Doug and I discussed the ongoing drama around the Reds inability to acquire even a single big league shortstop for the 2021 season. But there are still reasons to be excited, right? We discuss that plus a rousing batch of Viewer Mail questions. Enjoy!

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2 Responses

  1. David M

    Good podcast Chad and Doug! I’m 42 so I like reminiscing about some of the older Reds stuff. This helps me remember that I’m not alone in my frustrations as a Reds’ fan. lol

  2. Aaron B.

    If I had to predict what was going on behind the scenes I would say its Castellini’s partners that got gun shy and want to cut payroll, because they are low level millionaires and are getting hammered by the loss of revenue… pretty sure Castellini as a billionaire could weather the storm and play the long game.

    So boys this is what I propose… lets take our stimulus checks of 1400… and let’s pool our resouces and buy 49% of team. would love to buy more buy we know Bob wants to run it. Anyhow this is how the gME stock trade blew up, just a message board on the internet. We can make this happen.