The Cincinnati Reds (and the rest of Major League Baseball) announced the updated schedules for spring training games on Friday afternoon. Pitchers and catchers report next week – with the first workout being on February 18th. Position players will report a few days later with the first full team workout on February 22nd.

The first game of the spring will be against Cleveland on February 28th. The final game of spring training will be on March 29th against the Seattle Mariners. Opening day will take place two days later when the St. Louis Cardinals come to town on April 1st to take on the division leading Cincinnati Reds (sure, sure, it’s a 5-way tie at that point, but we’re going to say division leading Cincinnati Reds while we can).

Here’s the full schedule:

There are only two off days once games begin. Unlike years in the past there are no split-squad games. What’s also interesting here is the number of night games. There are a lot of them this year. There are 15 night games this spring and just 13 day games.

Speaking of spring training, it appears that Tucker Barnhart is already out in Goodyear, Arizona. The Reds Gold Glove Award winning catcher posted this video on twitter this afternoon:

Cincinnati would certainly take a Sadaharu Oh-like line from Tucker Barnhart this year. The greatest hitter ever from Japan, Oh hit .301/.446/.634 in his 22-year career and had an all-time record of 868 home runs in Japan’s Central League for the Yomiuri Giants. From 1963-1978 his OPS was never under 1.024. No pressure, Tucker.

MLB announces new leagues for minor league baseball

Earlier today MLB, which now operates the minor leagues, announced which of the 120 teams would still remain, and which leagues and divisions that they would be a part of. Long story short, the Cincinnati Reds are keeping the same four teams that they had in 2019 for their full season affiliates.The Dayton Dragons are moving up a level and will now be the High-A affiliate, while the Daytona Tortugas are moving down a level and will now be the Low-A affiliate. The Chattanooga Lookouts remain as the Double-A affiliate and the Louisville Bats will remain as the Triple-A affiliate. For more details on the new leagues and who is in each league, as well as some other changes that will be taking place, you can check out the article over at for more information.

MLB announces new leagues and divisions for minor league baseball

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  1. docproc

    Temps get cool in the Valley of the Sun when the sun goes down. Those night games are likely to be chilly.

    • Doug Gray

      No word yet from Fox Sports Ohio/Bally Sports.

    • Doug Gray

      There is no word yet from most teams about ticket availability yet. Some teams have made announcements, though. I don’t expect it to be long before we hear specifically about the ballpark in Goodyear.

  2. Mike

    I talked to the Reds a few weeks ago and asked if fans would be allowed as the wife and I have made the trip every year. At that time they thought there would not be fans. that may have changed but a month ago that was the response

    • Doug Gray

      There is no reason at all to believe they won’t have some fans in the stands. The Bengals had limited fans for months.

      • Michael Smith

        That is Ohio Doug. Has arizona opened up in the same manner (I should know this since my daughter lives in Mesa but I do not know.)

      • west larry

        They may have limited fans-probably six feet apart, masks and perhaps proof that you have had the vaccine doses to limit covid exposure. I will miss spring training for he second straight year, due to covid considerations, as most of my group are under fifty and won’t have the vaccine shots yet.
        As you indicated Doug, the reds finished first in the division last year, and will be in first place opening day. Go reds!!

      • Doug Gray

        Ah, I don’t know why I didn’t even put together that he was asking about spring training…. IN A SPRING TRAINING ARTICLE. I’m an idiot.

        The Phoenix Coyotes have limited fans right now. And that’s indoors. So, at least from a “local law/guideline” situation, there shouldn’t be anything holding back limited fans in spring training. Some teams – though I believe they are all in Florida – have already begun offering spring training tickets.

      • Doug Gray

        There is no official announcement yet about spring training tickets. That said, it sure sounds like they are trying to get it done.

        Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord in a statement said the city’s ballpark will follow MLB protocols and federal health guidelines to keep fans and players as safe as possible.

        “We are ready for the start of the season and eagerly await Opening Day,” she said

        The article details a 22% capacity for Goodyear Ballpark, as well as some other protocols for fans and staff on gamedays.

  3. doofus

    Mike Feinsand,, quotes: ““They could do something out of the blue,” the NL executive said, adding that deal for a controllable starter, such as Luis Castillo, would make sense for the Mets.”

    Here we go again.

    • Chuck Freay

      If MLB isn’t going to do a salary cap or something else too seriously even the playing field then they should just contract about 6 teams. That way the skill level of available players would even out. MLB has become so out of whack and unfair that for the small market teams unless you are from or live in the small market city no one wants to see the lousy product they put on the field. Really there are only about10 teams that legitimately have a shot year in and year out. Everyone else has to catch lightning in a bottle.

    • Doug Gray

      From 1936-1964 the New York Yankees went to the World Series 22 times out of 29 years. They won 16 of them. I’d venture to say that the difference then was greater.