Chris Garber and I dive in to the shortstop-related news of recent days…and analyze what that means for the 2021 Cincinnati Reds.

And stay tuned until the end for a sweet bonus, courtesy of Chris Garber’s youtube research.

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6 Responses

  1. Cubano

    Heh- well with Pederson to Cubs, Arenado potentially to the Cardinals, and the Reds sitting pat, overnight it looks like we just feel to 3rd place in the division

  2. Bob Purkey

    Pederson moves the Cubs up the ladder? They are a bigger train wreck than the Reds, by far.
    They just released a 25 HR, .220 hitter for what they signed in Peterson. What’s the difference? Their pitching staff is a wreck. Bryant will soon be gone. . .

    The Cardinals on the other hand, I worry about them getting Arenado.

    • Cubano

      Uh… Pederson would have been among the top 2 Reds hitters last year. The Reds as they are currently put together are a 3rd place team in the worst division in baseball. They’ve lost their biggest contributor on the mound, and they have been compiling a bullpen piecemeal using unproven castaways. Surely, the Cubs and Cardinals will come out ahead next year.

    • Hotto4Votto

      Signing Pederson helps the Cubs, but I don’t think it makes up for what they have lost. Their pitching and depth has taken quite the step back. On the other hand, the Reds have lost quite a bit from last season as well, and have yet to make up for any of it. The Cubs and Cardinals are starting to make some signings now. First signs of teams trying to improve. I’d still place the best odds on winning the division with St. Louis, with the Reds, Cubs, and Brewers battling it out for 2nd-4th. The final positioning may depend on which teams actually try to improve between now and ST.

  3. RedAlert

    And in the immortal words of Judge Smails … Reds “get nothing and like it “

  4. Cubano

    With Arenado to the Cardinals, seems like Story to the Reds is within the realm of possibility. Would make for an interesting intradivision rivalry, and it could even be within the realm of the possible if the Phillies don’t offer up more… Appears the Cards walked away with Arenado without even giving up a single Top 100 prospect.

    All that said- without the lights-out starting pitching from last year, I don’t see the Reds taking even 2nd place in the division. The pitchers need to lock it down, and the offense needs to really wake up to compete.

    Pederson for Schwarber is sort of a wash on paper- but Pederson offers better defense. I still think the Cubs will be strong next year, barring any more changes to the offense.