Trevor Bauer released a video on his youtube channel late on Sunday night that talked about what he was looking for in free agency from a team he hopes to sign with. Most of the things are ones we’ve heard about before, but there are some details in there worth talking about and if the things he laid out play well for the Cincinnati Reds.

Some of the first things that Trevor Bauer talked about may be things that favor the Cincinnati Reds. He spoke about a “partnership” with the team he signs with. That was a little bit vague, so he dove into it. He noted that geography wasn’t really a factor, noting that big market, small market, east coast, or west coast – that wasn’t really much of a factor in where he was planning to sign. For the small market Reds, that’s a check mark in the right box. Bauer also said he wanted to be happy and noted that earlier in his career he hadn’t been. But that he had been lately, and while he didn’t note the Reds here, it seems safe to assume he was happy in Cincinnati given they are the most recent team he’s played for.

The next thing that was brought up was a chance to win the World Series. This one probably doesn’t play in favor of the Cincinnati Reds. While it’s certainly more likely in Cincinnati than say Pittsburgh, the Reds are nowhere near the favorites in the short-term future of the National League as things stand right now. But, they are at least a contender in the division and thus the playoffs. With that said, Bauer noted he didn’t want to go through a rebuild, and that he wants to be on a team that’s going for it.

So, are the Reds “going for it”? Well, their moves this offseason so far suggest that no, they are not. But, any team that is going to be signing Trevor Bauer certainly isn’t trying to not win, either. We don’t know – though we are all speculating quite a bit based on available information – if the Reds aren’t still trying to get something done as far as bringing Bauer back.

Another thing that was talked about, and something that plays in Cincinnati’s favor is pitching every 4th day. While it didn’t exactly happen with the Reds, Bauer noted he wants to at least be able to have that conversation with a team in an honest fashion. He notes that with the Reds they actually had those conversations and that there were times when the team seemed to come to him and say that there may be an opportunity coming up for it to happen – but that it just never did. This would seem to play in the favor of the Reds.

The last thing, and it’s a pretty important one, was money. While there weren’t any hard dollar figures spoken of in the video, Bauer noted that he wanted to be fairly compensated. What that means can vary quite a bit because the length of the deal matters a lot here. Fair for a two year contract is going to mean a lot more money per year than fair for a six year contract on a per year basis. In either scenario, though, this probably works against the Cincinnati Reds, who are – and again, we’re all just guessing here based on what we seem to know – not looking to spend big this year.

Is it likely that the Reds are a dark horse to bring back the 2020 National League Cy Young winner? No, it’s not likely. But if they are still in the running somehow, there are a few things that Trevor Bauer discussed on Sunday night that do favor Cincinnati.

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  1. Still a Red

    Ask Joey if he’s willing to give back a little to bring Trevor on board.

    • Doc

      You want a guy whose total contract was around $220 million to give some back so another guy can get a contract for that much or more for five years? In what universe?

      • Jason

        Not just Joey you want everybody on the team all the way down from the coaching staff to staff if it would help ,what type of cut?? LOL Castellanos, Suarez Winker, Moose put 250 Grand of their salary towards the cause.. Hey I’ll look forward to seeing Moose, Nick Castellanos Suarez and Luis Castillo have AllStar year and Tyler Mahle will get his first-time All-Star nod this year I’ll say finish the season Tyler mahle finishes the season with 14 -7 record with a 2.81 era finished third in the National League with strikeouts .. just research and watching looking at our schedule what trades have been made and who we’ll be facing with a full season there’s a real good chance we will win 88-92 games this year games.. oh and thank U Cincy for well partially signing Kyle Farmer he’s a good asset ..

    • Old Big Ed

      Bauer would be likely settle for Dr. Joey Strangeglove’s being the DH when he pitches.

    • Jim m

      Ask him to defer a yearly chunk of his money he has left… its garaunteed so he could ask for 3% interest on the defered over 7 plus years… gives Reds wiggle room to add whats needed

  2. RojoBenjy

    If they spend money for Bauer, it will be the opposite of what they’ve been showing so far.

  3. Bob Purkey

    Please, let’s move on from Bauer. . .it ain’t happening, period!

  4. LDS

    Not happening. I’m more concerned about them giving away Castillo and/or Gray for players that’ll make the majors.

    • Jay

      Again, i don’t get why fans are calling to trade Castillo and Gray. Both are on team friendly salaries, and could keep this team in competition if Reds were smart enough to build around them. We were told the Reds were just a few years from competing. Doing this sends the opposite message.

      • jon

        What fans are calling for these trades?

      • JayTheRed

        Im with you. If they trade away our best two pitchers I’m moving on. I’ll be done with the half in or half out system they have been doing for so long now.

        White Sox seem to have a nice plan in place.

    • Kim Henry

      Response to Jim m: worked for Brady and the Pats.
      Response to LDS: I agree.

  5. Klugo

    I wise woman once said, “Let it go! Let it go!”

  6. Roger Garrett

    Good info but he won’t sign with the Reds.He was here last year and he saw in the short season what we have to offer on offense and defense which does not translate in to winning a title.I loved the guy because of his fire and the fact he wasn’t afraid to challenge other players and their poor play but at the end it really is about the money and it should be.Reds don’t have what he can get in other places so its a done deal that he won’t be back.

  7. Sliotar

    Angels feel like a logical (best?) fit for Bauer, after the latest video.

    Ohtani has pitched on Sundays for them, maybe they set a 14-day schedule that incorporates getting Bauer a start every 4th day.

    Plus, the manager, Joe Maddon, feels like the type that would not be fazed by anything Bauer says or does. And, of course, an owner willing spend to get Trout back to the playoffs.

    Feels like the Reds have moved on.

  8. LDS

    My bad – “Never make the majors”

    • Randy

      I agree with a prospect being a prospect until they prove otherwise no sense trading away great value and receiving little or next to nothing in return. Gray or Castillo should net 1 major leaguer and 2 top tier players in each trade.

  9. Jay

    TBH, I don’t want to hear about any team making any deals right now. The owners and players union havent even come to an agreement on when the season will start. Who wants to see them waste money on trades with the prospects of another short season lingering on the horizon? We all saw how our “blockbuster” team full of studs handled that schedule.

    • Doug Gray

      There is no need to come to an agreement on when the season will start. The CBA is intact. The season will start on time unless the players decide they want to negotiate a different time to begin the year (they don’t).

  10. TR

    The Mets look like a good fit for Trevor Bauer with a new super wealthy owner and Francisco Lindor.

  11. Pinson343

    It isn’t happening because of one thing, money. But I was very surprised by what he said anyway. He’s been explicit in the past about where he’s been happy – with the Reds, giving a long list of reasons. He has also said more than once after the end of last season that he regards them as a team that does have a chance to win a WS and trading away two relief pitchers is not going to change that. He obviously would not accept rebuilding mode.
    It’s as if he’s letting the Reds know they have a chance.

  12. DaveCT

    I’ve long felt the chance for Bauer to build upon his brand via the Reds is a great opportunity for him. Matched with Boddy, a great pitching coach like DJ who isn’t going to be bothered by Bauer and the role of staff leader for kids to mentor like Green is a great opportunity.

    Unfortunately the money will never be there. So, it was a pretty great ride while Trevor was here. I’m now a fan. That’s not all that bad here in 2021.

  13. west larry

    I love to have Trevor as a red, but I doubt the have the money, or desire , to take on Bauer’s contract. I hope they don’t deplete their pitching any more then they already have. This division looks weak, I think it’s their for the taking if the reds don’t downsize their payroll any more.

  14. Optimist

    I’ve thought there’s a slight chance he stays, but it’s a real alignment of fortunes to do so. 1 year deal, 30m, a slew of incentives/qualifiers, even more collusion/suppression of the FA market than we’ve seen so far, and a hint that revenues return quicker than currently forecast. Still very unlikely, especially since the Mets or Angels will likely step up before spring training.

  15. Hotto4Votto

    I’d love to get Bauer back. I think we’d actually compete for the division with Bauer, along with adding a SS. But there’s slim to no chance the Reds will cough up the money to sign him, and slim’s walking out the door.

    Off topic, was reading the discussion of Suarez to the Nats rumors. Seems the hold up according to the report is that Nats unwillingness to include Rutledge and Cavali. It was unclear if the Reds were asking for both, or one of the pair.

    A lot of Nats fans seem fine with including Kieboom as the headliner. My question is, do Reds fans want Kieboom as the headliner? He’s not known as much of a defender, but can handle SS. The small sample size of ML appearances have left a lot to be desired at this point on the offensive side as well. Kieboom’s still young, but with Garcia waiting in the wings and a better SS, I don’t think I’d be too happy with Kieboom as the headliner.

    I think if you’re going to trade someone of Suarez’s ability and his extremely team friendly contract, you have to hold out for more.

    • DaveCT

      Good query. I’m not sure Kieboom headlines or is a co- headliner. I do think the Nats/ Rizzi will pull the trigger on a deal if it’s a fair shake. Geno would be great on that team.

  16. CI3J

    Realistically, there’s simply no way the Reds could bring Bauer back. Perhaps he was happy here, but he’s not going to be happy with the money the Reds can offer him, unless all the moves the Reds have made to date were entirely made to free up money for Bauer, with the idea that the offense as is will bounce back in a longer season. Then just add a shortstop, and hey, you got an aging team who may have a few seasons window to make the playoffs, but definitely not win the World Series.

    Still, I don’t see it happening. The Reds seem like one of the teams that believes 2021 is going to be another season of lost revenue, and so are cutting costs to limit the damage as much as possible. Bringing Bauer back does not fit that mold.

    I still think as long as the Reds are in cost-cutting mode, the best idea is to trade whatever they can to a team that is going for it now for some stud prospects with an eye on competing in 2023. As I said, this team as currently constructed is not going to win the World Series. And it’s full of players that are rapidly approaching their decline years, meaning it’s soon going to be a team of expensive, underperforming players. The Reds need to act now to stop that from coming to pass, while the players in question still have some value on the trade market.

  17. Chase Martini

    Really his comments made me happy, just to have him say some nice things about Cincinnati. His methods and personality was appreciated here, and he rewarded us with a Cy Young and awesome playoff performance. Time for us fans to move on and accept he is gone, but he made history here. And for that, as a fan, I am thankful

    • TR

      Bauer is a west coast guy but he seems to have enjoyed his time with the Reds.

  18. vegastypo

    It just seems like signing Bauer prohibits the Reds from having any further money to go “all in.” …. Unless, I suppose, they think they can somehow re-sign Bauer, and then trade Gray or Castillo for a boatload of talent to fill other holes.