Friday was a big day for the St. Louis Cardinals. In a division that is up for grabs between four teams, and in a division where not a single team has made any sort of free agent signing, nor a trade that seems to have improved the team rather than simply saved the team money, the Cardinals made two moves that moved the needle. The big deal was their trade to acquire third baseman Nolan Arenado from the Colorado Rockies. Earlier in the day, though, they also signed free agent Adam Wainwright and brought him back to St. Louis.

The deal to acquire Nolan Arenado has left nearly everyone outside of the Rockies front office scratching their head. The Cardinals are giving up zero of their top prospects. St. Louis doesn’t even have a strong farm system, so it’s not as if they are loaded and are still moving strong prospects in the deal – as ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel noted last night, it seems the Rockies will be acquiring 40 FV players in the deal. A 40 FV (Future Value) player is described as a bench player or solid middle reliever at the Major League level. Oh, and the Cardinals are also getting $50,000,000 in cash from the Rockies for acquiring the best player that Colorado has had in nearly two decades.

The deal still requires approval from Major League Baseball and the Players Association because of all of the money involved, as well as the restructuring of the contract which reportedly will now include a new, second opt out (following the 2022 season – it already includes one following the 2021 season), as well as deferred money, and an additional season at the back end of the deal. As things stand now, without the additional year and money on the back end, Arenado is signed through 2026 and is due $199,000,000. He also has bonuses available for Top 5 MVP spots, various awards, All-Star game appearances, and Gold Gloves.

There’s the Colorado factor that needs to be accounted for – Coors Field certainly helps hitters. But Arenado’s adjusted stats still make him one of the best players around. From 2015-2019 he averaged 6.3 WAR (Baseball Reference version). He’s above-average at the plate and in the field. Marcels projection system foresees a .284/.354/.518 line for him in 2021, while ZiPS is projecting a .289/.354/.534 line for him in 2021.

There are two things that come up when discussing Nolan Arenado. The first is “but look at his home/road splits!” and the second is that he hit just .253/.303/.434 in 2020 over his 48 games played. Let’s start with the latter. Arenado had the lowest walk rate he’s had since 2015 – just 7.5%. He’s never walked a ton, but that’s a dip from the 9.5% walk rate he had from 2016-2019. His strikeout rate also went down, posting a 10% strikeout rate on the year, which was easily the lowest of his career and bordering on an elite contact rate. His power went down, and his BABIP was a career low .241.

His exit velocity, on average, was down, too – his 87.8 MPH average was below the league average and the lowest of his career, too. With that said, he’s never had a particularly strong exit velocity dating back to 2015 when it began to be measured – his career rate is just 89.5 MPH.

2021 was just a strange season for so many players. Christian Yelich entered 2020 with some making the argument he had caught up to, and perhaps even passed Mike Trout as the best player in baseball. Then Yelich went out and and hit .205/.356/.430. He’s hardly the only player who saw a big decline in his production, though he is the most notable.

If Nolan Arenado performs as expected moving forward, this gain for the Cardinals is enormous. He’s immediately one of the best players in the division.

The Cardinals also brought back Adam Wainwright. After some struggles from 2016-2018, he’s bounced back a bit in the last two seasons. In 41 starts he’s posted a 3.91 ERA (109 ERA+) with a 1.32 WHIP for St. Louis. He’s been a bit better than league average the last two years. A difference maker, a top of the rotation guy – he’s not that. But he’s a solid starter who has pitched well recently and gives them some depth and reliability for 2021.

The Cardinals two moves on Friday put them in a position that may make them the favorites in the division as things stand now.

Where does that leave Cincinnati? Well, when this article began to be typed, Didi Gregorius was still available as an option at shortstop. But by the time this sentence started he had signed a 2-year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for $28,000,000. Shortstop was the one position that there was a clear upgrade path for. It was the one stated goal the team made this offseason – find a shortstop for 2021. The path for an upgrade at this point doesn’t seem to be there on the free agent market, at least for a true upgrade. None of the four big free agents remain. Making a trade is still an option that’s out there, but that involves taking on salary as well as moving away players to complete the deal.

The offseason isn’t over yet. Opening Day is still two months away. But the Reds have been rather inactive all winter and the one position they’ve stated they were looking to change has seen the options come off of the board left-and-right with the organization coming up empty. They, along with the Oakland Athletics, remain in the market for a shortstop. It’s time to figure out a solution.

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  1. MrRed

    On the one hand, as bad as it’s been to be a Reds fan these last several years, at least I’m not a Rockies fan. What a true head scratcher of a trade.

    But on the other hand, why are the Reds not trying to find that deal? Is Trevor Story available for a bag of balls?

    • Bred

      Story is probably available for a bag of balls, but not from the Reds who would not take on his $18,500,000 salary.

      • Doug Gray

        The theory that’s out there is that the Rockies want to extend Story now that they’ve moved Arenado. If that’s true, he’s not available at all.

      • MrRed

        I’ve heard they may be interested in extending Story. But with the team unloading Arrenado AND sending $50M to the Cards in exchange for middling prospects, one has to wonder if Story is interested in staying.

        If I’m the Reds, I’m inquiring as to his availability. Without too much hyperbole, it sounds as if the Rocks will send the Reds some $ along with Story.

    • Bob Ratliff

      I agree !
      Trevor Story is the best all around SS in Major League Baseball.
      Bar None !
      If the deal is good enough the Rockies will bite !
      The Astro’s Alex Bergman could be a real possibility too.
      The Reds need to trade for Story YESTERDAY ! ???


      Didi signs with philly. Checkmate Bob. This is embarrassing for fans who keep thinking Bob will do the right thing. Either step up or sell the team.

    • Tim Johnson

      The Reds would want to counter with a bag of used batting practice balls. But this isn’t all on the ownership and management. The city doesn’t support the team. The Tv revenue is towards the bottom although it’s hard to tell since the team owns part of FSSW. In a playoff year, the Reds got 30,800 a game for about 2.4 million for the year. The Cardinals are over 3 million even in down years and the Dodgers 4 million. The greater Cincinnati area needs to start supporting their team every year so even in down years they can be scouting and developing minor league talent.

      • Frankie Tomatoes

        The city supports the Reds far more than they should. Anyone 30 and under has no memory of a playoff series win, which last came in 1995.

        Maybe the ownership should start giving the fans a reason to support them more than twice a decade.

      • Michael Smith

        Tim in no other industry are we told to support a company that puts out a crap product.

      • Jack

        Invest in winning and the casual fan will show up.

  2. Gonzo Reds

    Gregorius to the Phils. Reds FO struck out on FA SS and their “move” is clearly just to let the hated Cards have the division without a fight, sad! Not planning to renew my baseball package. Reds FO doesn’t care about us why should I care about the inferior product they plan on putting on the field this year.

    • Schottzie

      2 for 28 for Gregorious is too much. Reds did well to not go down the wormhole of these player friendly deals akin to what they made this time last year. They have plenty of chips to trade for a SS and about 4 starters who can play 3B on their roster (including India) so all they need to do is make a move.

  3. Bred

    The Reds are not looking for a SS. They have Farmer and the rule 5 guy they picked up. That trade is a bewildering. A great deal for the Cards. I guess the Rockies are throwing in the towel. I wonder who they will pay to take Story.

    • Frankie Tomatoes

      The Reds picked up a player in the minor league version of the rule 5 draft. He’s depth for AA. He’s not in any possible way a consideration for the big league team. He’s not even invited to big league spring training.

  4. Mark Moore

    Puzzling trade with the vault full of cash going along to the WLB’s. Yadi going back (not a big deal from my perspective) and Wainwright in their rotation.

    Looking like a huge gap between first place and the battle for the rest in the NLC. Not expecting anything more on the SS front. Still a fan, but looks like it will be a wash unless we catch lightening in a bottle.

  5. Klugo

    Sheesh. I knew the Cards would do something. They always do. Nick Krall is a loser.

    • Doug Gray

      If the ownership group won’t give him the money to do something what can you ask of him?

      Sidenote: Let’s not call people losers. You can say he’s not getting the job done without that.

      • Adam

        Doug, you are night and day compared to your Twitter. It is amazing.

      • Doug Gray

        I don’t call people losers on twitter, either.

    • Doc

      Nick Krall can only operate within the parameters he is given. Why do you think Dick Williams left? Why was David Bell the best they could do for a manager when other big, and successful, names were out there? How good would your doctor be if he were denied any testing or imaging, no specialty assistance, limited prescription writing, and so on? Practicing with his hands completely tied would, I dare proffer, significantly limit his effectiveness no matter how good he might be. And you would think him terrible because everyone else was getting much better outcomes, albeit on significantly better budgets.

      This franchise has suffered through the Castellini/Jocketty era that depleted player resources, and is still suffering from decisions made in that era. Unfortunately, they do not have the resources to permit a GM to buy up the best available talent, then give that talent to a manager whose main job is to fill out a lineup card, one that he pretty much can’t screw up. We can never know how good Nick Krall could be until he is able to compete on an even playing field with other GMs. Only way that will happen is when a new rival league is born, all teams salary capped, and a few other leveling changes made. I’m not holding my breath, but it has happened in sports history.

      • Klugo

        It’s not like the Cards are breaking the bank here. It’s creativity, persuasiveness, savvy, opportunism, innovation. Probably a lot of other attributes that Krall doesn’t seem to have. Granted, he’s just getting started, but thus far he’s less than impressed. All of what you mentioned just sounds like excuses to me. And without coming right out and saying he’s a loser (again), that is exactly what losers do. Make excuses. Anyone can come up with a thousand reasons not to get a job done. The successful ones find a way to get the job done. No excuses. Just results. Harsh, I know. But true.

    • citizen54

      I’m not sure what fans expect. Krall can’t do anything when he was left a weak farm system and saddled with a bunch of overpaid players. He has two or three players on the current roster that could get back some good prospects. The current roster has one maybe two position players projected to be above average in 2021. Williams left Krall with a huge mess.

      • LDS

        I think it was obvious from the time Krall became the GM that the Reds weren’t serious. Dave Bell? Realistically, if the Reds were serious, neither of these two men would have the positions they have. Krall may get there sooner or later but he’s not there yet. I think we as Reds fans just need to accept that winning isn’t in the cards, no pun intended.

  6. Doc

    Fortunately, the game is still played on the field. Besides, we still have our secret weapon…David Bell.

    • Mark Moore

      +100 for the laugh … then -500 for the nightmares the thought brings

    • vegastypo

      And if things aren’t going well, Bell can just get himself ejected in the middle innings and now have to see the rest of it !!!

  7. GR

    Had the same thought. While Story .289/.355/.519 had a better season than Arenado and plays a more important position defensively, I hope that the Reds management has called the Colorado Front Office.

  8. Justin

    This is the front office equivalent of swinging at a nasty curve ball for strike three only for it to bounce off the plate and hit us in the face.

    • Justin

      All while the whole stadium was yelling, “watch for the curve ball”.

    • Doug Gray

      I’ve never felt a reply more in my entire life.

      • 2020ball

        Yup, my face actually stings a bit

  9. Kyle

    Story needs a new chapter in Cincinnati

  10. Tom Mitsoff

    I had not heard about Gregorius signing with Philly until I read Doug’s article. (sigh) It’s rapidly becoming clear that there is no more money left in the player payroll budget, and that any “improvements” that can be made must be done by trade.

    The Arenado trade points to yet another team, Colorado, apparently moving to the Tampa Bay model: pay as little as possible to players and hope to compete. In essence, Colorado’s primary gain in this trade was to shed $200 million in payroll obligations at a cost of $50 million. Net gain: $150 million. The minor leaguers they reportedly received are lower-tier prospects, and are essentially throw-ins.

    Unfortunately, the Reds must now be placed on the “Tampa Bay” watch. It’s conceivable that Bob Castellini at some point may opt to mirror the Tampa Bay style. It will be the beginning of the end of major league baseball in Cincinnati if that happens.

    • Tom Mitsoff

      It’s also clear that Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt decided that the division was ripe for the taking, and prioritized winning baseball over a financial statement goal. Reds fans knew that feeling last year, but it seems light-years away at this point.

    • AllTheHype

      “beginning of the end of major league baseball in Cincinnati” if they opt to mirror the Tampa Bay style? Nothing could be further from the truth, given that Tampa is the gold standard in constructing competitive teams year in and year out in a small market.

      We should HOPE they adopt the Tampa style.

    • Hotto4Votto

      If the Reds really feel the only way they can operate and keep the lights on is to slash payroll then come out and be upfront about it. (I’d still have my doubts). What bothers me is that when they non-tendered useful players and trade Iglesias they said it was for the purpose of reallocating money for other areas of improvement. The only improvement they stated they wanted to make is at SS. But then every SS on the market sign elsewhere, and it appears they just reallocated money to their own pockets by making the on field product worse.

  11. Ron

    I think the trade for Amed Rosario is very likely to happen now. I can also see the Reds giving up too much for him. I would take Garcia or Rodriguez at shortstop over Rosario.
    The Simmons and Gregorius deals are both deals the Reds could have done. Maybe it’s because those players didn’t want to come here or maybe the offer wasn’t good enough. I believe it was the latter.

    • TR

      In normal times, Coors is a fun place to attend a game. A lot happening in that part of Denver.

  12. MBS

    I am glad Didi has signed with the Phillies. I was not a big fan of Didi. There are no more (good) options available to the Reds, except in house. It will be interesting.


    I’d like to see the odds on who is the opening day SS on these guys listed above

    • Tom Mitsoff

      IMO, none of those options is acceptable if your goal is to compete for the division. None of them have a track record as a successful major league starter. Garcia needs at least one, maybe two, additional years of minor league seasoning to improve his hitting. If you put him out there on opening day and he continues to get the bat knocked out of his hands (OPS+ of 7!!!!!!!!!!! last year) by major league pitching, you turn a potentially standout prospect into Mario Mendoza.

    • Ron

      If you’re looking for the best offensive uprade, then it’s Senzel or India with the best odds.

      Farmer and Blandino are bench players.

      Garcia and Rodriguez are ready now defensively

      • MBS

        That’s how I see it, my money is on Rodriguez. After the Reds lost out on Kim and Lindor, they had no good options. Over pay for older SS, or go in-house for a less than desirable option. We just have to face SS will be a hole in 21. Maybe in 22 there will be a better option that the can do.

    • Mark Moore

      Senzel at SS was tried through ST a couple years ago. Not happening.

      I’ve seen nothing to indicate India will even be considered at SS.

      The rest are what we have. I just hope they don’t push Garcia as Tom noted. That will likely crush the young man and we’ll have to start from scratch again.

      • 2020ball

        I’m beginning to consider these sorts of options given the Reds inability thus far to lure free agents in. I’m generally in the senzel/india-aren’t-shortstops camp, but it might be time to consider getting out of that box.

      • MBS

        I think everyone who is on this site in the middle of the offseason are aware that Senzel was tried at SS in spring training. We know Senzel and India are not shortstops. The Reds have painted themselves into a corner. That’s why I have them on my list of potential candidates.

        @Ron has an accurate breakdown of these players above.

        Senzel and India are the guys you’d go with if you prioritize the best bat. Rodriguez and Garcia are who you’d go with if you prioritize the glove.

        @Tom M was right, none are good options for a team wanting to be competitive, as all of them have serious shortcomings as a MLB SS.

  13. Doc

    In my view, as constituted currently, if the team as a whole reverts to the back of their cards, and with this pitching staff, this team will be fun to watch. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter who plays SS.

    • Mark Moore

      +500 Doc. You’re back on the positive side of the ledger again.

  14. Redhaze

    Story is the top of the order table setter the Reds need. Any other player mentioned does not improve this team at all. Garcia has future ability. Story’s contract replaces Bauer’s. Jonathan Villar could be a bounce back player as a band aid. He would give speed to the lineup. The Reds lack speed. The Reds refuse to bunt. The Reds refuse to sacrifice. Bring back the double steal. Story and Villar would make us faster. Right now our lineup resembles a church softball team relying on the home run to rescue them.

    • Jon

      Trade for Story and get the Rockies to throw in $4-5 million. Would Senzel or India alone get it done?

    • Jimbo44CN

      That sums it up pretty nicely. Just like a church softball team. Watching a hitter like Winker screw himself into the ground striking out last year was an obvious change tohis approach, and I can;t beleive it was his idea. To go from a productive doubles hitter and good approach to that was like watching a bad horror movie.

      • Mark Moore

        I struck out a hitter in a church league one year. Slow-pitch at that. My knuckle ball floated in over the batters box and then caught a side breeze at the last moment, pushing it into the strike zone.

      • vegastypo

        Oh, OK, I get it, @ Mark Moore, You’re really Tim Wakefield posting here trying to make a comeback !!!

    • TR

      I like the analogy of the Red’s recent offensive style to a church softball team. Let’s see what happens this year.

  15. Kevin Patrick

    I think Nolan Arenado must have wanted to be a Cardinal. For as many years as he is commited, I would assume he considered a trade to a team with perennial success. This makes me wonder whether Colorado had a select few teams they could off load him to. Hence, the unusually low cost to the Cardinals. I find it hard to imagine a pre-season scenario that is going to make me optimistic short of a Bauer return (which probably shouldn’t happen anyway). I think the question now becomes…”Can the Reds hang in contention for long enough to perhaps swing a deal mid season?” This overtly cautious approach while frustrating, may or may not be financially essesential. How many roster spots are open?

    • Kevin Patrick

      I was under the impression his opt outs were at the tail end of his contract… oh well. If the Reds have any financial flexibility at all, I would think a call on Story is merited.

    • SteveLV

      Wonder what happens with the $50 million if Arenado opts out after a year. Cards get a year of play out of Arenado plus about $15 million?

    • Doc

      Arenado opt outs are after 2021 and the new one after 2022. Doesn’t sound as if he were highly confident if he added an opt out after 2022.

  16. Jon

    Honest question, how much would it cost to purchase a full-page ad in the Enquirer? Perhaps everyone here could chip in and someone could write an open letter to the Castellinis urging them to sell the team. If they are only going to field a team that wins its division once a decade, they need to go away and let a committed owner come in and take over. They are an embarrassment to Cincinnati and this once great franchise.

    • Matt Rinck

      You’re assuming it would be a Cincinnati owner that would want to build a winner here vs move to another city that’s a more lucrative market with better weather. Think it can’t happen? Ask yourself if you think that Rob Manfred and the other owners care at all about a small market in the Midwest. First pro baseball team counts for nothing either since it seems pretty obvious that baseball doesn’t care about it’s traditions anymore.

  17. CI3J

    Why does it always seem like other teams can make these amazing deals of acquiring superstar major league players for mid-tier prospects, while the Reds have to trade superstar prospects to acquire mid-tier major league players, or else they trade their superstar major league players for mid-tier prospects?

    Seriously, when was the last time the Reds “won” a trade? Strailey for Castillo was 4 years ago. The Big Pasta for Suarez happened 6 years ago now. Brandon Phillips? 14 years ago.

    It seems like all the other trades the Reds have made have been them getting fleeced, or the trade “didn’t work out”.

    It’s truly remarkable the number of assets the Reds have traded away over the year for pennies to the dollar, and how rarely the Reds seem to “win” trades.

    • Doug Gray

      Until further evidence presents itself, the Reds won the Trevor Bauer trade.

      • Kevin Patrick

        If Kyle Farmer turns out to be an all-star shortstop, I would think the Reds trade with the Dodgers was in their favor too! All this makes me remember Marty B. discussing on the radio how maddening evaluating trades is. They truly are a never ending wormhole of frustration.

      • citizen54

        Bauer had 2.5 fWAR in 2020 and lets give him 1 fWAR in 2019 even though he wasn’t very good for the Reds that year. His salary paid by the Reds during that time was about 8 MM. Let’s assume 1 FWAR equals 8MM so that’s about 2.5 fWAR or $20M in surplus value.

        In 2018 a 50 FV prospect was worth $28M, a 55 FV was worth $46 M and 60FV was worth $55M. At that time of the trade Trammel was considered a 55 to 60FV prospect. Right now he is a 50 FV. Doesn’t look like the Reds won the trade to me.

        Add in the fact that the Reds got the surplus value when they were a below .500 team without Bauer and it looks like a very bad trade to me. The trade might have made sense if the Reds were one ace away from the World Series but even with Bauer the Reds barely made the payoffs.

      • Doug Gray

        Trevor Bauer just won the Cy Young Award. Taylor Trammell, who I absolutely hope all of the best things on this planet for, has never played in the Major Leagues. That looks like the Reds won that trade to me, until further evidence shows up.

      • Hanawi

        Well, Indians got three guys for Trammell and Reyes put up a decent OPS last year and Allen was in a ML bullpen. So you’re looking at a half year of Puig, plus what Reyes, Allen, Nova and Moss put up down the road. Compared to a half year of nothing and 60 games of excellence.

        To me, it’s not that Bauer pitched well, it’s that the Reds were more than an ace away from winning a title. They would have been much better off turning Trammell into a long-term solution at SS or CF (or even RF) instead. They gave up a lot of value and have pretty much nothing to show for it now.

      • AllTheHype

        Citizens, Reds will also get a 1R pick around #30 from Bauer. That, combined with declining prospect status of Trammell, makes it a win in present day for the Reds.

      • docproc

        Puig is no longer in major league baseball.
        Trammell still hasn’t played a game in major league baseball.
        Bauer won the Cy Young Award.
        Hard not to see that as a big win.

  18. citizen54

    After last year’s disastrous free agency period on top of the lost revenue due to the virus , it should have been obvious that the Reds weren’t going to make any big signings this year. The Reds hands are tied until Castellanos and Moustakas come off the books and the only way the Reds can move those two is either to add prospects or send some cash.

    People need to realize that the Reds were all in last year. Last year was the peak. The Reds simply don’t have the flexibility in payroll or prospect talent where they can add talent to one position without subtracting talent from another position. The Reds should start acquiring prospects and start looking towards 2024.

    • JB

      Absolutely! Not to mention they have to wait until the Votto contract comes off as well. I’m good with them never signing another player to a huge contract like Vottos again. Trade them and stock the farm system or sign them to an extension early like Suarez. I think they might get better trade value at the deadline than they will now by looking at some trades that have been made this off season. Trade anybody 27 or older.

  19. Michael A

    Moose, Aquino, and cash to Nats for Carter Kieboom and lesser prospect. Nats get there rh hitting third basemen and Reds get there ss and save $$$.

    • TR#1

      You should sell time shares if you can pull that trade off.

    • 2020ball

      Gonna have to be a lot of cash if those are the players involved

    • dennis perper

      Who is the rh hitting 3rd baseman that the Nat’s are getting?
      Moose hits lefty unless I watch reds games in a mirror.
      Even if he was a switch hitter there’s zero chance the Nat’s make that trade.

  20. JB

    Like I said last week if they dont have the money for Simmons they won’t have it for DiDi. Which is fine. If the Reds lost money last year and dont have the money then just say it. I’m fine with honesty. They need to trade their chips for prospects and build for 2024 and 25. They might want to be like Tampa but their farm system is far from Tampa. It’s time to trade their stars now or at the deadline. I’m 57 and can wait another 3 years but stop being half in because it’s getting them nowhere. The Rockies? What in the world is going on out there?

    • CJ22

      What has been the big problem with our farm system? Has it been bad drafts, bad player development, or a combination of both? Doug, maybe you can elaborate on this?

      • Doug Gray

        Plenty of bad luck, for sure. Some poor development, too. 2012 and 2014 1st round picks ran into injuries that you couldn’t foresee. Senzel, who missed 1 whole game in 3 years at Tennessee has struggled to stay healthy. Hunter Greene got injured. There’s a lot of bad luck injury stuff going on over the last decade. Toss in some development issues, particularly when it comes to pitchers before the last few years, and it’s been a problem that’s helped set back the organization.

  21. Jim M.

    Sadly 5 years of losing and no players drafted like the White Sox or the Braves that came up and made a huge impact.. Only way to be like the Rays? hire someone fro the Rays Front office.. These guys cant even make 2 trades at the same time at the deadline..

  22. DanD

    With Wander Franco being the #1 prospect what would it take to get Willy Adames from TB?

  23. RedsfanPa

    Only the Cardinals could give up next to nothing and get a player like Arenado. The team that could fall in a pit of manure and come out smelling of roses.
    Another year for the Reds to watch the Cardinals take NL Central.
    The Reds will probably flounder again under Bell and finish 3rd or 4th. Front office dysfunction and nepotism continue to doom this once proud franchise.
    1990 seems like a lifetime ago when Lou Pinella and Reds did the unthinkable and swept the mighty A’s. I remember it like it was yesterday. As the Cardinals go for another championship I’ll pull the DVD out and relive the good old days.

  24. Stoney

    The Reds have been rather inactive alright! Sitting on their hands watching other teams get better. Cards no less! I like Farmer but he’s not the answer at ss. At least we still have Castillo and Gray for now. Haven’t messed that up yet! Pathetic offseason showing by the front office. Had one task to get a ss and won’t get it done.

  25. Redsvol

    Hard to evaluate the Arenado trade until the details come out – for now, it seems like the Rockies were desperate to clean up their books. This is important for a business that needs to borrow money and due to the pandemic they are probably borrowing like crazy for operations costs.

    I think it makes sense for Reds to go young at shortstop position and Didi is old for the position. Matt Gelb on the Athletic – who writes on the Phillies – outlined how rare it is for a shortstop age 32 or over to produce WAR of 2 or better. I’d rather we give it to the young guys on the roster or trade for a young shortstop who hasn’t yet established themselves and wouldn’t cost high prospect value.

  26. BK

    Barring a game-changing trade, I see our current best options as Rosario or Villar. Acquisition cost should be low in terms of trade value for Rosario or dollars for Villar. Both project as upgrades over our current choices.

    Sergio Alcantara was also DFA this week by the Tigers. He has AA experience and could provide depth at AAA to allow Garcia time to develop. Not a great prospect, but a potential depth piece and we have room on our 40-man roster.

    Kim was my first choice all along based on his upside. Semien also offered significant upside, but he’s really only had one great season. Gregorius and Simmons are solid, but not spectacular. None of these four have a track record of sustained superior MLB performance. Frankly, the Reds simply lack a standout on offense.

    The Reds most certainly lost in the high tens of millions last year. They will likely lose money this year, too. No reason to take out a loan and impact future year payroll for the marginal upgrades that this year’s FA shortstops provided.

  27. ClevelandRedsFan

    Cards are even bigger winners than the Gamestop dudes on Reddit right now.

  28. JB

    Reds picked up Kyle Holder from the Phils. There is your counter move !! Book the playoffs !

    • JayTheRed

      Thank you for making me laugh I needed that.
      Errrrr…. So frustrated. Can this team not do anything to improve.

      Who is playing SS
      Where is the rotation replacements – They honestly haven’t even signed anyone to a minor league deal that is going to have a shot at the rotation.
      We have gotten a lot of new people to try in the bullpen so I will give them a tiny finger nail of approval.

      There is just so many if’s on this team right now that my brain wants to explode!
      I know the offseason is still going but I just don’t feel like the Reds can or will make an improvement anywhere.

  29. 3rdbaseTom

    By the time the Reds develop their SS, the “window of opportunity” will be closed and
    they also won’t be able to afford their frontline players again.

  30. Hotto4Votto

    At least the Pirates have a clear plan and are executing it. What are the Reds doing? The division was there for the taking but did nothing to improve and in fact actually got worse as a team. Some good contracts and trade commodities to move for prospects but haven’t done that either. Instead they sit idly by in no man’s land.

  31. Melvin

    Honestly I’m more worried, much more worried about David Bell managing than I am with Garcia/Rodriguez batting 8th or 9th depending on the DH especially if Stephenson is catching most every day. Of course if Barnhart is still doing most of the catching then we have a REAL BIG problem. Don’t get me wrong. I’d like a better option at short too.