
    • Players will not be able to sign autographs before the games.
    • Fans will not be permitted access to the team complexes.
    • The Kids Zone, including the wiffle ball field, will not be activated this year. The grass concourses will be closed.
    • No spitting (tobacco, sunflower seeds, etc.).
    • In an effort to reduce touchpoints, credit/debit cards will be accepted at all points of sale at the ballpark (concession stands, Team Shop and Ticket Office).


    • No bags, purses or backpacks will be permitted, with the exception of medical bags, diaper bags and clutch purses not exceeding 5″ x 9″


    • Season and group tickets will not be available for the 2021 season.
    • Terrace, Premium Field Box and Right Field Pavilion seating will be unavailable for purchase.
    • Tickets will be sold in “pods” of 1-6 tickets for the seating bowl; berm seating will be sold in pods of 2, 4 or 6 tickets and locations will be clearly marked.
      • Pods will be socially distanced from each other.
      • Fans must sit in their ticketed seating area only.


    • The First Base and Third Base gates have been relocated toward right field and left field, to allow for social distancing in concession lines.
    • Please remember to keep at least 6 feet from those not in your party. Lines will be queued accordingly.

There’s a lot more that you may need to know about attending games this spring at Goodyear Ballpark. You can read all of the rules, regulations, changes, etc. here.

16 Responses

  1. Gonzo Reds

    As soon as they move it back to FL where it should be I’ll be there.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Of course that’s IF they actually spend $ to put a competitive team on the field. San Diego is the 27th biggest market and look what they are doing. Comes down to whether the owner in a small market is cheap or not, ours clearly is and needs to sell the team to someone who wants to field a winner for our long suffering fans.

      • TR#1

        I would disagree with statement that our owner is cheap. He’s not spending like other years but no one is b/c they didn’t generate as much income last year. We are still 17th in payroll and over $110 million. Cheap ownership is the 4-5 teams who spend under $50 million. Spending money vs developing more talent is what leaves us with 3-4 bloated contracts that nobody wants. How much money did you spend on the Reds last year?

      • MBS

        @TR, Bob is spending like other years, 2020 was the anomaly. Also am I the only one who wants to spell Bob’s name with an extra o?

    • Doug Gray

      You’re going to be waiting a very long time.

  2. Michael Smith

    I love fans that defend owners especially when they pocketed quite a bit of cash during a “rebuild” and finally spend a bit of money last year then immediately lopped roughly 35 million off the payroll.

    • Klugo

      Yeah. I go back to Castellini’s promise to Reds fans of competing when he bought the team. It’s been far from the truth.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Call it cheap call it whatever you want. The point is the Padres owner isn’t worried about the $ because he wants to be a winning owner and sometimes you have to dig a little deeper in those pockets to make that happen knowing you aren’t necessarily going to get it back. And if they do win a WS he’ll get alot of that back in merchandise sales. Same in St Louis, almost a mirror city to Cincy in size and fan base yet they find a way to be competitive every year and to make the deals they have to make to be a winning franchise. Makes me sick frankly.

  3. ClevelandRedsFan

    Spring Training in Goodyear is actually a great experience. Escaping from Cleveland for Arizona Sunshine in March is my favorite vacation. Golf, restaurants, the big yellow thing in the sky that never shows up in Cleveland, it all makes you forget about the shortstop worries.

    Sadly COVID has me grounded this year. Everyone enjoy!

    • jazzmanbbfan

      I went last year in February before things shut down, and in 2018. Great fun both times.

    • Mark Moore

      I was going 5 years ago until my ordeal with pneumonia altered those plans (and a lot of other stuff). I’ve got relatives there, so my housing is covered.

      • Kevin Patrick

        Let me introduce myself… I’m Kevin. I travel light and don’t talk too much.

  4. Rednat

    this is the happiest news i have seen in a year Doug. thank you! i love the fact that you can actually physically walk to the park and buy tickets. for Bengals and Pacers everything has to be bought “on line” with ” APPS” which is all Greek to me. it was a very stressful experience for me and one I will NEVER do again. i hope the reds follow suit and we can purchase tickets at the gate

  5. doofus

    This was funny: “Players will not be able to sign autographs before the games.”

    My sons took me to Goodyear in 2019 as a Christmas present. The players stayed FAR away from the fans. They ignored the fans. So did Chris Welsh, Jim Day and that other dingus, whose name escapes me, ignored the fans as well.

    I did watch David Bell talking it up with youngsters by the dugout before the game.

    We took in two games while we were there. One when they played the Brewers (Scooter Gennett pulled his groin in that game). I met Marty Brennaman on the concourse walking toward me in the middle of a crowd of people before that game.

    The next day at Goodyear the Reds tattooed Trevor Bauer for 4 home runs.

    My sons and I had a blast the 3 days we were there. You have to know my sons, they are knuckleheads.

  6. doofus

    What mother of an infant can fit diapers and all the logistical accoutrements needed to take care of an infant in a 5″ x 9″ bag? Seriously, bags any larger than this are a detriment to the well being of humankind. Good grief!

    The Reds organization DOES NOT want fans attending their ST games.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      You may be taking this a little bit too far, doofus. The Reds absolutely want fans at the games because they make money from that. I imagine the organization wants to have 10,000 people at the games. That’s just not safe to do at this point.